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part 19 : Mere Paas Raho

Omkara entered the room and saw Gauri sitting on his bed. He did not know how to react, the least what to say. He wasn’t expecting that at all. He was all set to marry Riddhima, but Allah had his own plan. The only thing which was left for him was to accept Gauri in his life. He wasn’t sure if he would ever accept her as his wife or give her the place of Riddhima which he has in his heart, but he will surely accept her as his friend. He moved forward and sat on the bed, infront of Gauri. He put up her veil and made her look into his face.

O: Gauri, aaj jo kuch bhi hua, yeh kisi ki chal thi, ya phir Allah ka faisla. Me nahi keh sakta, lekin saach to yeh hai ke tum meri biwi ho ab. Me tumhe chah ke bhi neglect nahi kar sakta. Lekin yeh baat bhi saach hai, ke Armaan ki saachai jaante hu bhi, kahi na kahi me Riddhima se pyaar kar baitha. Me tumse jhoot nahi bolna chahta, isliye tumhe sab kuch saach saach bata raha hu. Me yeh bhi nahi jaanta ke me tumhe kabhi Riddhima ki jagah de paunga ya nahi, lekin yeh waada zaroor kar sakta hu, ke me tumhare saath kabhi kuch galat nahi karunga.
G: Omkara, jitna bada shock yeh aapke liye hai, utna hi mere liye bhi hai. Me to shaadi karna hi nahi chahti thi, wo to Armaan ne kaha, islyie me ready ho gayi. Lekin kehte hai na, ke Allah ke faisle ke aage Insaan ki nahi chalti.
O: Tumne Armaan se shaadi ke liye kyu haa ki, jab tum shaadi karna hi nahi chahti thi? Kahi tum Armaan se pyaar to…?
G: Nahi nahi, hum Armaan se mohabbat nahi karte, wo to sirf mera ek aacha dost hai.
O: Gauri, aise hi kisi dost se shaadi nahi ki jaati.
G: me jaanti hu, mene Armaan se isliye shaadi ke lyie haa ki, kyunke wo mere baba ke ilaj karwa raha hai.

Gauri narrated him, how Armaan found her infront oft he masjid, and then afterwards kind of forced her to marry him. But then he told her the truth and told her that she is free.

O: Tum fikar mat karo, tumhare baba ki saari responsibility me uthaunga, unka pura dhyaan rakhunga ab me.
G: lekin...
O: Nahi Gauri, ab tum meri biwi ho, aur tum se related saari problems meri bhi hai. Tumhari saari responsibilites ab meri bhi hai. Aur me tumhara har jagah saath dunga.

Omkara took Gauris hand and squeezed it a little bit. Gauri looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

O: Hamesha.

He smiled at her and gauri let her tears fall. Omkara wipped them away and kissed her of the forehead. He shook his head in a no sign.

G: thank you. me bohot khushkismat wali hu, ke aap mere husband hai.

Omkara smiled at her.

O: Jao tum jaake change kar lo, bohot thak gayyi hogi na. Aur ek baat aur Gauri, tumhe Omkara Singh Oberoi ki biwi hone ke saare haq milenge. Hamesha. Jab tak me tumhare saath hu, me kabhi bhi kisi bhi problem ko tumhare paas nahi ane dunga. Un sab problems ko pehle mujhe face karna hoga.

Gauri looked at him with awe. Then she went to the bathroom and changed.

Armaan entered the room and saw Riddhima standing near the window. She was looking outside of the window, looking at the moon, observing the shining stars. As she heard the door click, she turned around and saw Armaan standing there. As she realised that Armaan was coming near her, she put her hand out and signed him to stop.

R: Ruk jao Armaan, wahi pe ruk jao.

Armaan stopped in his track and looked carefully at Riddhima. She had tears in her eyes, which meant that she had cried a lot. He wanted to wipe her tears and take all her pain away.

R: Please wahi pe ruk jao Armaan.
A: par hua kya Riddhima.

Riddhima didnt say anything, but just started to cry. She put her hands together.

R: please mujhe maaf kar do Armaan.
A: Riddhima…
R: nahi, mene tumhare saath bohot galat kiya. Tumhe bohot dard diya, bohot dukh diya, please mujhe maaf kar do. Jane anjane me maine tumhe bohot takleef di hai Armaan. Me bohot buri hu na. I am sorry Armaan, please.

Riddhima put her hands on her ears and asked for forgivness. Armaan chuckled at her cuteness, he was head over heels in love with this woman standing in front of him and crying her heart out. He could do anything for her, for her happiness, even if it means that he has to give up his own happiness, he would gladly do it for her.

R: I am sorry Armaan, I am sorry, sorry…

Armaan moved forward to her and stood just infront of her.

R: Armaan tum…

He didn’t let her speack, he just grabbed her face between his hands and crashed his lips to hers. silencing her and making her forget all the pain. Something exploded inside of Riddhima, she just didn’t know what. Armaan put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer towards him. Her chest firmly pressed against his. Her eyes were closed and she felt Armaans breath. Armaan put his head on her forhead.

