Wednesday, 4 October 2017

part 19 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),

"I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes."

Far Have I Traveled wd U! And Here landing to somewhere! Shilpa serving to Armaan wd all the love and care had touched his soul! <3 Yet the Happiness cudn't stay for long! Shilpa learned about Kiya and Armaan saw Shilpa hugged by Ansh! :/ Could the PAST effect their PRESENT? Let's Hope for the best to come! Meet the Consequences after those attacks of THE PAST!

"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."



Five Days Later

"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u... Ayaan..." an angry Surbhi shouted on Ayaan who got scared

"See meri galti nai hai... Bas uske haath papers lag gayee to main kya kar sakta hun.." he to shouted in same voice making Shilpa to close her ears

"Tum ek b chiz ka dhyaan nai de sakte..." Surbhi spoke angrily

"Pehli baat vo Rehaan ka hi Apartment hai... Aur vo kahin b aa jaa sakta hai... Toh usse paper mil gaya meri kya galti" he too said in same tone

"Yaar in dono ka jhagda to band hi nai ho raha.." Payal shook her head while keeping the coffee trey on table to which Shilpa & Priyanka looked at each other

"Shilpa tu baat karna... Dekhna kitna over react kar rahi hai Surbhi..." Priyanka nudged her who looked at Surbhi

"Over react nai... Ye uska darr hai Rehaan ko khone ka hai... Vo usse pyaar karti hai... Aur kabhi nai chahegi.. Ki Rehaan usse missunderstood kare.." Shilpa said lostly still staring at Surbhi who is arguing wd Ayaan

"Par papers to Nakli haina.. To Rehaan galat kyun samjhega" Payal spoke confusedly

"Nai Payal... Ayaan ne bataya usne jaise hi papers dekhe kuch nai bola... Aur seedhe apna faisla sunna diya... Bina papers ko gaur se dekhe.." she explained calmly

"Ye ladko ka... Charachter hi aisa hota hai.." Priyanka cursed while picking the coffee mug

"Sab aise nai hote Priyanka..." Payal spoke positively making Shilpa to stare her

"Nai Payal sab aise hi hote hai..." Shilpa said lostly making Payal held her head

"Tu nai badli na... Aaj b vohi sab... Bhul mat Armaan jeeju ache mile hai tujhe... Varna tera kya hota" Payal spoke softly to which a tug felt in Shilpa's heart "Vaise Armaan jeeju.. Toh Rehaan jaise nai haina..." she asked normally making her sad

"Amm... Main in dono ko shaant karati hun.." She tried to avoid the topic while stooding up Actually the thing is few days ago Surbhi got a call from officers who were inspecting her VISA detail coz her VISA got expired which she discussed wd Shilpa & Aditi who gave idea to talk wd Rehaan coz he is the one who can only help her coz according to Law, she have to became an Indian Resident to stay here which can only happen if she marry's an Indian So, Surbhi went to met Rehaan in Sanjeevani who was busy in cases but she waited for him who hearing this directly told her to go NY back till the time they get married which hurted Surbhi and coming home she told this to Shilpa who assured her that she will talk to him so they both went to met Rehaan wd Ayaan but in different get up

"Mahotarmaaye... Plzz mujhe bataiyye... Ki hum aise kyun aaye hai..." an annoyed Ayaan asked looking at the both ladies who wore a 'Burkha' while, he wore a kurta wd a stole on shoulder wd fake beard & moustace in short a old man wd a stick in his hand

"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u Ayaan..." Surbhi said angrily

"Ssshhh... Guys ye Hospital hai.." Shilpa whisper while lifting her stole from face

"Pehle mujhe ye batao.. Ki hum yahan aise kyun aaye hai Bhabhijaan..." he said in flirting way making her fumed

"You... Agar ab bola na.. To jis chadi ko pakda haina ussi se peetungi..." Shilpa warned while pointing at his stick making Surbhi giggled

"Acha ye to batao hum yahan aaye kyun hai...??" he asked again while the nurse who was sitting infront of them on Reception Area looked at the three strangely

"Offo! Ayaan common sense... Agar Armaan ko pata chala ki hum yahan bina kisi baat pe milne aaye hai Rehaan se... Vo hamari class laga denge" Shilpa whispered in low voice

"Ooohhh..." Ayaan nodded while correcting his old types specks

"Aap teeno ne bataya nai... Ki aapko kaunse Doctor se milna hai??" nurse voice made the three to looked at her

"Ji humme... Vo Doctor Rehaan haina... Unse milna hai.." Ayaan spoke like a true old person

"Jii kisse dikhana hai aapko...??" nurse inquired to which they three looked at each other

"Yee...!!" Shilpa & Surbhi pointed at Ayaan who nodded quietly

"Jii... Kya problem hai inhe...??" she asked while typing on keyboard

"Ab kya bolenge...??" Surbhi whispered looking at both

"Main batati hun..." Shilpa said grabbing both's attention "Actually inhe... Kal raat se tez bhukaar hai... Aur inki khaansi to rukhi nai rahi..." as she said this Ayaan started fake coughing to which nurse looked and nodded

"Jii paanch minute baad aap.. Unse milne jaa sakte hai unke cabin mein par koi do... Kyun ki Patient ka ek hi relative jaa sakta hai.." Nurse said polietly

"Kyaa..?? Par hume to dono k saath jaana hai.. Ek hamari Bhabhijaan.." he said teasingly to which Shilpa glared while smacking his leg by her feet "Aaaww I mean... Jaan se pyaari beti hai.. Aur dusri hamari bahu..." he said wd fake cough

"Par uncle aap dono mein se kisi ek ko hi leja sakte hai..." nurse spoke sweetly

"Koi baat nai... Chaliyyee Abbu hume chalna chahiyee.." Shilpa said in extra sweet tone while dragging Ayaan from there where as Surbhi controlled hard not to laugh and they moved towards Rehaan's cabin when

"Ouch...!!" Shilpa whinced as she slumped wd someone

"I am sorry..." hearing Armaan's voice she looked up at him only to left stunned while Surbhi gripped Ayaan's hand scardly

"Janaab... Zara dekh k chaliye.. Hamari Jaan si pyaari beti ko lag jaati toh" Ayaan spoke in fatherly tone making Shilpa to look away from Armaan

"I am sorryy... Actually mera dhyaan is file pe tha..." He apologized looking at Ayaan

"Jii koi baat nai..." Ayaan spoke cooly making Surbhi to smack his back lightly hinting him to go from here

