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part 20 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


@ Sanjeevani

"Matlab ye sab ek... Natak tha??" a shocked Rehaan asked looking at the fake papers while Ayaan sat cooly on Rehaan's chair playing wd his stethoscope Yes, wd the help of Aditi she came to meet Rehaan wd Ayaan actually as she informed this Aditi who directly told that go and bring some of her medicines which had finished also go and meet Rehaan and if here anyone would ask she will say that she had gone to take her medicines that's it to which Shilpa hugged her and came wd Ayaan here also trying not see Armaan

"Haa.. Agar tum us din dhyaan se in papers ko padhte to shayad aaj tumhe ye din nai dekhne ko milta" Shilpa spoke calmly looking at him

"Bhabhi par hume pata nai tha..." Rehaan spoke slowly when Armaan entered there

"Reh..." but his words left incompelete seeing Shilpa's back facing him while Rehaan has bowed down his head where as Ayaan was playing wd a paper

"Sachmein Rehaan tumhe pata nai tha...??" she asked mockingly "Us din main aur Ayaan tumhare paas yehi baat karne aaye thae na... Ki plzz jaake Officers se baat karo.. At least ye bata do ki vo tumhari fiance hai... But nai tumne to direct bol diya ki tym nai hai mere paas... To ab bhukto" she scolded angrily which made Rehaan guilty where as Armaan was stunned by her anger he never saw her this side "U know what Rehaan... Jab vo sab kuch chodke tumhare liye is Country mein reh sakti hai to tum uske liye itna sa nai kar sakte... Aur dekha jaaye vo tumhare liye hi yahan hai... To fir aisa kyun dikha rahe ho ki uski galti hai... Jab vo tumhare liye wait karne ko taiyaar hai tumhari problem samajh kar... To thodi si help tum kardo usse... Agar vo chahti to kab ka kisi aur k saath settle ho jaati... But usne aisa kuch nai kiya sirf tumhare liye..." her voice became soft and Armaan was dazed by her this side clad in light pink and white net saari wd her hairs opened which have curls from down she is looking stunning he didn't saw her face coz he was facing her back but he knows she must be looking stunning from front "Bas yehi kehna chahungi ki teen din baad vo jaa rahi hai... To agar rokna hai to roklo... Kyun ki ab hum sab mein se koi kuch nai karega..." she finished while looking at him calmly

"Aur Rehaan... Na main kuch karunga..." Ayaan stood cheerfully

"Ye rahe vo papers... Bye" putting the papers on table she turned to go only to stop infront of Armaan closely and their eyes met Yess!! He was right she is looking stunning her green captivating mascara eyes and plumpy rosy lips everything his pulling his heart's strings where as Shilpa was stunned to see him since morning she was trying to hide from him but now standing infront of him her heart only wanted to see him but she have to ignore him

"Amm... Shi.." but before he could say something she broke the eye lock and went from there leaving him guilty when

"Dekha Bhaijaan... Bhabhijaan to aap hi ki tarah Sherni hai.." Ayaan's voice made him looked at him "Nice na.. Sheru weds Sherni..." he teased wd a wink making Armaan glared

"Ayaan pehle tum jaao... Usse ghar chodkar aao..." He spoke calmly making Ayaan smiled

"Jaisi aapki aagya..." saying this he went from there and he looked back at Rehaan who was staring at the papers

"Rehaan..." he called softly keeping his hand on his shoulder

"Bhaijaan hume to idea b nai tha..." Rehaan spoke slowly

"Jaanta hun... Par kya tum chahte ho.. Ye matter solve ho...??" he asked calmly to which Rehaan nodded in YES "To fir promise me.. Main jo kahunga vo karoge..." offering his hand he asked

"Hum wada karte hai.. Aap jo kahenge hum vohi karenge... Surbhi ko rokne k liye..." he promised while keeping his hand on his who smiled

"Toh fir thik hai... Ye problem solve samjhle.." he smiled ruffling Rehaan's hairs who smiled and hugged him

"Thank u Bhaijaan..." he spoke parting from the hug

"Ur welcome... Chal kuch kaam karlen..." he said coolly to which Rehaan nodded and they both moved out for their work

5 hours later


"Shilpa beta Armaan kab tak aayga..??" Radha buaa asked for sixth time of the day since they came here for Avni-Raj welfare puja where everyone is sitting in puja where as Armaan is the only person who was not at the sight while Dev-Aditi & Surbhi were in their way carrying the little Anant wd them

"Vo..." she didn't knew what to say

"Beta phone karke puch lo.." Geeta suggested to which Shilpa gulped and stood to talk wd him so coming on a corner side she looked at his number

"Kya karun... Karun ki nai..." she mumbled confusedly tracing his name when

"Allah Miya... Kitni khubsoorat lag rahi ho tum is waqt Shilpa" Surbhi commented cheerfully as she saw Shilpa who wore a green lehenga wd light pink borders her hairs are straight her look was Simple one!!

