Friday, 13 October 2017

part -26 :The Painful Side Of Love

2 days later
"Its time to celebrate." Armaan and Cam hi-fived each other.
"We got all three of them."Cam said in a cheerful voice. They were standing outside the court where one of the guys was given the verdict of life-imprisonment and one of the guy's company was destroyed by Cam's company while the last one was also imprisoned for various charges.

"Now we have to get Vivek" Armaan said in a serious tone.
"And do you really think that you'll be able to do that?'"They both turned around and saw Vivek standing there with a cane in his hand...........he still had not recovered from the injuries that Armaan, Cam and his men had given him.
He limped towards them and stood facing Cam. He looked straight into his eyes and said with hatred etched all over his face "Mr.Camerone Monroe........another one of Riddhima's lover. Do you really think that you can get me that easy? No because Vivek Khanna is an ace at this game and doesn't leave any evidences behind" Vivek smirked and then continued "but I wonder how you two are working together? I mean you both are in love with Riddhima and still instead of being on opposite sides you two are working together. Don't tell me you two have made a deal about who gets to spend the day with her and who gets to spend the nights." He laughed but stopped when Cam lunged forward to punch the light out of Cam but he was restrained by a hand on his shoulder. Armaan and Cam turned around and saw Atul standing there.
Atul came closer and spoke to Cam in a warning tone "Don't Cam. Don't create a scene here. You are standing outside a court besides there is a lot of media here and you are a will be all over the newspapers tomorrow." Cam controlled his anger and nodded in agreement.
"Great Atul so you are once again going to help them against your brother." Vivek spoke coldly. Atul shrugged and spoke in an equally cold voice "That's what you deserve Vivek." Vivek had a distant look in his eyes and then his gaze shifted towards Armaan with the kind of hatred that was not humanly possibly....Armaan for the first time felt uncomfortable instead of angry..........he couldn't figure the look in Vivek's eyes. Vivek glared at the three of them and left. Armaan thought that may be it was because he was going to get him punished but Vivek had directed his anger for that towards Cam and had given a different kind of look to Armaan. Armaan cleared his thoughts when he heard Cam say "Armaan this is Atul and Atul this is Armaan." They both gave each other a warm hug and then moved towards their car and left for home where they'll decide how to get Vivek.
"What the hell is this?" Said an annoyed Riddhima. She had been trying to call Armaan's cell but it constantly said 'not reachable'. She was frustrated beyond limit and Cam too had not called her........just then the phone rang.....she rushed to pick it up and in the process her knee banged against the table just when she had picked up the receiver "Ouch! Oh god..."
"Riddhima Riddhima you okay? Riddhima say something please..........are you okay babe?" It was Cam on the line who was frantic with worry when he heard the pain in Riddhima's voice and Riddhima was about to answer when she heard something and was shocked............."Cam what happened to Riddhima is she okay? Cam?" Riddhima knew it was Armaan's voice..........for a moment she was ecstatic that she was finally hearing his voice but then shock took over when she realized that Armaan and Cam were together''''in USA and all she said was a whisper "Armaaaaannn'" Cam was still worried so he repeated the questions while an agitated Armaan stood next to Riddhima replied in a cold voice "So you TWO are TOGETHER in USA when I was told that Armaan was going to Delhi so he has been lieing to me all this time just the way others did." Cam smacked his head when he heard the dead line on the other end. He turned towards Armaan and spoke in a distressed and slightly irritated tone "Why did you speak? Now pay the consequences;.......she thinks that we betrayed her..........Man this women I tell you..........she is such a drama queen......on every little thing she behaves as if the world's coming to an end..........fine we are together but for god's sake you are with me not with some hot babe that she has to react like this and now I have no idea how we are going to handle her......."Cam was really pissed and kept on speaking but was interrupted by Atul "You need to understand Cam the ordeal that she has been through doesn't let her trust anyone in this world but she still placed her trust in the two of you and now that she realized that you two had lied to her she is hurt.......fine the lie is very small but it's a lie just the same so try to understand her besides she is in love with Armaan and you are her best friend and the most important person in her life so she expects you guys to be brutally honest to her but don't worry she is going