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Part 26 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Tere liye hi

Jiya main.

Khudko jo yun

De diya hai.

"Main maanu na maanu... Aap aaj b mere liye important hai" cupping his face lovingly she kissed his eyes and started opening his shirt's buttons slowly She only knows what she is feeling right now Her heart stopped when she heard he has fainted but composing herself she has to medicate him! It wasn't the first time she had seen him like this she remembered when the very first time she got to know about his allergy it was about after six months of their marriage when she was making food for him and was about to use the peanut oil inside the dish but Ananya stopped her informing about him being allergic to peanuts since childhood which effects his health at that time she didn't had any feelings for him but somewhere she cared for him and after that day she never used that thing but as the time passed she forgot about his allergy but four months ago when they were in Bhopal It was during her papers time, when she tried a new dish for him taking break from her studies also forgetting about his allergy... He was working on something in Laptop when she offered that dish to him who wdout thinking ate two spoons still his concentration was on his work but she was hoping for appreciation for dish but as always he didn't said a word so wd half heart she turned to go when his cough made her turned back at him again only to found him coughing uncontrollably she immediately started rubbing his back thinking its normal but when she saw sweats beads appearing on his forehead it clicked inside her brain about his allergy she got panicked as he fainted on sofa!

"Armaan... Armaan uthiyee naa... Plzz" she spoke worriedly cupping his face "Kkkyaa karun... Ab main..." her tears were continously rolling down from her eyes then she thought to call a Doctor but immediately something clicked to and she called Ananya dailing her number still crying and as the call was recieved by Ananya she narrated everything which made Ananya shocked she scolded her for forgetting that but when she realized Shilpa was still crying so she consoled her informing about the remedy!

"See Shilpa Aloe Vera ka jel uske... Gale aur chest dono ko laga dena usse usko... Thanda lagta hai aur vo dus pandrah minute mein hosh aa jaayga... Aur jaise hi hosh aa jaaye use pomogranate ka juice de dena... Acha lagega usse... Aur uski body do din tak tierd rehti hai.. Isiliye usse healthy chize khilaana... Aur haa Aloe Vera jel ko tab tak lagana jab tak redness uski body se jaati nai... Ek do din jaata hai usse jaane mein" Ananya explained slowly slowly so that she can understand better

"Mummyji.. Armaan thik to ho jaaynge??" she sniffed staring at him

"Haa vo thik ho jaayga... Fikar mat karo... Kya karun bachpan mein kitne Doctors ko dikhaya but iski allergy khatam nai hui aaj tak... Aur yehi tarika hai usse thik karne ka" Ananya spoke lovingly to which she composed herself and after disconnecting the call she brought the Aloe Vera jel and opening his shirt she applied the jel on his neck & chest still controlling her tears After ten minutes he woke tierdly and as he opened his eyes slowly he was hugged by her who started crying seeing him fine where as feeling himself in her arms he got confused!

"Finally aapko hosh aa gaya... I am sorry... Soo soorrryy..." she was still hugging him while crying which made him aware about that allergy thing so slowly slowly he hugged her back closing his eyes

Tere wafa ne

Mujhko sambhala;

Saare ghamon ko

Dil se nikala...

"Ssshhh... I am fine... Its ok" he whispered in weak tone rubbing her back who hugged him more tightly "Aaaww..." he whinced as she hugged him tightly

"Sorryyy..." she immediately parted from the hug and wiped her tears which made him smile

"Its ok..." he replied weakly to which she immediately stood from the sofa and went to bring the pomogranate juice for him who closed his eyes tierdly keeping his head back on sofa and after that day she never made something like this for him specially peanuts which she gave Meethi to use for her family also she took care of him untill he was fine infact she even helped him in changing clothes that day, she would never want to see this again!


"I hope aapko jaldi hosh aa jaaye..." she whispered softly while applying the gel on his neck but her hand stopped in the middle when her eyes landed on his chest where her hands hesitated touching it coz its been nine months they didn't have any physical contact also she was scared to touch Kiya's Boyfriend not her Husband " Dekh Shilpa is waqt inhe teri jarurat hai... To zyada mat soch chup chap kar" her heart scolded her to which nodding in YES she applied the gel on his chest carefully but as her hand felt his heartbeat something happened to her that she kept her head there while closing her eyes "I am missing u Armaan... Aapne sach kaha tha.. Ki ek din main jarur crave karungi aapke liye... See vo din aaj hai" she cried hugging him tightly who was unaware about her condition when she realized about him so composing herself she applied gel on his chest and rubbing it slowly she buttoned his shirt

"Happy Forth Anniversary Armaan... Pata nai agli baar saath honge ki nai" kissing his cheek lovingly she ruffled his hairs and waited for him to get conscious , After ten minutes, before he could open his eyes she was out from the Room and sends everyone upstairs for his care also instructed Neha to give him the juice but when Surbhi asked why she is standing here? She answered she is preparing something for him so now except her everyone is in the Room!

20 minutes later...

"I am fine.. Bua" Armaan spoke unintrestingly as Radha started scolding Nikki and also scolding everyone for not informing her about this scene

"Fir b dhyaan to tum logo ko dena chahiyee tha" Radha spoke angrily looking at everyone who were getting bored now where as he was controlling hard not to shout on her "Bhabhi to mujhe hi bol..." as she said which raised his temper

"Enough!! Main bilkul thik hun... Ab plzz mera sar aur mat dukhaiyee" he spoke sternly which made her quiet while Divya hided her giggle

"Main to sirf tumhare health ki parwa kar rahi thi" Radha spoke affectionately which made him realize about his behavior

"Yaa... Sorry... Bas sar dukh raha tha to kuch b bol diya" he apologized slowly to which she smiled nodding in YES

"Acha to hum aaj ka plan banaye..." Rudra spoke excietedly to which they all got excietedly

"Abhi nai Rudra... Bhai ko thik hone do" Neha spoke in scolding voice to which Armaan smiled seeing her caring nature but hearing this Rudra, Nikki, Avni & Divya's face fell

