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Part 27 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Thank u..." he smiled parting from the hug

"Aree abhi kaha... Abhi to Bhabhijaan ko wish karna hai" looking at Shilpa, Ayaan spoke teasingly to which she just pass a smile at him "Aree ye to kamaal ho gaya... Aaj aap cheekhi nai mujhpe... Bhabhijaan bulaane k liye... Lagta hai... Aapka mood kaafi acha hai aaj" he teased to which she passed a small smile to him where as Armaan looked at her quietly while standing beside her but a little behind her "Par jo b ho... Mrs Jahapanaah ye tohfa... Qubool kijiye" bending like a gentlemen he forwarded a gift infront of her who smiled lightly while Armaan stared her face

"Thank u..." she thanked as she took the gift from Ayaan

"Kholiye na Bhabhijaan..." Ayaan insisted

"Nai Ayaan abhi mood nai hai" She said slowly looking at him who frowned where as Armaan thought She is still upset coz of their closeness so he thought to stop Ayaan

"Vaise tum sirf Shilpa k liye hi... Gift laaye ho ki mere liye b kuch laaye ho" Armaan asked calmly making Ayaan smile

"Vaise ye gift aap dono k liye hi hai... Bas isko kholne ki deri hai..." he said teasingly staring at Shilpa which made Armaan smiled "Plzzz... Bhabhijaan..." Ayaan requested making her to glare him who chuckled "Plzz..." he requested to which shaking her head she looked down at the gift and started opening it slowly where as both boys watched her face whose expressions changed as she opened the gift

"Ye to...?" Armaan looked at Ayaan questionably as he saw the gift

"Kaisa laga...?? Isse maine capture kar liya tha... Us din" Ayaan spoke happily ruffling his hairs making Armaan smile

"Bahoot acha... Thank u..." smiling at him Armaan hugged Ayaan who chuckled where as Shilpa is still staring at the gift wd moist eyes It was the same pic which Ayaan clicked on Surbhi-Rehaan's Court Marriage/ Wedding separately of ArSh where Armaan's hand was on Shilpa's neck who was staring at him while his eyes were also on hers

"Lagta hai... Bhabhijaan ko mera gift acha nai laga" Ayaan's teasing voice made her looked up at him

"Nai thank u... Bahoot acha hai..." hiding her tears she thanked wd small smile to which Ayaan giggled

"Aap itni chup chup achi nai lagti... Bhabhijaan" Ayaan spoke teasingly to which she smack his arm lightly only to giggle in next second followed by Ayaan where as Armaan was staring at her smilingly

"Kaash tum hamesha aise hi hasti raho... Shilpa bahoot acchi lagti ho tum" Armaan thought staring at them who were joking while walking towards the dinner table and taking a sigh he followed her

3 hours later...

Malik Mansion

"Damm... Thaka diya in logo ne... " a tiered Armaan entered in his Room "Ye mera headpain kyun kar raha hai...?" He loosened his tie while sitting on bed "Par jo aaj huaa... Hum dono k bich... Kya sahi huaa..." he mumbled confusedly laying straight on bed while his half leg was down closing his eyes tightly he thought about their Date... Their Dance... Not to forget they were about to Kiss... Its been three hours since they came back after Ayaan's arrival they three sat for talk where Shilpa was talking wd Ayaan and Armaan was only admiring her few minutes later everyone joined them too including Surbhi, Divya, Neha, Nikki, Avni, Rudra, Radha & little Anant they all sat for dinner when Rehaan arrived and there started their fun dinner but in b/w Radha was interrupting them just like they were talking when she said something which made ArSh flushed!

"Vaise mere taraf se to ek hi gift hai... Vo b dher saara ashirwaad" Radha spoke smilingly making ArSh smile who were seated beside each other "Bas jaldi se... Ye aashirwaad rang laaye... Ki tum dono hume Buaa... Aur Bhaiyaa Bhabhi ko Daadi Dada banao..." as she said this Armaan coughed who just took a spoon full morsel in his mouth while hearing this Shilpa's face flushed but also it made her sad where as others started giggling

"Khana khao..." he smacked Surbhi's head lightly who was giggling sitting beside his other side

"Mr Khan..." she glared to which he rolled his eyes concentrating on his food which made the Gang giggle except Shilpa who was still thinking about Radha's words also Radha who didn't liked Surbhi wd Armaan

"Wow!! Bhabhi... Aapki Bracelet bahoot mast hai..." Neha asked happily as she saw Shilpa's Bracelet who was making Anant to eat his food wd her hand Anant was sitting at other side of the table

"Bhai ne gift ki...?" Divya asked teasingly making ArSh stopped for seconds

"Plzz god... Ye ye na kehde ki maine di... Varna situation aur embarrassing ho jaaygi" he prayed in heart staring at Shilpa hopefully

"Nai ye meri hai... Aditi ne di" Shilpa replied normally making him to took a sigh

"Par Aditi Bhabhi to yahan nai hai... Fir kaise" Avni asked confusedly which made her quiet

"Aree vo... Aditi rakh kar gayi thi ye iske liye" instead of her Armaan answered

"Bahoot acchi friendship hai aap dono ki" Nikki commented happily to which she smiled

