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part 24 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2),


"Ye to vohi Club hai... Jahan inka Break up huaa tha..." Shilpa thought as she closely observed the dance floor that same Club when he knowingly hurted her which resulted their confession an unknown smile reached her lips remembering that day she was walking slowly slowly cherishing their every moments while remembering about him when her eyes landed on a couple where the boy was manifying his GF and seeing this something came back on her mind A same party like this only it was held by Aditya-Aaysha for their Anniversary where she went wd Shagun wdout him and how he came there made her to remember that day smilingly it was after a week of their 3rd Anniversary


Raato se teri

Guzar jaaynge

Koi ishaara to karo...

"Bracelet...!!" a sudden loud voice made her startled while everyone who were present in the Hall looked at Armaan whose eyes stopped at his Bracelet where as hearing this she immediately turned back at him while Aaysha giggled wd who she was talking few minutes ago "Bracelet.. Kahan thi tum.. Kabse dundh raha hun.. Tumhe" Armaan spoke in scolding voice stooding in front of her who eyed him to keep quiet "Pehle jawab do... Bracelet" ignoring her eyes he asked sternly where as everyone who were watching them smiled

"Armaan... Aap do minute shaant nai reh sakte..." she spoke slowly glaring him when

"Aaysha raat bahoot ho chuki hai.. Hum chalte hai haa..." Ignoring her compeletly he spoke polietly to aaysha who nodded in YES wd a giggle "Thank u so much... Chalo Bracelet..." holding her by her waist he spoke sweetly looking at her who glared in return "Adi se main mil chuka hun... So see yaa.. not to forget Happy Anniversary... Aur Shivya ko meri taraf se gud night... Saath mein meri taraf se ek thappad Shagun ko haa... Bye" saying this he grabbed Shilpa's wrist

"Bye Armaan... Main sabko jo tumne kaha hai keh dungi..." Aaysha spoke controling her giggle "gud night Bracelet..." she spoke teasingly to Shilpa who glared her and before she could say something Armaan took her from there leaving Aaysha giggling

"Armaan.. Aisa koi karta hai... Sabke saamne mujhe Bracelet bulaana... Sab kya sochenge..." She spoke angrily as they moved out from the Hall

"Pehle... Tum ye batao.. Mujhe bina bataaye tum aayi.. Kyun?" he also asked in same tone

"Armaan.. Ye kaisa sawaal hai... Aap busy thae... To Shagun ne pucha.. Aur maine haa keh di bas..." she spoke normally while moving ahead

"Oh come on Bracelet... Tum ache se jaanti ho.. Agar tum mujhse kehti to main.. Zaroor aata par nai... Tumhe to sirf apni padi hai" he spoke angrily while making her stand behind a wall and jammed her b/w him and the wall

"Offo! Aapka main kya karun..." holding her head she spoke tierdly when removing her hand he came closer to her who raised her bows

"Pyaar karo..." he spoke huskily nuzzling on her neck

"Armaan... Hum ghar pe nai hai" pushing him lightly she spoke annoyingly

"To.. Chalo ghar pe chalte hai..." he spoke coolly while pulling her closer by her waist

"Pehle ye batao sabke saamne... Bracelet bulaane ki kya jarurat thi... Sab mujhe ghoor rahe thae... Soch rahe honge ki kitna ajeeb naam hai is ladki ka" she spoke wd pouted lips while keeping her hands on his chest who chuckled

"Aree.. Ye tumhare Patidev ne rakkha hai.. To respect karo iski..." he spoke in full serious voice rubbing her cheek wd his nose tip

"Offo! Armaan.. Aapse to baat karna bekaar hai... Hatiye" saying this angrily she moved to go only to come back again on his arms by his hands

"Aree waah Bracelet.. aaj black saari n all haa... mere liye kiya.." he asked teasingly trying to cool down her anger who rolled her eyes

"In ur dreams... Party ka theme black tha.. To is liye pehna... Zyada khush femi mein rehne ki jarurat nai hai" she spoke not intrestingly where as he chuckled while playing wd her saari's end which was a chifon black saari wd thin navy blue border her on her hands navy blue bangals were making noises while her hairs are straight making her hot where as his attire was same to same but wd little change like he wore a black shirt wd beighe colour pant but his wrist watch was black & Navy blue colour

"Acha thik hai chalo.. Mere paas tumhare liye ek surprise hai" holding her wrist he turned to go when

"Nai mujhe koi surprise nai dekhna... Mujhe ghar jaana hai" pulling her hand back she spoke stubbornly

"Tch.. Kya yaar... Chalo chup chap" he made a face

"Nai matlab nai" crossing her arms she spoke wd pouted lips

"To tum nai aaogi..." he stood infront of her who nodded in YES "Pakka..." he asked in serious tone "Soch lo Bracelet... Main kuch b kar sakta hun" he said calmly

"Jo karna hai aap karo.. Main jaa rahi hun ghar" she spoke wd attitude and turned to go when

"Aree Sasurji.. Yahan kya kar rahe hai" he spoke frowningly looking behind her who thought he is joking

"Armaan agar aap mujhe darane k liye keh rahe hai.. To pehle bata dun mujhe farq nai padega.." pointing her index finger at him she warned

"Main sach keh raha hun..." he spoke calmly but something clicked on his brain "But tum peeche mat dekhna... Kyun ki tumhe dekh k tumhare.. Papa sochenge.. Ki ye itni raat ko yahan kya kar rahi hai.. Kyun ki main to chup jaaunga" he spoke teasingly bending his head near her ear

"Aapko lagta hai.. Main yakeen karlungi... Huh mujhe pata hai ki aap jhut bol rahe hai" she said in challenging way to which he smirked

"To fir peeche mat mudo... Aur ghar jaao akeli... Fir dena jawab tumhare Papa ko" he spoke coolly putting his hands inside his pant's pockets

