Wednesday, 4 October 2017

part 23 : The Painful Side Of Love

Sun rays seeped through the curtains on the window and reached Riddhima's face. She opened her eyes but then shut them as quickly as she had opened them………….her head was throbbing in pain. She shifted slightly and realized that she was in Armaan's arms, on his lap. The entire night's
conversation came back to her and Riddhima had a horrified expression on her face. She had told Armaan everything under the effect of the terrible nightmare……………she felt so embarrassed and at that very moment Armaan opened his eyes and to her immense surprise smiled at her. He rubbed his hand against her back and mumbled "Good morning sweetheart." Riddhima lowered her eyes in shame and again felt the throbbing pain in her head so she started massaging her temple with her fingers but Armaan stopped her and shifting slightly he moved her and placed her in such a way that her back was aginst his chest……………….he started massaging her head in between placing kisses on her hair. She was surprised…………instead of being repulsed he was here taking care of her…………she didn't know what to say. After 15 long minutes she stopped Armaan and getting off his lap sat down on the bed in front of him and finally managed to say "Armaan………….about last night"
Armaan placed a finger on her lips and squeezing her hand said "Why are you embarrassed Riddhima? Don't you trust me? You remember you had once said that we are one soul in two bodies……yet you feel ashamed of telling me something that I have full right to know. Riddhima I love you and am ready to face anything if you are with me. Now all your problems are mine……..I won't let you suffer alone and that Vivek is going to pay." Armaan clenched his fist and his jaw tightened. Riddhima was shocked at the sudden change in him and had tears in her eyes but when Armaan saw them he hit his head with his hand and said "Not those ugly tears again. Don't waste your tears on that bas***d Riddhima. He doesn't deserve them. Please smile." Riddhima smiled at him.
He got up from the bed and went to her closet and took out a beautiful red salwaar kameez and placed it on the bed next to her and ordered "You have exactly 25 minutes………..get ready and wear this. I am waiting for you downstairs so hurry up." Riddhima was shocked at the sudden change in attitude and raising her eyebrows she said "Are you ORDERING me?"
"Yup, you got it right. I am ordering you and you better follow my orders because from now on I get to decide everything. Remember you yourself had promised to follow all my commands so get up I don't have much time to waist." He snapped his fingers at her and marched out of the room smiling to himself. Riddhima pouted but then couldn't help it and broke out in a smile. She walked up to the full length mirror in front of her and stood looking at her red and swollen eyes and said to herself "I was so wrong Armaan. I never told you all this thinking that you might hate me or worst pity me but no I was so wrong. You do love me and I am ready to go wherever you want to take me."

She walked down the stairs in her salwaar kameez and looked for Armaan who came out of the kitchen with an apron around his pink polo t-shirt and blue jeans and a chef's hat on his head. She had an amused smile on her face.
Armaan came out of the kitchen and saw her standing on the stairs in her plain red salwaar kameez…………..he felt that he was all over again struck by the cupids arrow. He was seeing his Riddhima after 4 years……….the woman who had been with him till now was some cold woman who was trying to protect herself by hiding in her shell…………this was his real Riddhima……..beautiful and innocent……….no attitude or cold menacing air around her. Her hair wet from the shower. A small sweet smile playing on her lips. She was walking towards him and Armaan was suddenly suffocating and then he realized that he had held his breath….he exhaled and felt her perfume engulf him……………she was the very goddess of beauty and purity regardless of what her past had been because for Armaan Riddhima was everything that was pure, serene, pious and beautiful.
She was standing close to him now……..they both were staring into each others eyes. Riddhima broke the eye lock when the aroma of her favourite aloo paranthas reached her nose and she was about to go into the kitchen when Armaan grabbed her arm and stopped her, turning her around he said in the same authoritative tone "Go and sit. I'll get it." and then on an impulse he placed a light kiss on her lips and went inside the kitchen.
Camerone saw Riddhima in her red salwaar kameez and was shocked. Riddhima had given up everything of her past but then when he saw her moving towards Armaan he instantly realized that Armaan brought the change. He was getting his Riddhima back by killing the riddhima that Camerone had created. When he saw the romantic scene between the two he smiled and stepped out of the house without making any noise. He came to his car and ordered the driver to take him to a hotel.
Riddhima saw Armaan emerge out of the kitchen. He placed the yummy aloo-prathas in front of Riddhima and without even wasting a second she attacked onto them.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm…………Armaan this is sinfully delicious. Your cooking has improved a lot. Its yummy. I am going to eat all these and then get as fat as a Cuban woman." she smiled and continued to gorge on the paranthas. Armaan sat down next to her and said "Not a bad idea. You get as fat as a Cuban woman and then I'll ditch you." He smiled evilly and Riddhima chuckled and grabbing his chin between her fingers said in a sinister voice "Oh no you won't Armaan malik because you are in love with me. And you dare lay your eyes on any women and I'll cut her into a billion small pieces." saying that she pecked on Armaan's cheek and picked another parantha from the plate and continued to eat greedily while Armaan kept watching her with loads of love and satisfaction.