"Abbu chaliyyee naa..." Surbhi said in sweet tone while moving ahead which Ayaan followed and Shilpa also moved to go when

"Excuse me!! Ye aapka rumaal..." Armaan's voice made Shilpa stopped who wdout saying anything took the handkerchief and went from there "Ajeeb thi... Thanks b nai bola..." He muttered strangely and shaking his head went from there wd the file

"Challiyee... Malikaaye Husna... Banda aapki khizmat mein haazir hai.." Ayaan said in his fun way making Shilpa smile while Surbhi waited for them outside coz they decided Shilpa & Ayaan will go to meet Rehaan

"Come in..." Rehaan spoke while reading a file when Ayaan & Shilpa entered there

"Hello.. Doctor sahab..." Ayaan jumped infront of Rehaan who looked at them strangely when Shilpa lifted her veil making him stunned

"Bhabhi aap..??" he asked shockingly

"Haa main..." she said calmly while Ayaan removed his beards

"Ayaan??" he frowened seeing them like this

"Jii... Haa.." Ayaan grinned "Ab tu puchega ki... Hum aise kyun aaye.. To iska jawab hai... Tujhe milne k liye time nai tha... Aur hume baat karni thi.." he answered his unasked question while picking up a puzzle

"Kya??" he asked confusedly

"Rehaan don't pretened.. Jaise kuch pata nai ho... Tumne Surbhi ko direct bol diya jaane ko.. Ye jaante hue b ki usse tumhare saath rehna hai... Aur iswaqt usse tumhari jarurat hai.." Shilpa spoke angrily

"Bhabhi hum samajhte hai usse.. Par uska vaha job hai.. Jo vo hamare liye chod k aayi... Jo ki thik nai tha... Aur uper se hum abhi usse shaadi nai kar sakte... Hamare uper bahoot si zimmedaariyaa hai..." he replied in calm voice

"Haa to kaun keh raha hai... Asli shaadi karne ko just pretened kardo naa... Ki shaadi hui hai tum dono ki... Yaa fir yehi bata do.. Ki engagement hui hai jo bilkul sahi hai" She said calmly

"Bhabhi... Hum jhut nai bol sakte kisi se... Aur Surbhi ka jaana jaruri b hai.. Vaha uska job hai.. Bas ye hamara aakhiri faisla hai.." he announced his decision clearly making Shilpa angry

"Fine jaisi tumhari marzi..." saying this she went from there following by Ayaan who told Surbhi everything and she got upset then coming in Payal's home coz this is the best place to share and they started thinking about this when Priyanka suggested that why don't she take a fake husband just to show that officers

"Nai ye sab dhoka hoga..." Shilpa rejected the idea

"Par Bhabhijaan aur koi option b to nai hai.." Ayaan came infront of her who smacked his arm for the word 'Bhabhijaan'

"Haa Shilpa... Surbhi ko jaana nai aur Rehaan ko rokna nai hai... To kuch na kuch to karna padega.." Payal tried to make her understand

"Par ye risky hai Payal... Agar unhe pata chal gaya to vo arrest kar lenge.." she put the logic

"To iske liye b mere paas plan hai.. Hum fake marriage certificate dikhaynge..." Ayaan said happily

"Nai vo sab bekaar hai.. Isse acha iska Passport renew karwa len..." Shilpa cutted him in middle

"Bhabhijaan usse banane mein.. kariban do teen mahine jaynge... Aur ek hi hafta bacha hai usse jaane mein... usse acha hum ye try karen" Ayaan said smartly to which Shilpa looked at Surbhi who was quietly listening them sitting on sofa

"Tum kya kehti ho Surbhi??" Shilpa asked softly sitting beside her

"Kuch b karo par mujhe nai jaana bas.." she said stubbornly making Shilpa looked down coz her heart didn't allowed her to do this

"Thik hai fir ye try karte hai... Ye baat hum paancho aur Aditi Bhabhi k alawa kisiko nai pata chalna chaahiyee.." Ayaan said excietedly

"Par question ye hai.. Ki ladka kaun hoga??" Payal said doubtfully which made them to think

"Amm Prashant kaisa rahega.." Priyanka suggested

"Fir vo kabhi isse Divorce nai dega aur directly sabse kahega hamari sachmein shaadi hui hai.." Shilpa spoke calmly making others giggle

"Ansh... Nai uski to abhi abhi engagement hui hai.." Payal spoke confusedly making Priyanka to look at Shilpa for her expression to notice her reaction but it didn't bothered at all she is still thinking "How about Arjun.." she said looking at everyone

"Nai Mahotarma... Arjun Bhaijaan kabhi ready nai honge.. Aur dusri most important vo ek Inspector hai jinke baare mein sab jaante hai.." Ayaan said logically

"Tab kaun??" Payal spoke angrily

"Koi aisa jispe trust ho... Aur yakeen ho ki vo kuch gadbad nai karega.. Aur jispe Rehaan ko b trust ho..." Shilpa said calmly resting her side head on her hand

"Tab to Isse acha koi option nai hai.. Kyun ki ye baat ko leak b nai karega aur baat dab b jaaygi.." Payal pointed at Ayaan who stopped for minute

"Haa.. " Priyanka smiled making Shilpa & Surbhi to look at Ayaan who nodded in NO

"Plss Ayaan mere liyee..." Surbhi requested to Ayaan

"Thik hai ye main sirf tumhare liye kar raha hun.." he smiled and turned his head towards Payal "Aap to badi smart nikli... Hume laga nai tha.. Ki khubsurat k saath saath.. Aap smart b hai" he flirted openly making Payal to smack his head

"I am engaged wd my Airforce Fiance.." she gave him a fake smile to which he grinned

"Hume chalega.." he ruffled his hairs smilingly making girls smile when something hit Shilpa's brain

"I think Rehaan ko hume bata dena chahiyee... Hamare plan k baare mein.." Shilpa stood

"Vo mana kar dega Shilpa... Hum plan pura hone k baad bataynge.." Surbhi said slowly

"Par yaad se... Tum usse khud batana.." Shilpa pointed she didn't wanted to see a another Aditi-Dev case again