"Mujhe pata hai vo vaha nai hai..." she spoke proudly and turned to see back only to got stunned seeing her father talking wd some of his friends "Papa.." getting scared she hide behind him who controlled hard not to laugh

"Gosh.. Bracelet.. Tum apne Husband k saath ho boyfriend k nai..." turning at her he spoke wd a chuckle

"Aap.. Aap pehle nai bata sakte the.. Ki Papa yaha hai" smacking his arm she spoke angrily

"Oh Hello.. Kabse main gaana gaa raha tha... Na... Ki tumhe sunnai nai diya" he spoke sarcastically when she put her palm on his lips shushing him quiet and took him behind a pillar "Oohhhooo... Kya iraada hai tumhara" he asked teasingly only to get a glare in return

"Armaan.. Papa yahan kya kar rahe hai..??" peeping her head to look for her father she asked slowly while putting her both hands on his chest who was staring at her smilingly he was jammed b/w her and the pillar "Boliye..." she looked at him for answer

"Sorry.. Unhone mujhe nai bataya..." he whispered not intrestingly pulling her more closer who glared "Aree mujhe kya pata... Aaye honge.. Itna bada Hall hai.. Kisi friends se milne aaye honge... Aur tum itna kya dar rahi ho yaar... Papa hai vo tumhaare..." he spoke annoyingly to which she thought he is right

"Hmm... I think aap sahi keh rahe ho... Chalo milte hai" nodding in YES she moved to go making him narrowed his eyes

"No ways... Baad mein milna.. Pehle mera surprise" he pulled her back on her original place

"Armaan.. Papa" she dragged his name

Aankhon me dekho


Naye khwab

Kch chal rahe hai...

"Nai pehle.. Armaan baad mein koi aur..." He almost ordered her who pouted while looking away from him "Tch! Yaar... See agar mujhe tumhe yahan sabke saath chodna hi hota to main tumhe itni jaldi lene kyun aata... Means main chahta hun tumhara pura focus sirf mujhpe rahe baad mein koi aur... Agar main tumhare saath hun.. To main nai chahta ki tum kisi aur ko importance do.. Chahe tumhare Papa ho yaa koi aur" he spoke softly while making her face him

"Par..." she opened her mouth to scold him when he bended his head to kiss her who put her palm on his lips stopping him "Armaan har waqt romance.. Bhul gayye hum kisi hall k corridor mein khade hai" she spoke in scolding tone to which he got angry not compeletely while crossing his arms

"U know what Bracelet... Dekh lena ek din tum mujhe aur mere romance dono ko miss karogi... U will crave for me I know" he spoke proudly "Insaan ki kadar hi nai hai tumhe huh... Patthar ki sanam..." he spoke wd fake sad anger while she controlled her coming laugh "I mean seriously yaar... Main yahan itne romantic mood mein hun.. Aur tumhe pata nai kya kya padi hai..." he shook his head looking away from her "Dekh lena Bracelet... Tum mujhe bahoot miss karogi... Aur tarsogi mere liye aur mere tute hue dil k liye" pointing at her he spoke in fake anger

"Acha aisa aap kahan jaa rahe hai.. Jo main aapko miss karungi" hiding her smile she asked while putting her both hands behind her back

"Singapore.. Do din baad.. Fir dekhna tum mujhe miss karogi.. But main sirf kaam mein dhyaan dunga... Tumpe nai... Tab tumhe realize hoga meri importance" replying her wd attitude he turned away from her who giggled

"To fir thik hai.. Main kisi aur chiz mein busy ho jaaungi..." she spoke in fake serious tone

"Tumhe sachmein kadar nai na.. Apne is handsome Husband ki... To fir thik hai main b tumme bilkul intrested nai hun.." he spoke coolly making her chuckled "Main serious hun haa..." he spoke in serious tone

"Oh.. I see..." she nodded in fake scared tone making him to glare her

"Soch raha hun Damam jaaun... Actually Jessica mujhe miss kar rahi thi.. To soch raha hun usse b mill lun... Vo kya haina bahoot din ho gayye" he spoke wd a smirk just to tease her who hearing Jessica fumed but loosing not her cool she pretended she don't care

"To fir jaaiye na.. Mujhe b sukoon rahega..." saying this in extra sweet tone she moved ahead only to stop by a tug on her saari's end "Armaan..." she glared as she saw him holding her saari's end

"Haa bolo na Armaan ki jaan..." he grinned pulling her closer by her saari who eyed him only to caged in his arms

"Armaan... Kya badtameezi hai ye... Hum kahin bahar hai... Chodiye mujhe" trying to free herself she spoke angrily

"Naah.. Pehle tum chalogi mere saath... Bolo" he asked teasingly bitting her ear lightly making her heartbeat skipped

"Offo! Kahan..?" moving her head back she asked angrily

"Vo surprise hai..." he chuckled seeing her cute angry face "Bolo chalogi... Varna main nai chodunga" he spoke wd a grin while she knows she don't have any option except to agree wd him

"Fine chalungi..." she spoke wd a pout making him smile "Ab chodiye..." she looked at him angrily

"I luv u..." kissing her cheeks he leaved her and grabbing her hand took her out

"Par hum jaa kahan rahe hai...??" she asked confusedly as they both sat in car

"Bracelet surprise ka matlab kya reh jaayga fir..." He looked at her while driving the car

"Armaan aage dekhiye..." she warned making him to looked ahead

Shayad khuda

Ki hai marzi

Hum aur tum

Mil rahe hai...