"Vaise Mr Khan aapne kya diya Shilpa ko..." Surbhi asked teasingly making Shilpa stopped while eating

"Jab isne mujhe kuch nai diya to main kyun dun isse..." he replied normally while tapping his fingers on table making Shilpa to look at down guiltfully

"How mean Bhai..." Divya made a face to which he rolled his eyes

"Aapse achi to Aditi hai... At least gift to rakh k gayi... Vo b itni preety... As if aaj hi showroom se banke aayi ho" as Surbhi said this smilingly Shilpa frowned

"Haa Shilpa ye b to ho sakta hai... Ki Armaan ne ye Bracelet banvaayi ho... Sirf tera trust jeetne k liye... Kyun ki itne saal tak safe mein rehne se... Ise to purana hona chahiyee tha... Fir ye naye jaisa kyun lag raha hai" Shilpa thought confusedly staring down at her Bracelet and getting angry she looked at him wd pouted anger look, who looked at her as he felt her eyes on him! but staring at her anger filled eyes he narrowed his eyes as if asking 'What' but she ignored him looking away from him

"Isse kya huaa...??" he thought confusedly but shaking his head he looked at his plate while keeping his leg on side which unintentionly kept on her saari

"Vaise Bhaijaan... Is Bracelet se hume us Bracelet ki yaad aa gayi... Jo aapko Sanjeevani aane k baad mila tha" Rehaan's sudden words made him close his eyes while Shilpa looked at Rehaan thinking he is talking about her Bracelet

"Kaunsa Bracelet Rehaan Bhai..." Rudra asked excitedly

"Aree... Vo kya huaa tha ki kari ban chaar saal pehle Bhaijaan k haath k dhaage mein... Ek Bracelet atak gaya tha jiski wajah se Bhaijaan bahoot pareshaan thae... Us din board meeting tha... Bhaijaan raasta dhundh rahe thae usse nikaalne ka... Aur jab kuch nai mila to unhone operation scissor se dhaage ko hi kaat pheka..." Rehaan narrated smilingly making everyone to hear wd full interest Where as keeping his chin on his hand he stared Rehaan angrily while Shilpa is hearing this attentively as if it is her topic!

"Par vo Bracelet kiska tha??" Surbhi asked suspiciously which made Rehaan chuckled

"Hume nai pata... But jab humne Bhaijaan se pucha tha to unhone kaha... Kal ek pagal ladki ne unke sar par zor se danda maarkar bhaag gayi... Apna ye stupid sa Bracelet chodkar..." Rehaan spoke wd a chuckled which made everyone laughed except Armaan who closed his eyes fearing of her anger also Shilpa whose mouth dropped opened hearing 'Pagal' and she immediately glared at Armaan "Infact next day Bhaijaan... Ne us Bracelet ko galti se bank k safe mein phek diyaa... Hamare saamne... Jab humne baad mein Bhaijaan ko bataya unhone kya kiya... To vo bole chod..." as he said this everyone laughed while Armaan closed his eyes by his hand where as a light smile came on her lips thinking he didn't gifted her any new one instead the Bracelet belongs to her , which may be he had polished or repaired an unknown satisfaction reached her heart "Vo Bracelet b kuch isi tarah tha... Usme S ka sign tha... Aur vo" but poor Rehaan was interrupted by him

"Rehaan.. Tu khana kyun nai khata... Khatam kar usse" Armaan spoke in serious voice but still he is worry about Shilpa's reaction who have kept her hand under the table thinking Rehaan can guessed this Bracelet

"Jii.. Bhaijaan..." he nodded smilingly and got busy in eating while others were still giggling except Surbhi who observed something

"Vaise Bhai ye ladkiyaan.. To hoti hi pagal apni cheeze kahin pe b chod deti hai..." Rudra spoke in joking way making his sisters angry where as Shilpa looked at Armaan angrily who tried hard to ignore her

"I agree wd u dude" Ayaan agreed

"Excuse me...!" Divya spoke angrily while correcting her specks

"Aap aise kaise bol sakte hai hum ladkiyon k baare mein" Avni also argued and here start their fight where Radha was stopping them while Armaan didn't paid any attention to them when Shilpa tried to move her feet but she felt something strongly gripping on her saari which made her to look down but before it

"Ouch!!" she whined as her head hit wd Armaan's head who just turned to look at her but finding her staring down he also looked down only to get hit their heads

"Sorryy... Lagi to nai..." he apologized rubbing his forehead while staring at her who also rubbing her head

"Usse pehle kya aap plzz... Apna pair mere saari k uper se hataynge" she almost ordered him who looked down under the table only to found his feet on her saari

"Oh.. Sorryy..." he apologized looking up at her who nodded in YES as he removed his feet from her saari

"I think aap logo ko.. Ek baar aur apne sar ko takrana chahiyee... Varna jhagda hoga aage" Surbhi's teasing voice made them to look at her

"Aisa... Kuch nai hota.." Armaan spoke calmly

"Fine aapko nai maana to mat maano... But aisa maante hai ki ek baar sar takraane se jhagda hota hai... Isi liye dubara ek baar aur try karna chaiyee..." Surbhi spoke normally to which Shilpa looked down coz somewhere she agrees wd it but how can she made him to do the same thing again?