"Tum log plan karo... Main Jarur kuch karunga... don't worry about me" he cheered them who got happy "Jao discuss karo... Fir mujhe bata dena" he spoke smilingly

"Luv u Bhai...!" they spoke excitedly making him chuckled

"Chalo discuss karte hai..." Divya spoke happily and they went from there excitingly leaving a smiling Surbhi & Armaan while Radha shook her head when Shilpa came wd the food tray grabbing Armaan's attention

"Abhi tum thik hue nai ho.. Ye tum b jaante ho lekin fir b nai..." Radha was scolding him but care he is paying attention to her coz his eyes were on his Wife who kept the tray on side table trying to ignore him whose eyes were only fixed on her Today, she is looking gorgeous wearing a white & navy blue saari, the 'Pallu' of saari is white while the lower part of saari is navy blue, her hairs were tucked in a bun, in her hands navy blue bangles were making noise he can't remove his eyes from her and seeing this Surbhi giggled watching ArSh's cute moment where he is only staring at her as if requesting her to look at him once while Shilpa trying hard to ignore him while Radha is still lecturing him

"Allah Miya... What's wrong wd them... Kuch to hua hai inke bich... Jo aaj Shilpa Mr Khan ko ignore kar rahi hai... I think Rehaan sahi kehta hai ab waqt aa gaya hai Mr Khan ko realize hone ka ki vo beintehaan mohobbat karte hai Shilpa se" Surbhi thought looking at ArSh when Armaan's cell rang making him to look at his phone

"Haa Rahul... Kya?? Abhi??... Thik hai aata hun.. Tu tension mat le... Main nikal raha hun bas" they can hear only one side conversation when he hungs up the phone and tried to stood up

"Aree.. Uth kyun rahe ho tum.. Tumhe aaram ki jarurat hai" Radha asked frowning whereas, Shilpa tried to control herself from helping him to stand

"Haa Mr Khan..." Surbhi also said but ignoring them he stood weakly

"Hospital mein Board Meeting hai... Aur mera jaana jaruri hai... Aur mere kuch Patients ko b check karna hai" he replied calmly while walking towards Wardrobe still balancing himself which made Shilpa to moved ahead to help him but her mind stopped her

"Hey Bhagwaan ye ladka na..." Radha shook her head "Acha thik hai par... At least aaram se baitho... Change karne mein help lelo kisi ki" she spoke strictly to which he was about to retort her when she said something which made him quiet "Shilpa jaao uski help kardo... Aur tum hi karna sab kuch... Usse mat karne dena" as she ordered Shilpa who composed herself not to run coz she was waiting for someone to say this where as hearing this Armaan's heart started dancing so he didn't said anything

"Fine par jaldi..." pretending as if he didn't cared he stood calmly while Shilpa came infront of him

"Aur pura breakfast kar lena..." saying this Radha went from there followed by a smiling Surbhi where as Shilpa moved her hand to open his shirt's buttons hesitatingly

Tere saath mera

Hai naseeb juda,

Tujhe paake addhura

Na raha.


"Kya karun... Wish karun isse... Nai vapas bhaag gayi to... Dekh nai paaunga isse" his heart was battling wd himself while his eyes were fixed on her whose lashes were down as always "Aaj tak mauka nai mil paaya ki puchun... Tum hamesha neeche kun dekhti ho..." he thought wd a smile as she carefully removed his shirt from his body

"Dekh rahi hai Shilpa... Kitna red ho gaya hai inki body... Aur tu inhe aise halat mein Hospital jaane degi" her heart spoke worriedly as she removed his shirt completely and turning towards his Wardrobe she slided the glass door "Aap.. Aap kya pehnenge...?" she asked slowly wdout looking back at him who walked behind her wd a smile that she actually said something to him

"Ammm... Kuch b.. Jo Meeting k liye perfect ho" he replied calmly standing behind her who gulped at their closeness but ignoring it she took out a white shirt wd black blazer & black pant

"Ye thik rahega...??" she showed him who nodded in YES "Nai to kuch aur..." but before she could complete her sentence he stopped her

"Ye perfect hai..." he said calmly to which she nodded and keeping the blazer on a chair she looked at him slowly which made him frown

"Pant..." she forwarded him the pant which he took smilingly seeing her nervous face

"Main ye change karke aata hun..." saying this he went inside Washroom to change which was a big task for him "Aawww..." he whined in pain as he bend to pick the belt where as Shilpa's condition also was not so good hearing his pained voice she was walking to & fro desperately when the Washroom's door clicked made her stopped and she pretended she didn't cared "Shirt..." he pointed as he came out and wdout saying anything she made him to wear that white shirt slowly

"Gosh!! Armaan kahin aur dekh... Tere iraade mujhe thik nai lag rahe" his heart ordered him as she put her Pallu properly on her shoulder coz it was falling but as she put her saari on shoulder her bare waist came visible to his eyes so he looked away from her trying to avoid that and She was buttoning his shirt nervously her eyes were down but her fragrance is making him to loose his control so he puts his both hands behind his back coz they were itching to touch her bare waist After buttoning his shirt she looked at his collection of ties

"Amm... Kaunsi...?" she asked confusedly pointing at his tie

"Koi b..." he replied normally while tucking his shirt inside his pant so she picked a red tie and came infront of him "Yaar isne apne baalo ko bandha kyun hai... Ye khule ache lagte hai" he thought staring at her who was making the knot of his tie "Par ek minute... Isne to kaha tha ki isse tie pehnani nai aati to... Aur jahan tak mujhe yaad hai.. Maine isse sikhaya b nai tha... Kyun ki Surbhi aa gayi thi... To ye itne ache se kaise pehna sakti hai...??" he thought confusedly remembering that day where She said she don't know how to make a tie

"Nai..." he answered turning back

"Kyun?? Armaan plz... Mujhe bore hoga chaliyee na" she requested which he can't refuse

"Fine... Main ye files aur Laptop rakhta hun" saying this he started keeping his things properly where as she sat on bed and started playing wd his black tie which made her remember about the day when she knowingly made him to teach her how to wear a tie which mades her smirked YES! she can try on him too! so what? if she already knows how to wear it but she can pretend ;)

"Armaan... Aap mujhe tie pehnana sikhaynge??" she asked innocently showing the tie to him who frowned

"Tumhe... Tie banani nai aati??" he asked frowning to which she nodded innocently moving towards him

"Bachpan mein aata tha but ab bhul gayi" if anyone will see her they definitely think she is so innoncent and naive but how devil she is, she only knows!