"Aage kuch nai hai... Jo dekhna hai vo to yahan hai" he flirted to which she smacked on head

"Drive karo..." she pointed to which he gave a flying kiss making her smile while shaking her head

"Aa gayye..." stopping the car on side he moved out from it following by her

"Beach.." she frowned as she saw the beach

"To ye hai tumhara surprise..." his exciting voice made her to look at him "To kaisa laga??" he asked happily entwining their fingers

"Haaww... Iske liye aapne mujhe us Party se laaya..." she asked frowning

"Haa to..." he replied nonchalantly while moving wd her on beach slowly

"Armaan... Sirf ek beach hi to hai.. Isme surprise kaisa" she asked confusedly but hearing this his heart fell

"Kyun tumhe acha nai laga...?" he asked in serious tone stopping them

"Nai... Bilkul nai" she replied slowly looking up at him who nodding in YES sadly thought to do something else for her when he felt a kiss on his cheek "I luv u..." whispering slowly she giggled looking at him who got amused by her

"To iska kya matlab samjhun main..." he asked smilingly pulling her closer by her waist who blushed

"Iska matlab ye hai.. Thank u" she giggled gripping his arm who grinned

"Nautanki... Chalo..." shaking his head he walked wd her when

"Ek minute Armaan..." stopping him she took out her sandals while handling her saari making him smile "Ab aap b..." she spoke smilingly

"Tumna Bracelet..." he smiled and took out his shoes which she grabbed and threw that on back seat of their car wd her sandals "Bracelet aaram se... Dodna mat" he spoke loudly as he saw her coming towards him hurriedly

"Chalo..." she giggled entwining their fingers making him to kiss her head lovingly who blushed and they walked wd bare foot on the cold sand "Wow...!!" she smiled as she felt cool under her feet where as her hairs were flying by wind making him chuckled

"To ab nai jaana Party mein?" he asked teasingly pulling her closer by her waist

"Nai main jaati but socha aap akele pad jaaoge..." she spoke in fake serious tone

"Acha..." he pulled her more closer

"Haa..." she giggled to which he kissed her cheek lovingly who smiled "Acha Armaan... Beach kyun??" she asked confusedly as they both sat on sand while holding each other's arms

Hum aur tum

Mil rahe hai...

"Aree.. Kal hi tumne kaha tha ki.. Tumhe beach pe jaana hai.. But main busy tha... So aaj jaise hi time mila kheech laaya tumhe yahan" he replied normally looking at her who kept her head on his shoulder slowly "Kya huaa... Bracelet? Shaant kyun ho gayi?" he asked lovingly ruffling her hairs lightly

"Bas aise hi..." she replied slowly hugging his arm

"Naah.. Kuch to baat hai.." he asked coolly making her looked up at him

"Armaan.. Aap sach mein Singapore jaa rahe ho??" She asked softly staring at him who chuckled "Kyaa...??" she frowned seeing him smiling

"Mazak tha vo pagal..." he replied laughingly while sitting comfortably on sand

"Haaww... Aapne mujhse jhut bola" she pouted

Chahoge jab tum

Karib aaynge

Koi ishaara toh karo...

"Jhut kaha maine bas kaha agar main chala jaunga to..." he spoke nonchalantly looking at her who glared him "Koi faida nai tum aise looks mein b mujhe.. Hot lagti ho..." he flirted making her jaw down "I luv my... Shona" he kissed on her cheek lovingly who forgot all her anger

"Agar aapne ab aisa mazak kiya na..." she pointed her index finger at him who smirked

"To mujhe kiss kar lena bas..." his nonchantic answer made her roll her eyes "Acha ab gussa chodo.. Just enjoy the weather yaar..." pulling her closer he spoke smilingly which made her smile

"Aap na..." she spoke smilingly pinching his nose who smiled

"I know best hun" he cutted her who giggled "Tumhe pata hai Bracelet... Aaaj tum itni tempting lag rahi ho ki pucho mat... Maan karta hai kha jaaun... Tumhe" his teasing comments made her blushed "Par abhi nai.. Thodi daer baad... U know ghar pe..." he spoke huskily moving to kiss her

"Armaan... Hum bahar hai" she glared pushing him who chuckled

"To fir thik hai... Thodi der baad ghar jaaynge..." he winked making her hell blushed and he hugged her tightly enjoying the chilly wheather

"Hey.. Watch out girl..." a girl's voice brought her back from the flashback only to find a tall girl infront of her wd a glass of drink

"Sorry..." Shilpa apologized slowly looking up at the girl who wore a revealing golden one piece till her thighs

"Yaa... Yaa... Party mein aayi hi kyun.. Jab dekh k nai chal sakti.. Huh.." saying this she went from there blancing herself and Shilpa guessed she must have drunked so shaking her head she moved ahead to go when she find her self on some corner side of Club

"Main yahan kaise...??" she mumbled confusedly looking around "Shayad sochte sochte.. Yahan aa gayi main..." she thought "Tu pagal hai Shilpa... Bhul kyun nai jaati vo sab yaadein aur baate... Jab use yaad nai.. To tu kyun soch rahi hai... Its high time Shilpa... Move on" her mind scolded her "Itna easy nai hai... Kisi k saath reh k ussi k saath move on... Kuch yaadein bas dil mein rakhne k liye hoti hai" her heart tried to make her chear who was again stuck between her Present and Past she didn't knew when she walked in corner side where three mans were drinking and looking at her one of a man elbowed the second one who stood followinged by the other two and then the three blocked her way who looked at them and realized she entered in some wrong place

"Hey... Dance karogi mere saath" first one flirted her who got scared and immediately turned back to leave when the second man blocked her way

"Side..." controlling her fear she tried to show strong

"Itni b kya jaldi hai... Hamaare saath dance to karlo" second one spoke teasingly trying to hold her hairs who immediately slapped hard on his face making the three stunned

"Don't u dare to touch me... Now move" saying this angrily she moved to go when one of a man pulled her hand harshly "Aaashhh..." she whinced in pain as that man twisted her hand

