Saturday, 7 October 2017

part 24 : The Painful Side Of Love

"Riddhima hurry up….we are getting late." Armaan was standing outside their house, next to his car waiting for Riddhima since they had to leave for Snajeevani.
After 10 minutes he saw Riddhima emerge out of the house……….he was absolutely awestruck at the exotic sight………Riddhima was wearing a red salwaar suit with silver work over it. To Armaan she looked ethereal but Riddhima's expressions said that she was not very happy with what she was wearing.

"Armaan this is so darn heavy. Oh for god sake I am going to be working there but it makes me look like am going to some wedding. What's wrong with your choice? I agreed to wear Salwaar suit once again but that doesn't mean that you'll chose such stupid ones for me." She finally stopped when she saw the dazed expression on Armaan's face. He came closer and placing his hand on her cheek gave her a kiss on her forehead and said "You look beautiful." He went and sat down in the car and Riddhima realized that he was so lost in her beauty that he hadn't heard a word of what she had said…….She smiled and sat next to him in the car.

Riddhima saw everyone stopping and staring at her but she was glad that all those looks were appreciative. They were all shell shocked to see their cold, contemptuous, rude, arrogant but sexy doctor dressed like a sweet, innocent, gullible and beautiful angel and what shocked them further was that she was actually smiling at them. They all pinched each other to see if it was real and when thay were satisfied they all walked up to Riddhima and complimented her………… a little scared as to how she will react but when she acted nicely they all gathered around her and showered her with their compliments.
"Riddhima you look absolutely stunning. You look like an angel in this." Rahul told Riddhima with a sweet smile on his face. On hearing his voice Riddhima turned around and giving Rahul a hug she said "Oh thanks a lot Rahul." They chatted a little more till Rahul left for his duties.
Riddhima approached the nurse station and saw Sim standing there and staring at a tall, broad guy. Riddhima approached them and was shocked when she saw Cam standing there. He turned around to face her and his heart skipped a beat when he saw Riddhima wearing that beautiful salwaar suit once again and he instantly knew that all the differences between Armaan and Riddhima had gone and they were together once again. He was really happy for them though at the back of his heart he realized that he was no longer the most important person in Riddhima's life but he dismissed the thought and gave a hug to Riddhima, complimenting her on the change in her and then he hugged Armaan.
Riddhima turned to Sim who was still busy admiring Cam………..
"Intern" Riddhima called Sim but when she didn't hear her……….Riddhima got back to her old self and yelled on her "INTERN…………IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WORK THEN PLEASE DON'T COME HERE AND IF YOU DON'T REALIZE THEN LET ME TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME." Riddhima shoved 3 files in Sim's hands and said in an icy voice "COMPLETE REPORTS WITHIN TWO HOURS. THEN ICU DUTY" Sim nodded her head and quickly left. Cam and Armaan looked at Riddhima and together they said "RELAX RIDDHIMA"
Riddhima calmed her senses and turning to Cam asked him "Where have you been all this time? Your cell was uneachable?"
"Oh ya I was busy with some important meetings." Cam replied in a matter-of-fact way.
"Okay but now you are going to stay with us." Riddhima told Cam to which Cam quickly replied "I am going back to USA today"
"And am going to Delhi." Armaan who was till now talking to Dr.Shubhankar joined them. Riddhima looked at Cam and then at Armaan and then again at Cam…….she kept doing that for 5 minutes and then finally she spoke. "Wait a minute…………both of you are going to leave then what am I going to do here?"
Armaan and Cam shrugged and then Armaan informed her "I'll be back within 20days"
"20 DAYS………HAVE YOU LOST IT?" Riddhima yelled on the top of her lungs stopping everyone in their tracks. She gave them all a sheepish smile and mumbled an apology. They all got back to their duties and she turned to Armaan with daggers in her eyes "You are going to leave me all alone for 20DAYS. And Cam is also going back. How could you guys do this to me?" she sounded really upset and they both felt really bad for her. Cam placed an arm around her shoulder and consoled her "Riddhimaaaa……Rahul just told me that you guys have some important cases coming up which will keep you all really busy and trust me these 20days will be gone in a breeze." Riddhima nodded her head…..speaking in a low voice "Fine. But you both better be in constant touch with me." They both vigorously shook their head positively.
"Oh Armaan I am really going to miss you." Riddhima gave him a hug and placed a kiss on his cheek. They heard the final call for Armaan's flight. Returning her hug…….he shook hands with Cam and headed inside. When Armaan was lost in the crowd Cam grabbed Riddhima's hand and took her towards a caf. Handing her a coffee he spoke in a cheerful voice "Common Riddhima cheer up. You have spent 4 years without him and now he is gone just for 20 days. He'll be back like this." Cam snapped his finger in front of her face. Riddhima finally smiled and placing her head on his chest spoke in a slow voice "I am still going to miss him and I am goint to miss you too." He patted her back and said" Now you go home because I too have to catch my flight. Some of my clients are going to be here and I'll leave for the international airport with them." Riddhima stood up and giving him a tight hug left the airport.
Cam came out of the airport and saw Riddhima leaving. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turning around saw Armaan standing there.


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