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part 2 : The Second (AR ff)

            Ridhima was not able to concentrate in school at all. It was the first day of school, and there wasn't much to concentrate about, but still her mine was on Falak's words. Armaan was coming back, to marry her. She knew he would be determined and would not take a 'No' for an answer. What Ridhima feared the most was that just maybe, she might say yes to the man.
            Before Anvil had died, she and Armaan had become mutual disliking but un-liking friends, but that was only because she and Armaan shared a secret. After Anvil's death there was no point in the secret and that un-liking, mutual disliking went straight back to hating.

            Honestly to be thought, she couldn't even remember why She and Armaan disliked each other so much, it was mostly because of series of unimportant events that started from uncaring, to dislike, to pure hatred.
            When school ended Ridhima could feel it in her bones that Armaan was in the city. She just knew it. Every turn she made every corner she passed towards home, she felt like he was behind her. Like he was watching her every move. Ridhima knew she was becoming paranoid, but she just couldn't help herself. The idea of having to face Armaan Malik after three years was just as scary as meeting the devil for the first time.
            After a good five minuet's of paranoia Ridhima just gave a little laugh at herself. Armaan Malik was not around; she was just going a bit hay wire that was it. Ridhima ignored her feeling of alert and walked in to her home to see Armaan Malik in her living room sitting with her parents amiably chatting away.
            Her parents had known of the 'Anvil's Will' for three years. And they both knew the propose of Armaan's arrival, what made things worse for Ridhima was that her parent actually thought of Armaan as the perfect guy for her. Truth was that Ridhima's parents did not know of Armaan's and Ridhima's mutual feelings of pure hate.
            "Ah Ridhima your home, look who came to visit you, its Armaan!" Ridhima's mom Alison said. "Hi" Ridhima said feeling awkward about the situation. She chunked her backpack on the kitchen counter and said down on the living room sofa beside her parents and far away from Armaan as possible.
            "Well, we better let you two old friends catch up with, whatever it is you young people talk about" Ridhima's dad Danveer said as he stood up with his wife. "We are just going to go for a walk outside" Danveer said as he grabbed his house keys and holding his wife around her waist as they both headed outside. As soon as both Alison and Danveer were out the door, both Ridhima and Armaan stood up. Armaan stood to walk towards Ridhima while Ridhima stood to walk away from him.
            "Ridhima, will you stop walking away from me?" Armaan asked as he followed behind her to the kitchen.
            "No" Ridhima said as she started to walk away back to the living room, just to get away from Armaan, but it wasn't useful as he just followed back.
            "Marry me" Armaan did not so much as ask as he demanded in a rising voice.
            "No" Ridhima yelled back at him. Ridhima's constant no's were starting to get on Armaan's nerve. The girl already pissed him off. It wasn't like he enjoyed asking Ridhima of all people to marry him.
            "Marry me or else…" Armaan said as he moved in front of Ridhima in the living room. He stared at her with an angry expression. He really did not want to deal with her. Any other girl would be thrilled if Armaan was proposing but not Ridhima and it was clear on her face.
            "Or else what." Ridhima said, carfully sounding out every word with a break to show that she was not afraid of him.
            "UGH YOUR SUCH A…" Armaan did not finish his sentence as he punched Ridhima right in the stomach hard. Almost instantly Ridhima fell to the ground in pain. "God that felt good" Armaan said out loud satisfied. Just as instantly Ridhima fell to the ground in pain, she kicked Armaan in the knees from the ground, having him fall strait on the floor.
            "Ugh, god…" Armaan said as he winced in pain. For a girl he had to admit, she could it hard.
            "I will not…" Ridhima said as she pulled Armaan in to a head lock "…marry you" she had both her lets wrapped around Armaan to hold him down as he tried to get back up. Armaan was able to successfully pushed Ridhima off of him and pulled Ridhima on the floor as he stood up and dragged her to the heavy kitchen table. He then held her down with his legs as he untied his tie that he was wearing around his neck. It was one of his favorite ties too. Too bad it had to be used for such a use, he thought. With Armaan's tie he tied one of Ridhima's hands to one of the legs of the heavy kitchen table, he then held on to one of Ridhima's free hands with one of his own hands, while the other hand unbuckled his belt that was fastened around his suite pants. He took the belt and used that to tie Ridhima's other hand to the other leg to the kitchen table.
            All the while Ridhima tried her hardest to hit Armaan with her legs, but it was useless. Her hands were tied up and Armaan was now able to talk to her in a more dignified manner. Even if it was in the lest dignified way. "Marry me or else I'll tell your parents that you're not a virgin." Armaan said with a grin to his face.
            "You wouldn't dare" Ridhima said again stating out each word clearly to spell out her disgust of Armaan.
            "I would and I will" Armaan said he clearly had the upper hand over Ridhima, he was a clean slate while Ridhima had skeletons crawling in her closet.