"Seedhe seedhe.. Nai samjhta na..." he twisted her hand more

"Aaahh... Chodo mujhe" she spoke painfully

"Is thappad ka badla to hum lenge ab" the second man pulled her hairs harshly whose eyes started welling

"Armaan..." she shouted trying to free herself but coz of loud music no one heard her painful voice also they were at corner where no one can see

"Heyyy... Muski Shilpa kahan gayi...?? Armaan asked worriedly coming on floor where Muskaan was dancing

"Oye vohi to baithi thi vo... Dekh yehin kahin hogi" Muskaan spoke confusedly

"Thik hai.. Main dekhta hun" nodding in YES he went to search her while trying to call her when some girl bumped wd him

"Ouch...!" she spoke as she bumped wd him who stepped back mummbling a small sorry to her and tried again to call Shilpa while the girl was staring him dazedly she blinked her eyes to see him clearly coz she is drunk she was the same girl who bumped wd Shilpa few minutes ago "I like u..." helding his wrist she spoke dazely

"What??" he looked at her strangely who came infront of him

"U know... I am falling for u..." moving closer to him she spoke huskily while moving her hand to touch his face

"Lagta hai isne kuch zyada hi pee rakhi hai..." he thought while moving his head back

"Chodo mujhe..." Shilpa shouted pushing that man who tried to touch her

"Tu iska haath pakad main.. Iska muh band karta hun.." third man spoke hurriedly while moving his hand to take out a hankerchief from pocket while other to grabbed her wrists who is trying hard to free herself while tears were moving out from her eyes when something clicked her brain and stumping her heel hard on one of a man's leg she pulled her hand back

"Aaahhh..." he shouted in pain which made the two other mans to look at him and getting the chance she pushed the other man hard on floor and ran from there

"Aree pakad usko..." third man shouted running behind her who ran fast from there while controlling her tears

"Agar tum kaho to hum ek Room mein b jaa sakte hai..." putting her whole balance on him she flirted

"Hattoo... Stupid.." pushing her lightly he spoke annoyingly when she again came on him "R u mad or what??" he spoke angrily

"U r soo hot..." she flirted tracing his face by her index finger making him to control his temper

"Armaan..." a scared Shilpa looked here & there for her Husband on dance floor when her eyes landed on bar counter "Armaan..." wiping her tears she moved to call him but her feet stopped as she saw a girl on him Something broke into million pieces inside her while tears again started making out from her eyes

"Yaar... Ye kya nayi musibat hai.." he spoke annoyingly looking away from her only to stop on his Wife who looks hurt & shattered while her condition looks worst and before he could moved towards her she ran from there wipping her tears "Hatto..." pushing the girl hard he ran behind her

"I hate u... Nafrat hai mujhe aapse..." she spoke angrily while crying bitterly "Kahan jaaun main..." she cried hard looking helplessly around the Parking Lot when

"Ye rahi vo... Iski himmat ko to todna padega..." that same man whom she pushed came infront of her while other two stand behind her who didn't cared what is happening the only thing which is going inside her mind is Armaan being wd other girl

"Aahhh..." she whined in pain as the third man again twisted her hand

"Kabse mauka dekh rahe the ki kab Club se niklegi ye... Ab tujhe dikhaunga asli thappad ka mazza" First man smirked and moved to touch her hairs when his hand being fisted by someone

Naa chahoge to

Chale jaaynge

Koi ishaara to karo...

"Fir to mujhe b dekhna hai... Mazza" twisting the man's hand hard Armaan asked calmly and pushed him on floor where as seeing him her anger frustration hurt pain everything increased

"Tu kaun..." before the second man complete his question he got a hard punch on his face which resulted him on floor which made the third man scared and he left her hand immediately

"Himmat kaise hui usse touch karne ki..." punching the third man hard on his face he twisted his hand behind his back just like he did wd Shilpa

"Sorryy..." he yelled in pain to Which Armaan pushed him on floor angrily and again pulled him up by his collars

"Maafi maang... Abhi" Armaan spoke angrily while pushing him infront of Shilpa who was numb to react on anything

"Mujhe maaf kardo... I am sorryy..." he apologized painfully to which she stepped back while tears were still there on her eyes

"Niklo yahan se teeno.. Varna main jaan se b maar sakta hun.." controlling his temper he warned angrily to which they three ran from there scarily leaving the two alone there and gathering some courage he stood infront of her "I am sorryy... Meri wajah se tum is situation mein land hui... Par main tumhe dhundh raha tha kahan thi tum??" he spoke slowly hesitantly but ignoring him she moved ahead controlling hard her tears also her anger "Shilpa..." he frowned and ran behind her "Shilpa.. Kya huaa..." making her turn at him by her hand he asked confusedly but her tearful eyes made him stunned his eyes landed on her hairs which were messed up "Shilpa I am sorry yaar... Mujhe nai pata tha..." he apologized worriedly seeing her tears who cried hard "I am reallyy sorry... Plzz mujhe maaf kardo plzz..." he struggled to cup her face "And trust me... Vo ladki..." he tried to explain himself while keeping his hands on her cheek when she jerked his hand angrily as they contacted wd her skin

Kabi na kabi to

khatam hi

Ho jaayngi apni


"HAATH MAT LAGAIYE MUJHE... NAFRAT HAI MUJHE AAPSE..." at last loosing her control she took out all her frustration and anger but hearing her words he became stunned