"Thik hai.." Surbhi nodded in YES and that day their plan started which Aditi got to knew by Shilpa who didn't said much but was angry on Rehaan and in next day only Ayaan brought a fake marriage certificate and they both went to met officers for inspection which went smoothly coz they didn't asked much infact they didn't saw the fake papers making them relieved So everything was cool until Rehaan gotten that fake papers in Ayaan's room and didn't asked anything about this to Ayaan he directly questioned Surbhi who tried to make him understand that its fake but Rehaan clearly announced "Hum ek Society mein rehte hai Surbhi jaha... Shaadi bahoot paaak mana jaata hai... Aur agar tumne Ayaan se Nikah kar liya hai.. To plz usse nibhaao... Aur hume bhul jaao" that was a biggest shock for Surbhi who shared this news to Shilpa while crying at that time Shilpa thought 'Ye break up year hai kyaa... Jisse dekho vo break up kar raha hai..' then she consoled Surbhi lovingly coz she can understand her pain after all she is also going in same phase but here she didn't shared her pain to anyone and now Surbhi called Ayaan to blast him in Priyanka & Payal's Apartment which have became their 'Adda' to talk

"Ayaan vo to mera Phone b nai utha raha.." Surbhi said wid tears to which Ayaan stopped arguing

"Surbhi don't worry... Vo maan jaayga ro mat..." Shilpa spoke concernly helding her Shoulder

"Nai Shilpa... Usne direct mujhse ye kahan ki... Ab tum Ayaan ki Wife ho mujhse tumhara koi rishta nai ..."Surbhi cried hugging Shilpa who got angry by Rehaan how can he say something like that to Surbhi? Didn't he knew how much she loves him?? But how can she forget he is also a man who can do anything like Mr Armaan Malik

"Main wapas jaaungi..." Surbhi announced making them stunned

"Surbhi ye tum kya keh rahi ho... Ab to sab thik hai..." Payal asked

"Nai yaar Payal... Bas bahoot ho gaya... Main chali jaaungi..." Surbhi said while taking hicupps to which Shilpa hugged her

"Sshhh... Jo karna hai baad mein karna... Pehle shaant ho jaao.." she rubbed her back wd moist eyes

"Yaa Allah kahan fasa diya..." Ayaan slumped on sofa looking up "Ye saare problems ko sirf mere sheru Bhaijaan solve kar sakte hai.." he said thoughfully

"Tumhe kya lagta hai Ayaan... Maine Mr Khan ko call nai kiya ... Jab b karti Phone uthate hi nai vo mera infact aaj kal to ghar mein b nai dikhte..." Surbhi miffed

"Toh jaroor Bhaijaan busy honge varna vo zaroor samajhte..." Ayaan took his side making Shilpa to hate Armaan more coz here everyone trusts him so much that they can't see his wrong sides infact in wrong also they search positive about him who not even care to look at his close ones only if he realized how Dev needs a Advicer for his problem How Rehaan to be scolded by him for this misunderstanding but no he only think about his Girlfriend Kritika wd whom he is having affair lost in some other world She hated him that's why she tries to avoid him in this five days whenever she heard from someone that Armaan is back from hHospital she busied herself in works so that she didn't get chance to see him

"Vo sab chodo.. Aao Surbhi ghar chale shaam hone waali hai..." Shilpa changed the topic making Surbhi to nod in YES

"Chaliyee main aap dono ko chod dun.." Ayaan took car keys and they three left the place not before biding bye to Priyanka & Payal

@ Sanjeevani

"R u sure Rehaan vo papers asli thae...??" an angry Armaan asked again looking at a broken Rehaan who was sitting in his cabin's secret room wd him

"Haa Bhaijaan..." he nodded while rubbing his tears

"I don't believe this... Ayaan aisi kaise bewkoofi kar sakta hai... Surbhi to hai pagal..." He muttered angrily while moving tro and fro

"Kasshh... Humne Bhabhi ki baat maan li hoti... To aaj ye din nai dekhna padta hume..." Rehaan cursed himself while hidding his face in his palms but his words made Armaan stopped in his tracks

"What?? Shilpa ko pata tha iske baare mein..??" he asked frowningly stopping infront of him who stood up

"Haa Bhaijaan... Bhabhi aayi thi teen din pehle Ayaan k saath.. Hume ye plan batane... Par humne nai sunna... Kaash sunn lete..." he said wd tears making him fumed from inside but looking at Rehaan he calmed himself and hugged him slowly

"Jab Rehaan nai maana to tumne Ayaan ko bola hogaa... Ye thik nai kiya tumne Shilpa.. Iska anjaam bahoot bura hogaa...yaad rakhna." he thought while hugging Rehaan who sniffed still hugging him "Rehaan don't worry sab thik hoga... Main hun na... U trust me right??" parting from the hug he asked to which Rehaan nodded in YES "To fir tension mat le..." he smiled to which Rehaan also gave a small smile "Chal kuch kaam karte hai..." he cheered to which they both moved out from that secret door

4 hours later...

"Nikki baaki sab kahan hai...??" Armaan asked sternly as he saw Nikki in Corridoor while the whole house looks empty

"Bhai... Sab log terrace pe hai..." she informed normally still busy on her phone

"Aur Shilpa kahan hai...??" he asked calmly while controlling his temper hard

"Ammm... Bhabhi shayad uper hi thi... But abhi abhi maine unhe... Apne Room mein jaate hue dekha..." she looked up at him only to got scared seeing his angry look and wdout saying anything he ran upstairs in their Room its been two weeks since he saw her but five days ago, only he saw his wife in another man's arms which was enough for his volcano anger to appeared on that day only he was so furious that he could have broke the walls of his cabin he was calming himself hard at that time but every time that image appeared infront of his eyes

"Armaan calm down... Jaisa tu soch raha hai vaisa kuch nai hoga... may be vo uska acha dost ho... Tu itna geera huaa nai ho sakta jo ye sab soche..." he tried to make himself cool down trying to ignore that image "Damm...!! Kyun shaant nai ho raha yaar" throwing the things from the table he held his head frustratingly "I need a break or else... Kuch b kar sakta hun main..." trying to calm down he closed his eyes coz he knew if Shilpa would be there he would have slapped her for that scene then he called Rehaan to handle that surgery coz he was upset but Rehaan was already busy so reluctantly he did the surgery still that image was flashing infront of his eyes which resulted the surgery unsuccessful and angry at himself he went from there only to calm himself down and in home also he tried not to see her face or else he can slap or blast her in any moment but today when Rehaan informed that Shilpa was involved too in this matter his all anger and frustration came out first for spoling his brothers life second how can she hugged someone when she knew she is married to him then why she hugged someone else infront of Sanjeevani didn't she knew he works there people will talk about them most important what if they point a finger at her he will never ever tolerate this He trusts her but not on other peoples third coz of that unsuccessful surgery

Aahatein kaisi

Yeh aahatein

Sunta hoon aaj

Kal aye dil bata...