"Par tum karogi kya seekh k?? Tumhe thodi tie pehnni hai" he spoke calmly wearing his wrist watch

"Aree kyun nai kaam aayga... Kya pata kal ko koi problem ho... To main hi kaam aaun aapke... Aur Future mein hamare baccho..." and she stopped at her last line and closed her eyes "Kardi na tune fir gadbad" she smacked herself mentally where as he was only staring at her bemusedly

"Kya kaha tumne??" he asked teasingly making her gulped

"Vo...ammm ...vo..." she fumbled making him smile when taking the tie from her hand he puts on back of her head he pulled her closer by tie making her stunned

"To chalo tie sikhaate hai tumhe" he said wd a grin pulling her closer who blushed hearing this making him smile when the door bell rang

"Mmmain... Dekhti hun..." saying shyly she moved to go when he gripped the tie's end stopping her

"Tie to deti jao..." he said teasingly making her realize that the tie was still on her neck immediately she put that down and ran from there making him chuckled at her blushing face


Kyun ki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho,

Zindagi ab tum hi ho...

"Aisa b to ho sakta hai ki... Mere absence mein seekhi ho..." coming out from flashback he thought but remembering that day a unknown happiness reached his lips "Kash sab kuch pehle jaisa thik ho jaaye Shilpa... I miss us" his heart said staring at her quietly

"Shilpa... Jaldi se isse pehna k nikal... Varna teri halat dekh k saaf lagta hai tu behosh honewali hai" her mind mocked at her nervousness and making him to wear the blazer carefully she corrected his collar when he grabbed her both hands wd his hands which made her to look up at him confusedly

"Happy Anniversary Shilpa" he whispered softly staring at her whose heart skipped hearing this How did he knew this? He remember this date? Why?? These questions came inside her brain "I know thoda late wish kiya but... Kiya..." he is still holding her hands whose head bowed down thinking what to do where as he is expecting her to wish him back but she didn't said anything infact she slowly pulled her hands down which he leaved also and she turned her back at him while picking his wrist watch which was an answer for him that she didn't want to talk about it so getting sad he turned to wear the shoes where as she quietly put his things on table like his wallet, watch, car keys, hankerchief etc. "Maine tumhara gift.. Tumhare Wardrobe mein rakkha hai... Plzz accept kar lena... Aur aaj shaamko ready rehna Driver tumhe lene aayga... Bye" after getting ready & taking his things he said to her calmly where as she pretended she didn't heard him while putting the things back on its usual places and seeing her not responding he went from there sadly

"Shilpa maine tujh jaisi pagal ladki aaj tak nai dekhi... Kitne pyaar se wish kar rahe thae... At least jhuta hi sahi same to u bol deti..." her heart scolded her as she sat on bed tearfully "Ye sab sirf ek sympathy hai... Aur kuch nai... Tu dur hi reh usse" her mind warned her "At least ye to bol deti ki mat jao.. Tabeat thik nai hai... Par ye b nai bola tune... Ab dekh breakfast b nai karke gaye... Ab roti rehna.. Agar unhe kuch huaa to... Aur maaf nai kar paaygi tu khudko dekh lena" her heart spoke angrily to which she sniffed staring at the untouched breakfast tray "Kya karun main.. Kahan jaaun.. Kaise niklun is musibat se... Kuch samajh nai aa raha" she mumbled tearfully and wiping the tears she stood up to put his old shirt in Washroom

Night time

"Shilpa tum ab tak ready nai hui... abhi Driver aata hoga tumhe lene..." Radha spoke frowningly seeing her still on her morning saari

"Bua vo.. Mera mann nai hai.. Bahoot ajeeb sa lag raha hai" she lied while putting his files properly on shelf

"Dekha jaaye ye baat to Armaan ko kehni chahiyee kyun ki... Uski health kharab hone k bawajood b vo.. Tumhe bahar le jaa raha hai... Aur tum thoda sa b takleef bardaast nai kar sakti" Radha spoke in scolding voice which made her quiet "Dekho beta agar tumne usse abhi apne paas nai rakkha... To vo dur ho jaayga" this time she said softly

"Durr to vo kabka ho gaye Buaaji" her heart said hurtfully

"Aur vaise b uska dhyaan bahar rehta hai aaj kal main dekh rahi hun... Tum usse apne paas rakkha karo beta... Varna aaj kal ki ladkiyo ka koi bharosa nai hai kab chin le jaaye usko" Radha spoke in low voice which made her confused

"Vo thodi koi chiz hai Buaaji... Jo apne paas rakkhun... Unka kaam rehta hai to vo busy rehte hai bas" she spoke slowly

"Tum bahoot bholi ho Shilpa is liye vo nai dekh rahi ho jo main dekh rahi hun... tum na Armaan ko zara us Surbhi se dur rakkha karo... Vo bahoot zyada innvolve hoti hai uske saath... Mujhe acha nai lagta ye sab... To ye zimmedaari tumhari hai" Radha whispered in low voice but it made her hell shocked that how can she think like this about Surbhi

"Buaaji aap kuch zyada hi soch rahi hai... Surbhi bilkul aisi nai hai... Aur sabse badi baat vo engaged hai Rehaan k saath aap to jaanti hai... To aap aise kaise bol sakti hai... Mujhe Surbhi pe bahoot zyada vishwaas hai aur usse zyada Armaan pe..." controlling her anger she replied in poliet way