"Not more than u both..." Shilpa smiled pointing at Surbhi who wore a brown crop top wd long skirt while Aditi wore a Yellow flowery printed net saari who just came behind Surbhi wd little Anant

"Acha yahan kya kar rahi hai tu...??" Aditi asked confusedly seeing her outside

"Aree vo..." Shilpa was about to request Aditi to call Armaan but was stopped by Geeta

"Beta lag gaya phone Armaan ko...??" Geeta asked normally coming b/w them when Dev arrived there

"Nai... Laga rahi hun..." She replied slowly looking at the phone which made Dev aware about her condition

"To jaldi karo... Aur tum dono yahan kya khadi ho... Jaao andar" Geeta scolded to which Aditi & Surbhi nodded in YES and went from there "Tum lagao usse phone..." she looked at Shilpa who gulped and slowly pressing his number she dailed

"Please phone mat uthana... Varna mera self respect haar jaayga..." She thought hearing the rings

"Yaar... Ab raaste mein kiska phone hai..." Armaan mummbled annoyingly picking his phone from pocket while concentrating on road "Shilpa...!!" his eyes widened seeing her number while his car stopped at the halt "Shilpa mujhe call kar rahi hai..." an unkown smiled reached his lips and as he was about to answer the call got disconnect "Aree..." he frowned seeing this

"Phone nai utha rahe vo.. Buaa" Shilpa said slowly but from inside she is soo thankful that he didn't picked her call

"Kyaa...?? Ye ladka na.." Geeta shook her head

"R u sure usne phone nai uthaya??" Dev asked smilingly but Shilpa can hear teasiness in his voice

"Haa... I think..." before she could make any excuse her cell rang flashing 'Armaan'

"Lo aa gaya... Ab uthao" Geeta smiled but Shilpa's heart skipped No she won't pick his call she was just staring her phone when

"Shilpa phone..." Dev's voice made her aware about Geeta

"Amm haa..." nodding in YES she answer his call slowly "Hello...!" she said slowly wd increasing heartbeat "Hello..!!" hearing her voice a smiled reached his lips

"Shilpa...?" he whispered smilingly putting his head back on the seat

"Haa vo..." before she could say something Geeta snatched her phone

"Do mujhe... Haa Armaan.. Main Geeta buaa" Geeta spoke strictly making him to look ahead

"What?? Buaa aap?? Shilpa kahan hai...??" He was shocked to hear her

"Haa teri wife yehin hai... Ab tu plzz aaja... Sab log aa gaye hai..." she said in extra sweet tone making Shilpa to stare her reason 'Teri wife yehi hai'

"Haa aa raha hun raaste mein hun bas..." he replied not intrestingly starting his car

"Haa to jaldi aao bye..." saying this she hung up the phone "Lo... Aur meri ek baat yaad rakhna... Pati se itna b nai darna chahiyee varna vo daba k rakhte hai..." handling her phone back she adviced Shilpa who nodded in YES "Ab aao tum b.." she said sweetly and went from there while Dev chuckled hearing her words

"Itna b funny nai bola kuch.." Shilpa said normally making him stop

"Janta hun... Par kuch galat b nai bola..." Dev spoke smilingly which she understood his meanings but she can't do any thing

"Main darti nai..." she said slowly

"Janta hun pyaar karti ho..." he replied calmly making her angry

"Nai karti main pyaar vyaar..." saying this went from there leaving a smiling Dev behind

"Karti ho tum Shilpa..." he mumbled "Armaan idiot jaldi sab thik kar varna tu isse kho dega..." he thought while walking in the temple

15 minutes later...

"Aree Dingu... Aaj to chasma utaar deti" Rishubh made fun of Divya

"Dingu...??" Shilpa & Raina both frowned

"Aree aapko Dingu nai pata.." Rudra spoke teasingly staring at Divya who glared

"Rudra tu peetega haath se.." Divya warned They all were seated in a corner including Shilpa, Raina, Rishubh, Rudra, Divya ,Neha, Nikki and Naina wd Jai while infront of them Geeta & Geeta's Husband Rakesh, Riddhi wd their daughters Dada, Dadi & Raj's Parents at one side and another side Ananya, Billy, Radha, Dev, Aditi ,Surbhi & Anant along wd Raj's few relatives while in middle Raj-Avni wd the Priest

"Rudra kitna mazaak banaoge uska..." Neha spoke in scolding voice

"Tu chup kar... Aur dekh Dingu naam badlne se pehchaan nai badalti" Rishubh spoke cooly making Divya fumed

"Bhai aap... Ruko aane do Armaan bhai ko... Tab khabar lenge vo aapki" Divya warned which made Rudra & Rishubh both chuckled