"Shilpa..." he whispered stepping towards her who stepped back tearfully

"PLZZ... MERA NAAM APNE MUH SE MAT LIJYE... NAFRAT KARTI HUN MAIN AAPSE AAPKE NAAM SE..." she yelled hurtfully breaking something unknown inside him "AAPNE SAMAJH K KYA RAKKHA HAI MUJHE... JAB CHAHE MAANN KIYA DHAKKA DE DIYA.. JAB MAANN KIYA KARIB AA GAYE... JAB MAANN KIYA BAAT KIYA JAB MAANN KIYA GUSSA KIYA... THAPPAD MAAR DIYA.. SORRY BOL DIYA..." she shouted angrily but tears were there in her eyes "KAHA CHEHRA MAT DIKHAO.. MERI FAMILY MEIN BOLO MAT... TO NAI DIKHAYA MAINE CHEHRA FIR KYA JARURAT HAI BAAR BAAR MERE SAAMNE AANE KI..." she yelled frustratingly making him shocked "AFFAIR AAPKA HAI DUSRI LADKIYO SE... KEHNA TO MUJHE CHAHIYE KI APNA CHEHRA MAT DIKHAO... BUT MAINE FIR B KUCH NAI BOLA... YE SOCH KI KOI BAAT NAI.. Shayad main hi bich mein aa gayi.. Aapke aur Kritika k..." she spoke in broken voice looking down on ground where as hearing her words he became hurt but didn't said anything coz its first time she is opening up her silence "Par nai... Aapke to har kisi k saath affair karna hai" as she said this he jerked her towards him by her shoulders

"Koi affair nai hai mera.. Samjhi.. Kiya k saath b... Nai.. Kisi ki saath b nai... Plz trust me Shilpa" he whispered softly staring at her wd moist eyes when she pushed him

"TRUST... kis trust ki baat kar rahe hai aap.. Vo trust jo maine aappe kiya tha.. Jab aapne ye kaha tha ki.. Main ye shaadi regret karta hun.. Tumhe regret karta hun" she yelled wd moist eyes making him to close his eyes guiltfully "Yaa fir vo trust jo.. Itna sab sunne k baad b mai aapse ye puchne aa rahi thi... Ki jo aapne kaha vo jhut tha na... Koi to reason hoga ye socha tha puchne ko... Par main tab b galat nikli... Aapne us trust ko toda... Mujhe toda" she said in crack voice making him more sad that she trusted him on that time also

"Shilpa... Vo sab ek natak... Mera aur Kiya ka koi affair nai hai... Main to bas uski problem..." he moved to make her understand that it was fake but she stepped back

"Plzz Armaan... Jhut bolne ki jarurat nai hai.. Main sab kuch jaanti hun... Ki aap aur Kiya ek dusre se pyaar karte thae.. But bich mein main gayi... Aur aapko Aapki family ki pasand se shaadi karni padi..." she said hurtfully making him exasperated "Bas ek baar keh dete aap Armaan ki aap kisi aur se pyaar karte hai.. Main khud hat jaati aapke raaste se... Par main uske liye b aapko blame nai karti... Kyun ki main samajhti hun... Ye shaadi aapki marzi se nai thi... Lekin dukh to is baat ka hai ki aap Kiya ko b dhoka de rahe ho..." she sniffed while he is controlling hard his tamper coz of her blames he have all the answers of her blames & misunderstandings but he didn't knew why he said nothing but her last words made him furious

Tab tak mera saath dena

Jitni b lambi ho raate...

"Kisi ko dhoka nai de raha hun main... Kiya ko to bilkul nai... Kyun ki vo mere liye kuch maayine nai rakhti... Aur raha sawal tumhara... To maine kabhi b tumse..." piercing his teeth angrily he pulled her towards him

"Fir jhut..." she pushed him again who opened her mouth to make her understand when she said something which made his feet jammed "Har baar jhut... MAIN HI PAGAL THI JO AAPSE PYAAR KAR BAITHI.." as she uttered this words in broken tone while her head was bowed down where as hearing this his heartbeat skipped as if this world stopped for seconds "ITNA SAB JAANE K BAAD B NAFRAT NAI KAR PAA RAHI... I HATE MYSELF... FOR LOVING U..." she cried stepping back where as he was rooted at the spot Did she actually said she loves him?? He thought "JITNI TAKLEEF MUJHE UN GUNDO NE YAA FIR KISI AUR NE NAI DI... USSE KAI ZYADA TAKLEEF MUJHE AAPSE PYAAR KARNE PE MILI HAI... NAFRAT HAI MUJHE APNE AAPSE KI MAIN AAP JAISE INSAAN SE PYAAR KARTI HUN..." her voice became cracked and she cried hiding her face in her palms Where as he is bewildered by her words she really loves him he can see on her face but do he love her?? he didn't knew how to react on this but seeing her helpless and crying he stepped ahead to console her

"Sss... Shi... Shilpa... Stop crying yaar" he fumbled while moving his hands to cup her face who removed her palms from her face while stepping back

"PLZZ... MUJHSE DUR RAHIYEE..." raising her hand she said hurtfully while he didn't knew what to do "Aur aapko itna afsos jatane ki jarurat nai hai ki.. Bechari mujhse pyaar karti hai aur main nai... Par main bata dun.. Ab main aapse pyaar nai karti..." saying this in strong voice she turned to go while he was still standing on his place Shocked Bewildered Stunned Surprised He didn't knew how he should handle this situation?? Coz he never ever thought in his dreams also that she loves him which is so deeply but she also said she regret this feeling which didn't matched wd her eyes Yes how can he forgot her trails to gain his attentions in Bhopal the way she took care of him and his needs was clear now Why she always understands what he wanted?? How she guessed what he wanted to say?? Why she bears his anger & frustration? Now everything got cleared like a water Coz SHE LOVES HIM that was the reason behind her support and care but the major question is Do he have something like LOVE in his heart for her?? When his eyes looked for her in parking lot only to find it empty

"Shilpa..." he shouted worriedly looking for her when it clicked on his brain that she ran outside the parking lot his heart started beating fast as he didn't found her anywhere even outside the parking lot also when he saw her standing on side of road may be waiting for some Taxi or something

