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part 17 : Mere Paas Raho

Armaan went to his room, not realising that Gauri was following him too. Inside the room Armaan messed the room totally up and at the very end he sat down on his knees and let the tears flow. Garui saw him in this condition and went over to him. She put her hand on his shoulder and Armaan looked up at her.

A: wo mujhe kyu nahi samajh rahi gauri, kyu wo mujhe aise hurt kar rahi hai

Gauri realised that he was talking about Riddhima, she could feel that Armaan felt something for her, something special.

A: meri ek galti ne sab kuch cheen liya mujhse, sab kuh cheen liya
G: Aisa kya hua tha Armaan, jo Riddhima aapse itni dur ho gayi.

Armaan looked up at her, he was thinking if he could tell her or not? But then decided to tell her everything. He explained everything to Gauri, how his own uncle killed his parents, how he survived in jungle, how he took care of his two sibling, how he came back to take revenge, and how he had fallen hard for riddhima, and about the six years he had spent without her.
By the end, even Gauri was crying. Now she understood Armaans plan, and even understood Riddhimas pain.

A: I am sorry Gauri, mene tumhe bhi apne is masle me khech liya. Me tumse zabardast Shaadi kar raha hu, lekin me chahta hu ke Riddhima realise kare, ke wo sirf meri hai. Tum fikar na karo, agar tum jana chahti ho, to tum azad ho, tumhare baba ka ilaj nahi rukega. I promise.
G: Nahi Armaan, me kahi nahi jaa rahi. Me duaa karti hu, ke Riddhima jald hi realise kar le, ke tumne wo sab kyu kiya tha, aur wo khud tumahre pas aa jaye. Aur agar wo nahi aaye, to mere liye yeh khuda ki marzi hoegi. Me is shaadi se ab peeche nahi hatungi. Me nahi jaanti ke hum dono ka Rishta aage jaake kaisa hoga, lekin me itna zaroor promise kar sakti hu, ke me is Rishte ko saache dil se nibhaungi.
A: Thank you Gauri.
G: Armaan, me ek baat puchu?
A: hmmm
G: Kya Riddhima ko pata hai, ke tumhare past me kya hua tha tumhare saath?
A: nahi Riddhima ko kuch nahi pata.
G: I thought so, tum usko sab kuch batau Armaan, tabhi to jaake uske misunderstanding khatam hoegi.
A: lekin wo meri baat sun ne ko tayar hi nahi hai
G: Jab tak tum Riddhima se baat nahi karoge, wo tumhe kabhi samajh nahi payegi. tumhe usko sab kuch batana hoga Armaan. Make her understand your situation. Is se pehle ke bohot der ho jaye.

Armaan listened to Gauris words very carefully, he knew that she is right. He has to make Riddhima understand. Gaurie cleaned the room as much as possible and then left the room. She reached to door, when she heard Armaan calling her name.

A: Gauri, thank you, mujhse samajhne ke liye aur mujhe samjhane ke liye

Gauri just smiled to him and then left from there. It been almost a week since the party and tomorrow was the wedding of Omkara&Riddhima and Armaan&Gauri. Armaan still had no chance to talk with Riddhima. he was feeling literally depressed. Gauri saw that, and she felt very helpless. she wish she could help him. The whole day went by but still Armaan had no chance to talk with Riddhima. The wedding was planned in the nearby Masjid. He had to stop this wedding, he had to talk with Riddhima, else he would never forgive himself.
It was evening time, when suddenly all the lights went out. Armaan used this for his advantage and took Riddhima by her hand and moved with her to his room. He pushed her inside and locked the door. Just in that moment the lights came back.

R: Armaan! yeh kya batamizi hai.

On the otherside, Gauri hugged the person next to her, because she was too much scared of the darkness. And the person was none other then Omkara himself.

G: please please please, mujhe andhere se bohot darr lagta hai.

Omkara smiled at her childish behaviour and hugged her back. At that moment the lights come back. But Gauri still did not leave him.

