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part 21 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),




"Chal paaogi...??" he asked softly to which she nodded in YES quietly staring on her leg Their fight was long forgoten since they both landed in this situation "Seedhe khadi raho.." saying her calmly he kept his hand behind her back who looked up at him confusedly

"Armaan..." she whispered slowly as she felt herself in his arms who lifted her up while staring at her which made her lashes down which is a signal for him that now she won't say anything so looking ahead he walked towards their car also in b/w staring at each other "Ye sab Armaan hi kar sakte hai..." she thought while looking at the goons who were still on ground and then looked at his face which is very calm one How easily he made Prajapati realize about his mistake wdout making any fuss?? And the way he handled the situation was something unexpected His way to make situation easy was speechless that's why Prajapati agreed wd him?? She is again bending towards him why?? "Tu mere haath se maar khaygi Shilpa... Ghoorna band kar.. Bhul mat isne tujhe dhoke mein rakkha aur to aur tujhe ek thappad maara tha kal raat... Dusri taraf dekh" her mind kicked her mentally which made her to remove her eyes from his face who look her as she looked down

"Bhai.. Thank god aap aa gaye.." Divya spoke smilingly as Armaan made Shilpa sat on passenger seat while Divya was on back seat "Bhabhi aap thik to hona..??" she asked worriedly

"Haa main thik hun... Tum to thik hona...??" she replied smilingly turning back at her who nodded in YES

"Sir aap kahe to hum abi... Unhe arrest karle?" Shreekant asked looking at him who is standing outside his car "Hum kabse aapke call ka wait kar rahe thae.." he said polietly

"Nai ab ye problem solve ho gayi hai... Thank u thoda jaldi aane k liye.. Varna main to yehin samajhta Police hamesha crime hone k baad aati hai.." his reply made Shreekant chuckled

"Nai Sir vo to aapne sahi waqt pe Arjun sir ko call kar diya tha... Jinhone hume bheja.." Shreekaant spoke smilingly

"Haa vaise Arjun kyun nai aaya??" he asked frowningly

"Actually Sir kisi dusre case mein busy thae..." he replied

"Oo..." he nodded "Thik hai fir thank u... Chalta hun main..." shaking his hand he turned to open his car's door "Bye sir..." Shreekant waved

"Bye..." he smiled and sat inside the car while Shreekant's Jeep went from there following by two police cars

"Bhai... Aapko kahin lagi to nai..??" Divya asked slowly looking at him who started the car

"Nai yaar..." he replied wd a smile while driving

"Acha bhai vo log kaun thae...??" Divya asked confusedly "Kitne dangerous thae... Mere glasses b kharab kar diye..." she maked a face making him smile

"Aree vo log mere college k friends thae..." he replied normally

"Bhai jhut mat bolo..." she moved her head ahead looking at him

"Nai sach mein yaar... Vo unme se kisi ki shaadi thi... Aur main gaya nai tha.. Usi ka badla le rahe thae..." he spoke in full serious tone as if this is true

"Kuch b mat bolo aap.. Maine dekha tha aap jis tarah maar rahe thae unhe..." she pointed her finger at him

"Aree Divya.. Tumhe kaise samjahun... Hum sach mein ache dost hai.. Aur bachpan se hi aise milte hai.." he looked at her from rear view

"Aapse to puchna hi bekar hai.. Huh" she spoke annoyingly crossing her arms

"Gussa ho gayi...?" he chuckled to which Divya replied Yes, which made him shook his head smilingly while a smile reached on Shilpa's face hearing their cute talks when something hit his head "Divya tumhe kahin lagi to nai...??" he aske slowly but his eyes were on Shilpa who is quietly looking out of the window definatly this question was for her she knew that but pretended as if didnt heard this

"Nai Bhai... Main to thik Hun... Par Bhabhi.." she replied slowly making Armaan serious

"Par kya??" he asked while looking at Shilpa who is trying hard to ignore him

"Par unhone Bhabhi ko ek thappad maara..." she replied while hidding her smile which made him stopped his car in a jerk making both the girls fell ahead a little

"What?? Kisne??" he asked angrily looking at Shilpa who looked up at him wd open mouth How can he stop the car in a halt?? What if something happen them?? Stupid "Main abhi unhe batata hun.. Himmat kaise hui unki..." saying this angrily he started his car

"Bhai aap b naa.." But Divya's laugh made him understood about her joke while Shilpa shook her head looking out of the window but there was a smile on her lips

"Battery Dingu.. Tumhe to main ghar pe batata hun..." he glared her from mirror who is giggling now

"Kyun mazaak sirf aap kar sakte ho.. Aur khabar daar jo mujhe battery Dingu kaha" she retorted while pointing her finger

"Vo mazaak nai tha.. Sach tha vo sach mein mere friends thae.." he replied calmly while turning his car which made Shilpa's head spined which she held painfully

"Rehene do mujhe ache se pata hai..." Divya rolled her eyes making him smiled who speeded his car unnoticing Shilpa whose head is getting heavy

"Ouch...!" she whinced in pain while helding her head wd her both hands making the duo to look at her

"Kya hua..??" he asked worriedly stopping the car

"Kya hua Bhabhi??" Divya also asked in same tone looking at her from behind

"Vo kuch nai... Bas sar ghum raha hai mera... Shayad chloroform.. Ka asar hai" she replied wd closed eyes still helding her head which made him hell worried for her

"Acha apni aanken band karlo..." keeping his one hand on her cheek he made her head rest on seat "Aur thodi daer so jaao..." he gently made her rest on seat who have closed her eyes

"Bhai is baar gadi slow chalao..." Divya almost ordered as he started the car smoothly but his mind was on Shilpa

"Hmm... Chala rahun... Vaise tum kuch khaogi??" he asked calmly still his eyes were on Shilpa from mirror while she is sleeping soundlessly

"Nai bhai bas ghar chalo.." she replied tierdly while resting her head back on seat making him smile and he concentrated on road and after ten minutes of driving they reached home where he moved out from the car to wake Divya

"Divya.. Utho ghar aa gaya hai..." he tapped on her cheek who opened her eyes groggly looking at the house

"Hum pahuch gayye...??" she asked smilingly moving out from the car

"Haa tum andar chalo main Shilpa ko lekar aata hun..." he replied smilingly closing the door of the car