"Bhai khud tera mazaak banate hai.." Rudra taunted to which she pouted

"Pehle brases sambhaal apne.." Rishubh joked

"Offo!! Aap log kyun isse pareshaan kar rahe hai..." Raina scolded

"Raina jab tumhe kuch pata nai to mat bolo.." Rishubh taunted to which she rolled her eyes

"Haa par.. Chidha kyun rahe ho usse tum log??" Shilpa took her side who smiled

"Bhabhi... Simple hai.. Divya k school aur Colleage ka naam Digaangana hai.. Jisse Armaan Bhai, Rishubh Bhai aur Rudra teeno chidaate hai.. Infact kabhi kabhi to Rakesh Bhai aur Dev Bhai b..." Nikki informed still busy on her phone

"Wow...! Tumhara naam Digaangana hai... Kitna preety name hai ye..." Shilpa commented "Tumne apna naam change kyun kiya.. Kitna cute naam hai" She asked smilingly

"Ye sab chidaate hai mujhe..." she pointed at them

"Ooo... Koi nai aaj se main tumhe Digaangana bulaaungi..." Shilpa said cutely making Divya smiled

"Thank u Bhabhi..." she spoke happily to which Shilpa giggled

"Tumhara b koi alag naam hai..??" Raina asked to Neha who nodded in no

"Nai.. Sirf Neha.." Neha smiled

"Vaise ghar mein chaar behne hai... But chaaro k chaaro pagal.." Rishubh tried again to joke

"Jaise Bhai..??" Rudra asked teasingly staring at the three which grabbed their attention

"Dekh agar outside quality bataun to... Dingu apni chasmish plus braces.. Aur baal to baap re kitne bade.. Rupenzel b fail hai... Bas padhai padhai aur kuch nai..." Rishubh said knowingly looking at Divya who ignored "Dusri apni Neha.. Simple si saawali si... Lambe baalo wali.. Maasoom bacchi... Aur vohi Nikki a true footboll player... Aur majaal jo ye apna phone chode... Bacchi Avni mix of all" he explained calmly where as girls ignored his words

"Par Bhai..." Rudra said but was cutted by someone

"Ssshhh... Tum log puja pe dhyaan do..." Naina gestured them to quiet who nodded in YES when Armaan came taking everyone's attention "Sorryy..." he aplogized Billy who shook his head while Armaan sat beside Rakesh who smiled

"Kahan rehte ho yaar tum... Dikhte hi nai??" Rakesh asked smilingly to which he paased a smile

"Work...!!" he replied normally

"Busy log... Nai??" Riddhi asked teasingly making him chuckled

"Yaah... U know bahoot se kaam hote hai... Aur kuch logo se peecha b chudana rehta hai... Like aas paas wale" he said thoughtfully and at the end pointed at her who giggled

"Acha..." she played along making him nod in YES while Rakesh is enjoying their talk sitting b/w them

"Haa... Vaise in dono ki naak thodi tedi nai hai" he pointed at her daughters teasingly "I think uski Maa pe gayi hai..." He whishpered teasingly making her mouth open while Rakesh chuckled

"Baap pe b to jaa sakti hai..." she retorted

"Naah... Baap kitna handsome hai dekha nai tumne" He spoke in full serious tone making Rakesh to held his head seeing their banter

"Acha bacchu.. Tumhare bacche hone do fir puchungi... Ki kispe gayi hai naak..." she teased making Armaan to looked away "Bolo ab kyun nai bolte??" she asked wd a grin

"Actually... Main soch raha tha ki tumse dur kaise rakhunga unhe.." he spoke calmly making Rakesh giggled

"Tumse to baat karna bekar hai.." she turned her face making both boys chuckled when Armaan's eyes stopped at 'His Wife' who is looking damm preety today he couldn't remove his eyes from her who was avoiding him since he came but sometimes glancing him who was teasing Riddhi for don't know what she was happy that at least he is normal wd his family coz in morning the way he talked wd Ananya seems he will not come here but he proved her wrong specially behaving normal!

Mujhse zyada

Mere jaisa

Koi hai toh hai tu...

"Kya isne letter padha hoga??" he thought still gazing her who is feeling nervous coz of his gaze so she looked down playing wd her fingers which made him smile "Nothing new..." he thought seeing her back to herself Yeah! she used to behave the same way , also her antics always remind him of their engagement day. When Anant came slowly wd his llittle steps towards him who finally removed his eyes from her to which she took a sigh as she felt his gaze is not upon her

"Chaachuu...!" he came infront of him who smiled

"Yess... Champ" he took Anant on his lap "Bolo kya huaa...??" he asked playing wd his little fingers

"Gar.. Jaana hai.." he spoke in his kidish tone making him & Rakesh smiled

"Ab to bacche b bore ho gaye.." Rakesh shook his head making him smile

"Yaah..." he nodded "Bore ho raha haina...??" he asked in kiddish tone making Anant to nod in YES innocently "To fir thik hai... Chalo Chachu aur Anant bahar ghumke aate hai.." picking Anant up he stood up making Anant smiled