"Sahi bol rahi hai... Vaise b pehle b tere pange ho chuke hai... Shilpa se ab aur kitna bardaast karega tu" he thought staring at the Gang who were still arguing

"Rehaan suno na... Mujhe tumhe kuch batana hai.." Surbhi whishpered in Rehaan's ear who was sitting beside her other side

"Kya bolo.." he smiled

"Tumne kabhi Mr Khan se pucha ki vo Shilpa ko Bracelet kyun bulaate hai??" she asked in low voice to which he nod in NO "Aree buddhu.. Vo is liye... Kyun ki Shilpa hi vo ladki hai jisne Unke sar pe danda maara tha... Jiska Bracelet unke paas chut gaya tha... Isiliye vo usse Bracelet bulaate thae " she informed smartly making him confuse "Aree... Rehaan simple hai tum khud socho... Mr Khan Shilpa ko Bracelet kyun bulaate thae... aur jaisa ki tumne kaha ki us Bracelet pe S naam ka alphabet tha... To clear hai vo Shilpa ka tha... Varna ye usse Bracelet kyun bulaate" she spoke in low voice making him smile

"Tum to bahot smart ho yaar" he praised smilingly

"Pyaar mohobbat waale matters mein main smart hi hoti hun..." she giggled following by him

"To kya karun main..." Armaan thought confusedly "Haa ek idea hai..." his mind spoke which made him smirked and he knowingly dropped his folk on floor not before looking at everyone which took Shilpa's attention "Oh shit... Main dekhta hun" saying this in serious mode he bend to pick the folk when she herself bend to pick that folk and at that time Armaan knowingly touched their foreheads making her stunned "Sorryy..." he apologized staring at her who was stunned to see his this side they both were staring at each other dazedly when Anant's loud voice made everyone to look at him

"Mujhe neend aa rahi hai..." Anant shouted annoyingly making everyone quiet

"Khana kha liya aapne...??" Shilpa asked lovingly caressing his hairs who nodded in YES innocently

"Ab mujhe nind aa rahi hai Maasi... Par sab shout kar rahe hai.. Maasi" he complained in his cute voice making everyone giggle

"Ruko main inki band bajaungi... Tumhe need aa rahi haina... To ruko hum abhi ghar chalenge... Humm" she too said in his same tone making others to adore their bond while Anant nodded in YES and after minutes everyone finished their food Shilpa took Anant wd her for a walk followed by the Gang except Surbhi & Radha who said something which made him quiet

"Ab to maan b lo.. Ki tum dono ko apni family start karni chahiyee... Jis tarah tumhe bacche pasand hai.. Usse b bahoot ache lagte hai bacche" Radha said smilingly making him quiet coz he didn't have any answer for it

"Chalte hai raat bahoot ho chuki hai..." ignoring that he spoke calmly while walking ahead making her to shook her head

"Haa Mr Khan jaldi kijiye.. Mujhe b to apni Bahu yaa.. Damaad ko dekhna hai" Surbhi's teasing words made him glared her who giggled "Aaww... Mr Khan.." she whined as he pulled her hairs lightly

"Bakwaas band karo... Aur chalo ghar" he spoke sternly while walking ahead to which she mouthed 'I hate u' making him smile and after that walk they all came back home not before bidding bye to Rehaan & Ayaan as they came home Shilpa was the first who came inside their Room while he parked the car and directly came in Room tiredly according to him she was inside the Washroom Anant & Surbhi were sleeping in one Room!

"I think change karna chahiyee ab mujhe" he sat up on bed removing his blazers and started untying his shoes keeping that side he stood to move towards his Wardrobe for change when he found her saari's end near the Wardrobe entrance "Koi kadar nai meri di gayi chizo ki isko..." he thought while picking that saari's end "I think kahin fas gaya hai..." he mumbled confusedly as the saari stuck somewhere so walking inside the Wardrobe wdout looking ahead he pulled the saari wd such force that the saari came out making Shilpa to land in his arms making both to slammed against the glass door

Chain bhi,

Mera dard bhi.

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho...

"Ouch...!" she whined as she realized her saari came out and she banged wd his chest who was sandwiched b/w her and the glass door but as they both looked at each other became shocked her hold on his shoulder tightened while her eyes became wide as she felt his both hands on her bare waist but the thing she didn't knew that she is only in her blouse & skirt Armaan's eyes were still stunned seeing her Actually She was changing here and she forget to close the door her saari was half out from her coz she was removing her bangles but she felt sudden pull on her saari she thought to turn but a force made her saari out and she fell on him in this condition

"Vo..." composing himself he tried to say something which made her realize about her position ,her lashes lowered shyly but instantly her eyes widened realizing in what condition she is right now which made him narrow his eyes which moved to look down when

"Nai..." she immediately turned her back at him hiding her chest making him realize that her saari was out by him who also turned his back towards her closing his eyes tightly

"Gosh... Armaan ye kya kiya tune" he smacked himself mentally "Vo.. Mujhe... Nai pata tha... Tum... Yahan change kar rahi ho... Mujhe laga" he fumbled not looking at her whose heart was skipping at its fullest speed

"Aap plz... Bahar jaayiee..." she requested composing herself

"Sorryy..." saying this hurriedly he turned to go when "Aaaww..." he whined as his head smacked wd the glass door rubbing it he went from there hastily leaving a nervous Shilpa there who have still closed her eyes coz this scene made her remember the times when they were together before his accident this is not first tym when she came infront of him like this but now the things that got changed b/w them is that he forgot the times when they were closed also, its been nine months where they didn't had any physical contact which made her away from him and now everything got changed b/w them including her love for him too!