"Ok Bhai... Main jaati hun" she smiled wide while correcting her specks and ran towards the home happily

"Oye battery... Sandal to pehnti jaa" he shouted as he saw her sandals inside the car and hearing this she turned at him

"Baad mein le lungi.." she shouted and ran inside the house making him smile

"Stupid..!!" shaking his head he opened the car's door from Shilpa's side "I am sorry... Meri wajah se tum is haal mein ho... Aaj" he mumbled staring at her and gently picked her up in his arms like in Bridal style he looked at her face which was rested on his shoulder who carefully closed the door of the car by his one leg and moving inside the house he pulled her little closer to him

"Armaan Shilpa thik to haina...?? Kahin isse kuch huaa to nai??" Ananya asked worriedly as she saw Armaan entered in the house wd Shilpa in his arms while his whole family looked at them worriedly

"Mom vo thik hai bas.. So rahi hai weakness ki wajah se... Main isse uper sula k aata hun..." he replied normally looking at his family

"Haa beta jaao.. Jaldi..." Dadi spoke lovingly to which he nodded in YES slowly and moved upstairs towards a room which came first on his way it was room of Avni-Divya and entering inside the room he slowly slowly walked towards the bed staring at her face who snuggled more into him making him feel her breath on his face then he carefully made her lay on bed and keeping her head properly on pillow he stared her for while

Kuch toh hai

Jo dil ghabraaye

Kuch toh hai

Jo saans na aaye...

"Socha tha aaj Kiya ka chapter close karke... Tumhe sab bata dunga... Par aaj fir tum meri wajah se is situation mein ho..." he thought staring at her face who opened her eyes slowly but closed down immediately due to heavy head

"Aaahhh..." she held her head wd her hand while her wounded hand tried to search a support which made him to knelled on floor infront of her and slowly held her hand which made her calm while his hold on her hand tightened "Calm down... Shilpa..." he whispered looking at her wd moist eyes and caressing her knuckles by his thumb he stared her "Pata nai kyun tumhe aise dekh k... Mujhe acha nai lagta... Aur tumhari takleef mujhe meri takleef lagti hai... I am sorryyy..." he mumbled softly staring at her when

"Armaaan..." she whispered softly closing her eyes coz of light

"Sshhh... Main yehin hun... Aankhen band rakhna.. Varna aur dukhega sar.." he spoke softly while stooding up "Main abhi aaya..." cupping her face he whispered softly and kissing her head softly he went from there not before looking back at her

"Armaan Shilpa kaisi hai??" a worried Aditi asked as she saw Armaan came out from that Room

"Haa Armaan vo thik to hai...?" Riddhi asked worriedly

"Haa.. Bas uska head pain kar raha hai.. Dekhlo.." replying them slowly he walked from there making both the girls to enter in that room while Armaan opened his Room's door "Samajh nai aa raha... Ye kaisi feeling feel kar raha hun main... Kyun mera dil itna pereshaan hai... Kyun??" he asked to himself frustratingly and quietly sat on couch "Kyun mujhe farq padta hai usko hurt dekhkar?? Kya chal raha hai.. Mere dil mein kaise samjhunga main..." he thought while staring at the space when he moved his hand to rub his forehead but was stopped by something "Ye...??" he frowned as he took out a small gold drop from his hand's sleeve "I think ye uske... Bangals se giri hai... May be Jab maine uska haath pakda ho..." he mumbled staring confusedly at the drop "Har baar kuch na kuch chod jaati hai mere paas... Kabhi Bracelet kabhi Duppata to kabhi ye..." he thought still looking at the drop but this time there was a smile playing on his lips when his cell's ring made him to look at his cell "Haa Arjun... Bol" picking the call he went inside the balcony to talk

Three hours later...

"Mere khayaal se... Kada peene se iska sar dard jaayga..." Geeta spoke thoughtfully staring at Shilpa who is staring at the ladies confusedly

"Nai nai.. Isse juice do tab thik hogi ye" Radha suggested

"Nai Radha.. Usske sar ki maalish kardo.. Apne aap thik ho jaayga" Naina spoke normally while sitting on couch where as all ladies were standing around Shilpa's bed

"I think... Haldi wala dudh thik rahega... Haina beta" Ananya spoke lovingly caressing Shilpa's head who nodded in YES wd small smile

"I think isse ek relaxing Spa ki jarurat hai" Riddhi spoke happily

"Balm lagado isse acha.." Dadi cutted them all which made all the ladies to start discussion over solution on her headache while Shilpa looked at them smilingly Feeling so blessed to have such caring in laws Its been three hours since she is on bed she didn't knew when Armaan left coz she was sleeping at that time also she didn't knew when she was shifted in this room (But she didn't knew before going Armaan lifted her to their Room) but after one hour Aditi & Surbhi woke her also tried to ask about the goons which she told clearly and they three started joking over small things just to relaxed Shilpa while outside Divya was praising Armaan excitingly which made Avni, Neha, Rudra & Nikki also excited on which Nikki spoke 'Mai hoti to Bhai ka jaroor video leti' making the family members smile Rishubh also was fine but still his head is paining like Shilpa.. Rakesh asked Divya about kidnapping reason but what made everyone laugh was 'Bhai ne kaha... Ki ye unke puraane friends thae.. Jinhone unpe is liye attack kiya kyun ki Bhai unki shaadi mein nai gaye thae...' which made Dev chuckled coz he knows this was done by Shakti's father 'Abbe pagal Bhai ne tujhe bewkoof banaya...' Rudra made fun of Divya which made youngsters laugh where as elders were tensed coz of this incident but Dev manipulated

"Armaan ne mujhe bataya.. Ki unko misunderstanding hui.. Thi kisi aur ko uthana tha but galti se in dono ko utha liya..." Dev lied carefully but the truth was Armaan didn't discussed this topic to anyone not even wd him

"Aise kaise unko galatfehmi hogayi..." Dadaji was not satisfied by Dev's answer

"Ho sakti hai Dadaji... Infact unhone to Shilpa Armaan dono se maafi maangi... Aap chahe to Shilpa se puchle" he tried to clear this matter