"Shilpa..." he took a sigh as he saw her who have crossed her arms while she is sniffing making his heart beat increased he slowly walked towards her when he saw a Rickshaw stopped infront of her

"Mam... Kahin jaana hai??" that Rickshaw man asked politely to which she moved to sat inside when someone stopped her by her hand making her looked up only to got angry seeing Armaan

"Chalo ghar chalen..." he spoke calmly when she pulled her hand back angrily from his firm grip

"Mujhe aapke saath nai jaana..." she spoke slowly but anger was visible in her voice

"Shilpa hum ghar chalke... Baat.." but before he could say something she sat inside the Rickshaw making him to calm himself for breaking something

"Aap chaliye Bhaiyaa..." Shilpa said to the driver who nodded in YES slowly guessing the situation serious

"Kahan jaana hai...?" he asked politely when Armaan sat inside the Rickshaw beside her who didn't budge to look at him

Jitni b lambi ho

"Bandra...Malik Mansion..." Armaan answer instead of her while Driver started the Rickshaw where as Armaan looked at her who is looking outside still wd wet eyes "Hmm... Sorryy" he whispered while forwarding his handkerchief infront of her who looked down at handkerchief then at him who is staring her expectantly but she turned her face opposite him in short ignoring him "Kyaa ho raha hai ye sab yaar meri life mein" he thought looking at other side thinking what to do next?? Coz he didn't knew about his feelings about her the only thing he knew about his heart for her is he can't live wdout her nothing else he knew

"Ye kya kiya tune pagal... Ab ye khush hoga ki.. Tu b baaki sab Wives ki tarah nikli... Isse pyaar kar baithi.. Jaise sab Wives karti hai... Dekh lena ek din ye is chiz ka mazaak banayga..." her mind scolded her "Par tu ye kyun observe nai kar rahi ki.. Vo kyun tere peeche aaye... Vo tujhse pyaar karte hai Shilpa.. Bas unhe pata nai..." her heart took his side "Baccha hai vo jo usse pata nai... Dekh Shilpa ye pyaar vyaar k chakkar mein wapas mat jaa" her mind warned her when

"Sir Malik Mansion..." Driver stopped the Rickshaw infront of their house and as he stopped the Rickshaw she moved out and ran from there leaving him there alone who shook his head

"Thank u..." paying the money he moved out from that Rickshaw and that Rickshaw went from there "Ab...??" standing outside his house he stared quietly on floor still not recovered from from her confession then slowly slowly walked inside while putting his hands inside his pant's pockets

Inside the House

"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u... Rehaan?" Surbhi spoke angrily on phone

"To tumhi bata do main kya idea dunn..." Rehaan said tierdly while sitting on bed

"Acha ruko... Agar hum unhe koi video gift karen... Unke shaadi se lekar ab tak ki journey tak..." She spoke excietedly

"Nai Surbhi... Tum ache se jaanti ho... Ki Bhaijaan ko apne life ki teen saal mahine nai yaad hai... To vo kuch feel nai kar paaynge... Aur uper se videos dekh k unke mann mein kai sawaal aa jaaynge" he tried to make her understand polietly

"Haa.. Vo to hai... To fir kya gift karen hum un dono ki.. Unki fourth anniversary pe" She bit her nails laying beside Anant who is sleeping peacefully

"Surbhi... Kyun na hum unhe ek Collage gift karden?" he asked thoughtfully

"Wow!! Rehaan..." she spoke excitedly "Acha idea hai..." she smiled

"Par Surbhi... Ek problem hai" he spoke doubtfully making her frown "Hum usme vohi pic add kar sakte hai.. Jo Bhaijaan ko yaad ho... Varna unke mann mein questions aaynge" he said softly

"Haa vo to hai... But Mr Khan ka Shilpa k saath bahoot kam hi pics hai... Unke accident k baad ka to unke bahoot kam hi pics hai" she said confusedly sitting on bed

"Haa... Kuch to karna padega" he nodded and they both started thinking something when "Acha Surbhi tum... Un dono ka saath mein ab pics kheech sakti ho?" he asked slowly

"Haa kheech to sakti hun... Par utna time nai hai hamare paas Rehaan... Teen din baad unki Anniversary hai... Itni jaldi itne saare moments kaise capture karungi mai... Vaise b dono saath mein nai rehte" she replied confusedly

"Mere paas ek plan hai... Suno.." he spoke smilingly to which she got excited "Dekho kal na tum kisi b tarah.. Bhaijaan aur Bhabhi ko mana lo.. Pics kheech vane k liye... Jaise pre wedding pics hoti hai vaise" he kept his idea

"Plan to acha hai... Par vo dono nai maanenge" she spoke doubtfully

"Maan jaaynge... Agar bahoot se log force karenge to... So tum apne plan mein Rudra n group ko shamil karlo... Vo zarur help karenge... Aur un dono ko bolna ki Avni k shaadi k liye photo shoot k trail k liye ek couple ki jarurat hai..." he spoke normally which made her smirked "Bas tum kisi b tarah inki pics kheech waao... Baaki hum kar lenge" he laid on bed

"I luv u Rehaan.. U r soo genius..." she giggled laying back on bed

"Hum jaante hai.. Bas tum apna kaam karo" he smiled

"Thik hai ab tum dekho kaise main ye kaam yun chutkiyo mein karoongi" she smiled and wishing him gud night she kept the phone side while thinking about ArSh's photo shoot The thing is ArSh's 4rth Anniversary is coming which is after three days so they both thought to gift something very different coz from Armaan's side it will be his first anniversary wd Shilpa and now they thought to gift a picture collage but the thing is they both have less pics together after his accident so lets see their Photo shoot idea will work or not

ArSh's Room

Badloge karvat

Nazar aaynge

Koi ishaara to karo...