"Hum b..." Siddhi & Riddu both stood

"Toh fir chalo..." he smiled and moved ahead to go when

"Armaan kahan??" Dadaji questioned

"Aa raha hun main.. Inko thodi daer ghuma k..." He answered and went from there

"Armaan ek bahoot acha peeta banega dekh lena" one of Raj's aunty said to Naina

"Hoga kyun nai.. Usse bacche bahoot pasand hai..." Naina replied smilingly

"Haa toh fir Shilpa aur Armaan ko sochna chahiyee.. Dekha jaaye to chaar saal hone wale hai inki shaadi ko... Ab to sochna hi chahiyee" Raj's aunty spoke normally making Naina quiet coz she knew about Shilpa's miscarriage "Kahin Shilpa ko koi problem??" she asked doubtfully

"Nai aisa kuch nai hai... Vo Armaan kaam mein itna busy rehta hai... To usne kaha hai ki jab tak vo khudko is responsibility k liye ready nai kar leta.. Tab tak vo family nai badhayga..." Naina told what Ananya told her a month back when she asked the same question

"Oh... Mujhe laga.." Raj's aunty smiled to which Naina also smiled but they didn't knew Shilpa heard their conversation which made her sad while her eyes welled up

"Kya huaa Bhabhi??" Raina asked slowly coz she also heard this they both are sitted behind Naina

"Kuch nai.. Vo smog ki wajah se.." Shilpa wiped her lonely tear and gave a small smile

"Hmm..." Raina nodded knowing very well she is liying but she can't do anything so she also let go this topic

"Yaar in Aunties ko kuch kaam nai hota kya...??" Rudra asked annoyingly making their gang to look at him "Jab dekho tab chap chap chap..." he pointed at the Aunties who were whispering something

"Nai hota tabhi to yahan hoti hai" Rishubh joked making them giggled including Shilpa who smile

"Haa kiske ghar mein kya chal raha hai inko jarur jaana hota hai.." Nikki taunted

"Aree desh ka bhar inke hi sar pe hota haina.." Divya said normally which made them giggled when Naina again eyed them to keep quiet which made them to hide their smile

1 hour later

"Aane do Armaan Malik ko hum b to dekhe ki kaise bachata hai vo apni Biwi aur behen ko..." One of a man smirked while driving

"Haa Sir... Tum sab ready hona..??" the man on passanger seat asked the mans on back seat who were ready to attack

"Bhabhi utho... Bhabhi...??" Divya tried to wake Shilpa again still crying while Shilpa is still faint due to that chloroform drug

"Chup.. Agar boli naa to... Ye goli dekh rahi haina seedhe sar k andar hoga..." one of a man warned angrily making Divya scared thay both were in b/w the mans who abducted them Actuallly the thing is as the 'Puja' was finished and everyone were going back to their Cars for Home in groups like Raj's Family went in their respective Cars while Ananya,Billy, Naina, Jai & Radha in one car Dada, Dadi ,Geeta & her husband wd Riddu & Siddhi in one car while in one Dev Aditi, Rakesh, Riddh,i Nikki, Anant and Shilpa ,Rishubh, Raina, Divya in one where as wd Armaan, Rudra, Avni ,Surbhi & Neha were there in one car everything was going fine untill Armaan receives a call from Raina!

"Ssshhh... Guys shaant raho paanch minute" He warned them while switching to his Bluetooth which made them quiet "Haa bolo Raina...??" He asked normally

"Bhaiyaa.. Vo hum.." she spoke in broken voice making Armaan to stop his car on side

"Kya hua Raina ro kyun rahi ho...??" he asked worriedly

"Bhaiyaa.. Kuch gunde... Bhabhi aur Divya ko utha le gaye... Aur Rrr... Rishubh pe b attack kiya... Vo behosh hai.. Mujhe samajh nai aa raha main kya karun..." She spoke while takking hiccups and listening this Armaan stops the car

"What??" he asked shockingly which grabbed Rudra n Other's attention "Tum batao mujhe.. Kahan ho tum main aata hun..." he spoke hurriedly while speeding his car in full speed

"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u Mr Khan... Koi aise drive karta hai..." Surbhi spoke scardly from back seat

"Aree Surbhi di.. Yehi to maza hai..." Rudra spoke happily he is seated on passanger seat

"Rudra Chup..." Neha & Avni both shouted from back but Armaan didn't paid any attention to anyone his mind is only thinking about Shilpa & Divya

"Omg Raina Bhabhi..." Avni whispered shockingly as Armaan stopped his car infront of Rishubh's car where Rishubh is fainted on road while Raina is trying to wake up