"Haa galatfehmi ho sakti hai... Par aise kaise vo kisi ki Beti Bahu ko utha sakte hai..." Radha cursed them and all family started discussing over this matter after that they moved to look at Rishubh & Shilpa.. Male elders moved to see Rishubh wd Raina... While ladies started to think about Shilpa's headache where as Surbhi & Aditi handled youngsters on downstairs

"Aree main bol rahi hun na.. Dudh thik rahega.." Ananya argued

"Nai Bhabhi uska sar dukh raha hai... To dabana padega.." Naina spoke politely when Armaan entered there only to left frowned seeing the ladies arguing over something

"Kya ho raha hai ye..." he asked slowly while standing beside Shilpa's left side of bed where as his eyes were fixed on ladies who were arguing as if didn't heard him "Mom... Daadi... Riddhi..." he tried to call them but no one heard except Shilpa who looked up at him who got annoyed by them "Enough..!!" he shouted annoyingly which made the ladies stop "Kabse puch raha hun.. Kya ho raha hai... But aap sab behes karne mein busy hai.." he spoke angrily

"Tumhari biwi ka sar dukh raha hai.. Uske liye kuch soch rahe hai.. Kyun ki tum to bhul gaye ho... Ki tumhari biwi hai" Ananya taunted directly which made him realize about morning incident where he misbehaved wd Ananya

"Uspe kyun bigad rahi ho Ananya vo kaam se gaya hoga... Vaise b usi ne to bachaya Bahu ko..." Dadi scolded her as well as took side of him who smiled At least not everyone is angry wd him he thought

"Haa Bhabhi... Armaan beta tum fresh hokar aao.. Main khana lagati hun tab tak" Naina spoke smilingly

"Mujhe bhuk nai hai... Par main fresh hokar aata hun..." he replied politely and went inside the Washroom for fresh shower

"Isse bhuk kyun nai lagti Bhabhi... Main observe kar rahi hun aaj kal??" Radha asked thoughtfully

"Pata nai iske dimaag mein kya chal raha hai..." Ananya thought staring at the Wardrobe door where he disappeared "Buaa sahi keh rahi hain... Armaan sachmein kuch nai khaake jaate aaj kal... Subhe b breakfast nai kiya tha..." Shilpa thought looking at the space "Shilpa vo khaaye yaa na khaaye tujhe isse kya... Aur vaise b vo khaaye yaa na khaaye tune to khaya tha... Kal raat thappad vo b uske haath se.." her mind questioned which made her to ignore him again

"Thank god... Aaj mere sar se do bahoot bade bojh utar gaye... Now I am free... But Arjun ne jo Dev-Aditi k baare mein bataya... Puchna padega Dev se... And how can I forgot Shilpa.." he thought while unbottioning his shirt inside the shower room Yes! he went to met Arjun who called him for the case and they both met in Restaurant where they talked about Prajapati and Arjun informed about Aditi-Dev case which made him hell shocked also scolded him for not picking his calls at last deciding to talk wd Dev he came back home relaxing shower also he saw the notes which he had left for Shilpa but looking at it he thought she didn't touched it coz it looked as it is So at last he threw the notes inside dustbin

10 minutes later

"Gosh.. Ye log abhi b lad rahe hai" he shook his head as he came in his room where ladies were still discussing he slowly walked towards them changing in white full sleeve t-shirt wd brown track pant "Aap log abhi b decide nai kar paaye??" he asked calmly crossing his arms taking everyone's attention

"Tu shaant reh... Haa to main keh rahi thi.. Ki hume isse kada pilaana chahiyee... Jaise Rishubh ne piya.. Aakhir thik huaa na uska sar" Geeta cutted him and again started arguing

"Par kya pata Bahu ko nuksaan kare to..??" Dadi argued

"Ye log kabhi nai shaant honewale" he shook his head staring at them when his eyes landed on Shilpa who has held her head coz of the noises "Lagta hai mujhe hi kuch karna padega.." looking at her he thought worriedly and moved out to bring something for her

"Nai Mom.. Mujhe lagta hai Shilpa ko best Spa therapist ki jarurat hai..." Riddhi spoke again

"Aree tum aaj kal ki ladkiyo ko.. Parlour aur Spa k alawa kuch nazar hi nai aata" Dadi spoke normally which made Naina & Ananya giggled when Armaan entered there wd a glass and shaking his head he moved towards her

Kuch toh hai

Jo hum honthon se

Kehte kehte

Krh naa paaye...
"Hmm..." he called while keeping the glass infront of her who looked up at him confusedly to which he indicated her to drink this by his eyes coolly which made her to grip the glass slowly by her right hand coz left one still have that wound which he observed "Feeling good...??" he asked slowly as he saw her empting the glass which grabbed all ladies's attention while Shilpa nodded in YES slowly

"Thanks...!!" she mumbled softly while staring down making him smile

"Sar dukh raha hai ab??" he asked slowly but care was visible in his voice

"Nai... Acha lag raha hai.." she replied softly still looking down to which he mumbled 'Good' and this was watched by all the ladies which made them smile

"Dekha Badi Maa.. Usse kitni fikar hai Shilpa ki usne proove kiya.. Aap faaltu mein uspe chillati rehti hai.." Riddhi whispered smilingly in Ananya's ear who smiled also relieved from her son's irresponsible nature

"Oye tune usse kya diya.. Jisse uska sar dard thik ho gaya..??" Geeta's question made him to look away from Shilpa then at her

"Haa hum sab yahan kabse pareshaan hai.." Naina to asked

"Kuch khaas nai.. Lemon Mint or Pepper ka juice diya.." he answered in calm tone

"Aur isse tumhara sar thik ho gaya Shilpa...?" Radha asked bemusedly to which she nodded in YES "Kisi ne sahi kaha hai.. Ghar mein Doctor hone ka kuch to faida milta hai.." she joked making ladies giggle while he rolled his eyes

"Ho gaya aap sabka... Ab plz jaaiye aur mujhe.. Sone den.." he almost ordered them

"Jab tak tum yahan rahoge main aaungi b nai.." Ananya almost taunted and went from there indicating him she is still angry

"Bhabhi na aise hi sunati hai tumhe... Tum to bahoot responsible ho.." Naina spoke lovingly to which he passed a smile

"I know.. She loves me" he spoke normally to which Naina smiled and went from there where as Shilpa understood he felt hurt when Ananya said that