"Shilpa...!!" he shouted as he came inside his room only to find his wife putting his files properly on shelf but hearing him she stopped her work when Armaan approached towards her "TUMHE PATA B HAI TUMNE KYA KIYA HAI..." banging her wd the wall he asked angrily making her stunned by his sudden move "TUMHARI HIMMAT KAISE HUI... AISA KOI STEP LENE KI... DID U KNOW REHAAN KI HAALAT KYA HAI..." She got scared by his burning anger but she didn't gotted what he was saying "I KNOW TUMNE SURBHI KO MANIPULATE KIYA HAI... AISA STEP LENE K LIYE VARNA VO KABHI GALTI SE B NAI SOCHTI AISA KARNE KI..." He blamed while digging his nails on her shoulder who is in pain but from inside by his accusation

" mmujhe dard.. Ho raha hai.." she said wd tears painfully

"Dard right.." leaving her who almost banged wd the wall he looked away from her

"Aap... Kkkya keh rahe hai mujhe samajh nai aa raha..." she said slowly holding her one arm which has his marks

"Don't be soo innocent Shilpa..." he showed daggers while looking at her who was hell confused "Tell me... Kya tumhe pata tha... Surbhi k baare mein??" he asked calmly putting his both hands on wall jamming her who nodded in YES slowly which raised his anger "Kya ye jo decision tha??... Tum usme shaamil thi??... Aur ye tumhara plan tha??" stepping back he asked angrily to which she moved ahead to make him understand about the papers

"Armaan par vo..." she said slowly looking at him who stops her

"Haa yaa naa...??" he asked sternly

"Par Armaan..." she tried to explain but he raised his hand

"Haa yaa naa Shilpa...??" he asked angrily to which she got scared

"Hhaa..." she whispered softly nodding in YES which made him soo angry that wdout thinking he slapped her hard... Which was a complete shock for her who directly banged wd the wall touching her cheek wd her hand while tears roll down from her cheek

"PEHLE HI BOLA THA NAA... KI TUMHARI WAJAH SE MUJHE KABHI KUCH NAI SUNAA PADE... PAR NAI TUMHE SHAUK HAINA TAMASHA BANANE KA... DO U REALIZE TUMHARI IS BEWKOOFI KI WAJAH SE AAJ TEEN ZINDAGIYAA BARBAAD HUI HAI... HOW DARE U TO INVOLVE AYAAN IN THIS..." jerking her towards him he yelled where as she is numb "AAINDA SE... MERI FAMILY K MATTERS MEIN MAT BOLNA... CHAHE KUCH B HO JAAYE..." warning her he stepped back "KOSHISH KARNA KI APNA CHEHRA MAT DIKHANA AGLI BAAR..." pointing her he went from there angrily leaving a Numb Shilpa there who stepped back and leaned her back against the wall only to slide down There was no tears in her eyes coz he is not that Armaan whom she loved once he was the person who scolded her warned her infact he also told once 'Ek kheech k maarunga... Or... Bracelet tum maar khaogi mere haath se...' but never ever he slapped her he was a dream boy for any girl but now that image of him is fading from her mind she touched her cheek where tears were rolling down

"Tu ro kyun rahi hai Shilpa... Tu to ye sab jaanti thi pehle se... Infact tu isse zyada bardaast kar chuki hai... Fir ro kyun rahi hai..." wiping the tears she said to herself in strong voice "Tu ab nai roygi... Bas... Kya pata aage isse zyada sehna pade..." she made herself understand while pulling her knees closer to her chest but she didn't knew still her tears were making out "Yehi kaha tha na... Ki chehra na dikhaaun... Vohi to kar rahi thi... Khud hi saamne aaye... Vo kya mera chehra nai dekhenge mujhe khud hi nai dekhna unko..." she sniffed only to start crying Today, Armaan Malik lost a biggest thing from her Is the Respect which she has for him but now wd Love he also lost the Respect from her now he is nothing for her only his Parent's son for her that's it nothing else!

Outside the MM

Dastakein dete

Hain dastakein

Kyun ajnabi se

Pal aye dil bata...

"Damm...!!" he smacked his hand on the Car's steering angrily "Ye kya kiya Armaan..." keeping his head on steering tiredly he muttered Never ever he thought that he will loose his temper on Shilpa whom, he actually slapped "Kya hogaya tujhe Armaan... Tu aisa to nai tha... Ye kis chiz ka gussa tha... Rehaan ka ki us din ka..." keeping his head on seat he asked wd himself softly "Bahoot badi galti kardi yaar..." moving out from the car he ran inside the house Since he slapped her he is regretting and when he came out from the room he almost threw a vase angrily which resulted his hand been injured but ignoring that he tried to calm himself in his Car "Shilpa..." he called slowly as he entered in room only to find it empty "I hope vo thik ho..." moving his hand in his hairs he whispered worriedly "Damm... " he hit his leg frustratingly on a chair as he didn't find her in whole room and almost threw that chair in corner "May be terrace..." mumbling softly he ran out from the room and ascending in full speed on terrace stairs he opened the door of the terrace His heart is beating fast and a panic took over him

"Aree Armaan beta... Tum aa gayye... Aao sab hai yahan... Tum b aao aur relax ho..." Naina said smilingly as saw him whose eyes are only searching his Wife who is nowhere to be seen while his all family members were sitting on mattress spending their time even Dev is also there who noticed his worried look but the girls of this house were missing from here coz they are sleeping downstairs along wd Rudra & Rishubh

"Haa Armaan aaja yaar bahoot din ho gayye... Saath mein baithe" Rakesh called smilingly but he didn't listened anything

"Mom.. Shilpa kahan hai??" he directly asked looking at his Mom who frowned while others hide their smile

"Kyun tumhe yaad aa gaya tumhari shaadi ho chuki hai..." Ananya taunted making everyone giggle

"Mom plzz yaar..." he spoke annoyingly

"Kyun kya kaam hai tumhe usse?? Kyun ki bina kaam k to tum usko puchoge b nai..." she asked calmly which built a guilt in his heart

"Mom.. Mujhe ek file nai.. Mil rahi..." He lied to which Ananya held her head while other ladies giggle

"Beta kabhi kabhi.. File se hatkar b usse dhundh liya karo..." Radha teased making him to control his temper coz he can burst on any time

"Haa lagta hi nai ki vo iski Patni hai..." Geeta also said in same voice

"Beta.. Kaam k alawa b zindagi hoti hai..." Jai adviced but little did he know that if anyone will lecture him again he can blast on them which Dev observed his expressions guessing he can fight so he thought to tell him when