"Rudra jaa jaldi se Rishubh ki car start kar..." Moving out from the car he ordered Rudra who nodding in YES followed him and they both carefully made Rishubh laid inside the car "Don't worry sirf behosh hai..." Checking Rishubh's wrist he informed "Raina ye sab kaise hua..??" he asked worriedly to which Raina looked at him wd teary eyes

"Bhaiyaa vo.. Pata nai kaise... Vo hamari car k saamne unki car aa gayi... Jaise hi Rishubh ne car roki unhone humpe attack kar diya... Jab Rishubh ne unhe rokne ki koshish ki usse kuch to spray maar k behosh kar diya... Aur Shilpa Bhabhi ko b vohi spray maara jisse Bhabhi behosh ho gayi fir vo log Bhabhi aur Divya ko utha le gaye..." she was saying this wd tears in her eyes

"Don't worry kuch nai hogaa.." Controlling his temper he assured "Rudra tu in sabko ghar lekar jaa... Sambhal k..." he ordered sternly to which Rudra nodded in YES "Jao tum teeno andar baitho.. Main aata hun.." he spoke in strict way making Avni, Neha & Surbhi scared "Acha Raina vo log kitne thae... Aur kis tarah gaye hai bata sakti ho...??" he asked carefully to which Raina nodded in YES

"Vo log dus pandra log thae... Teen black Mercedes.. mein thae... Aur vo right side k road pe gaye hai..." she informed slowly

"Thanks..." making her sat inside the car he turned to go when

"Mr Khan... Shilpa aur Divya ko plzz sahi salamat wapas laana... Plz..." Surbhi requested from window making him to nod in YES blankly and Rudra took the car from there while Armaan sat in his car which started wd its fullest speed by him

"Raina k hisaab se... Unhone right side wala road pakda... Jo seedhe jaata hai widout any turning point in middle... At least ek ghante jaaynge... Unko vo road khatam karne mein... Which means vo zyada durr nai honge." he was thinking while concentrating on road "Agar unhone right side road liya hai to... Unko short cut nai pata hoga... Jisse ab main use karunga... Tum log to gayye" he mummbled speeding his car like a metro or something and moving inside the jungle which have small shortcut which leads to main road he drives his car soo hastily that almost braked some plants also in b/w he called Arjun and here Shilpa is trying to free herself

"Leave my hand..." she yelled trying to push that man who have gripped her hand

"Chodo hume.." Divya also tried to push the man from her side they both were stuck b/w two men "Aye... Chup...!!" one of a man shouted "Ek kheech k maarunga abi..." he spoke angrily

"Main boss ko bolta hun..." another man said while dialing his boss's number

"Boss koi to car hume follow kar rahi hai..." the man behind the front seat spoke while looking back where a car was following their car in full speed

"Hamare dono... Car kahan hai...??" the man on driving seat asked shockingly

"Us car k peeche... Boss... Mujhe lagta hai vo koi Police to nai.. " He replied which made Divya to looked back while correcting her specks

"Fikar mat kar... Boss ka ghar aa gaya hai... Jo koi b hoga boss usse dekh lenge..." he smirked and entered in a big mansion when a car came hastily infront of their car making them stop their car wd a halt

"Armaan bhai..." Divya whispered smilingly looking at front which made everyone to look ahead where Our hero Armaan Malik is glaring at them wd goggles on his eyes while his hands were on steering Where as Shilpa's heart took a sigh seeing him infront of her

"Boss ye... Armaan Malik hai..." the man on passenger seat said

"Ohh... Yehi to chaiyee tha boss ko acha huaa khud aa gaya..." he replied wd a smirk when Armaan started his car coming infront of them wd speed

"Boss ye to... Hamari taraf aa raha hai.." he spoke scarily when Armaan stopped his car infront of them and moved out from the car

"Jaa... Maar usko.. Main tab tak isse andar le jaata hun..." He spoke angrily and moved out of the car

"Bhabhi..." Divya spoke scarily holding Shilpa's hand

"Don't worry Divya... Armaan haina kuch nai hoga" Shilpa assured softly

"Par Bhabhi kahin ye log Bhai ko kuch kare to..." she asked scarily looking at the goons and Armaan who was beating them like hell

"Tum un gundo ki parwa karo..." Shilpa tried to calm her while cupping her face who got confused when

"Aao.. Bahar..." one of a man grabbed Shilpa's wrist harshly and pulled her out from the car

"Chodo mujhe... Aaahh" She whined as her leg twisted

"Bhabhi..." Divya tried to stop them but dragging Shilpa he went inside the house "Leave me..." she shouted as one of a man pulled her out from the car and in this process her specks fell down

"Chal chup... Ek kheech k maarunga.." he moved to slap her but a muscular hand stopped his hand