"Acha Shilpa.. Main khaana bhijwaati hun haa tumhare liye" Riddhi spoke smilingly to which Shilpa smiled "Aur tum.. Kabhi kabhi mere liye b bana dena ye juice.." pointing at him she teased

"Tumhare liye Rakesh haina.. Usse bol dena" he retorted making her mouth opened while Shilpa hide her giggle

"Sachmein tumse baat karna bekaar hai huh.." saying this she went from there

"Tu aa raha haina khaane...?" Dadi asked angrily standing infront of him

"Dadi.. Mujhe bhuk nai hai yaar.." he replied annoyingly

"Kyun?? Tabeat thik haina tumhari.. Kaam ka zyada tension hai" cupping his face she spoke lovingly making him smile

"Naahh... Armaan Malik kaam ka tension nai leta" he replied coolly making Radha & Geeta giggle while seeing this scene Shilpa thought as if she is seeing Her Armaan "Aur vaise jab tak aap support mein ho koi tention mujhe chu b nai sakti..." kissing her cheek he said smilingly

"Mera pyaara Armaan..." she hugged him lovingly who hugged her back smilingly Its been ages since he has hugged someone like this in his family "Main khaana bhijvaungi... Khaa lena bas..." parting from hug she spoke to which he made a face "Marungi main.. Ab kuch nai sunungi main... Kha lena... Shilpa beta main tujhe order deti hun.. Isse bina khilaaye mat sone dena.." she ordered both of them specially Shilpa

"Jii Dadi..." She nodded in YES

"Chal fir gud night" Dadi smiled and ruffling Armaan's head who whined while she went from there following by Geeta & Radha

"Dadi na..." correcting his hairs he turned towards her whose heart skipped seeing him

"Ohno... Armaan aur main akele... Ek kamre mein..." her heart skipped thinking they both alone "Ab tak inko avoid karna easy tha... Kyun ki main Anant k Room mein thi... Par ab ek saath vo b ye jaanne k baad ki... Ye kisi aur se pyaar karte hai... Kaise rahungi main..." her heart spoke worriedly looking at him who moved to search something "Ek kaam kar tu soja..." her mind suggested to which she nodded in YES and straightening herself carefully sat properly to remove her earrings when he came back wd a first aid kit and sat infront of her whose heart skipped seeing him close

Jo humaare

Darmiyaan hai

Isko hum kya kahein...

"Haath do apna..." he spoke slowly while putting the antiseptic on cotton where as she is only staring at his face "Shilpa haath do..." this time he looked at her who looked away from him making him to took her hand himself only "Tumne... Ispe bandage kyun nai karvaya...?" he asked softly looking down at her hand where strained blood marks were there wd scratches "Shilpa main tumse puch raha hun...?" he asked slowly looking up at her who is trying hard to ignore him which is getting very difficult for her while he gotted she is still angry wd him Great everyone is angry wd him he thought so wdout saying anything he started doing his work and as he put the cotton on her hand she whined

"Aaww.. Jal raha hai..." she mumbled painfully making him to hold her hand firmly

"Sorrryy... Main aaram se karta hun" he whispered worriedly and started blowing air on her hand which soothes her pain From inside also coz this scene made her to go back in flashback where he bandaged her like this only when she came back from that Mall blast and he cried seeing her like this 'Agar aaj tumhe kuch ho jaata to.. Main mar jaata Bracelet' she still cant forget his words "Yehi ek reason tha jo main tumse shaadi nai karna chahta tha.." his voice brought her back from flashback and she stared him confusedly while he is tying her bandage calmly "Bas yehin ek reason ki wajah se tumse shaadi nai karna chahta tha... Kyun ki main jaanta tha meri wajah se tumhari jaan b khatre mein aa jaaygi... Is liye shaadi nai karna chahta tha but Dev ne samjhaya.. Ki shaadi ko sirf do din hai.. Agar maine mana kar diya to mere saath saath tumhari family k liye acha nai hoga..." he tied the knot of her bandage while she is just staring at his face where as his eyes were on her hand "Aur koi reason nai tha... Hamari shaadi se mana karne ka... Aur ye b ki maine aajtak Hamari Shaadi regret nai ki... Ye main apne dil se keh raha hun..." he looked up at her who can hear honesty in his voice specially the word 'Hamari Shaadi' but she looked away from him Thinking what to do"I know tumne mere lagaaye notes nai padhe..." he looked away from her wd small smile "Par ye tumhari marzi thi... Ki tum padho yaa naa padho... Par fir b I am sorry... Baaki tumhari marzi..." he whispered softly making her to pull her knees towards her chest thinking what do

"Shilpa iske jhaanshe mein mat jaana.. Ye Husband k tarrike hote hai.. Wifes ko patane ki... Vo chahte hai.. ki Gharwali aur Baharwali dono unke paas rahe... Is liye mat sunna iski baat" her mind spoke angrily "Nai Shilpa... Kya tujhe inki aankhon mein sacchai nai dikh rahi... Kahin se bhi jhut nai lag raha... Aur sabse badi baat... Inhone kaha ki ye hamari shaadi regret nai karte..." her heart took his side making her hell confused "Kaha to isne ye b tha ki... Ye shaadi regret karta hai... To kis baat pe yakeen karegi iski..." her mind scolded her where as Armaan was observing her every emotions on her face

"Itna pressure mat do apne dimaag pe... Rehne do..." he whispered smilingly making her looked up at him wd moist eyes She is stuck b/w her two feelings To trust him or not "Acha pair kaisa hai tumhara... Ab??" he asked softly while taking a Balm and tried to pull up her lehenga a little bit up hesitantly which made her heart beat skipped as he lifted her lehenga up "Ye b nai bataygi... Mujhe khud hi karna hogo..." he thought while shaking his head when he held her ankle where he saw a beautiful golden anklet "Aisa kyun lag raha hai isse dekha hai pehle b.." he thought looking at her anklet which made noises when he lifted the payal a little up His heart was beating fullest speed where as her condition is not so good feeling his touch

"Ouch..!" she whined painfully as he twisted her leg which made her to fists her hold on his shoulder while her head was bend down just beside him who looked at her close eyes their faces were little away from each other