"Calm down Shilpa... Calm down... Kuch khaas nai tha... Galti se huaa..." she composed herself wd thudding heartbeat "Teri hi galti hai... Door close karke change karti... Pagal" she smacked herself mentally and picking her saari she changed into some comfortable clothes not before closing the door!!!

Outside the House

"Armaan... Bhulja.. Jo huaa bhuljaa... Galti se huaa tune thodi koi jaan bujhkar kiya" he composed himself while walking tro & fro in the Garden area "Argghhh.." he got annoyed coz the image of her he couldn't remove from his eyes which saw her cleavage "Gosh... Armaan kuch aur soch... Kuch aur" he tried to divert his mind "Hospital k baare mein soch... What is happening Armaan wd u ??" he asked frustadely after twenty minutes he calmed himself and walked inside his Room only to find her sleeping tiredly "Yaar... Isne to mera chain sukoon sab chin liya hai..." laying beside her he removed his tie and rubbing his forehead he closed his eyes only to open them in next second "Mere andar kaunsi hulchul chal rahi hai.. Mujhe kuch samajh nai aa raha... Kya ho gaya hai mujhe... Kya kar rahi ho yaar tum mere dil k saath... Sukoon hi chin liya hai tumne mera yaar" he mumbled confusedly staring at Shilpa his whole night went like this staring her deeply and when he slept he didn't knew!
Next Morning

Karva Chauth
4:05 am

"Aree Mr Khan... Aap itni subhe kaise uth gaye???" Surbhi asked confusedly as she saw Armaan decending from stairs

"Mera... Chodo tum batao.. Tum kaise uth gayi itni subhe??" instead replying he questioned her calmly

"Mera.. To kuch khaas reason hai..." she replied happily keeping her hands on breakfast table

"Kuch khaas nai ye bolo ki subhe subhe... Bhuk lag gayi..." he said in taunting way to which she rolled her eyes while he stood beside her

"Aap nai samjhenge chodiye... Vaise aap itni subha" She asked again while munching chips

"Mujhe... Hospital jaana hai... Kuch Emergency hai" he replied normally making a knot of his tie properly "Ab tum bolo...??" he asked calmly still concentrating on his tie

"Mr Khan... aaj Karva Chauth hai... Jo maine rakkha hai... Rehaan k liye..." she replied excietedly making him chuckle

"R u serious?? Tum fast rakkhogi... Imposibble..." he spoke laughingly to which she glared

"Aallah Miya what's wrong wd u Mr Khan... Main kyun nai fast rakh sakti...??" she asked angrily while sitting on chair

"Kyun ki jo insaan thik se... Roza nai rakh sakta vo... Karvachauth rakhega... I mean ... Its a joke right??" he asked still wd the smile to which she made a face and tried to ignore him who took a chair beside her "Vaise aaj soch raha hun... Pizza laaun bahoot din ho gaye.." he teased her

"Mujhe farq nai padega..." she spoke wd an attitude making him smile

"Toh fir thik hai... Aaj main Rehaan ko bahoot busy rakhunga.. Taaki usse late ho..." he teased to which she laughed

"Aapko jo karna hai... Kariye... Kyun ki jitna meri bhuk badhegi... Utna hi Rehaan ki b bhuk badegi..." she spoke wd a giggle making him narrowed his eyes "Yes Mr Khan... Rehaan b mere liye Karvachauth ka vrat rakh raha hai..." She announced wd a grin making him stunned

"What??" he asked shockingly to which she grinned "Impossible... Jarur tumne emotional blackmail kiya hoga usse..." he spoke unintrestingly

"Ab aapko jo samajhna hai samjho... Mujhe farq nai padta..." she said wd giggle making him to roll his eyes and he stood to go when it clicked his head to ask about Shilpa who was not where seen in the Room when he woke up

"Surbhi... Shilpa kahan..." but before he could asked Shilpa came from Kitchen wd a tray

"Surbhi... Ye tumhara pizza.." Shilpa's chearful voice stopped seeing him who is staring her confusedly

"Tum... Itni subhe kyun jaag rahi ho...??" he asked sternly as she put the tray on table infront of Surbhi

"Allah Miya... What's wrong wd u... Mr Khan.. Aaj uska b Karvachauth ka fast hai..." Surbhi spoke normally

