Tuesday, 10 October 2017

part 25 : The Painful Side Of Love

"Relax Cam everything will be fine and we can't back out now. We have to do this for Riddhima." Armaan said in a heavy tone. Cam simply nodded and they both sat in the car and left for the international airport. They boarded the flight to USA……….both nervous and tensed about the mission they were on.

They landed in USA and Cam took Armaan to his mansion. The moment Armaan saw it he was impressed and amazed…..he knew that Cam was a filthy rich guy but it was now that he realized just how rich. He grinned sheepishly and patting Cam's back said "I am proud that you are my friend………….you made this all on your own." Cam smiled and nodded. They went inside and Armaan was even more impressed………….they enterd the mansion through huge glass doors and were standing into a small lobby which had another huge door leading them into a huge corridor. Armaan looked at the ceiling and saw beautiful paintings made there with a number of greek gods in them. They reached the living room and Armaan's eyes automatically fell on the slab above the fireplace which had Riddhima's photograph there. He went closer and saw it was actually Riddhima and Cam standing in front of a huge roller coaster. Armaan once again witnessed Riddhima's friendship and Camerone's love in the way they both looked at each other. But this time instead of feeling jealous he just smiled and turned around and checked out the rest of the room and saw that it too was designed in a very fashionable taste……..it was large enough to hold a ball and was finely done.
He came out of his thoughts when he heard Cam's voice..
"Armaan we have to work out a strategy because we don't have much time and I don't want to keep Ridzie waiting." Cam said in a heavy tone.
"You are right Cam we have to do everything quickly. I won't rest in peace till I punish those f****** b******* who tortured and tormented Riddhima for so long. I am not going to leave those scumbags." Armaan declared in a poisonous voice gripping the slab.
"Armaan I have a lot of evidence about the other three guys who had…….um…….assaulted Riddhima." Cam had been emotional all day long and speaking about Riddhima's tormentors broke the reins of control that he had. His voice choked and he felt tears sting his eyes. He turned his face away to hide his tear but when he felt Armaan's hand on his shoulder he turned around and falling onto his knees shook with tears constantly falling down his eyes. After crying for a long time he finally spoke "I didn't know Riddhima when she underwent all the torture but when I rescued her and brought her with me I noticed how innocent and pure she looked even after undergoing all that physical torture. I saw the pain in her beautiful eyes and I vowed to protect her forever and give her happiness back to her. I got her a psychologist………she helped her move on but that didn't work so I took matters in my hand and I started behaving normally with her as if nothing happened but the pain never left her eyes and the smile never reached her lips. We became friends and I started to force her to open up with me and she did but even after a month she was the same………she would go to her work and she dealt with all the cases professionally but she always seemed broken and I knew I had to get her spirit back. Atul used to come over and he was the only one who was able to make her smile with his extremely stupid jokes……."Cam smiled a little and walked into a room…….Armaan followed him and was shocked to see that the room was full of Riddhima's photographs. He stood in front of one of the pictures where Riddhima was smiling very lightly and was looking at someone with affectionate eyes. He heard Cam say pointing to that very photograph "This was for the first time I had seen her smiling and had captured it instantly. She always looked beautiful smiling. Then one day I came across a diary in her room and flipped through the pages and I saw the first few pages were all about you and the love you two shared and there I saw a photograph of yours…………there were few pages about her journey to USA and rest of the diary was blank……..maybe she gave up writing after all that happened to her. I took your photgraph with me. I understood that she loved you but that love was buried in some corner of her heart and was forgotten and I knew that you were the only way I could force her to open up. I took your photograph into my room and placed it on the side table and when she saw it there she insantly asked me as to what it was doing there. I told her that I had tried calling you but you refused to come here and said that you have forgotten her and have moved on in life." Armaan looked at Cam shocked to his very core, Cam gave a smile and continued "I am sorry Armaan I knew that if I would tell her this she'll be really hurt and that would be one way to stir her emotions and it did. After hearing that she was shocked…………though she had forgotten you but still you were the only happy memory of her whole life….after a