"Kyun pareshaan karte ho mere pote ko... Dekho to kitna dubla ho gaya hai..." Dadi said lovingly looking up at him who calmed himself

"Dubla kyun nai hoga Maa... Naa breakfast karke jaata hai aur naa... Dinner karta hai aane k baad.." Ananya taunted making him to close his eyes to controlled himself

"Ye kaam Shilpa ka hona chahiyee... ki apne Pati ka dhyaan de..." Radha spoke slowly making Armaan fumed

"Baccha thodi hai ye.. Jo vo iska dhyaan de... Ye iski zimedaari hai..." Billy took Shilpa's side making Radha to nod in yes

"Haa par..." Geeta opened her mouth to say when

"Enough...!!" Armaan shouted looking everyone angrily making everyone quiet and before he could say anything Dev spoke

"Dadi... Shilpa aaj b neeche Anant k Room mein soygi..??" it was answer for Armaan who is so thankfull to have a brother like Dev even they had fight then also he helped her indirectlly

"Haa beta..." Dadi replied slowly which made Armaan realized about his misbehavior

"I am sorry... Vo kaam k pressure mein... I am really sorry" he apologized

"Koi baat nai beta..." Jai smiled

"Par Armaan kaam k chakkar mein... Mat bhulo tumhari ek Family hai.." Billy scolded where as Ananya kept mum coz day by day Armaan is becoming cranky and stubborn

"Haa beta Zindagi mein balance rakhna bahoot zaroori hota hai..." Dadaji suggested

"I'll take care..." Armaan nodded

"Toh fir Armaan aa naa..." Rakesh called

"Nai yaar abhi mujhe kaam hai..." Saying this he moved to go when he stopped and looked back at Dev "Thank u Daadi..." he said and went from there leaving Dadi confused that why did he thanked her where as Dev smiled coz it was for him he knew this


"Come on... Open the door..." he knocked sixth tym since he stood infront of Dev's room

"Kaun hai...??" a sleepy Surbhi opened the door while yawning and as she opened the door he walked inside immediately "Allah Miya what's wrong wd u Mr Khan... Aise koi badtameezo ki tarah aata hai..." she asked in fully awake made which Armaan ignored also he ignored a sleeping Aditi on bed coz his eyes are only fixed on Anant's room "Par aap...??" she opened her mouth to ask when

"Shilpa so gayi..??" he asked slowly still staring at the door

"Haa... Itna kaam karne k baad aap hum ladies se kya umeed kar sakte hai..." Keeping her hands on her waist she said

"Par itni jaldi kaise... Abhi to vo jaag rahi thi...??" he frowned

"Mr Khan... Vo thaki hui thi... Aur main b thak gayi hun..." crossing her arms she replied "Vaise aaj aapko apni wife ki yaad kaise aa gayi...??" she raised her eyebrows making him stop to opened the door of Anant's room

"Ammm... Vo..." he didn't knew what to say coz she is right actually, everyone is right that he actually forgot his wife!

"Mr Khan rehne dijiye... Mujhe neend aa rahi hai... Aur kal subhe jaldi b uthna hai..." she said tiredly making him frown

"Subhe zaldi kyun??" He frowned

"Allah miya kaunsi duniya mein rehte hai aap Mr Khan..." she looked at him unbelievingly

"Stop over reacting Surbhi... Seedhe seedhe batao" he asked strictly

"Aaiye mere saath... Varna Aditi uth jaygi..." holding his wrist she took him in balcony making both to sat on a bench "Aree kal aapki pyaari buaaji ne ek Temple mein... Avni aur Raj k aage k life k liye puja rakhi hai... Jis k liye aaj hum sab ne.. Mandir ki safaai ki bahoot maza aaya sab thae udhar bas aapko chodkar..." she informed everything in a go making Armaan stunned

"R u serious...?? Tum sabne safaai ki...??" he asked shockingly to which she nodded in YES "Kyun... Ghar k itne servants kya kar rahe thae...?" he questioned

"Aree vo b thae.. But hum sab ne b kiya... Bahoot thak gayye hum... But mazaa b aaya... Rudra aur Rishubh bahoot funny hai" she said normally where as a guilt formed in him

"Jerk.. Idiot... Armaan Malik... Vo itni thaki hui thi aur tu... Aaargghhh Monster.." he cursed himself mentally

"Mr Khan aapne Dev ko observe kiya...??" her question took his attention

"Nai kyun??" he frowned

"Aree vo aaj kal na ajeeb hi behave karta hai... Matlab Aditi itne din rest pe thi par vo milne nai aaya... Aur jab vo so jaati thi tab vo dekhne aata tha kisi file k bahane..." she informed doubtfully while hearing this he also thought about them YES Aditi's behavior was strange since he came back from Bhopal "I think naa un dono ki fight hui hai.. Kisi chiz ko lekar..." she spoke confusedly making him to think about them deeply

"Haa ho sakta hai... But don't worry.. Unki nok jhok to chalti rehti hai.." his replied calmly making her smile when her eyes landed on his hand which have blood strained marks

"Allah miya aapko chot kaise lagi...?" She asked shockingly making him to looked down at his hand which have wound coz of that vase which he broke angrily Actually he deserves this for slapping her "Main abhi first aid kit laati hun..." she said worriedly

"Nai Surbhi main thik hun..." he stopped normally to which she opened her mouth to say "Main sach mein thik hun... Tum batao apne baare mein" he asked calmly looking away from her

"Aapki khabar to Shilpa legi dekh lena..." she mocked to which he glared "Ok fine aapko jo karna hai karo... Mujhe isse kya.."she shook her head to which he looked away from her on the sky smilingly when "Mr Khan aap kahan thae... Jab aapki jarurat thi..??" Surbhi's soft voice made him looked at her "Aapko nai pata hume kya kya karna pada..." he gotted what she wanted to talk

"Aur isiliye tumne Ayaan se shaadi karli.. Shilpa k kehne pe... At least ek baar mujhse kehti..." he said sternly

"Toh aapko b yehi lagta hai.. Ki maine shaadi karli..." she spoke angrily

"Haa jo karogi vohi bolunga naa.." he taunted

"O really.. To aapke information k liye bata dun... Ki aisa kuch nai hai... Vo papers nakli hai... Kyun ki huaa yun..." and she narrated everything which made him hell shocked That means he is a biggest jerk in this whole world No no... In this whole planet coz he blamed his wife wdout her fault most important he slapped her for which he deserves 100 millions or more than that slaps by shoes "Aur Shilpa ko mat blame kijiye... Infact vo to vo person hai jisne mujhe kaha tha Rehaan se puch lo... Ye certificate wala idea Ayaan aur mera tha... Aur Shilpa ne hi suggest kiya ki aise bande ko bolna jispe sabko trust ho... Aur Ayaan pe hume trust hai... Aur aapko phone kiya tha aapne uthaya nai" she explained calmly