"Bhai..." Divya smiled as Armaan stood infront of her she can she his blur back

"How dare u... To even touch her" Armaan muttered angrily and punching the man hard on his face who fell down "Divya tum thik hona...??" He asked calmly and picking her specks he gave back to her who wiped her tears while wearing it

"Haa... Par Bhabhi.. Vo log Bhabhi ko le gaye..." She sniffed looking up at him who gave her side hug

"Main dekh lunga..." saying her he made her sat inside his car "Ache se lock karlo andar se... Main abhi aaya..." locking the car he turned to look at the goons

"Oh God... I hope ye log Bhai ko kuch naa kare..." she prayed while looking out of the window where she saw Armaan walked slowly infront of the bungalow and seeing him five goons ran towards him to beat "Bhai..." she spoke worriedly as she saw goons infront of Armaan But she didn't knew he is Armaan the great boxer who removed his goggles in full 'Tashan' and calmly keeping the goggles inside his blazer's pocket he looked at the goons calmly while keeping his hands behind his back when one of a man attacked him who got punched in return by his calm way beating the man he threw him on ground and looked at others on which a man ran to attack him but got hit by him who glared the men as they all circled him and as they started attacking him he punched hard on their faces when one of a man tried to hold him from back he threw that man on ground wd the help of his blazer and in a moment blazer was out while the goons were badly beaten by him who kicked a man as he attacked when one of a man pushed him on a car "Bhai...!" Divya shouted as she saw Armaan fell on a car's hood which was infront of their car but she forgot to blinked when she saw Armaan beating that man on car's hood calmly just like this he beat them in minutes which resulted the goons on ground and shaking his head he bend to pick his blazer and wearing it back he wore his goggles while walking inside the house calmly coz he know if he will take any stupid step they can harm Shilpa & Divya which he doesn't want

"Aahh... Leave me..." Shilpa yelled as a man pushed inside her a room where she fell on floor resulting her hand been hit on a broken glass "Aaahhh..." she whined in pain looking at her bleeding hand tears started moving out from her eyes

"Boss... Vo bahar hi hai..." one of a goon asked looking at his boss who seated on an armchair

"Aane do... Dekhte hai kab tak aayga... Andar" a almost 65 aged man smirked looking up at his servant "Vaise pura yakeen hai ki vo Armaan Malik hai..." he asked doubtfully

"Agar yakeen na ho... To main yahna hun..." hearing a voice they all turned at the voice who is non other than our Armaan Malik who removed his goggles only to glare them while standing at the entrance of the house

"Armaan Malik.. Yehi naam haina tumhara..??" their Boss asked smilingly as he saw Armaan entering in the house who looked at him frowning "Mujhe nai jaante... Jisne ye sab karaya hai... Prajapati ... Shakti ka baap..." and this was enough for Armaan's anger

"Kya chahte hai aap...??" he asked directly looking at him while some of goons stand behind him which he observed while Shakti's father is standing infront of him

"Tumhari mauth..." Prajapati spoke wd a smirk while standing up "Tumhe kya lagta hai... Police walo k saath milkar plan banaoge... Bhopal jaane ka taaki main tumpe attack karun.. Aur main arrest ho jaaun..." he walked towards him "To tum galat thae... Kyun ki mujhe pata chal gaya tha ki tum aisa kuch plan kar rahe ho... Meri nazar tumpe shuru se thi... Par jaante ho maine tab tumpe attack kyun nai kiya..." he spoke angrily while Armaan was stunned to hear this "Kyun ki main jaanta tha.. Ki tumne jaroor kuch plan kiya hoga... Isi liye intezar kiyaa... Kab tum befikar hoge aur main tumhe maarunga... Aur aaj mujhe ye mauka mila... Mere iklaute bete ko tumne jail pahuchaya hai.. Aur ab tumhari baari... Par usse pehle tumhari biwi ko maarunga tumhari aankhon k saamne..." he pointed his gun at him who stared him calmly "Lekar aao iski biwi ko..." he ordered a man who nodding in YES went to bring her while Armaan fists his hand behind his back to control his anger

"Chodo mujhe... Aaahh..." he can hear her loud angry voice when the man brought her there "Chodo..." she tried to free herself while smacking on man's hand wd her free hand while her wounded hand was on that man's hold

"Chup varna ek kheech k..." the man moved his hand to slap her when

"Himmat mat karna... Usse maarne ki..."Armaan shouted angrily but he was still on his place and hearing his voice that man got scared while Shilpa just stared him

"Dekhna tumhari aankhon k saamne maarunga..." Prajapati smirked staring at him who puts his hands in his pockets calmly

"Maardo...!" his voice was calm where as smirk fade from Prajapati's face but Shilpa's struggle stopped hearing this

"Kya??" Prajapati frowned

"Maine kaha maardo usse..." he spoke again in calm tone which made her Hurt Deeply