"What??" he is shocked "Tumne kyun fast rakkha hai..." walking towards her he made her face him by her elbow "Tum jaanti ho.. Tumhari tabiyat thik nai rehti fir kya jarurat hai ye sab karne ki... Maine mana kiya tha na... Ki aisa kuch b mat karna mere liye... Fir b tum nai maani" he scolded her strictly who was staring him confusedly that why it is bothering him?? Whereas, Surbhi is giggling at his care which he is not showing "Tum ye fast nai rakkhogi... Vo b mere liye to bilkul nai... Samjhi..." he directly ordered her who removed her elbow from his grip

"Pehli baat.. Main ye fast aapke liye nai rakh rahi hun..." Shilpa also spoke in same tone making him frown while Surbhi got confused hearing this "Main ye fast khud k liye rakh rahi hun... Aapke liye nai... Samjhe..." saying this calmly she turned to pick a glass leaving him quiet where as Surbhi tried hard to control her giggle

"Fir b Shilpa... Tum ye fast nai rakkhogi... Chahe kisi k b liye... Nai matlab nai" he again spoke but this time calmly while following her who moved to pick a jug of pomogrenate juice for him

"Aur kaun rokega mujhe..." she asked calmly while filling the glass wd juice where as Surbhi is enjoying their cute Nok Jhok finishing her 'Kheer'

"Main..." he spoke sternly stepping towards her who just faced him

"Kyun..??" she asked calmly forwarding the juice to him which he ignored "Main apne liye fast rakh rahi hun... To vo meri marzi hai... Ki main rakkhun yaa nai..." when he didn't said anything she herself said whatever came from her mouth which made him angry "Juice..." she forwarded the glass which he again ignored

"To fir thik hai... Rakkho apne liye fast... Todna khud hi vo... Aur kuch ho jaaye to mujhe mat bolna bas..." saying this angrily he left from there wdout eating anything which made Shilpa worried thinking about his health

"Itna b tujhe nai bolna chahiyee tha... Shilpa dekh bina khaaye chale gaye kuch... At least jhut bol deti ki nai rakhungi... But gussa nai dilaana chahiyyee tha..." her heart scolded her to which her hold on the glass juice tightened feeling guilty "Kya galat kiya isne.. Jo kiya thik kiya... Kyun ki ladko ko kabhi aisa lagna nai chahiyee ki hum unke liye kuch kar rahe hai..." Her mind warned when

"Don't worry Shilpa... Mr Khan ka gussa shaam tak thanda ho jaayga... " Surbhi's supportive voice made her to look at her "Aao kuch khaalo varna late ho jaayga..." making her sat beside her she served the food

"Haa..." Shilpa showed a small smile and started eating that piece of Pizza

"Vaise... Shilpa... Ananya Aunty tumhare liye sargi rakh kar gayi thi na...??" she asked confusedly making Shilpa chuckled

"Nai Surbhi... Kal shaam ko hi Maa ka courier aa gaya tha... Jisme Hamari Anniversary gift aur aaj ki sargi thi... Tum bahar thi tab aaya tha..." Shilpa replied smilingly while sipping the juice

"Ooo... But Shilpa mere liye to koi sargi nai aayi..." Surbhi spoke sadly making her giggle

"Koi nai... Aaj hum jakar tumhare liye shopping karenge... Tab samjh jaana ki ye Dilshaad Aunty ki taraf se hai..." she said cutely making Surbhi to smile widely

"I luv u Shilpa... U r the best" she spoke happily while giving her a tight side hug

"Bas bas... Ab khana khaayen..." Shilpa laughed to which she immediately parted nodding in YES and they both finished their 'Sargi' wd fun
Night time
@ 00 : 55

"Kaka sab so gaye...??" a tiered Armaan asked Kaka who opened the door for him

"Haa beta... Sab so gaye... Bas Shilpa bitiya uper tumhara kabse intezar kar rahi hai... Chaand to dus baje hi aa gaya tha... Par tum nai aaye... Kabse tumhara intezaar kar rahi hai... Vrat kholne k liye" Kaka informed smilingly forwarding a glass of water to him who was stunned that she had kept her fast that she still didn't broke her fast

"Usne ab tak fast nai toda??" he asked shockingly to which Kaka nodded in YES still offering the water "Par maine Bua ko bola tha ki... Usse bol de fast kholne k liye... Mera wait karne ki jarurat nai thi..." he spoke in angry voice

"Beta vo har saal tumhaare hi haato apna vrat kholti hai... To is saal b usne tumhara intezar karne ki sochi..." Kaka spoke smilingly which maked him guilty

"Kaka aap hum dono ka khana uper bhejo..." saying this hurriedly he ran upstairs making Kaka smile who thought he had always behaved like this only slightest hint about her he would always ran to look after her but shaking his head Kaka moved to bring their food
Well its Karvachauth where our poor Wify was waiting for her Hubby who didn't arrived from work her whole day went only thinking about her Hubby who hadn't had his breakfast which was making her worried coz already his health was not good coz of that allergy and if he doesn't eat something he will became weak again even when she was in Mall wd Surbhi, Rudra, Anant & Avni she was only thinking about him and after buying Surbhi's dress they all returned back Home only to get surprised by Neha & Divya who made Henna on their hands for the function that scene made her to go back in the Past moments on their last year's Karvachauth specially Divya's words 'Bhabhi k haath pe Bhai ka naam to main jaroor likhungi... Main b to dekhun ki mere Bhai meri Bhabhi... ko kitna pyaar karte hai...' which made her to go back in Past lanes on this same day...