"Samajh gaya..." he shook his head to which she narrowed her bows "Ki main sabse bada idiot hun..." he mumbled which made her giggle "Stop it... Ye batao Rehaan ko kyun nai bataya... Ye sab" he asked calmly

"Usne meri baat sunni hi nai..." she replied angrily

"Thik hai... Chillao mat sabko jaga dogi..." he scolded calmly to which she pouted "Okk... Main Rehaan se baat karunga... Aur daatunga b..." he smiled to which she gave a wide smile

"Sachmein...?" she asked happily to which he nodded in YES calmly "Par main usse gussa hun..." she crossed her arms

"Yaa I know he deserves that.. Par vo tumse bahoot pyaar karta hai... News sunte hi rone laga tha..." his voice was calm while his eyes were on sky

"Mr Khan pyaar ka dusra naam trust hota hai... Jo uswaqt Rehaan ne nai kiya... Usne ye soch b kaise liya Mr Khan ki main kisi aur se shaadi karungi... Jab ki vo ache se janta hai ki main is Country mein sirf uske liye hi hun..." she complained but her words made Armaan to think about Shilpa he trusts her blindly then why did he slapped her There must be two reasons First, he was worried about her image infront of Sanjeevani and Second, the most important one that, he can't see her wd anyother man which he will never accept "Mr Khan kuch kijiye naa mujhe nai jaana..." her request made him looked at her

"Don't worry... Ab ye matter teen din mein solve ho jayga... Ye mera promise hai tumse..." he assured her who smiled "Aur Rehaan tumse maafi b maangega... Dekh lena..." he smiled

"Vo kaise...?" she asked confusedly

"I have a plan..." he smirked making her excited

"Kya??" she asked excitingly

"Suno..." and he told the plan which made her eyes big "Par tab tak ye baat hum dono k bich mein rahegi... Jab tak main sab ready na karlun..." he warned

"Allah miyaa... U r genius Mr Khan..." she commented "Par Rehaan manega..??" she asked sadly

"Vo kya uske ache b maanenge.." he smiled making her happy

"Par main usse gussa hone ka natak karungi... Chalega" she pointed which made him chuckled

"Haa chalega..." he nodded while rising up

"Yyeeeyyeee... Luv u Mr Khan..." she spoke happily moving to hug him who stepped back before she could hug "Ok fir gud night..." she giggled looking at his face

"Yaa... Gud night" he rolled his eyes while moving inside following by her

"Acha Mr Khan... Kal aap aaoge na... Puja mein..??" she asked excietedly

"Don't know..." he shrugged

"Jo b ho... Ab aap jaaiye... Aur main jaaun paani lene.. Mujhe pyaas lagi hai" she spoke tierdly

"How about.. Tum paani lekar aao.. Aur main yehin hun tab tak..." He said slowly while putting his hands in pocket to which she looked at him suspiciously "Actually... Vo..." he didn't knew what to say

"Ok... Main aati hun.." she giggled guessing he wanted to see Shilpa "Vo b aaraam se..." she teased making him roll his eyes

Kuch toh hai

Jo neend aaye kam

Kuch toh hai

Jo aankhe hai nam...

"Jao jaldi..." saying this strictly he crossed his arms to which she went outside still giggling and as the door closed he moved towards Anant's Room "I don't know ki... Kaise maafi maangu..." muttering softly he pushed the glass door and walked inside slowly wdin a minute he neared her bed as always she was inside the blanket while Anant is sleeping peacefully beside her

"Hmm..." he took a sigh kneeling infront of her on floor and carefully pulled the blanket from her face slowly only to left smiling seeing her adorable face where some strand of hairs were resting there now also she have hugged a pillow making him smile wd moist eyes "I know main maafi b nai deserve karta... Fir b I am sorryyy..." tucking her hairs behind her ear he bend his head towards her face "I know main bahoot bada jerk hun... But trust me yaar ye relationship n all sambhalna mere bas ki baat nai... Par main hamara rishta nibhana chahta hun... Vo b dilse... " taking her hand in his he expressed his feelings "I promise ye first aur last tym tha jo maine tumpe haath uthaya... And from now onwards hamare bich koi misunderstanding nai hogi... Ye Armaan Malik ka wada hai tumse..." he stared her face lovingly where tears strained marks were over there and caressing her cheek softly where he slapped he kissed her strained cheek lingering his lips for few minutes there making her stir which made him smiled "Gud night..." kissing her hand lovingly he stood up and slowly closing the door he went out

"Mr Khan.. Gud night" Surbhi wished as she saw Armaan opened his Room's door

"Bye...!" waving her he closed his Room's door and slumped on bed tiredly "I hope main sab thik kar dun..." closing his eyes he mumbled only to drop in deep slumber

Next Morning

"Armaan breakfast karke jaao..." Ananya ordered as Armaan descended from stairs

"Breakfast aapne banaya hai??" he asked normally while sitting on breakfast chair where no one was there except these two

"Haa... Kyun..??" she frowned while serving him the breakfast who smiled "Kyun Aaj b nai khana hai...??" she taunted making him roll his eyes

"Aisa nai hai Mom..." he replied while taking a bite from his food "Ummm... I missed this..." he spoke as he ate the food making Ananya smiled

"Aisa nai hai to kaisa hai ...??" she asked smilingly

"Vo kya hai na.. Itne dino se main breakfast dinner isliye skip kar raha tha... Kyun ki use na aapne na Aditi ne aur specially Shilpa ne nai banaya tha..." he replied while eating his food but his reply made Ananya laugh "What??" he asked confusedly seeing her laughing

"Tum is liye itne dino se... Apna khana skip kar rahe thae...?" she asked controlling her laugh to which he nodded in YES "Oh.. Armaan kab bade hoge tum..." she hit his head lightly who ignored this "Par Armaan aisa thodi chalta hai... Sabke haath ka khaana chahiyee... Kal ko agar hum teeno mein se koi nai rahega tab kya karoge" she tried to make him understand

"Mom plz... Faaltu ki baate band karo... Aisa kabhi nai hoga..." he said in stern tone when Dev took a seat beside him