"Armaan ko to main b jaanti hun beta bas... Surbhi" Radha spoke concernedly to which she stops her

"Aap zyada soch rahi hai... Aisa kuch nai hai... Vo dono bahoot ache dost hai aur kuch nai" she spoke normally

"Jo b ho but main to tumhare bhale k liye keh rahi thi" Radha spoke slowly

"Aap kitna sochti hai mere aur Armaan k baare mein... Soo sweet... But Buaaji itna pyaar mat kijiye ki mujhe aapki salah ki aadat pad jaaye" she taunted in most sweetest way which Radha took in positive

"Aree ye to mera farz tha... Tum ready hokar jaldi neeche aa jao... Varna late ho jaayga" Radha spoke lovingly caressing her head who gave a sweet smile and Radha went from there

"Main maanti hun ki aapko Armaan ki parwa hai... But aap Surbhi ko kuch nai bol sakti kyun ki... Main jaanti hun vo galat nai hai... Ek baar Armaan galat ho sakte hai but Surbhi nai" she thought while moving towards her Wardrobe to change or else Radha will think again something stupid "Kya pehnun...?" she spoke confusedly looking at her dresses when her eyes landed on two plastic bags which were kept on the middle self "Ye...??" she frowned looking at bags and picking that bags she looked inside in which she found some clothes "Ye maine to nai liye fir??" she mumbled confusedly when 'Maine tumhara gift.. Tumhare Wardrobe mein rakkha hai... Plzz accept kar lena... Aur aaj shaamko ready rehna Driver tumhe lene aayga... Bye' his morning words hit her head so shaking her head she moved out from there and sitting on bed she opened the first bag in which a red saari was there from down it is green but its 'Pallu' was in red color there was golden & navy blue borders were shinning it was not so heavy not so light it was Perfect for her she took out that saari also its matching jewellery when her eyes landed on a note which was attached to that box

"Mujhe yehi mila tumhe dene k liye... Kya karun kuch samjha nai... Ki kya dun... Agar acha lage to pehna.. Varna jo marzi aaye vo pehena... Par plzz aana... Armaan" as she read this note she kept the saari on side and was about to put that gifts inside his Wardrobe when by mistakenly from her hand second bag fell down from which a white dress peeped out making her to bend and picked that dress during this a note fell from the dress so keeping that dress on her lap she opened that note

"I know bahoot late se ye gift apne maalik k paas pahuch raha hai but kya karun... Bhul hi gaya tha isko.. Ye maine tumhare last b'day pe liya tha Shilpa... But mauka nai mila dene ka... I think ye pehli aisi chiz hai jo tumhe sochke khareedi thi... Experience nai tha mere paas kisi ladki ko kuch dene ka uswaqt... But jab ye dress dekha to laga ye tumhare liye hi bana hai... So isse pehle ye choti ho jaaye plzz pehen lena... Armaan" as she read' this an unkown smile reached her lips so keeping the note inside the bag she looked at the dress which is full flare white dress wd silver embroidery

"Mat pehena Shilpa... Tu b jaanti hai ladke kaise hote hai... Apna pride kisi b haal mein banaye rakhna chahte hai" her mind spoke angrily "Shilpa... Ye pride nai hai.. Ye to pyaar lag raha hai... Tu aise kaise ignore kar sakti hai is chiz ko..." her heart tried to make sense in her "Tu baar baar kyun bhul jaati hai ki.. vo tujhse nai Kritika se pyaar karta hai..." her mind yelled at her "Nai Shilpa agar vo Kritika se pyaar karte to ab tak tujhe Divorce de diya hota" her heart took his side "Vo isliye kyun ki vo ladka hai... Vo to yehi chahega ki.. Uska affair b rahe aur ghar walo ki reputation b naa kharab ho... Avni ki shaadi ki wajah se tujhe rakkha hai abhi tak... Aur bhul mat tune us Kritika se promise kiya tha ki tu usse Divorce degi" her mind reminded her to which her heart argued and getting irritated Shilpa got up to keep that dress in bag when Surbhi entered there

"Shilpa... Ready kyun nai hui tum ab tak??" Surbhi asked confusedly to which she was about to reply when Surbhi's eyes landed on her saari which was still kept on bed "Wow...!! What a pretty saari..." she spoke happily picking that saari making her smile "Pehno na Shilpa mujhe dekhna hai ye tumpe kaisa lagega... Plzz" she requested excitedly making her giggle seeing her excitement

"Par mera mood nai hai jaane ka" she replied slowly "I mean mujhe bore hoga" she couldn't tell the real reason so she lied

"Aree... Par aaj Anniversary hai tum dono ki... To tym spend to karna hi padega tum dono ko" Surbhi spoke unbelievably making her look down "Aur vaise b... Tum dono k Date k do ghante baad hum sab... Kabab mein haddi banenge... Kyun ki Mr Khan ne promise kiya hai ki vo hume treat denge... To aaj hum sab dinner saath mein karenge... Including Ayaan & Rehaan" she announced wd a grin which made her mood light "Ab to pehnogi na...??" she asked cutely making her smile

"Thik hai... Pehnti hun" She replied smilingly while picking that saari also put that dress in bags and taking everything she went inside wardrobe sliding the glass door close she started wearing that saari forgetting her anger on him but she is doing to show everyone that everything is fine b/w them

"Acha Shilpa... Kal Karvachauth k din.. Mujhe b subhe 4 baje jaga dena... Sargi k liye" Surbhi spoke loudly while standing beside Wardrobe door

"Kyun...?? Tum itni subhe kya karogi uthke??" Shilpa's voice reached her ears

"Actually kal main b fast rakhungi... Rehaan k liye" Surbhi replied blushingly making her giggle