            "I hate you!" Ridhima spit the words out at him.
            "the same returns to you" Armaan said with an evil grin.
            Ridhima just could not understand how people were able to call Armaan as a man brought down from the heaven in German magazines. Everyone thought of Armaan as the greatest man in history along with the nicest, but in Ridhima's book he was worse than the devil. They always fought. They got on each other's nerves over little unimportant things, and it always, always, always ended in physical violence between the two. What Ridhima hated about physical violence was that Armaan always won, and it was usually Ridhima who started the fights, but at least she was not the one to blame as it was Armaan who had started the fight first today.
            "now, I'm going to untie you and you will not hit me, understand, or else mommy and daddy are going to learn a little secret about their daughter" Armaan said to Ridhima as if she was a little five year old girl, he even mimicked the voice of a little child to belittle Ridhima even more.
            Armaan untied Ridhima, and sure enough she did not hit him, but she surely did give him dirty looks that could pass by for about three more punches to Armaan's strictly perfect god like features.
            "Now, now is that any way to look at your fianc by" Armaan said as he slipped Ridhima a diamond ring to her figure. It was a heavy rock. Ridhima felt like a heavy weight had been added to her hand. She tried to pull the diamond ring out of her ring figure but it was stuck. The ring had no problem getting on her figure, but it certainly did have a big problem getting off her figure, after a bit of struggle, Ridhima just gave up and let the shiny big rock remain on her ring figure.
            "People at school are gonna stare, its New York, if I walk around with such a ring any one will cut my hand off" Ridhima said, in a clam tone. This had probably been the third time since she had known Armaan in four years that she had talked to him civilized.
            "I lived here before and I know very well that you know how to handle yourself, so don't think that silly excuse is going to work, besides we are not staying here for long. I need to get back to work soon any way" Armaan said, he had his civilized voice on too, but no matter how much of civilized he became there was something about Ridhima that just wanted to squeeze the life out of her.
            "Ugh!" Ridhima stormed away from Armaan to her own room, closing it behind it. It was too bad she did not have a lock on the door. Ridhima did not want to leave New York, she had grown up in New York, it was a place where anything could happen. And now she had to go living in Germany just because some stupid idiot knew a secret about her…
            That's when it hit Ridhima, she could play the same game as Armaan. Just as she has stormed to her own room she stormed right back out to the living room where she saw Armaan sitting on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table, watching TV as if it was his own home.
            "Tell them, see if I care" I'm not marring you.
            "What are you talking about?" Armaan asked confused
            "Tell my parents I'm not a virgin, see if I care" Ridhima said with full confidence. Armaan was subspecies; Ridhima obviously had something cooking in her head.
            "Fine I will tell them…" Armaan said narrowing his eye a little, as if I could help him read her mind or something.
            "If you tell my parents then I will tell them who I lost my virginity to" Ridhima said with a grin on her face. She hit the gold as Armaan's face turned pale.
            That daughter of a…Armaan did not complete his thought as he said "you wouldn't." Armaan said clearly stating out each world from his mouth to show his hate towards Ridhima.
            "I would and I will" Ridhima said with both her hand on her hips leaning towards Armaan on the couch mockingly.
            "I Hate You" Armaan said again stating out ever word to show is dislike and disgust I the woman.
            "Now is that any ways to talk to your ex-fiance" Ridhima said in a child like voice, the same way Armaan had used on her just moments before. Anger boiled inside of Armaan. He just wanted to slap Ridhima at the moment but he controlled himself. he was never a big fan of the idea of hitting a girl. He was raised better than that, but when in came to Ridhima more then ninety percent of the time he would forget that one teaching, and afterwards feel guilty about it. And truth was the guilt part was a lot worse than actually beating he got from Ridhima.     
            "Fine give me the ring back" Armaan said through gritted teeth.
            "I would…" Ridhima said bring her ring close to her grinning victory lips, "…but I found a better purpose for it"
            "And what's that?" Armaan asked, in a calm but very irritated voice.
            "To blackout that sexy godlike face of yours" Before Armaan could react. Ridhima took the hand with the diamond ring on and puched Armaan right in the eye, giving him a black eye and having him fall off the couch and to the ground blacking out.
            As soon as Armaan was on the floor dead looking Ridhima spoke out loud, knowing Armaan couldn't hear but said it any way "That's what you get for punching me first. Well I must say this was a pretty nice reunion" After saying that Ridhima dragged Armaan with everything in her power to her room and left him on the floor to rot.

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