"Kuch samajh mein nai aa raha... Kya karun.. Aur kya samjhun... Yaar har baar sab kuch complicated kyun ho jaata hai mere liye" he thought looking up frustratingly "Arrgghhh..." getting angry he stood from the couch and threw his phone on floor which broke into pieces "Kya karun.. Koi option kyun nai hai..." holding his head he closed his eyes to compose himself "Aur ye ab tak aayi kyun nai Room mein" he mumbled confusedly looking at his wrist watch Its been one hour since he came in their Room only to find it empty so he thought she must be in Anant's Room wd Surbhi "Dekh.. Armaan.. Pyaar ka to pata nai.. But tujhe uski misunderstanding clear karni padegi... Kyun ki ye tu b acche se jaanta hai ki tu uske bina nai reh sakta..." his heart spoke making him to agree but the major question is will she believe him?? But he can try so immediatly he moved out to search her

"Aree Armaan beta... Tum jaag rahe ho?" Kaka's voice stopped him to go towards Anant's Room

"Aa... Haa.. Vo neend nai aa rahi thi" he replied politely looking at Kaka who smiled

"Acha.. Beta ek kaam kyun nai karte.. Tum b chat pe chale jaao.. Thodi daer tehlne... Shilpa bitiya b vohi hai... Jabse aayi hai... Usko b neend nai aa rahi thi" Kaka suggested which took his attention

"Kya Shilpa terrace pe hai??" he asked confusedly

"Haa beta..." Kaka smiled and before he could ask something Armaan ran towards terrace

"Kya karun... Knock karun..." he whispered slowly while standing infront of the terrace door and after struggling wd himself he finally opened the door wd thudding heart "Shi...?" but his sentence left incomplete as he found her sleeping peacefully on terrace's sofa an unknown smile reached on his face and when his feet started walking towards her he didn't knew he chuckled as he saw her sleeping position there was only one pillow under her head and he calmly sat on a arm sofa which is infront of her sofa "Meri marzi... Aapko isse kya..?? Aap jaaiyee... Mumbai... Mujhe akela chod k... Achi place haina to... Aap kyun nai chale jaate mujhe kyun force kar rahe hai jaane pe... Mujhe nai jaana... Vaha... Main nai reh sakti aapke bin..." he can't forget her words which now made some sense in him that why did she said that words Her every actions reactions were coming infront of his eyes


Aankhon me

Teri simat jaaynge...

"Tum mujhe colour nai lagaogi..." he asked slowly to which she gave him angry look

"Kahan... Jahan pehle se hi already colours hai" she taunted angrily crossing her arms here she didn't let anyone to touch her cheeks after him and except her everyone coloured him specially that Tanveer

"Ammm... Actually meri galti nai hai... Vo to sab khud hi..." he tried to explain but seeing her glare he stopped

"Really... Khud hi mauka diya... Aapki pyaari Tanu ko... Jab maine kaha ki Happy Holi aur colours lagane ko aage badi... To mujhe directly mana kar diya" she spoke pointing at herself which made him hide his smile "Aur jab aapki pyaari Tanu ne colour lagaya... To its ok Tanu ho jaata hai kabhi kabhi" she mimicked him who controlled hard not to laugh "Mere haath mein to kaante hai... Uske haath mein to flowers hai... Vo to Apsara main to Bewkoof... Jab ki ye mera right tha sabse pehle" she crossed her arms angrily looking away from him who smiled how much he adore her angry face plus pouted lips he saw jealousy in her which he is loving it he was about to say something when Tanveer entered there

"Jammy aaiyee na... Udhar" Tanveer spoke politely to which he looked at Shilpa who was looking away from them angrily

"Tanu... I mean Tanveer tum jao... Mujhe aur Shilpa ko kuch kaam hai" he replied politely to which she smiled and nodding in YES she went from there "Shilpa... Vo" He moved to say something when she gave him a sweet smile making him narrowed his eyes definitely something is cooking in her head

"Jaaiyee na aapko kitne pyaar se bula rahi thi aapki TANNU.. Jaaiye na... JAMMYY" she spoke sweetly but he thought as if she taunted him "Bye huh...!" saying this she turned to go but his sudden grip on her wrist made her bumped wd his chest who was looking at her wd a smile where as she looked at him confusedly

"Ye sab tumne kiya??" he asked turning at her

"Nai bahar se kuch log bullaye thae... Karne k liye" she answered sarcastically making him narrowed his eyes "Offo! Armaan aur kaun kargega... Its ofcourse me" she spoke happily which made him smile

"Tum bahar Party mein nai gayi... Society ki" he asked calmly

"Nai vo boring hai... Actually Parties boring hoti hai" she replied normally moving ahead making him followed her "To maine socha ek boring Party se acha kyun na hum... Ek small sa but cute sa Romantic Date enjoy kare" she spoke wdout thinking but when she realized she bit her tongue where as he was stopped by her words 'Romantic Date' did she actually said this he was thinking and facing her back

"Be lated happy b'day..." he said wd small smile on his face making her looked at him lovingly and her fake anger also disappeared somewhere "Nai logi..." he asked slowly seeing her still standing there

"Nai..." she immediately took the plate from his hand who smiled seeing her happy face "Thanks..." she smiled shyly making him smile too and till few minutes they stood in awkward silence then Shilpa thought to end this "Vaise aapko kaise pata... Ki mujhe chocolate cake aur pastries pasand hai??" she questioned biting her lower lip

"Amm... Duniya ki saari ladkiyo ko pasand hai chocolates" putting his hands in his pant's pockets he replied calmly

"Duniya ki saari ladkiyo se kya matlab hai aapka?" she asked in angry plus pouted lips which made him alert about her behavior