"Oohhhoo... Rehaan k liye itna pyaar" Shilpa teased

"Haa... Aur pata hai Rehaan b mere liye fast rakhega... Maine ye last year hi decide kiya tha ki... Main uske liye fast rakhungi aur usse b rakhwaungi..." she said nonchalantly while sitting on bed making Shilpa giggle "Kyun ki jab Mr Khan tumhare liye fast rakh sakte hai... To Rehaan kyun nai rakh sakta mere liye" she said smilingly making Shilpa's smile fade hearing this immediately last two years Karvachauth came in her mind where he kept fast for her "I know.. Tum soch rahi hogi ki mujhe kaise pata... To batadun ki Rehaan observe karta tha Mr Khan ko... Ki pure din Mr Khan kuch khaate peete nai thae..." she spoke wd a giggle making her eyes moist coz Surbhi reminded the old memories of ArSh but composing herself she put the saari's edge on her shoulder and opened the wardrobe door

"Is baar aisa nai hoga Surbhi..." She said normally walking infront of the dressing table

"Haa... Ye b hai... Mr Khan ko to yaad hi nai hoga..." Surbhi spoke sadly wdout looking at her "Tum kaho to main unhe bata dun..." she stood up cheerfully but stopped seeing her

"Nai Surbhi... Koi jarurat nai hai... Jaisa hai thik hai..." she spoke normally while wearing her earrings

"Omg!! Shilpa tum kya lag rahi ho... Superb... U r looking damm beautiful" Surbhi commented happily standing behind her who smiled at her words

"Thank u so much..." she turned at her smilingly while wearing navy blue & yellow bangles

"Mr Khan k to hosh hi ud jaaynge... Tumhe dekh k" Surbhi spoke teasingly to which she rolled her eyes and turning back again at mirror she started combing her hairs

"Acha Shilpa... Aaj na khub pet bhar k khaana... Kyun ki kal pure din bhuka jo rehna hai" Keeping her hands on her shoulder from behind she teased making her to glare "But seriously... Is baar Karvachauth thik tumhare Anniversary k baad aaya... Aur parso shaam ko hume Chandigarh k liye nikalna hai... Matlab hamare paas tym hi nai hoga naa..." she spoke excitedly making her giggle

"Haa... Vo to hai" Shilpa said normally while adding mascara in her eyes and applied lipstick on her rosy lips she wore her wedding chain not before putting vermilion in her scalp "I am ready" she looked back at her smilingly

"Tumhe pata hai... Agar main ladka hoti to... Tumhara Divorce Mr Khan se kara k... Tumse shaadi kar leti... Chahe tum maanti yaa na maanti..." she spoke in teasing tone keeping her hand on her shoulder who hide her smile

"To main tumhe bata dun... Ki agar tum ladka hoti to... Main khud Armaan ko Divorce dekar tumse shaadi karti... Kyun ki tum jaisi no I mean jaisa lover mujhe kahin nai milti ya milta" Shilpa played along wd her who giggled

"Luv u..." she hugged her tightly who hugged her back smilingly "Acha ab chalo varna... Neeche Driver jaane k liye chillayga aur udhar Mr Khan gussa ho jaaynge" she spoke in serious voice after parting from the hug

"Acha tum sab aaoge na...?" Shilpa asked slowly as they reached outside the room

"Haa baba... Aaynge... Ab tum jaao b" Surbhi giggled and nodding in YES Shilpa went outside

15 minutes later...

"Pata nai aaygi b ki nai...?" Armaan mumbled confusedly looking at his wrist watch "Par jahan tak lagta hai aaygi... Kyun ki Surbhi aur baaki sab bhej hi denge usse" he thought while looking at the decorations First time Armaan Malik is hell nervous!! coz he did something like this first time (According to him) to prepare for Date is first thing in morning when he left for Sanjeevani's Meeting he was thinking about their Anniversary where he thought to call her on Date but the thing stopped him was according to him its their Anniversary which he will celebrate first time wd her... Not in any Restaurant, Hotel or beach it should be different one he was thinking where to keep when it hits him about Malik's Farm House So he made all sort of arrangements for their Date in the Farm House which is shinning now wd lights & white ner curtains it was made on back side of the House where two tents were made one wd big dinner space along wd table & chairs white other was empty where as a small dinner table was put under the sky just for them where Armaan is standing now waiting for Shilpa!

Chain bhi,

Mera dard bhi.

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho...

"I hope aaj... Tumhe bata dun... Ki tum mere liye kya ho..." he thought while light a candle which was on table he stared the candle quietly thinking about her when a cool breeze touched his face suddenly his heart started beating fast making him confuse he felt something which made him turn back slowly only to find Shilpa there who was looking at the decorations blankly which reminds her of their first Valentine's day coz it was the same place where they celebrated that day and everything came like flashes infront of her eyes Their dance on her favourite song... Their romance while watching that animated movie... He cooking for her for the first time... The promises they made to stay forever.. everything was coming back inside her head which was making her heart weak!

Where as seeing her his heart stopped for seconds She is looking breathtaking for him her hairs which were straight plus curls from down making her beautifull while the saari perfectly suiting on her as if its for only her his eyes can easily trace her curves he didn't thought that it would look too good on her coz yesterday night when he bought this saari from a Shop (Which was about to be closed coz of late night) he didn't saw this closely coz as he saw this saari on maniqueen he directly bought this but now looking at her he couldn't blink his eyes which were fixed on her, staring deeply at her green mascara eyes.. Then his eyes dropped on her lips which built inside him an urge to kiss her deeply

"What the heck...! Armaan" he kicked himself mentally at his wild thoughts and immediately looked down trying to ignore his wild thoughts where as Shilpa was still on her place looking at the balcony where he cooked for her their most memorable day when she heard him coughing who is trying to garb her attention "Amm... Vo" he said slowly making her to look at him who gave a smile slowly which she tried to ignore coz her heart started beating fast as he stepped ahead "Achi lag rahi ho..." he commented slowly staring at her who looked down making him smile