"Bracelet... Bracelet..." an worried Armaan searched his wife in whole house only to find her near a table where she was sitting on floor while arranging some flowers in a vase there is function of Karvachauth which his Dadi had organised for everyone when a slight smile reached on her lips thinking how lucky she is to have him who is World's Best Husband who kept fast for her wearing a red and gold yellow mixed dress she is looking beautiful her hairs were opened in straight "Bracelet mere baare mein soch rahi ho..." his sudden fingers clicks made her to look at him who is sitting beside her on floor

"Armaan aap..." she asked wd a blushing smile which made him grin who is looking handsome in his black kurta wd jeans

"Oyyee hoyyee kya baat hai... Bada sharmaaya jaa raha hai... " he teased making her blush

"Aap pehle ye batao aap kyun dhundh rahe thae mujhe..." she asked normally while picking the flowers

"Haa... Yaad aaya... Mera phone kahan hai..??" he asked frowning to which she smiled

"Armaan... Vohi to rakkha tha Room mein..." Shilpa said smilingly picking the flowers

"Nai chalo tum dhundh k do... Ye sab koi aur karega..." he almost ordered her who knew its waste to argue wd him

"Thik hai chalti hun... Bas ye flowers rakh lun..." she said cutely making him smile widely

"I luv... U..." saying this he kissed her cheek making her to eye him

"Armaan kya kar rahe ho... Sab hai yahan..." saying this blushingly she stood up followed by him

"Haa vo to mujhe b pata hai... But..." he spoke coolly moving to pull her by her waist to which she stepped back

"But.. Vat kuch nai.. Pehle mujhe kaam karne dijiye..." she spoke in warning tone when he snatched the flowers from her hand who frowned

"Koi b kaam jaldi karna chahiyee... itna tym lagaogi.. to tumhara Pati pagal ho jaayga..." he joked while putting the flowers in a vase making her smile

"Aise kaise pagal ho jaayga mera Pati... Main hone hi nai dungi..." she spoke smilingly pinching his nose lightly who grinned

"Oyeee... Hoyyeee..." he teased pulling her closer who stepped back eyeing him to look at everyone "Acha Bracelet tumne... mehendi nai lagayi...??" he asked confusedly seeing her empty hands to which she nodded in NO while walking ahead "Kyun??" he asked again following her

"Aise hi.. Mujhe nai pasand... Ghutan hoti hai mujhe usse... So maine nai lagayi..." she replied normally to which he gripped her hand

"Par mujhe pasand hai... tumhare haato mein mehendi" he spoke wd a pout to which she smiled

"Armaan mujhe chid hoti hai... Aur jab zyada chid hoti hai to main dho leti hun..." she spoke smilingly while moving ahead when he pulled her duppata a little down making her stunned "Armaan har waqt masti... Achi baat nai yahan sab log hai..." she glared him trying to free her duppata from his strong grip who pulled her closer

"Nai pehle tum bolo tum mehendi lagaogi...??" he asked stubornly to which she made a face "I know tumhe chid hoti hai... But plzz... Mere liye kardo plzzz..." he requested cutely making her smile "I promise main tumhe usse chid hone ka mauka b nai dunga... Main khud tumhara dhyaan rakhunga... But plzz Bracelet mere liye..." he showed his puppy face to her which melted her heart

"Armaan..." she giggled "Fine rakhungi.. Par meri ek shart hai" as she said this he raised his bows "Aap b lagaoge mehendi... Aapka b to fast hai" she said wd a smirk making his eyes wide

"What??" he asked shockingly to which she nodded wd a smile making him stunned "But Bracelet main kaise... I mean log kya kahenge... Aur agar kisi ne dekha to" he asked shockingly

"Kyun nai laga sakte jab fast rakh sakte ho... To mehendi kyun nai.." she asked calmly to which he thought for some time making her to hide her smile "Acha naam hi likhwa lena..." she said teasingly to which he looked at her slowly

"Fine main likh waunga... But meri b ek shart hai.." he said calmly to which she smiled and nodded in YES "Tumhe mujhe... Ek kiss dena hoga" he whispered slowly in her ear making her hell blush

"Armaan..." she dragged his name blushingly to which he smirked

"Bolo... Yes or no" he asked teasingly hitting her shoulder lightly wd his shoulder making her blush

"Armaan..." glaring him blushingly she move to go when he pulled her on corner side "Armaan kya kar rahe hai aap..." she spoke in fake anger which not even bothered him

"See Bracelet bolo haa yaa naa..." he asked smilingly while stepping ahead making her to step back "Bolo haa yaa naa..." he asked again which made her blush

"Ok fine... Par abhi nai.." she agreed while pointing her index finger at him who smirked