"I mean... Jaise Surbhi, Aditi ,Shagun... Tanu.." he said slowly but hearing Tanu her mouth fell "I mean Tanveer, Nazma..." seeing her pouted lips he replied carefully

"Hmm..." nodding in YES she sat on bench wd pouting lips making him smile and he sat beside her but little away from her she has started eating her piece wd the spoon making him adore her cute anger where as she wanted to end this silence but nothing came on her mind

"Ye isko sudden kya huaa... I mean Tanu k naam se kya problem hai" he thought staring at her

"Hmmm... Ye lo... Aur agar acha na lage to..." forwarding the breakfast she spoke angrily "Apni pyaari Tanu se keh dena... Vo bana degi yaa fir bahar se kha k aa jaana... Yaa Meethi se keh dena vo bana degi... Par mujhe mat bolna kuch" pointing her index finger at him she went from there angrily Making him looked at the breakfast then at her who shut their room's door

"Is she... Jealous..." he whispered confusedly then an instant a smile reached his lips and wd a smile he looked down at the breakfast "Bewkoof ladki..." he chuckled

"Armaan..." she said normally while keeping her novel on her lap and folding her legs she looked at him who was reading a book on couch where as she was sitting on bed "Armaan..." she called again to which he looked away from the book then at her

"Hmmm..." he gestured her to continue

"Aapka b'day kab hai??" she asked excitedly making him frown Yeah she knew his b'day how can she forget his b'day but to make him aware about her b'day she asked this

"Tumhe mera b'day nai pata??" he asked confusedly narrowing his bows to which she nodded in NO innocently "Ye teen saal mere saath rahi kaise... Jab ise kuch nai pata... Aisa lagta hai mere saath saath iski b memory gayi hai" he thought staring at her

"Actually mujhe pata tha... But ab yaad nai hai... Shayad Feb mein hai... Hainaa" she pretended like she really forgot his b'day

"23rd Feb..." he answered slowly opening his book again "Vaise kyun pucha??" he asked calmly still looking at his book making her smile

"Vo kya haina maine socha... Hume hamara special days kabhi bhulna nai chahiyee kyun ki vo special hote haina... To hume unhe hamesha yaadgaar banana chahiyee..." she said smilingly while he was staring at her quietly "Agar apna b'day bhul jao to chalega... But hamare apno ka kabhi nai... Kyun ki vo special hote hai" she was saying this wd cute expressions Armaan put his fingers on his chin hearing her non stop talks "Aur jo special hote hai... Unhe special feel karvana b hota hai" she said happily where as shaking his head he again looked back at his book when he heard something which made him stop "Fir maine socha kyun na aapka b'day jaan loon... Aap b to bahoot special ho" she didn't realized when this slipped from her mouth she looked at him who was already staring at her but immediately he looked away from her making her looked down so ignoring everything he again looked down at his book she was waiting that when he will ask about her b'day but engrossing himself in book he didn't even looked at her making her patience ends there "Aur mera b'day 10th Dec ko hai" so ending her desperation she only informed him about her b'day little loudly so that he can hear and hearing this he looked at her

"Hmmm..." he sigh and looked again on his book but this time hiding his smile

"Aur aaj 9 hai" when he didn't asked anything she herself informed


Koi ishaara

To karo

Haa aaa...

"Mujhe samajh mein nai aa raha Shilpa... Ki kya karun main... Pyaar... Kabhi socha nai is baare mein... Actually ye feeling hoti kaisi hai ye b mujhe nai pata..." staring at her face he thought while keeping his chin on his hands when some strands of hairs came on her face making him smile "Tumhe mujhse pyaar nai hona chahiyee tha yaar... Kyun ki mere liye pyaar sirf ek word hai... Maine sunna hai ki rishte chalaane k liye pyaar hona chahiyye... Par mere hisaab se rishte aur life dono ko chalane k liye.. Saath important hai... Aur yehi main tumse expect karta tha... Coz I can't live wdout u... Mujhe bas itna pata hai... Pyaar vyaar nai janta main" he thought while kneeling in front of her who hugged herself tightly feeling shiver which he noticed "Koi tumhe haath lagaye main bardaast nai kar sakta... Shayad is liye kyun ki shuru se hi tum meri lagti ho... Sirf meri" caressing her wrist lightly where that goons held her hand he kissed her wrist lightly lingering for seconds and tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear he carefully lifted her up in his arms trying not to disturb her who snuggled more into him making his heartbeat skipped and descending from stairs carefully he took her towards their Room where he laid her on bed slowly which resulted him above her "Pyaar ka to pata nai Shilpa... Par itna pata hai ki... Main tumhe khona nai chahta... Bas ek baar mujhe pata chal jaaye ki mere dil mein kya hai tumhare liye... Fir tumhaare saare sawaalo k jawab dunga main" staring at her face he mumbled softly and slowly laying beside her he started thinking about this matter and when sleep took over him he didn't knew but the question was still inside his brain that will he be able to love her?? Is he feel something for her?? Lets see will he get clear about his feelings for her!

"Heartbreak could be lived with if it weren't accompanied by regret."
So?Armaan finally learned that Shilpa loved him! but was this expected? to come out like this? :o a Heartbroken Confession by Shilpa did something to this stubborn Armaan! And now juggling wd his feelings could he bring out his REAL FEELING for her? Well for that we need to wait for the NEXT PART! ;) Till then! DO COMMENT! B|

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :V

Shilpa's confession! and her breakdown! What wud Armaan do? to get clear wd all the mess? Or, will he loose her? For, the NEXT ?

ArSh 4rth Anniversary and Karva Chauth <3

Armaan get clear about his FEELINGS for Shilpa ;)

Armaan's trails on Shilpa to 'keep her close' to him B|

ArSh's KISS :*

Armaan's FORCE on Shilpa :o


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