to call you guys within 5 seconds because she obviously is way more worried then you guys relax." Armaan was all this time standing like a statue hoping that she calls and Atul was right the phone rang and before Cam could pick it up Armaan did and frantically spoke into the receiver "Riddhima sweetheart please let me explain........please please please babe..............please I can explain everything..........please just give me one chance and I'll give u all the reasons as to why am here...........please Riddhima are you going to listen to me....ple......Ouch! Cam what are you doing?" Cam smacked the back of Armaan's head after listening to him constantly saying "please listen to me please please......... "he said with irritation "Armaaaaaaaaaan she has called that means she wants an explanation besides she didn't hang up which means she is waiting for you to explain so please don't annoy her or the boxing champ in her will take charge and she'll punch you through the phone itself." and then Cam walked towards the couch mimicking Armaan "Please babe please listen to me please please.........." Atul burst out laughing and Riddhima too smiled on the other hand while Armaan gave a 'you are so dead' look to Cam who smirked in reply........Armaan finally spoke into the receiver "I am sorry sweetheart.........we shouldn't have lied to you but we wanted to punish those b******* who ruined your life and we have already punished two of them.......please Riddhima try to understand I have to do this for you........"Armaan stopped when he heard the dial tone. He turned towards the others and spoke "She hung up...........what are we going to do?"
Riddhima froze when she came to know what Armaan and Cam were up to''.She knew Vivek khanna was a dangerous man and could go to any extent to save himself''.even kill if need be'..she slid down to the couch with the receiver still in her hand'''she was breathing heavily gripping the receiver tightly'..her knuckles went white and she was sweating badly'''..she then placed the receiver in its right place and started pacing the room but then it hit her that they both were doing this to take revenge on her behalf'''.avenge her miseries''..she smiled with tears in her eyes''..she knew they won't stop so she decided at that moment that she'll go to USA''.she knew it would be too painful to be in that city but she'll do it for Armaan. She heard the phone ring and she knew that it was Armaan'
"Listen Riddhima please try to understand sweetheart and please don't be mad at me. And......and ..........oh ya it was all Cam's fault.............ya it was his fault." Armaan tried to get rid of his blame while a shocked Cam fell off the couch and was on the floor glaring at Armaan and then he hastily walked towards him and took the receiver from him and started explaining frantically "No Riddhima this guy is such a liar;..........I told him to inform you but he refused so its all his fau..."
He stopped when he heard Riddhima laughing on the other end and then she finally managed to speak "Oh too are just too much. I am not mad at the two of you so relax and I know that it was a combined idea of the two of you and you both will pay for it. Just so that you know I am going to be there tomorrow evening." With that she hung up chuckling to herself.
Cam turned towards Armaan and spoke in an annoyed voice "See now what you did.......She is going to be here and she'll be reminded of those bitter moments."
He stopped when he saw Armaan's apologetic face and changing his tone to a cheerful one said "Oh no she won't be reminded of the bitter moments because now she has your love to support her and I am sure you won't let her break down." He placed his arm around Armaan's shoulder and squeezed it who smiled in return but them he remembered the way Cam had mocked him and he turned towards Cam and said "So what were you saying while I was talking to Riddhima.....that I am dumb" Cam's expression changed and he quickly moved backwards and was soon running away when he saw Armaan chasing him while Atul was laughing at the two of them.
"Hey there she is." Cam, Armaan and Atul saw an ecstatic Riddhima running towards them with a bag in her hands.............Armaan got excited that Riddhima is going to run into his arms but he was proved wrong when she passed him and ran in Cam's direction who had a sheepish grin on his face which very soon turned into a frown when he saw Riddhima pass him and run towards Atul and the next moment Armaan and Cam saw the two hugging each other. They walked towards them when Riddhima turned towards them with her smile changed into an angry expression and Cam and Armaan took a step backward, gulping and waiting for her outburst.
Hope you enjoyed it'..I wanted to make it a bit more long but then I stopped here. Do comment and let me know if u like it or didn't''..silent readers please comment so that I can improve my work.


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