"Riddhima what do you think you are doing? Are you crazy? You are going to be wet come out….
Armaan stopped when Riddhima threw some water at him.
"Oh no………..Dr.Riddhima gupta you are in danger so now run for your life." saying that Armaan ran after Riddhima on the beach where they had come to spend a few silent moments but were now running around like maniacs.
Finally Armaan reached Riddhima and grabbing her by the waist spinned her around in the air and fell with her on the ground………Riddhima on top of him with her back against his chest and her open hair on his face. She got off him and laid down next to him, placing her head on his chest. They both were silent for a long time when Riddhima finally broke the silence and said in an emotional voice "Thanks for taking an off from Sanjeevani…………thanks for bringing me here………..thanks for helping me reach out to who I really am……….thanks for hearing me out last night………..thanks for supporting me………thanks for waiting for me for 4 long years……….thanks for always being there." She paused and getting up on her elbow placed her forehead against his and spoke in an intoxicated voice "Thanks for loving me unconditionally always." She stopped. Armaan cupped her face and said "You made me fall in love with you…………you left me for 4 years…… came back and tortured me…….you rejected my love and broke my heart with your words but today I am glad that you did that because now I know that there is nothing stronger then my love for you and I can't live without you. You are way above god himself for me Riddhima and I ………
Befor he could say anything further Riddhima sealed his lips with hers…..her kiss itself spoke volumes….it expressed everything………gratitude, pain, compassion, love and passion. Armaan couldn't stop himself and he placed his hands around her waist but didn't intensify the kiss afraid that she might get scared again. She broke the kiss but didn't move away…….their faces were touching each other and lips were brushing against each other……..Armaan's breath stopped when he heard her say "Armaan I love you." Armaan was even more shocked when she suddenly got up and ran into the water with her arms open wide and stared screaming " I LOVE YOU……..I LOVE YOU ARMAAN………I LOVE YOU……….RIDDHIMA LOVES YOU…………….RIDDHIMA LOVES ARMAAN" Armaan stood up and was amazed by her the sudden change in her and then he saw her running back to him…she hugged him tightly and said in a barely audible voice "Riddhima loves you Armaan. I love you." She kissed his wet chest and looking into his eyes said "You love me don't you? You would never leave me right?" a lone tear rolled down Armaan's eye and he picked up Riddhima in his arms and took her towards their car.
They drove towards a temple. Armaan didn't speak anything throughout the drive and ignored Riddhima's questions. When they reached there he walked to her side and helped her out. They walked iside the temple and reached near the shiv idol resting inside with a diya burning in front of it. He walked towards the diya and to Riddhima's shock he placed his hand right above the flame and began in an immensely serious voice "Riddhima gupta, I Armaan malik have been in love with you from the very day I saw you at the very boring Sanjeevani hospital. Your beautiful smile and deep eyes stole my heart the very moment I saw them. The 6 years that I have known you have been the most beautiful period of my life and not for the world am I ready to forget a single moment of it even the time we were separated I was glad that atleast you existed in my life. When 5 years back you once told me that you loved my voice and singing I actually started to rehearse everyday and was always desperate for a chance to sing for you and that day when I saw you in that beautiful red saree I knew that I was ready to give my whole life to you. Every time you smiled I felt my heart stop….every time you stood closer to me I forgot the world…….every time you spoke my name it seemed the world's most beautiful word………every time we kissed I felt complete and every time you cried I felt the pain rush through me. Today standing in front of god I declare that I have been madly in love with you from last 6 years and this love has grown with every passing moment. Now no matter what happens I promise to protect and love you till the very end of time." He finally stopped and saw a tearful Riddhima walk toward him. She was about to say something but then her gaze fell on his hand which was still above the flame………she gasped and quickly took his hand into hers. She turned it and saw that it was completely red and slightly blistered. The tears now fell on his hand. She kissed the hand a million times and then placed it against her cheek trying to soak all the pain into herself.
She looked into his eyes and said "I can't repeat the whole speech so all that I can say is I love you." Armaan broke into a smile and they both were caught into an eye locking session but were brought out of it in no time by the thunder of applause given by the crowd of people standing in the temple. They blushed and after saying there prayers left the temple but Armaan didn't let go of Riddhima's hand even once.

"That was one long day. I am so tired." Armaan plopped down on the bed next to Riddhima.
"Dr.Armaan if you are tired then please go and sleep in your room and please let me do the same." Armaan suddenly got serious and placing a hand on Riddhima's shoulder spoke in a pleading voice "Riddhima remember how we slept last night……can't we do that again and I promise you I won't do anything that you don't want me to. I have never slept this peacefully…….please we'll just sleep."
Riddhima smiled and agreed. Armaan sat down on the bed with his head resting against the board of the bed…..Riddhima rested her body against his in between his legs…..her back was against his chest and face in the curve of his neck. He placed his arms around her and before they knew it they both were asleep with a content smile on their lips.


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