O: Gauri, lights aa gayi hai.

Gauri opened her eyes and realised that she was hugging Omkara. She did not leave his waist, but instead looked up into his eyes. He was looking back into her eyes. Suddenly his eyes darkened. Gauri realise that and was about to leave Omakra, when suddenly he tightened his grip on her and pulled her back to himself. Gauri gasped for air and looked back at him.

G: Omkara…
O: Tumhari Aankhe…

They both were lost into eachothers eyes. Suddenly Omkara bent down. He saw Gauri closing her eyes. He didn’t know why, but he felt a kind of attraction towards Gauri, as if she was pulling him towards herself. Since she was living with them, he couldn’t get her out of his mind, he couldn’t get her out of his dreams. He cupped her face and crashed his lips onto hers and she moaned loudly. Her hands automatically wrapped around his neck and he smirked. He slipped his tongue inside hers and parried with her tongue, tasting and massaging every corner of her mouth, catching her tonue occasionally and such it briefly. Their breathings synchronized and they were both lost with the sweetness of their mouth. His hands skimmed her soft side, down to her waist. she moaned again in his mouth and he grinned deviously. Suddenly Gauri realised what she was doing. she broke the kiss and looked with shock at Omkara. Even he was shocked.

G: yeh mene kya kar diya.
O: Gauri.
G: Nahi, mere pas mat aiye. Aapko sharam nahi aati, yeh jaante hue bhi ke kal aapki shaadi hai, apne mujhe...
O: Excuse me, jaha tak mujhe pata hai, kal tumhari shaadi bhi hai. To kya tumhe sharam nahi aati

Gauri glared at him. Omkara glared at her back. he did not believe how he could lose his sense, whenever she is around him. She is dangerous for him. very dangerous.

O: jo kuch bhi hua, wo sirf ek mistake thi. Yeh baat sirf hum dono ke beeh me rahegi, kisi ko bhi yeh jaan ne ke zaroorat nahi hai. Behtar hoga ke hum dono bhi is baat ko yahi pe dafna de.

With that Omkara left to his room, without even hearing Gauris reply.

Meanwhile riddhima was shocked by the fact that Armaan had dragged her to his room. She looked at him with wide eyes.

A: bas ek bar, sirf ek bar meri baat sun lo Riddhima, please sirf ke bar.
R: Armaan kal meri shaadi hai, aur tumahri bhi, hum dono ko aise nahi milna chahiye.
A: please Riddhima, sirf ek bar. I promise, uske bad tumhara jo bhi faisla hoga, me tumhe support karunga. Me phir tumhe kabhi tang nahi karunga, please Riddhima.
R: Armaan…
A: please Riddhima…

Riddhima looked at his hurted eyes and then she sank her head. Armaan got the sign and started to explain everything.

Armaan was in his room and suddenly he heard his mother cry out loud. Armaan was shocked like hell and he run down where his mother was. Before he could reach her, he saw some guys there, including his Mamu Shashank. He saw his mother crying. No one noticed him, as he on the staircase.

Ananya: Bhai aap yeh kya kar rahe ho? Aur yeh sab koun hai?
S: tere saath yehi hona chahiye tha, meine tujhe kaha tha ke tu us billy ke saath shaadi mat kar, humare khandan ki izzat kharab kar di tune, ab pashta.
A: bhai, behen hu me aapki, aap aisa kaise kar sakte ho mere saath?
S: marr gayi thi tu mere liye, us hi din, jis din tune us billy se shaadi ki thi.

With that Shashank turned around and looked at his mans. Ananya was crying all the time.
Shashank gave his goons the signal and left from there. Then all the mans there started to beat Ananya. They were so cruel, that the also ripped her clothes and started to beat her with belts. Armaan was all the while seeing this. He was shocked to death, as he wanted to reach to his mother, to help her, Ananya saw him and shock her head slightly, so only Armaan understood her gesture and stood there and watched his mother been beaten. He couldn’t stand her shouts so he closed his ears and cried bitterly. When he again looked at his mother, he saw some man’s pointing guns at her. As the man shot her in her belly, Armaan couldn’t hold it back anymore.