"Ssshhh... Relax... Ab thik hai" he mumbled softly staring up at her who opened her eyes only to get lost in his eyes but immediately looked away also taking her hand back from his shoulder making him to looked down on her ankle "Bas isse lagane k baad thik ho jayga" he spoke slowly while applying the Balm on her ankle who gripped the bedsheet tightly feeling his caresses on her leg where as Armaan was totally engrossed in his work "Ho gaya??" he whispered softly looking up at her who is still controlling her heartbeat they both were staring at each other his hand was still on her ankle when a knock made their eye lock broke

"Mr Khan... Shilpa...!" Surbhi's cheerful voice made them look away from each other

"Bhai...!!" also Rudra, Neha, Nikki, Avni & Divya followed by Aditi & Surbhi and hearing them he stood up

"Attack karne ka iraada hai.. Kya mere Room mein??" Armaan spoke sarcastically as he saw them entering in room wd food trey on Surbhi & Aditi's hand

"Hamari itni himmat nai Bhai... Ki aap pe attack kare.." Rudra spoke in fake scared tone

"Haa kya pata.. Aap hume b.. Dhisoom dhisoom karke maaro" Nikki joked making Armaan to pull her hairs lightly "Aawww... Bhai" She whined while Surbhi sat beside Shilpa keeping the food trey beside her where as Aditi kept the food on table standing beside Armaan

"Ye sab is battery ne bataya na..??" he smacked Divya's head lightly who rubbed it while making a face

"To aapko kya laga hume nai pata chalega..." Neha asked smilingly

"Haa Bhai aap to sachmein Super Hero nikle.." Avni commented excitedly

"Haa Bhai mujhe b sikhao naa... Aise fight karna" Rudra spoke happily grabbing his arms

"Vaise Mr Khan ab aapka chot kaisa hai...?? Kahin aapko aur chot to nai lag gayi??" Surbhi asked normally making everyone confused but Shilpa's heart beat skipped hearing this

"Chot?? kaisi chot??" Aditi asked frowning looking up at him who closed his eyes

"Kuch nai yaar... Kal raat ek vase k saath mera haath takra gaya tha... To thodi si haath pe chot lag gayi thi... Nothing big" he lied normally which worked but Shilpa knew he must has broke something which has resulted his hand been injured

"Haa... Aur vaise b mard ko dard nai hota Bhabhi..." Rudra spoke on filmy style

"Haa par... Bhuk to lagti haina... Chalo tum dono khaana khaalo..." Aditi spoke normally making them to look at her

"Nai Aditi main nai khaunga..." Armaan spoke making a face

"Aap khaaye na khaaye... Shilpa to khaaygi na" Surbhi taunted making him to roll his eyes

"Maine thodi roka hai usse.." he retorted making Shilpa to look up at him "Par main nai khaunga..." he announced moving to go when

"Armaan..." Aditi's extra sweet tone made him stopped "Mere liye khaalo na... Plzzz bahot mehnat se tumhare liye banai hai... Tumhara favourite Aloo ka paratha... Vo b matar paneer k saath garma garam... Plzz khalo na..." she requested innocently while forwarding a bite of 'Paratha' towards his mouth making him raised his bows

"Bhaai Dil todoge kya??" his cousins shouted in sweet tone making Shilpa & Surbhi giggle

"Plzz.. Deverji..." Aditi showed her puppy face making him smile

"Do..." saying this he took that bite inside his mouth making everyone clap except Shilpa & Surbhi who giggled

"To ek meri taraf se b..." taking a bite Divya moved towards him who widened his eyes and just like this his all cousins moved towards him saying 'Meri taraf se' which left no choice for him only to eat that food where as Shilpa & Surbhi were laughing seeing this scene

30 minutes later

"Gosh... Itna kheela diya ki ab.. Sar dukh raha hai..." Armaan shook his head while walking towards the pool side Yes, after making him finished all the food they all sat for talk while Armaan went from there as he saw Shilpa eating the food which made him relaxed that's why he went from there "Dev.." he frowned seeing Dev sitting alone near pool side his legs were inside the pool while his pants sleeves were folded till his knees "Ye acha mauka hai baat karne ka... Aaj iski khabar leta hun main..." whispering to himself he walked towards him and folding his track pant till his knees and sat beside him quietly which Dev observed but ignored him "Agar main maafi maangu to tu mujhe maaf karega??" after minutes of silence he asked slowly making Dev smiled

"Main kaun hota hun... Tujhe maaf karne wala.. Teri life thi tujhe jo karna tha.. Kiya tune" he replied normally only to get a smack on his head "Armaan..." he glared rubbing his head

"Ye dramatic answer dena band kar... Tujhe main uswaqt batane wala tha Kiya k case k baare mein... But vo uswaqt tapak padi... Aur mujhe naa chahte hue b vo bakwaas karni padi..." he spoke annoyingly making Dev rolled his eyes

"Pata hai mujhe... Rehaan ne bataya tha..." he spoke not intrestingly "Par tune nai bataya..." he scolded while hitting his head

"Aaaww... Dev... Time nai tha yaar" rubbing his head he spoke normally "But Rehaan ki to main band bajaunga... Sab vo tujhe bata deta hai" he spoke angrily only to get a smack on his head "Aaww... Dev" he glared

"Acha hai usne bataya varna main to teri shakal nai dekhta" Dev scolded

"Sorryy..." he apologized and immediately hugged him tightly making him chuckled

"Its ok... Jaa tujhe maaf kiya..." he spoke smilingly hugging him back

"Thank u..." he spoke wd a smile while parting from hug

"To bata.. Kiya ka chapter close huaa ki nai??" Dev asked normally looking at him while he moved his leg tro & fro in water "Armaan bata.." he nudged him by elbow who smiled

"Yes..." he stretched his arms happily making Dev happy

"Really...?? Kab?? Kaise??" he asked excietedly

"Aaj dophar... Puja se pehle..." He replied coolly "Actually... According to my plan.. Mujhe Kiya ko yakeen dilaana tha... Ki Yes I luv her too aur main uske liye sabko chod sakta hun Shilpa ko b... Jo us din pura huaa.. Jab tujhe aur Shilpa ko maine vo sab words bole thae..." he started calmly