"Dekha Shilpa.. Ab isse teri jarurat nai hai... Hogi b kyun tu apne aap iske raaste se hat jaaygi... Aur ye sabko bolega ki gundo ne maar diya... Fir ye Kritika se Shaadi kar lega" her mind spoke angrily "Nai Shilpa... Zaroor inke dimaag mein kuch hoga... Varne ye.. Kyun kehte ki himmat mat karna usse maarne ki" her heart took his side again but Shilpa is so hurt that she didn't paid any attention to them

"Lagta hai tumhe.. Apni biwi pyaari nai hai" Prajapati spoke warning him pointing his gun at Shilpa

"Acha vo aapka pota hai..??" ignoring his words he pointed at a wall where a big frame is hanging there in which Prajapati is holding his grandson wd Prajapati's wife beside them "I think gyarah barah saal ka to hoga hi... Iklauta haina ye ...??" he asked normally

"Kya bakwas kar rahe ho... Mujhe ghumane ki koshish mat karo... Varna abi maar dunga..." he yelled angrily

"Toh fir maaro main saamne khada hun... Mujhe darr nai lagta..." opening his arms he said calmly "Aur agar usse b maarna hai to maardo.. Vaise b vo reh nai paygi..." wdout looking at Shilpa he said which made her stunned that How did he knows that if something happen to him she will not survive? "Lekin uske baad socha hai kya hoga...??" he asked normally making Prajapati and his men confused "I mean aapka badla pura ho jayga aapke bete ko khushi milegi... Fir uske baad.. Kya??" removing his goggles he asked calmly making Prajapati frown "Socha nai na... Main batata hun uske baad kya hoga.." he smiled "Hum dono ko maarne k baad... No doubt aap jail jaaoge... Kyun ki main bewkoof to hun nai.. Jo bina kisi taiyaari k aaun yahan.. To aapko bata dun aapke ghar k chaaro taraf police khadi hai... Jinhe maine call kar diya tha.. Yahan aane par aur ab tak to vo aa b gaye honge..." he is saying this wd coolness when Prajapati eyed his man to see out from window which made the man to look around and seeing Police around he nodded in YES

"Tu...!!" Prajapati pointed his gun at him who didn't even budge from his place

"Aapko maarna haina.. To mujhe maardo.. Par ek baar meri baat sun lena... Aapki hi faide ki baat hai..." he said politely which made Prajapati to pull his hand back which is green signal for Armaan "So main keh raha tha... Ki hume maarne k baad aapko jail hogi.. Kyun ki proofs already mere paas hai... Yaani aapki saari baate police tak pahuch chuki hai jo aapne kahi thodi der pehle... Kyun ki mera phone connect hai police ki phone se jo is waqt hamari baate sunn rahe hai... But trust me ye sab plan maine yahan aane se pehle banayi..." as he said this color drained from Prajapati's face "Par mera point vo nai hai... Mera point ye hai ki.. Kya aapne kabhi socha aapke jaane k baad aapki wife aur iklaute pote ka kya hoga... Aap ko faansi ho jaygi do murder case mein... Aapke bete ko to already umar kaid ho chuki hai... Bahu to already jaa chuki hai is duniya se... To apne nai socha.. Ki ye sab hone k baad aapki wife ka kya hoga... I think unko to attack aa jayga ye sunke... Fir aapka pota is duniya mein Anaath ho jayga.. Kaun rahega uske paas... I am sure in kharide hue logo ko to paiso se matlab hoga..." His words were soo true that made Prajapati speechless

"Iski to..." one of a man moved to beat Armaan but Prajapati raised his hand to stop him