A: Maaaaaaa

All the mans looked at her, and Ananya shouted with the left energy.

Ananya: Armaan bhaaagggg…

Hearing this all the man shoot Ananya with lots of bullets. All Armaan could see was his mother lying in her own blood. He was there but he wasn’t able to help her. Everywhere he looked, he only saw his mother’s face and body covered with blood.

He run and run, he did not see where he was running, he just run. He looked behind and saw some of the mans following him. He run every more faster if possible. And then finally he saw his dad infront of him, with his two sibling. Atul holding his fathers hand and Megha in his arms. He ran towards his dad.

A: baba, baba unhone mama ko maar diya.

billy got wide eyes hearing that. He gave megha and atul to armaan.

B: Armaan, chahe kuch bhi ho jaye, tujhe apne bhai aur behen ka dhyaan rakhna hai. bhaag yaha se Armaan. in dono ko leke bhag jaa yaha se. peche hi jungle hai, wahi pe jaake chup ja, me itne yaha pe inko rokta hu.
A: lekin baba aap…
B: nahi Armaan, tujhe apne bare bete hone ka farz nibhana hai, apne bare bhai hone ka farz nibhana hai aaj. Bhaag ja armaan, aur in dono ka hamesha khayal rakhna. hamesha.

Billy pushed Armaan to run, and he again started to run. this time with megha in his hands and atul beside him. After sometime he heard a gunshot. He looked back and saw his father on his knees. The men standing beside him and pointing with guns on his chest. His father looked towards him. Armaan felt so helpless, he could not help his parents, he could not safe them. But he had a chance to safe his siblings and he would do anything to make sure that they are safe. Armaan got into the jungle and hid there for a long time, till he was sure, that they were not following them anymore.

Flashback ends

Armaan looked over at Riddhim, who had tears in her eyes.

A: me apne parents ko nahi bacha paya riddhima. Us din mene apna sab kuch kho diya. Tab hi mene kasam kha li thi, ke me shashank gupta se badla lunga, zaroor lunga. Usne mujhe mera sab kuch cheen liya tha. Us jungle me hum teeno ne kaisa guzara, yeh me bata bhi nahi sakta. Me jaanta hu ke mere tareeka galat tha, mujhe tumhe aise istemal nahi karna chahiye tha. lekin mujhe uske ilawa aur koi rasta nahi dikh raha tha.
R: Armaan i am so sorry. mene tumhari baat pehle nahi suni.

Riddhima moved over to him and wipped his tears. she felt so broken seen him in so much pain. She cant deny that she still loved him. That her heart still beats for him.

R: mujhe maaf kar do Armaan, me tumhe samajh hi nahi payi.
A: I am sorry riddhima, mujhe shuru me hi tumko sab kuch bata dena chahiye tha. Please Omkara se shaadi mat karo Riddhima, me marr jaunga. Me tumhare bina nahi reh sakta.

hearing this Riddhima stepped back and looked at Armaan.

R: ab bohot der ho chuki hai Armaan. Me ab peeche nahi hat sakti.

Armaan fell on his knees. he could not bear this pain anymore. He cant live without her. that pain is killing him inside.

A: Mere paas raho riddhima, mujhe aise chod ke mat jao. Me yeh dard nahi seh paunga. Please Riddhima, mere paas raho.
R: i am sorry armaan, ab bohot der ho chuki hai. ab bas khuda hi kuch kar sakta hai. Lekin ek baat ko koi nahi badal sakta. tum mera pyaar ho Armaan, meri dhadkan ho, lekin ab Omkara meri zimedari hai. Aur me apni zimedari se apna muh nahi mor sakti. Ho sake to mujhe maaf kar dena.

With that riddhima run out of the room, crying. leaving a crying and heartbroken Armaan behind. Lets see, if God will help them and support them. Or will their path be separated for ever tomorrow.

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