"Gud morning Mom...!!" Dev wished

"Gud morning..." she wished back and served the food also observed Dev & Armaan's ignorance towards each other "Acha huaa tum dono yahan ho... Mujhe tum dono se baat karni hai..." her tone was strict which made both brothers to understand that now their 'Mom' is going to take their better class

"Yes..." they both said in unionism

"Yes bol rahe ho dono.. Sharam nai aati..." she started in anger making both to look at her calmly "Dono k dono pareshaan karte jaa rahe ho... Kitne Badtameez ho gaye ho dono pata b hai... Pata nai kaunsa Desh sambhal rahe ho ki ghar k liye time nai hai tum dono k paas... Jaise bhul gahe ho ki ghar pe biwi hai tum dono ki... Yahan log tum logo k baare mein baat kar rahe hai... Lekin sunna thodi tum dono ko padta hai... Vo sunne k liye hum Parivaar wale haina.." she fired all her anger on them who felt guilty

"I am sorryy Mom... I promise abse dhyaan dunga pakka.." Dev apologized

"Tum pehle mujhe ye batao Aditi ka accident huaa tha.. Ye baat maine tumhe teen din k ander phone karke batai thi... To tumhe do hafte se zyada tym kyun gaya...??" crossing her arms she asked angrily which made Dev to looked down while Armaan guessed that something is wrong b/w Dev & Aditi which he will asked later "Nai bata paaoge mujhe pata tha... Shayad ye b bhul gaye hoge ki ek beta b hai tumhare paas... To yaad dila dun ki ek family hai tumhare paas... Aur agar mujhe tumhari ek aur aisi harqat sunne ko mili... To yaad rakhna shakal nai dekhungi tumhari main" she warned to which he nodded in yes quietly

"But Mom... Isme uski kya galti.. Kaam tha to busy hoga vo..." Armaan took his side which made Dev to stared him

"Tum to bolna b mat... Tumne to pareshaan karke rakha hai mujhe aur tumhare Dad ko..." she spoke strictly which made him frowned

"Mom ab maine kya kar diya yaar..." he stood for clarification

"Nai nai tum to bade sharif ho..." she spoke sarcastically making him confused "Tumhari wajah se na jaane kya kya sunne ko milta hai mujhe tumhare Dad aur specialy Shilpa ko..." her tone became upsetting one

"FOR GOD SAKE CLEARLY BOLO MOM...??" he asked frustratingly

"Yehi tumhara gussa Armaan... Use control karo tum pehle... Jab chahe aate ho jaate ho... Na kisi k saath involve hote ho... Na kisi se baat karte ho... Aur Shilpa ko to bhul hi gaye ho... Jisse tumhari wajah se kya kya nai sunna padta hai... Jaise vo tab sunti thi jab tum apni shaadi k do din baad chale gaye the bina kuch kisiko bataye..." she said in defeated tone which made him angry while Dev stood from his chair to stop Ananya

"Kisne kaha?? Kiski himmat Mom??" he asked angrily

"Usse kya farq padta hai... Par kaha to haina... Vaise jaan k karoge kya tum.. Maaroge peetoge ya jhagda karoge..." she blasted on him who is too shocked to say anything "Tumhare is behaviour ki wajah se tumhare Dad pareshaan hai... Sochte hai ki ye sab unki wajah se ho raha hai... Kash unhone vo thappad tumhe nai maara hota to aaj tum sukoon se hote aur hume b rehne dete..." her voice turned soft "Isse acha tumhe kabhi yaad hi nai aata..." she said slowly which was enough to hurt him

"Yaani ye meri galti hai meri yaadaast wapas aayi great..." he said hurtfully

"Nai Armaan... Mom ka vo matlab..." but Dev was stopped by his raised hand

"Rehne de Dev... Main samajh gaya..." saying this he turned to go

"Armaan tum aise nai jaaoge... Breakfast khatam karke jaao..." his Dad's voice made him stop

"Bhook marr gayi meri Dad..." Wdout looking back he replied while Ananya sat on chair helding her head

"Armaan ek baar baat to sunn le..." Dev moved to stop him but he was late Armaan already went from there

"Ananya... Sambhalo apne aapko.." Billy hugged her while consoling her who have started crying

"Maine kya galat kaha... Billy main to bas usse uski zimmedaariyaa... Bata rahi thi.." she said while crying

"Vo baccha thodi hai Ananya.. Ek responsible Doctor hai.. Ek matured man hai vo..." Billy rubbed her back

"But harkate uski baccho wali hi hai Billy..." she cutted him when Dev came and kneeled infront of her

"Mom... Aap to jante ho uska gussa... Usse jab akal aaygi vo khud aayga aapse maafi maangne... Dekh lena shaam tak vo khud aayga... Bas vo thoda pareshaan hai kaam ko lekar... Aapko shayad pata nai... Uske Hospital mein ek bus accident case aaya hai.. Jisme se ek bacche ko vo bacha nai paaya... Aur aap b jaante ho vo kitna serious hai kisi ki jaan ko lekar" Dev explained calmly taking her hand in his while Ananya has stopped crying

"Tumhe kaise pata??" she asked softly

"Rehaan ne bataya... Isi liye vo thoda upset hai... Teen din pehle hi ye scene huaa..." he smiled while rubbing her tears "Ab rona band karo .. Kyun ki hum dono ko hi samajh aa gaya hai ki hum galat kahan hai... Aur dhyaan denge pakka... Kyun Dad.." he looked up at his father who smiled

"Dekha ye dono nalayak hai... Par pure nai..." Billy joked to which she smiled

"Haa vo to hai... Par hato ab itni saari taiyaariyaa karni hai... Sab ready ho gaye ki nai ye b dekhna hai" stooding up she started chanting her lectures which made Dev & Billy chuckled while Shilpa also smiled seeing Ananya back to normal Yes! she watched this whole scenario from Kitchen where she was working but when she heard Ananya's voice scolding Dev & Armaan she witnessed this scene but didnt gone outside coz of Armaan