"Main clearly bolta hun... In sab ladaai jhagde ka koi matlab nai hai... Isse sirf aapki aur meri life mein problems aaygi... Chahta to main b aapke family pe attack kar sakta tha... Kyun ki aapke bete ne mujhpe meri family pe na jaane kitni baar attack kiya... But maine kuch nai kiya... Ye soch k ki.. Isse sirf nuksaan hoga aapka aur mera... Aur abhi b chahun to jitne aadmi khade hai yahan maar sakta hun... Jiska demo bahar huaa abi... Police b bahar hai.. Arrest ho sakte hai aap sirf mere ek call se... But main chahta hun ye matter hamesha hamesha k liye close ho jaaye his voice turned soft "Aur kis chiz ka badla le rahe hai aap... Apne uss bete ka.. Jisne ek baar b kisi ki jaan ki parva nai ki.. Infact apni khud ki wife ki b nai.. Mujhe ache se yaad hai aapki bahu ne khud mere aankhon k saamne apni last breath li thi... Ye request karke ki main laakho logo ki jaan bacha lun..." now he turned a little angry remembering that day "Aur jis bete k liye ye sab ho raha haina... Usne koi Noble winning kaam nai kiya hai... Vo logo k body k organs nikaal kar bechta tha... Chahe vo patient zinda ho ya mara... Yehi suboot aapki bahu k paas thae jo usne mujhe diye aapke bete ko jail pahuchane k liye... Kyun ki vo b jaanti thi vo sahi nai tha..." he looked at Prajapati who is quietly listening him "Kya aap jaante b hai.. Ki bina kisi legal documents k kisi b Patient ka body organ nikaalna illegal hai... Just imagine aapki wife Hospital mein admit hai yaa fir aapka pota hi le lo .. Aur main uska Doctor hun... Maine bina aapki permission k aapki wife yaa pote mein se kisi k b heart kidney yaa brain nikaal liya aur kahin aur bech raha hun... Jo result dega main aur rich ho jaunga... But jo aapko result dega aapke family ko kho dena.. Bardaast kar paaynge aap..." he questioned in serious tone shutting him up "Nai kar paaynge... Ache se jaanta hun main... Aap mujhe maar doge yaa Police k hawale kar doge... To fir aap kaise soch sakte ho ki aapka beta zindagi deserve karta hai... Dusro ki zindagiyaa chin k koi zindagi nai deserve karta.. Usse to faansi honi chahiyee... Par phir b usse umarkaid mili hai khush ho jaaiyee... Dusro ko maarke Yehi naam kamaya hai usne NewYork mein... Aapka naam roshan karke aaya hai vo... Vaha..." he pierced his teeth angrily while Shilpa just stared him How he is handling this situation is beyond her imagination? Here she thought he will fight or beat them but like he is handling this matter its Speechless coz she can see guilt on Prajapati's face "Aur agar ye sab sunne k baad b aisa lage ki main galat hun to aap maar sakte hai mujhe... Main yehin hun..." he spoke slowly while wearing back his goggles and moved his hand behind his back calmly which made Silence in the house

"Vijay... Ladki ko chod do..." after minutes of silence Prajapat's voice rang in the whole house

"Par boss..." Vijay opened his mouth to argue but was stopped by Prajapati's glare which made him to live Shilpa's hand while Armaan is only looking at Prajapati

"Tum le jaa sakte ho isse... Par maine tumhe maaf nai kiya.. Mere bete ko jail pahuchane k liye... Par main ye b vaada karta hun.. Ki aaj se hamari taraf se tumhari family ko... Koi problem nai hogi... Ye vada hai mera..." Prajapati spoke sternly while looking at another side not on Him who wdout saying anything walked towards Shilpa

"Chalo..." gripping her wrist he whispered softly

"Aaahhh..." She whined as he held her wounded wrist which made him looked down at her wrist

"Ye kaise...?" he asked strictly as he saw her wrist to which she looked at the man who has pushed her making Armaan to follow her eyes "Tumm..." he glared moving to beat that man who stepped back scarily when

"Ab tum chup chap se chale jaao yahan se... Mujhe aur koi scene nai chahiyyee..." Prajapati spoke sternly looking at him

"Pehle aap bataiyee... Ye kissa khatam ki nai..??" he directly asked turning at him

"Haa... Aur mere bete ki taraf se... Main maafi maangta hun..." Prajapati apologized looking away from him coz of shame while Shilpa gripped Armaan's arm moving behind his back coz of fear "Aur isse b.." he looked at Shilpa who looked down while Armaan nodded and wdout saying anything he walked ahead grabbing Shilpa's hand who walked slowly slowly coz of her sprained leg

Phir na jaane

Dil mera kyun

Tujhko na de sakun...

"Aaww..." she whinced as they moved out from that house and her sprained leg hit by a stone which grabbed his attention

"Kya huaa..??" he asked worriedly looking at her "Pair mein b maara tha kya??" he asked angrily

"Nai vo... Mera pair twist ho gaya tha..." she didn't said full story coz she knows if he will get to know that it happen coz of that man he will beat him which she don't want

"Chal paaogi...??" he asked softly to which she nodded in YES quietly staring on her leg Their fight was long forgoten since they both landed in this situation "Seedhe khadi raho.." saying her calmly he kept his hand behind her back who looked up at him confusedly

"Armaan..." she whispered slowly as she felt herself in his arms who lifted her up while staring at her which made her lashes down which is a signal for him that now she won't say anything so looking ahead he walked towards their car also in b/w staring at each other "Ye sab Armaan hi kar sakte hai..." she thought while looking at the goons who were still on ground and then looked at his face which is very calm one How easily he made Prajapati realize about his mistake wdout making any fuss?? And the way he handled the situation was something unexpected His way to make situation easy was speechless that's why Prajapati agreed wd him?? She is again bending towards him why?? "Tu mere haath se maar khaygi Shilpa... Ghoorna band kar.. Bhul mat isne tujhe dhoke mein rakkha aur to aur tujhe ek thappad maara tha kal raat... Dusri taraf dekh" her mind kicked her mentally which made her to remove her eyes from his face who look her as she looked down

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