A: Shhh, tum bohot soochti ho Riddhima.
R: Lekin Armaan…
A: just enjoy the moment Riddhima. Ab tum finally meri ho, sirf meri. Ab tum officially meri ho, aur ab hum dono ko koi alag nahi kar sakata, Khuda bhi nahi.
R: I wish ke mene tumhari baat pehle sun li hoti, to itni problems hi na create hoti.
A: nahi Riddhima, I like you the way you are, stubborn and dickheaded, but still very caring. I love you the way you are.

Armaan put down her veil and kissed her forehead. Then one by one he took off her jewellery and kissed the place. All the while Riddhima had her eyes closed, she was just feeling his closeness. After such a long time she was feeling her love again. She was in the arms of Armaan again, without any regrets now.

Armaan pulled away when he could feel himself loosing control, he took Riddhima bridal style in his arms and moved with her to the bed. just before the bed he put her down, his hands found her waist again and he pushed her softly onto the bed. He straddled her waist and pulled off his shirt, showing off his muscular frame. Riddhima ran her hands up his chest before pulling him down so she could kiss him.

R: I love you Armaan, just you. Make me forget the whole world. Make me yours. Mark me yours. Take hum dono ko koi bhi kabhi bhi alag na kar sake.
A: With pleasure

Cupping her cheeks with his one hand he crashed his lips onto hers and she moaned loudly. Her hands automatically wrapped around his neck and he smirked. Armaan slipped his tongue inside hers and parried with her tongue, tasting and massaging every corner of her lip. (For the rest, do msg me)

Next Day
Gauri woke up and she felt something heave on her. She opened her eyes and looked around, only to see Omkara sleeping next to her. As far as she remembered, she had decided to sleep on the couch last night, then how come she was on the same bed with Omkara right now.

As she tried to get out of his grip, omkara tightened his grip on her and pulled back near him. Gauri gasped for air. She looked over at him and saw that his eyes were still closed. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. She actually didn know what to think at all. The only thing she knew, was that she actually enjoyed been in his arms. Unknowingly a smile plastered on her face. suddenly she felt omkara moving closer to her. Then she felt his lips on her neck and she opened her eyes and gasped for air. Automatically her hands moved to his hairs, which aroused Omkara even more. Out of nowhere Gauri moaned his name.

G: omkara…

Omkara looked up at her. At the same time she opened her eyes too and looked at him starring at her with dard eyes. Then he looked down at her lips for a very long time. Gauri parted her lips, which caused Omkara to look up into her eyes.

O: Have you had your first kiss?
G: huh…
O: have you ever been kissed Gauri?
G: no…

Gauri looked down as she was embarrassed. Omkara put his finger on her chin and made her look into his eyes. He leant in to their faced were only inces apart, blood rushed to her cheeks. He once again looked into her eyes and then he closed the distance betweent hem. His lips pressed agaist hers, she felt electricity flow through her as Omkaras lips moved with hers. She suddenly had all this energy built up inside of her ready to burst. Her arms automatically wrapped themselves around his neck as the kiss deepened. Omkaras hands rubbed her sides softly as his lips attacked her neck, sucking and nibbling, causing her to moans. That brought both of them back to the world. Omkara pulled back.

O: Your first kiss should be very special. I am glad that I was the one you shared this experience with.

Gauri blushed and closed her eyes. Omkara smiled at her and kissed her forehead. Then he left to the washroom to get ready.

Here Armaan and Riddhima woke up in eachothers arms. They hardly slept in the night, because Armaan was busy making up the lost years. Riddhima was lying on his chest and drawing anything or nothing on his chest. Armaan was lost in his thoughts. Riddhima looked up and saw him lost in his world.

R: Armaan kya sooch rahe ho.
A: yehi, ke hume wapis jana chaiye. Rahul aur Muskaan tumhe bohot yaad karte hai. Aur me tumhe Atul aur Megha se bhi milwana chahta hu.
R: wapis jaana to me bhi chahti hu, lekin mujhe nahi pata ke me unka samna kar paunga ya phir nahi.
A: me tumhare saath hu Riddhima, chahe kuch bhi ho jaye, i am always with you. Ab me tumhe kabhi apne aap se dur nahi hone dunga.
R: kabhi bhi nahi…
A: kabhi bhi nahi…

With that Armaan kissed her and pulled again the quilt above them. After like ages everyone met in the dinning hall for breakfast. Tej welcomed boht his daughter in laws with respect and gave them their presents. Eventhought he wished that Riddhima would be his dauther in law, but Allah had other plans, and Gauri was the last one he would punish for this. He accepted their fate and as he saw, even the children have accepted their fate.

There Armaan announced that he and Riddhima would be flying back. At first both Omkara and Tej were against it, but then Riddhima made them understand and said that she wanted to see her family again. Then it was settled, that Armaan and Riddhima will fly in 2 days back to their family. Omkara and Armaan signed the deal and now they were partners in business and very good friends.
here you got the next part. i really hope that youl liked it. ahhhh i cant believe, that only one part is left for the story. waiting for your likes and comments :)

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