"Thanks...!" she mumbled softly still looking down where as his smile was still on his face

"Happy Anniversary Shilpa..." he whispered softly moving closer to her who looked up at him blankly when she didn't said anything he took a sigh "I think Anniversary dono ki hai... To wish b dono ko karna chahiye... Maine to kar diya... But tum" he whispered slowly staring at her

"Ye kis chiz ki formality kar raha hai Shilpa... Sab dikhawa hai" her mind spoke angrily "Thik hai mana ye dikhawa kar raha hai... To tu b karde... Ki tujhe koi farq nai padta" her heart diverted her mind and going wd her heart she thought to wish him "Same too u...!!" she whispered softly making him to stare her quietly

"Finally..." he whispered smilingly to which she looked up at him confusedly "I mean... Tumne wish to kiya... Vaise tumhe tumhara gift kaisa laga??" he asked expectantly

"Bol de direct bakwaas tha..." her mind spoke angrily "Nai yaar tu har tym gussa nai reh sakti... Bhul mat ye din tere liye kitna khaas hai..." her heart scolded her "Acha tha..." she replied slowly looking away from him who smiled but again came a silence b/w them

"Armaan beta... Aise shaant rahega to kabhi isko yakeen nai dila paayga ki tu innocent hai Kritika k case mein" his mind put sense in him who agreed and thought to say something when his eyes landed on their dinner table where a red rose was kept inside a small vase

"Shilpa aise chup chaap khade rehne se... Sacchai nai badlegi... Ki ab se tum dono ki life aisi hi hogi aage... Awkward aur silence se bhara" her mind mocked at her who got tensed thinking that "Shilpa tu.. Kyun bhul jaati hai ki ye vohi Armaan hai jisne tujhe pyaar sikhaya... Usse nibhaana sikhaya... Zara apne aas paas dekh... Kya tu is jagah ko kabhi bhul paaygi... Jahan itni yaadein hai tum dono ki" her heart showed her way to him where she looked at the place specially on balcony where he made her felt like a princess!

"Armaan aap khana banayenge??" she asked shockingly to which nodded in YES showing his dimples and wore that chef's cap on his head wd an apron making her stared at him unbelievably nshe helped him wear the cap "Aap mazak kar rahe haina??" she again asked to confirm

"Aur koi dikh raha hai yahan" he replied casually making her laugh "what's so funny??" he asked picking the knife

"Armaan...Malik and cooking...impossible" she spoke controlling her laugh making him glared at her

"O Hello... for me I m possible..ok" he spoke proudly while picking the cabbage on his right hand not before playing on a cookery show video in his phone

"Haa...jarur thik se coffee b banani nai aati...aapko" she mocked

"Bracelet...I know banani aati hai... aur offcourse that two minute noddles b aati hai mujhe" he exclaimed while slicing the cabbage

"Haa vo na jo bahot tasteless tha..." she taunted giggling making him to glared her "acha tab main b dekhna chahungi ki aap khana banate kaise ho..." she stood up and picked her phone

"Bracelet mujhe disturb mat karna...varna jo karna hai karo" he warned and again concentrated on his work while she was taking his video

''The great Dr Armaan kar rahe hai see..." she spoke still taking his video closely making him shook his head

"Bracelet...tum ek kaam kyun nai karti...kuch tympass kyun nai dundhti apne liye...mujhe disturb karna jaruri nai hai" he spoke annoyingly to which she closed her video

"Acha tab tak main karun kyaa" she asked innocently sitting back on chair

"Mujhe dekho..." he winked

"Aapko dekhte dekhte to bore ho gayi hun...kuch naya dekhna chahiye nai" she spoke cutely while putting her one elbow on table and her head rested on her fist from which her head was depended

"Haww abhi se bore ho gayi..." he spoke like an kid to which she chuckled and nodded in YES "tch koi keemat nai dashing Husband ki..." he shook his head concentrating on his soup


"Hmm... Ye tumhare liye..." his nervous voice made her came out from the flashback only to found his hand infront of her wd a single rose in his fist she looked at him questionably "Tumhaari saari se match kar rahi hai..." he said softly but wd a smile to which she looked down at the rose then at his expectantly face

"Ye time itna slow kyun chal raha hai..." she thought looking at him "Jo b ho... Tujhe tab tak shaant rehna hoga... Jab tak koi aa nai jaata aur vaise b kuch b ho ye din tu kharab nai kar sakti apna... Jo bahoot khaas hai tere liye" her heart's voice made her to take the rose from his hand who smiled seeing this

"Thanks..." she mumbled softly to which he nodded smilingly and again came a silence b/w them which made them to look away from each other

"Kya bolun ab... Dammm... Ek Date tak nai sambhal sakta main... Aur dusro ko advice deta hun..." he smacked himself mentally "See Armaan agar tu chahta hai sab kuch firse pehle jaisa normal ho... To Dude kuch to mehnat karni padegi tujhe... U r Armaan Malik jiske liye sab kuch easy hai..." his mind encourage him who nodded thinking what to do next when something hit his mind

"Ye ab tak Surbhi aur sab log aaye kyun nai..." she thought staring at the entrance and kept the rose on table when

"Shilpa..." he call hesistately making her to look back at him who put his hand inside his pocket and took out something from it making her frowned "Ye Anniversary gift to nai hai but... Ye tumhari chiz hai..." he whispered softly making her confuse when he took her one hand in his and kept something on her palm which she felt something cold and was about to look down when he himself said "Tumhara Bracelet... Jo mere paas tha... Hamari first meeting k tym tumne chod diya tha" he told smilingly where as she is still staring at her palm stunned! It means he had kept this Bracelet from more than four years how is that possible?? Coz whenever she used to asked about her Bracelet to him (before his accident) he always said I don't know then how?? Specially when he doesn't love her then why?? These thoughts were going inside her brain