"Abhi.. Isi waqt..." he spoke in serious tone jamming her b/w him & the wall to which she shook her head and looking here & there she kissed his cheek smilingly which made him grin "Not bad... Aage ka main baad mein dekhta hun...chalo ab..." saying this teasingly he dragged her towards one of Aunty who was making Henna on Women hands but seeing him she frown then he made Shilpa to sat infront of that lady and told the Aunty to make a very beautiful design on her hands which made Shilpa hell embarrassed coz all the ladies started giggling hearing this and as her hands got filled wd henna he offered his hand saying write S on his hand which made ladies to adore him while Shilpa reached on cloud nine seeing his love for her whole day he was wd her taking care of her even he didn't went Sanjeevani just for her at night time they both broke their fasts after seeing the moon and at night in their Room he was searching his name on her hands who giggled seeing his act which was like a kid So that was their memorable day which now made her sad

"I am missing u Armaan..." her heart spoke to herself while looking at her Henna filled hands which Divya made but ignoring that lonely feelings she concentrated on day and in evening she got ready which Ananya sent for her it was a beautiful red lehenga wd yellow designs and matching jewelleries her hairs were opened wd curls from down she was looking beautiful everyone in the house praised her Surbhi also got ready in red saari which Shilpa helped her to wear which was looking good on her and when Rehaan came he was stunned too see her like this which made the girls giggle hours past then moon came everything was set the only thing was incomplete was Armaan's arrival who was busy in Hospital Radha asked about Armaan from Rehaan who informed since morning Armaan was inside Operation Theater he didn't came out from there coz cases were too critical he only came twice in this whole day that is for changing the Operation Theaters that's it he had not even taken his lunch that made Shilpa guilty for the morning incident where he didn't had coz of their argument and Surbhi-Rehaan both broke their fast which Radha praised saying 'Acha laga jaan k ki tum aaj kal k bacche in sab chizo mein b interest lete ho...' which made them giggle Shilpa was still waiting for him who still didn't arrived Rehaan left after dinner then everyone started cracking jokes so that Shilpa didn't get bored but night was passing still no sign of him when Armaan called on Radha's cell informing he will be late so tell Shilpa to broke her fast seeing the moon and Radha informed this to Shilpa who got hurt Radha told to Shilpa that she can broke her fast by looking at his pic but Shilpa told that she will wait for him which made Radha smiled to see her love for Armaan so everyone went for sleep except Shilpa & Surbhi who was giving company to her but few minutes later she too was drowsy So Shilpa forced her to go for sleep to which she reluctantly agreed moving to Anant's Room and when the clock striked 12 o' clock Shilpa got hurt plus angry thinking "Pata nai khud ko samajhte kya hai ladke... Ek to fast b rakkho uper se natak... Nai rakhungi main fast...' so she stood and went in kKitchen picking a spoon full rice she moved to eat wd tears in her eyes but didn't knew what happened her that she stopped in middle realizing her love for him who loved her unconditionally before his accident so keeping the spoon back on bowl she stepped to the Terrace wd 'Puja'things and sitting on sofa she started waiting for him wd lone heart

Where as for Armaan since morning he was hell busy on his Hospital cases where Emergency cases arrived which made him hell busy that he forgot to eat or drink anything coz he was stuck in Operation Theater where he had to handle back to back surgeries infact he didn't even got the tym to take rest for minutes after four successefull surgeries he took a sigh coz of a small break he was hell tiered plus hungry not to forget he was feeling weakness in his body which was due to that allergy he was sitting alone in cafeteria when Nikkita(who was assisting him) offered him a coffee who frowned seeing one coffee mug so he asked to her

"Tumne apne liye coffee nai liya...??" Armaan asked frowingly looking at Nikkita who was sitting infront of him

"Armaan.. Aaj Karvachauth hai... To main kaise kuch khaa pee sakti hun..." she replied normally making him to nod

"To fir tum yahan kya kar rahi ho... Ghar jao fast todo... I am sure tumhe bhuk to bahot lagi hogi..." he spoke calmly picking the coffee mug

"Haa bhuk to lagi hain.. But kya karen duty comes first..." she said smilingly to which he also smiled nodding in YES

"Tab tum fast kaise todogi kyun ki... Abhi to yahan hai nai... Aur Moon to shayad nikla nai... Fir kaise..." he asked doubtfully making her chuckled

"Moon to kab ka aa gaya pagal... Aur Abhi b.. Vo Terrece pe hai mera wait kar raha hai ki kab free hoke aaun main... " she replied wid a giggle making him amused

"To fir tum yahan tym waste kyun kar rahi ho jao... " he ordered "Coz I can understand ki subhe se kuch nai khaane peene se kitni bhuk lagti hai... Jaisa mujhe abhi lag raha hai... I don't know tum ladkiya kaise ye sab kar leti ho... So go yaar... ." he spoke unbelievingly making her giggle

"Haa jaa hi rahi thi ki yaad aaya... Tum thak gaye hoge..." she replied smilingly "But mere khayaal se tumhe b jaana chahiyee kyun ki... Shilpa ka b to fast hai... Vo b to tumhara wait kar rahi hogi..." as she said this he stopped his first sip which he was about to take of that coffee

"Par tum jaanti ho main kaise... Mujhe kaam hai..." he replied slowly keeping the coffee mug back on table