"Hmmn... Pata nai ladke kyun nai samajhte ki.. Parents jo bolte hai ache k liye hi bolte hai..." she cursed while entering in their Room "Par Armaan ki b galti nai hai... unke uper stress tha kisi bacche ki jaan ka..." her heart took his side but "Khabar daar jo uska side liyaa... Bhul gayi kal raat thappad padi thi tujhe bina galti k..." her mind scolded her "But may be.. Unhe us bacche k jaane ka dukh ho... Aur Rehaan ka scene dekhe unhe laga ho teri wajah se huaa Surbhi ko problem.. Kyun ki unhone kaha tha ki koi unki wife pe point kare vo kabhi nai bardaast karenge... May be tujhe isliye maara..." her heart showed the positive sides "Dekh Shilpa iske chakkar mein to bilkul mat jaa... Ye last time le dubi thi tujhe aur is baar wapas us Badtameez Armaan ki wajah se le dubegi.. Jo kyaa pata aage aur maare kyun ki aaj usne ek maara hai kal hazaro baar maar sakta hai... But yaad rakhna main nai aaungi tujhe strong banane... Fir roti rehnaa..." her mind blackmailed "Haa sahi kaha... Main kyun sochun unke baare mein... Jo kisi k baare mein nai sochta" mumbling angrily she moved inside Washroom to pick his clothes for laundry "Kapde kahan gaye...??" she frowned not finding his clothes which she found daily after he left for Hospital when her eyes landed on mirror where a pink color note was stick there

"Ye...??" she mumbled while picking the note 'Maine kapde laundry mein de diye hai...' she read it and a tug felt in her heart So now he didn't want her to do any work of him "Vaise b mujhe karna b nai tha..." she spoke angrily throwing the note on floor and turned to go when she found another note on a wall beside the door "Ab ye kyun...?? Jarur ye kehne k liye hoga... Ki abse Washroom mein b mat aao... Kyun ki unhe meri shakal jo nai dekhni... But don't worry Mr Badtameez Akdu Malik... Mujhe khud aapko nai dekhna..." cursing him mentally she moved to go but her feet automatically stopped infront of the blue color note 'Jaane se pehle ek baar door k peeche dekh lena plzz...' as she read it her feet stepped back "Ab door k peeche kya hai... Pata chala Divorce papers hai..." she mumbled angrily "Vaise Shilpa agar ho b to kya farq padta hai... Vo already apni Girlfriend se pyaar karta hai... Tu to aise hi bich mein aa gayi..." her mind said truthfully "But iski b galti nai hai.. Isne b to apne Parents k liye shaadi ki.. Isne thodi kaha tha aao mujhse shaadi karo" her heart took Shilpa's side when ignoring both she closed the door only to find a yellow color paper stick on door

Kuch toh hai

Jo tu keh de toh

Haste haste

Marr jaaye hum

Heyyee aa heeyy aayyee...

'Samajh mein nai aa raha kahan se shuru karu... Par galti ki hai maafi to maangna hi padegi.. Kal raat jo maine kiya I know vo maafi k kaabil bilkul nai hai... I think mujhe 100 Million se b zyada thappad pade to b kam hai... Par main tumhe koi reason nai dunga... Kyun ki main khud hi nai jaanta.. Par jitna maine calculate kiya hai to two reasons hai.. I know un dono mein se kahin pe b tum involve nai ho.. Na Rehaan & Surbhi k case mein aur naa hi dusre waale case mein.. Jisme meri galti thi.. Jisko sochte sochte main ek surgery mein 100% nai de paaya... Aur ek masoom se bacche ki jaan kho di... Jo galti maine ki usse tumhari galti samajhkar.. Tumpe gussa kiya kyun ki mujhe reason mil gaya tha... Tumpe gussa karne ka Rehaan k through... But iska matlab ye nai hai ki main tumpe trust nai karta... Apne aap se zyada karta hun trust tumpe... Ek baar main galat ho sakta hun but tum nai ye main jaanta hun... Aur us din k words k liye b maafi maangna chahta hun... Mere liye vo words fake thae... But I know tumhe hurt huaa hai... Par main uske liye tumse sirf itna kehna chahunga... TRUST ME... Bas ek baar aur tum mujhpe trust karo Shilpa... Main koi b misunderstanding nai aane dunga hamare bich... Main ye sab tumse saamne kehna chahta tha... Kyun ki main looser nai hun ki galti ki aur maafi b nai maangi... Kal raat mai tumse maafi maangne aaya tha... But tum so chuki thi... Aur subhe tumhe pure ghar mein dhundha jaane kahan thi tum... Kitni ajeeb baat haina Shilpa ek hi ghar mein hoke hum ek dusre ko dekh b nai paate... Tumhe do hafto se dekha nai... Aur dekha b to aise... Ye Armaan ka wada hai tumse... Kal jo huaa aakhri baar tha... Ab aage kabhi nai hoga... I PROMISE... and FROM THE DEPTH OF MY HEART I AM SORRY...!... Aur haa plz khana tum banaya karo mere liye... Varna main kha nai paaunga... Tum maano na maano main tumpe dependent hun...! from Armaan'

"Armaan..." keeping her head on door she cried and when she slide down on floor she didn't knew "Kaise koi aapse nafrat karega Armaan... Jab aise likhoge... Main pagal ho jaaungi... Pyaar nafrat kyaa??" she cried helplessly still her head was on door "Pyaar ho yaa nafrat... Ignore karna hai mujhe aapko bas... Mujhe farq nai padta... Aap kya karte hai aur kya nai... Aur aapko ye b nai pata chalega ki maine note padh liya tha..." wipping her tears she stood strongly and putting the note back on mirror which she had thrown few minutes ago on floor she sticked that back and washing her face she moved out of the Washroom leaving everything as it is "Ayaan ka missed call??" she picked her phone seeing Ayaan's missed call "Hello haa Ayaan... Kya huaa...??"she asked while sitting on bed

"Bhabhijaan .. Itna tym koi lagata hai... Call back karne mein..." as always his voice is mischievous

"Ayaan Bhabhijaan nai Bhabhi... Kitni baar kahun..." she spoke annoyingly making him chuckled

"Okk... Bhabhi... Par suniye to mujhe baat karni hai... Surbhi k baare mein..." he became serious

"Haa bolo..." she nodded

"Bhabhi Surbhi ne Officers ko sab sach bata diya jisse Officers ne decide kiya ki vo log usse teen din baad send kar denge..." he informed which made her shocked

"Kya...??" she stood shockingly

"Haa... Kuch karna hoga..." he said worriedly

"Ab hum nai... Ab Rehaan hi karega... Varna jo hoga dekha jayga..." she spoke in serious tone

"To ab??" he asked confusedly

"Tum vo fake papers lo... Main aati hun aur hum usse last time baat karenge... Bye" she announced and hung up the phone "Par main bahar jaaungi kaise... Shaamko mandir nikalna hai... Aur aaj ghar mein sab busy b hai..." she spoke confusedly moving tro & fro "Aditi...! Vo meri help karegi haa" saying this she went from there to Aditi
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