"Armaan bataiyee na.. Ki mera Bracelet aapne kahan rakkha??" she asked again but this time wd pouted anger look, making him to held his head who was getting ready for Sanjeevani

"Bracelet yaar... Bola na maine ki agar mujhe yaad hota to... Main tumhe de nai deta" he spoke lovingly forwarding her his tie

"Par Armaan... Aap to hamari shaadi bhule ho... Hamari first meet thodi... Vo to aapko yaad hogi na... Ki ghar aate hi aapne mere Bracelet ka kya kiya" she again asked while putting the tie on his neck who gripped her waist

"Nai Bracelet.. Mujhe sirf tum yaad ho uske baad ka mujhe nai pata" he spoke normally pulling her more closer by her waist who pouted

"Toh mere Bracelet ka kya huaa hoga??" she asked wd pouted lips making him peck there as she finished the knot of tie making him smile

"Yaa to maine usse phek diya hoga... Yaa fir kisi ko de diya hoga" he spoke thoughtfully making her mouth open in O shape "Ab aisa to hoga nai ki kisi bank k safe mein rakkha hoga sambhal k" he joked making her smack his chest angrily and she moved towards the bed when he pulled back her in his arms "Oye meri... Rapunzel... Itna gussa thik nai hai... Aur uper se tum pregnant ho.. Tab to bilkul nai... U know hamare baby k liye thik nai hoga" he spoke lovingly kissing her cheek who smiled "Aur main to tumhare liye... Bracelet ka dukaan khada kar dunga" as he joked this she giggled and hugged him

"I hate u..." she said in teasing tone making him chuckled

"Yaa... I luv u too" he hugged her more tightly making her giggle when

"Boww... Bowww" Shao Pao's voice made them to part who looked down

"Lo aa gaya tumhara... Vada Pao" he spoke in serious tone while sitting on bed

"Armaan... Its Shao Pao" she glared him who rolled his eyes while tying his shoe laces

"Jo b ho ab main jaata hun... Tum raho apne is Missle Pao Vada Pao k saath" he stood up to go where as she was playing wd Shao Pao "Isko jab ye mil jaata hai... Mujhe to bhul hi jaati hai" he mumbled while standing at the entrance of their Room "Bracelet bye..." he spoke loudly but she was still playing wd her dog "Aji sunti ho... Maine kaha hum jaa rahe hai..." his extra sweet tone made her aware about him

"Oo sorryy..." she came hurriedly which made her about to fall when

"Sambhal k Bracelet..." he held her by her waist who gave him a sheepish smile "Maar khaogi tum kisi din mere haath se... Aise koi chalta hai... Vo b is haalat mein" he scolded her who giggled and kissed his cheek mumbling sorry "Hmm thik hai... Main nikalta hun... Bye" he spoke in fake serious tone to which she nodded and kissing her cheeks he left where as she got busy wd Shao Pao again Actually the thing is last night when they went for walk they were talking about some random things when out of blue he asked about her first Bracelet that where she got that to which she informed normally that it was gifted by Aditi and there that topic ended but in morning suddenly she asked about her Bracelet which got stuck wd him during their first meet but Armaan clearly told that he didn't remembered that thing coz he forgot but no since morning she was asking the same question which resulted in this scene It was the scene before that big storm entered in their life where everything was perfect where she was pregnant where nothing happened to Shao Pao where she didn't lost her old Armaan


"Actually... Ye maine unintentionally bank k safe mein rakh diya tha... Aur shayad isi wajah se ye vohi pada tha... But kuch hafto pehle main bank k kissi kaam se gaya tha... To ye vahan mil gayi" he narrated this very calmly taking her attention who is still staring at her Bracelet moistly "Pehnogi nai...??" he asked slowly making her looked up at him who got frowned seeing her moist eyes "I think ye kisi bahoot khaas ne di thi... Tabhi to isse dekhne k baad... Tum emotional ho gayi haina??" he asked carefully to which she clears her eyes

"Aditi ne..." she whispered wd a small smile making him smile too


Kyun ki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho,

Zindagi ab tum hi ho...

"Oo... Sorryy... Ye itne din mere paas tha... Actually main ye tumhe tabhi dene wala tha jab hum temple k bahar mile thae" he spoke normally to which she gave a smile looking down at her Bracelet "Pehno..." he spoke smilingly to which she nodded in YES and started wearing that Bracelet but it was difficult for one hand "May I??" he asked hesistately making her to forward her hand towards him wdout looking at him who smiled and taking her hand he started locking her Bracelet who first stared his face lovingly as if seeing her Armaan but when he felt her stare she looked down at her hand before he could look at her "Ho gaya..." he smiled looking at her who smiled back and looked at the decorations when he thought to talk wd her about their complicated married life "Shilpa..." he called softly making her to look at him "I know ye difficult hoga tumhare liye... Ki sab kuch shuru se karna... But mere liye to yehi first time hai Shilpa" he shared this in very soft & caring voice making her to stare him "Main tumhe kuch b justify nai karunga... Kiya k baare mein yaa kisi aur k baare mein... Kyun ki main janta hun vo log kuch matter nai rakhte mere liye... Except u" first time he shared his feeling to her who was speechless while he forwarded his hand infront of her who looked at him then at his hand blankly "Aaj agar main kuch tumse maangunga... To kya dogi mujhe??" he asked expectantly, his hand was still infront of her

"Dekh Shilpa... Aaj agar tu iske baato mein aa gayi to... Puri zindagi iske saamne jhukegi... To mat rakhna apna haath iske haath par" her mind warned her "Shilpa ek gift maang rahe hai... Tune to inka gift accept kar liya... Ab teri baari... Vaise b tune to kuch inhe diya hi nai... Ye Din to dono ka hai... Fir" her heart made her understand "Dekh Shilpa..." but before her mind could say anything she already kept her hand on his hand who smiled getting his hold tight on her hand whose heart skipped but as he stepped ahead something hit her mind making her she stepped back while pulling her hand back which made him hurt "Nai..." saying this sadly she turned to go coz It hit her head that he loves Kiya not her "Main kyun bhul jaati hun ki ye ab mere nai hai..." she thought hurtfully when she felt sudden jerk on her hand and wdin a second she banged wd his chest