couple of seconds she started laughing like a maniac….she told me that she didn't care and she knew that you'll move on some day and that she was least bothered but I refused to accept it and I challenged her saying that she was very hurt and weak and afraid of facing you…..I told her that she would run into your arms on the slightest signal from you and that she constantly needed someone to help her just the way she was taking my help……….she was enraged after hearing my words and slapped my face. She shouted and yelled at me the whole night and told me what big slime balls all men were and that she hated all of them…….she hated her father for not believing her…….soon her anger subsided and she broke down…..she cried violently and cursed you and blamed you for all her miseries. At that moment I wanted to tell her that whatever I had told her was not true but I knew that you were the only one who could bring her out of her grief and I was right. She wiped her tears and facing me boldly she promised me that she will prove to me that she didn't need anyone in the whole world. She actually started being on her own and one day she filed for a divorce from Vivek due to which that dog got angry and had sent a man after Riddhima to hurt her. But as I knew that Riddhima was still weak I never left her alone and either me or Atul always kept an eye on her from a distance and that night also I was following her and I saved her from that man. Riddhima cursed herself for still being dependent on me and you won't believe what she did the next day…" Cam halted and chuckled making Armaan curious and then he continued "You won't believe Armaan but the very next day she told me that she was going to take boxing classes and she did. Now she is a well trained boxing champion."
"No wonder the punch that she gave me almost moved my jaw." Armaan interrupted Cam and added chuckling. Cam gave him an amused look and resumed his narration.
"But the real shock came when one day she came late from her boxing class wearing a white shirt with a short black skirt and make-up that gave her a women's look instead of the innocent girlish look that she always carried. I hated that changed look of hers………….she actually looked capable of murdering someone and she had this contemptuous look that I didn't like one bit. She used to look really funny when she used to wear her boxing gloves with her salwaar kameez but after that day I never saw her wearing any salwaar kameez but her tests were not over yet. The real blow came when she was blamed of adultery but she took that in her stride and behaved as if everything was as good as it can get. I managed to keep the news out of the media but her hospital came to know about it and was forced to leave her job. She was always very cold to people around her…..the only people she used to laugh with were me and Atul. I tried exposing those scumbags but I couldn't because Riddhima never allowed me but you can expose them with the evidence I have."
Camerone walked towards Armaan and placing his hand on his shoulder he said in a calm voice "Armaan you really do love her and I can see that in your eyes and your spirit. I brought life to her but you helped her live and now we are going to avenge the pain that she has gone through."
"What kind of evidence do you have against those three guys?"
Camerone had an evil smile on his face and he said in a voice full of venom "Those b******* are going to be dead once this evidence is out. One of the guys has been involved into a couple of rape cases and will be punished soon since I had opened the case nearly 2 months back and soon his final hearing will be done and he'll be hanged. He was the easiest of all………..the other guy is into drug peddling and can be exposed easily while the third guy has got none such evidence against him. He cannot be punished legally but I can easily punish him financially. I just need two more days and he'll turn into a pauper. I am going to take over his company….I just need to buy a few more shares and then he too will be done with. But we'll have to work on Vivek separately."
Armaan was really happy but when he heard Cam's last words his expression hardened and he asked him "Do we have nothing against him?" Cam shook his head negatively and then told Armaan "He too is into a lot of wrong things. Just like Riddhima he has messed a lot of girl's life. He brings Indian girls here and sells them. Riddhima would have killed herself if he would have tried that trick on her so he married her. I can easily finish his business as well and then we will have to expose his prostitute business. He has been into bribery as well but I don't think that he'll be easily trapped. He is a very sly man and would go to any extent to protect himself." Cam ended with his face twisted in hatered. While Armaan furrowed his brow thinking but when he couldn't think of anything he sighed and said "Let's first get over with these three guys and then we'll think about Vivek."


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