"Toh usse yakeen ho gaya tha??" Dev questioned

"Haa.. Par use confession chahiyee tha... So mujhe naa chahte hue b usko bolna pada yaa I luv u too... Tab jakar vo maani... Fir maine usko bola ki Hospital mein mujhe bahoot kaam hai... To main tumse tab baat karunga jab in saare cases se free hounga... Aur aaj maine use call karke bulaya... Plan ka the end karne k liye..." he looked at him who is looking confusedly at him "Mere plan k mutabik vo aayi.. Hum ek Restaurant mein mille... Vohi Kabir b tha... Jiski wajah se plan pura huaa" he said normally

"Main kuch samjha nai??" he frowned

"Yaar... Mera pura plan ye tha ki Kiya ko realize karvana... Ki usne jo kiya vo galat tha... Aur jisse vo pyaar samajhti hai.. Vo uska infatuation hai..." he spoke annoyingly "Aur Kabir ne vohi kiya.. Jo usne uswaqt kiya tha NY mein... So that usko usi ki langauge mein samjhaya jaaye..." now he turned calm

"Aur aage...?" Dev asked confusedely

"Batata hun..." he smiled turning towards him


"Dekho Kiya.. Agar tumne mere pyaar ko accept nai kiya to main yahan se kud kar apni jaan de dunga..." Kabir shouted at top of his lungs standing on the Restaurant terrace's railing

"Kabir... Plz.. Neeche utar jaao... Ye pagalpan mat karo.." she shouted worriedly while moving towards him

"Nai Kiya... Aaj tum mere karib tabhi aaogi.. Jab tum mere pyaar ko accept karogi.. Varna main kud jaaunga yahan se" he spoke wd moist eyes

"Kabir tum jaante ho ye possible nai hai.." she yelled wd tears "Armaan... Tum roko na usse... Vo galti kar raha hai" turning back at Armaan she requested who was looking very calm

"Ek minute... KABIR YAAR KYAA KAR RAHA HAI TU" moving ahead he asked calmly making Kabir look at him

"Saale.. Mujhe yahan fasa k.. Puch raha hai kya kar raha hai..." Kabir cursed mentally "Kitni uchi building hai ye... Isse yehin laana tha Kiya ko.. Thodi kam height wala Restaurant dhundhta.. Idiot" he looked down scarily where vehicles were moving tro & fro but on top side where he was standing near the railing a net was attached by chance if he fall so it can protect him

"Pyaar k liye.. Itna to karna hi padega Kabir" Armaan thought staring up at Kabir's face Yes! according to his plan Kabir have to repeat the same scene which Kiya did in NY so that they can make Kiya realize about her mistake Which started when Armaan called Kiya here who was very happy and they both met inside the Restaurant and as Armaan messaged Kabir to start the plan Kabir called Kiya that he is waiting on top of the same restaurant which Kiya told Armaan and they both came here only to find Kabir on railing

"Armaan tu durr reh is matter se.. Tujhe tera pyaar milana... But mujhe nai mila... Kyun ki main nai reh sakta uske bina" He yelled loudly which Made Kiya stunned while Armaan stepped back

"Armaan tum ruk kyun gaye... Usse roko.." Kiya came infront of him

"Vo sahi keh raha hai Kiya... Har kisi ko right hai apne pyaar k liye bolne ka... Sorry main kuch nai kar sakta.. Ab jo karna hai tum karogi" raising his hands he looked away from her

"Armaan.. Aisa mat kaho.. Vo marr jaayga.. Mera dost hai vo.. Vo galat kar raha hai.. Aise jaan dekar koi kisi ka pyaar nai maang sakta..." and she said what he wanted to hear

"Par ye tumpe hai.. Tum chaho to marne do usse... Yaa fir accept karlo.. Tum selfish to nai ho sakti right" he asked calmly crossing his arms

"Armaan.. Main usse marne nai de sakti.. Mana pyaar nai karti par dost hai vo mera..." she spoke tearfully

"To usse bachalo... Ye tumhara faisla hai... Main kuch nai kar sakta" he spoke annoyingly

"Aise kaise main itna bada faisla le sakti hun Armaan... Main usse bachana b chahti hun.. Par main usse pyaar b nai karti... Vo mera best friend hai.. Main usse aise khona nai chahti..." she spoke frustratingly

"Vo tumse pyaar karta hai..." he spoke slowly

"YE PYAAR NAI PAGALPAN HAI... HUM KISI KO MAJBOOR NAI KAR SAKTE KI.. AISE ACCEPT KARO... YE PYAAR HO HI NAI SAKTA YE TOH..." she shouted frustratingly but stopped as she realized what she just said

"Infatuation hai... Or side of attraction... Right??" Armaan's questioning answer made her numb "Kyun apne liye alag rule aur dusro k liye alag rule Kiya" making her looked at him by her shoulder he whispered softly

"Arrmaan... Main usse pyaar nai karti" She whispered tearfully

"Main b nai karta tha... Par maine tumhe bachaya na... To ab tumhari baari... Nai to marne do isse... Par yaad rakhna.. Agar aisa huaa to tumhari meri zindagi mein ye last day hoga... Kyun ki main aisi selfish ladki k saath nai reh sakta" he pierced his teeth

"Par main kaise...?" she cried holding his shoulder "Main to tumse pyaar karti hun na ." she whispered softly

"Vo b tumse pyaar karta hai..." he spoke slowly making her cry and she knelled on floor holding his leg "Bahoot mushkil hota hai aisi sitaution ko sambhalna Kiya... Jahan aapke paas raaste bahoot kam hote hai" he too knelled infront of her who was crying hard where as Kabir jumped on terrace seeing Kiya crying "Mere paas b uswaqt koi raasta nai tha... Main tumhe marne dena nai chahta tha... Aur tumse pyaar b nai karta tha... Infact nai karta hun... Par tumhari us zid bhare pyaar ko pura karne k liye mujhe ye natak karna pada" he tried to make her calm

"Toh ye sab natak tha...?" she asked hurtfully looking at him

"Mere paas aur koi option nai tha tumhe samjhane k liye" He replied calmly

"To Kabir mujhse pyaar nai karta haina??" she asked wd a smile but still tears were there in her eyes and before he could reply Kabir came