"Tum aise nai jaa sakti Shilpa... Bina meri baat sunne" he whispered slowly pulling her closer by her waist whose one hand was on his shoulder while other was on his hold where as his other hand was on her bare waist they both were staring at each other "At least ek baar mauka to do.. Mujhe ye proove karne ka... Ki sach kya hai..." he whispered softly pulling her more closer who stared at him dazedly "Aur sach ye hai ki... Mujhe tumhare trust k siwa kuch nai chahiyee Shilpa..." his effect was so real that she forgot everything even Kiya they were moving slowly slowly wdout any music only the heartbeat of their hearts which they can feel "Ye tumhari marzi hai ki tum kya sochti ho... Aur kya chahti ho... But" he said while twirling her who's back pressed against his chest as she landed on him "But... Sirf ek baar mujhpe trust karke dekho..." he whispered softly from back near her ear who closed her eyes as she felt his hand moved slowly on her waist "I will not let u down Shilpa" his nose tip brushed wd her cheek from behind while his hold on her waist tightened making her to take deep breath while his other hand which was gripping her left hand entwined their fingers which were kept on her front and wd an instant he twirled her that she landed on his chest coming face to face "Kya tumne mujhpe in chaar saalon mein kabhi trust nai kiya... Jo itne jaldi maan liya ki main tumhe cheat kar sakta hun..." his hand pulled her more closely by waist that her hands landed on his shoulder making their noses brushed "Kya tumhe lagta hai main kabhi tumhare saath aisa kuch karunga..." making her fall only to catch in next second he stared deep in her eyes who was staring him wd thudding heart "Agar mujhe tumhe dhoka hi dena hota na Shilpa... To main tumhare saath six months b Bhopal mein nai rehta... Aur tumhe sab kuch sach sach bata deta..." He whispered honestly staring at her who couldn't take her eyes off from him whose eyes were enough for any truth "Haa maine tumhe ye nai bataya ki... Kiya ka sach kya hai... Kyun ki mere liye vo Kabir k saath aage badh chuki thi... Aur maine tumhe nai bataya kyun ki main tumhe aur hamare rishte ko samajh raha tha... Sirf us stupid trust k kaaran... Which I regret Shilpa" they came back to their original position where her hands gripped his shoulder tightly while his both hands pulled her closer to him by her waist almost pressing her front wd him "Mujhe tumse shaadi karni thi so maine ki... Bina kisi ki marzi aur force se...Shayad tumhe pata nai... Tum meri choice ho Shilpa... Na hi meri family yaa kisi aur ki..." he whispered softly brushing his nose wd her who stared him wd love she can hear the sincerity in his voice "Tum sirf meri choice ho... Sirf meri" whispering this huskily bending his head towards her whose eyes automatically closed down followed by him who tightened his hold on her waist they can feel each others breath where their lips were about to touch when Armaan's cell rang breaking their moment which made Shilpa's eyes flew opened and she pushed him who got startled staring at her confusedly when Shilpa turned her back at him who got disappoint by her act thinking she is regretting their moment "Shi..." he was about to apologize but again his cell rang making him angry "Ayaan..." moving away from that place he spoke annoyingly

"Kya huaa... Bhaijaan... Gussa lag rahe hai..." Ayaan asked teasingly making him cool down

"Kuch nai... Tum bolo??" rubbing his forehead wd his fingers he spoke in calm voice

"Bhaijaan main to aa gaya kabab mein haddi banne... Aap nai dikh rahe mujhe" Ayaan spoke cheerfully looking here & there standing infront of the Farm House

"Aree... Ayaan hum Backyard mein hai... Main door se andar aa jao" he said calmly still controlling his heartbeat

"Ok Bhaijaan" saying this happily he hung up the phone leaving a scared Armaan who is fearing to loose his Wife

"Kya kiya Armaan... Ye tune uska trust jeetna tha... Khona nai" he smacked himself mentally ruffling his hairs frustratingly

"Kardi na tune gadbad... Self respect naam ki chiz nai hai... Tujhmein Shilpa... Unke karib jaate hi bhul jaati hai tu... Ki tujhe unse door rehna hai..." her mind scolded her who has kept her one hand on table balancing herself "Kyun main khudko aapse dur nai kar paa rahi... Kyun mujhe lag raha hai jo aapne kaha vo sach hai... Jab ki maine khud aapko confess karte hue dekha tha... Kiya se Locker Room mein... Fir kyun mujhe lag raha hai... Aap sach keh rahe ho" her heart asked confusedly while a lone tear landed from her eye where as Armaan came behind her for apology which she felt he was struggling

"Shilpa vo... I am sorry... But..." before he could complete his sentence she interrupts him

"Its ok..." she spoke in strong voice and turned back at him not before clearing her tears to which he looked at her confusedly when Ayaan came there!

"Bhaijaan..." Ayaan shouted happily making them look at him who approached towards them hastly making Armaan smiled "Mubarak ho aapki ye janmo wali saal girah" he wished while hugging Armaan who hugged him back smilingly

"Thank u..." he smiled parting from the hug

"Aree abhi kaha... Abhi to Bhabhijaan ko wish karna hai" looking at Shilpa, Ayaan spoke teasingly to which she just pass a smile at him "Aree ye to kamaal ho gaya... Aaj aap cheekhi nai mujhpe... Bhabhijaan bulaane k liye... Lagta hai... Aapka mood kaafi acha hai aaj" he teased to which she passed a small smile to him where as Armaan looked at her quietly while standing beside her but a little behind her "Par jo b ho... Mrs Jahapanaah ye tohfa... Qubool kijiye" bending like a gentlemen he forwarded a gift infront of her who smiled lightly while Armaan stared her face

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