"Tum thik to ho Kiya??" he asked worriedly which made the two to look up at him

"Tumhe kya lagta hai.." Armaan said wd a smile "Pyaar yehi hai Kiya... Jo Kabir karta hai tumse... Kyun ki usne tumhari khushi k liye kya kya nai kiya... Aur jo pyaar tum mujhse karti ho vo selfishness hai... Kyun ki tumne usme ye nai dekha ki main tumse pyaar nai karta... Aur tumne easily mujhse kaha sab kuch chodne k liye" he said softly keeping his both hands on her shoulder "Main kaise tumhe accept karun... Jab ki tum acchi tarah se janti ho.. Ki main Married hun.." he said slowly while making her stand wd him

"Haa Kiya... Armaan sahi keh raha hai... Shayad tumhe nai pata tumhari is zid ki wajah se... Uski life kitni mushkil mein hai ab..." Kabir also said softly where as Kiya didn't utter a word which made the boys to think that their plan failed

"Main tumse bas itna kahunga... Ki main apni family aur wife dono ko nai chod sakta... Chahe kuch b ho jaaye... Par iske baad b tumhe nai samjhega Kabir ka pyaar yaa fir meri situation to tum meri nazro mein sabse badi bewkoof ho" he said calmly when

"Kya tumhe mujhse kabhi pyaar nai huaa Armaan?? Ek second k liye b nai?" she asked lostly to which he nodded in NO slowly "Kyun..??" she asked innocently

"Pata nai Kiya" he replied slowly "Tum mere liye sirf ek intern k alawa kuch nai thi... Aur agar thi to Kabir ki best friend bas..." he said normally

"Agar tumhari shaadi nai hui hoti to... Kya tab tum mujhse pyaar karte??" she asked softly

"Nai... Tumhare liye aaj tak maine kuch aisa vaisa feel nai kiya..." a straight answer from him which made her cry and she kept her head on his shoulder

"Kyun tum mujhse pyaar nai karte... Kyun??" she whispered while crying to which he calm her while rubbing her back slowly knowing very well that he won the plan "I am sorry Armaan... Meri wajah se... Tumhaari life... Kharab hui" after sometime she apologized making him to part her

"Kuch nai huaa... Hai... Sab thik hai..." he assured her calmly

"Tum mujhe maaf to karoge na...??" she asked innocently

"Agar maaf nai karta to yahan nai hota.. Aur sabse badi baat... Tumne koi galti nai ki..." he replied calmly to which she wiped her tears

"Par main tumse... Bahoot pyaar karti hun..." she said softly looking at him

"Kabir b tumse bahoot zyada pyaar karta hai..." he pointed at Kabir who looked at her slowly

"Toh ab main kya karun Armaan...?" she questioned slowly

"Apni nai zindagi shuru karo... Khush raho.. Jis engagement ko tod diya usse pura karo... U r lucky Kiya har kisi ko second chance nai milta... Kabir jaisa insaan tumhare saath hai... Uska haath thaamo aur aage badho life mein... Aise zindagi ko khatam mat karo..." keeping his hands on her shoulder he tried to show her the reality

"Haa Kiya.. Main tumhare saath hamesha rahunga.. Aur tumhe jitna time chahiyee main wait karunga... Par plzz yaar ek baar mujhe mauka to do" Kabir said in one go making Armaan smiled who stepped back

"Kya sachmein tum mujhe time doge... Ye sab accept karne mein??" she asked softly to which he nodded in YES making her smile "Kya Shilpa mujhe maaf karegi...??" she looked at Armaan

"Don't worry usse tumhare baare mein nai pata... Aur main bataunga b nai" Armaan replied wd a smile where as Kiya frowned

"Nai Armaan usse pata hai..." as she said this his heartbeat skipped

"What??" he is shocked where as Kabir is also shocked

"Haa us din locker mein..." and Kiya narrated everything from locker room till her meeting wd Shilpa and her promise to Kiya

"Kiya... Ye to bahoot badi misunderstanding ho gayi... Ye kya kiya tumne..." Kabir held his head were as tears started moving from her eyes

"I am sorryy..." she apologized wd tears where as Armaan was numb So this was the reason of her ignorance that is why she stays away from him.. Her silence her quietness... Her change of behavior everything is clear now he thought and above all his slap must have made her hate him more Armaan Malik again messed his life wd himself only

"Its ok Kiya.. vo maan jaaygi... tum fikar mat karo... aur apni new life mein aage badho..." gripping his emotions he assured her

"Plzz usse kehna mujhe maaf karde..." she spoke tearfully

"Don't worry... Usse jab sach pata chalega... To vo maaf kar degi tumhe... Par tumhe pata hai... Vo tumse gussa hogi hi nai mujhe pata hai..." he cheered her

"Sachmein?" she asked innocently

"Haa... Sachmein" he nodded wd a smile which made her relaxed "Kyun ki vo tumse nai mujhse gussa hogi.." his heart spoke in fear


"What Shilpa ko pata hai? Vo b half story?" Dev asked shockingly to which he nodded calmly "To fir clear karna sab kuch..." he spoke angrily

"Itna easy nai hai sab kuch Dev... Usse misunderstanding hui hai.. Jisse dur karna mushkil hai... Mujhe ache se pata hai agar main sab kuch clear karne jaaunga... To vo nai maanegi... Uska trust tuta hoga... Jisse vapas laana mushkil hoga... I know" his voice was lost one

"Toh fir sab kuch aise hi rehne dega...??" Dev asked annoyingly

"Nai usse ye proove karunga ki aisa kuch nai hai... Uski misunderstanding usko bata k nai dikha k dur karunga..." he replied while lying straight on floor

"Tujhe lagta hai... Ye work karega?" laying beside him Dev asked

"Pata nai..." he whispered softly staring at the stars "Tujhe nai pata Dev... Aaj maine Shilpa ki vo khamoshi padhi... Jisme nafrat b nai tha... Pata nai kya tha... Mujhe nai pata sab kuch clear kaise karunga main" he thought while keeping his head on his hands

"Matlab aaj tere life ki... Do sabse badi problem hamesha k liye close ho gaye... Haina?" Dev asked smilingly looking at him

"Haa... All thanks to u..." he thanked making Dev frowned "Tune ghar mein sabke questions se mujhe bacha liya aaj... Divya ne bataya...Thank u.." he smiled looking at Dev who smiled looking at the stars "Dev tune ab tak Aditi se maafi kyun nai maangi??" after two minutes of silence he asked making him stunned "Kya tujhe laga mujhe nai pata chalega..." smacking his head he sat up following by him

"Arjun...??" Dev asked doubtfully to which he nodded in YES "Armaan... Samajh mein nai aa raha tha kaise apologized karun... Realize mujhe yahan se jaane k baad hi ho gaya tha... Aur main b Janta hun Rishi k baare mein usne mujhe already bataya tha.. Par pata nai uswaqt kya ho gaya tha... Aise idiots ki tarah behave kar raha tha main... Aur ab jab maafi maangna chahta hun... Mauka nai mil raha... Kabhi Aditi Surbhi k saath busy rehti hai... Yaa to gharwaalo k saath" he spoke in complaining tone which made him chuckled coz he is also facing the same scene "Kya??" he narrowed his eyes

"Kuch nai..." he shook his head smilingly "Tera paas mauka hi mauka hai... Sunn.. Main Surbhi ko busy rakhunga.. To tu kal usse baat kar lena... Bas khatam" he said nonchalantly

"Nai ho sakta... Kal vo Mom Dad k saath hamare hometown jaa rahi hai.." his words made him stunned

"What Mom Dad kal... Chandigarh jaa rahe hai??" he asked stunned to which he nodded in YES "Mujhe kisi ne kyun nai bataya...?" he asked angrily only to get a smack on his head

"Ghar mein rahega tab to tujhe pata chalega... Idiot" Dev scolded

"Haa ye b hai... Par kyun jaa rahe hai?" he asked confusedly

"Arre vo Avni k liye shayad vaha kisi Gurudvaare mein koi to function rakhengi buaa... Usi k liye Mom, Dad, Naina Aunty, Jai Uncle, Rishubh, Raina aur Aditi vaha jaaynge hamare ghar ki safai vafai dekhne k liye... Aur shayad Uske baad Udaipur k ek palace mein uski Shaadi hogi" he informed thoughtfully

"To tu kyun nai jaata unke saath..." Armaan slapped his head only to get a glare in return

"Agar main jaunga to Aditi mana kar degi jaane se... Mujhe pata hai" rubbing his head he replied sadly

"Nai karegi... Agar Mom Dad bolenge to nai karegi..." Armaan said coolly

"Par Mom Dad karenge kyun...? Unke hisaab se yahan ghar pe koi sambhaalne waala hona chaahiyee" he spoke annoyingly

"To main rahunga na... Main sambhal lunga sab kuch... Trust me" pointing at himself he replied proudly making Dev chuckled

"Haa tere bharose hi.. Mom & Dad ghar chod k jaaynge... Agar tujhe pata na ho to bata dun.. Ki vo log tujhse gussa hai... Aur specially aaj morning mein jo tune kiya uske liye to bahoot gussa hai" He spoke in scolding tone making Armaan quiet for few seconds

"Haa ye to hai..." he nodded "Chal... Mom Dad se maafi maangta hun aur unhe manate b hai tujhe lekar jaane k liye" saying this he stood up

"Armaan pagal mat ban..." he narrowed his eyes

"Chal tu..." gripping his hand he made him stood and almost pushed him ahead who shook his head and they went from there towards their Parent's Room

20 minutes later

"Mom plz yaar... Aise bhav mat khao..." Armaan complained gripping her hand tightly who slapped his head

"Main bhav kha rahi hun.. Ki tum natak kar rahe ho..." Ananya spoke angrily looking down at his son who is kneeling infront of her while she is sitting on edge of bed

"Natak nai Mom main sachme maafi maang raha hun... Dilse wala maafi" He spoke in sweetest tone

"Ananya maaf b kardo usse... Bacha hai vo galti ho gayi hogi usse... Vaise b uska kaam b to tha" Billy took Armaan's side

"Haa Ananya... Chodo" Dadi too took his side

"Kis angle se ye aap dono ko baccha lagta hai... Aap log observe nai kar rahe par main kar rahi hun... Ki ye kitna misbehave karne laga hai sabke saath" She looked at Billy & Dadi who are sitting on sofa while Dadaji is on arm chair wd Dev on arm of chair

"Mom kiske saath misbehave kiya... Sirf aapke saath karta hun... Baakiyo mein mujhe interest nai... Aur aap to meri khud ki Mom ho..." he spoke annoyingly only to get a smack on his head "Aaww..." he whinned rubbing his head which made Dadaji & Dev chuckled Its been 20 minutes since they both entered in their Parent's Room where their Grand Parents & their Parents were discussing something when Armaan started monifying his Mom who was hell angry wd him but as he started requesting & pleading wd innocent cute words his Mom's heart melted but from outside she pretended she is angry Dev is enjoying this scene while Armaan is still buttering his Mom

"Bahu usse itna mat maaro..." Dadaji scolded

"No Mom... I think aur maaro... Kya pata iski memory wapas aa jaaye" Dev joked

"Dev agar tune apni bakwaas band nai ki na.. To I'll swear... Tera Chandigrah jaana main khud cancel karaunga" he warned pointing his finger only to get a smack on his head again "Mom..." he looked at her annoyingly

"Mere saamne warning de rahe ho... Aur tumhare information k liye bata dun.. Dev nai jaayga Chandigrah... Kyun ki vo chala jaayga to ghar kaun sambhalega..." she spoke angrily

"Mom.. Main hun naa.. Main sambhalunga..." he spoke coolly making everyone giggle "What...?? Sachme yaar main sambhal lunga..." he spoke annoyingly

"Tumhaare hawale ghar chod kar main nai jaa sakti... Tum to apne Hospital k cases mein busy rahoge... Ghar ko to pura bhul jaaoge... To no chance main ghar tumhaare hawale chod kar jaaun.. " she spoke normally making him shook his head

"Come on Mom... Aapke saamne Sanjeevani ka Maalik.. Armaan Malik baitha hai aur aapko lagta hai main ek ghar nai sambhal sakta... I mean seriously yaar ye to had ho gayi..." he said proudly

"Tum Hospital sambhaal sakte ho... Ghar nai" Ananya spoke challengely

"R u challenging me??" he raised his bows

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