"Haa jaanti hun tabhi to... Shilpa k baare mein soch k tension ho rahi hai... Ki vo b tumhara wait kar rahi hai..." she said smilingly while rising up but she made him realize about Shilpa, his wife who is waiting for him he knew she was laying in morning that she is keeping this fast for herself coz she can never do this he knew very well about her coz when she can put 24 hours fast for him long ago then why not this Karvachauth "Vaise dekha jaaye... Agar ye coffee tum peoge nai... To keh sakte hai ki aaj tumhara b Karvachauth ka fast hai..." she said teasingly making him stopped for minute "Bye... kuch daer baad milte hai haan..." saying this she went from there leaving a thoughtful Armaan who was only thinking about this day his wife who have kept fast for him wdout any water & food just for his long life?? Hunger is what he can understand now so keeping the mug aside he stood for walk and called Radha informing her to tell Shilpa to break the fast after that he again got busy in a case and now returning home back he found his wife still didn't break her fast and was waiting for him so running at his fullest speed he reached on Terrace just for her

Hua hai aaj pehli baar

Jo aise muskuraya hoon...
"Shilpa...!!" he called as he reached on Terrace looking for her "Kahan gayi... Ye" he thought moving ahead when his eyes stopped on corner where she was sleeping on sofa her head was on her hands which was on arm of sofa while her legs were on sofa like a ball "So gayi...?" he frowned while walking towards her who was sleeping like a kid and sitting infront of her on a small table which was put just beside the sofa he looked at her who is looking very very beautiful today the red colour is suiting on her he tucked some strands of her hairs behind her ear observing her hands which were filled wid dark colour of henna he smiled coz it always made him pulled towards her then suddenly his stomach growled making him realize that he is starving also Shilpa's fast "Shilpa utho... Shilpa..." as he realized this he started waking her by tapping her cheek who opened her eyes tiredly
"Armaan..." as she saw him she immediately sat up and straightened herself making him smile

"Chalo... Apna fast kholo..." standing up he said slowly walking ahead to see the Moon where as Shilpa stood quietly and carrying the 'Puja thali' she walked towards him who was observing the moon calmly

"Armaan..." she called softly making him to turn back at her who quietly looked at him "Vo... ye..." she said slowly looking down at the plate making him smile and putting his both hands inside his pant's pockets he stood straight

"Jaldi karo..." he said normally making her to nod in YES to which she started the rituals quietly where now she put the tilak on his forehead making him to move his hand to rubb that coz it was irritating him but she stopped his hand

"Bas thodi daer k liye rehne dijiye... ... Puja k baad hata dena..." she said slowly still gripping his wrist which was making some sensational inside his body who quietly nodded in YES trying to figure out what just happened him and then she left his hand and threw flowers on him who got amused by this ritual she was doing this quietly but from inside she is missing that precious two years of Karvachauth where as he was watching her face calmly thinking her love & care her silence was making him to reached at a place where only Shilpa exist who now looked at the Moon through that 'Chalni' Armaan also looked at the Moon through that thing then at her lovely face which is pulling his patience strings and when she looked at him by that thing he removed his eyes from her pretending to look at other side making her sad

Tumhe dekha toh jaana ye

Ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon

Ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon...

"Tum aaj itni khubsoorat lag rahi ho na Shilpa... ki main chah k b apni nazre nai hata sakta tumpar se..." he thought staring back at her who was looking at him quietly then put that thaal on the table waiting for the water "Ho gaya...??" he asked immediately as he saw she put that plate on table and stood calmly looking down on floor nodding in YES "Toh pehle batana chajiyee tha na... Stupid...chodo jaldi se piyo" he spoke in hurried voice making her confuse that why he is making so hurry it should be her to this coz she haven't eaten anything since morning then why he?? "Ye lo piyo jaldi..." picking a full glass of water he forwarded towards her lips who got hell confuse " Piyo yaar tym waste mat karo..." he spoke in scolding tone to which she put her hands on his and started siping the water slowly slowly making him smile " Hoo gaya... Bas itna hi ..." he asked frowningly to which she nodded in YES quietly making him to fill the glass again wd water from the jug "Fine... ye lo.. ise pakdo..." he forwarded the glass to her who took confusedly and as she took the glass he pulled the glass towards his mouth and drank the water in just one go her hands were still under his hands on the glass "Pheww... Aaj ja k pata chala paani ki keemat..." he took a sigh keeping the glass back on table making her stiff coz his words reminded her of their first Karvachauth where he first tym kept fast for her and said this same line "I don't know tum ladkiyaa ye fast rakh kaise sakti ho... I mean main to yahan bhuka mar raha hun..." he said unbelievably while sitting on sofa untying his shoe laces but she was rooted at her spot thinking did he kept fast for her??

"Armaan... Aapne kuch khaya nai... aaj??" she questioned slowly yet hopefully thinking she still have chance to get back her Armaan who now stopped hearing her question

"Nai khaya vo... Main pure din busy tha to tym nai tha..." he answered trying to show normal not meeting her eyes whose hope died there but unaware of that he really continued his fast after knowing from Nikkita that she was waiting for him that's why he didn't touched that coffee thinking when she can put fast for his long life then why not he coz he want to see her till the time he is on this planet "But tell me... Tum to khud k liye fast rakhne wali thi... To khud ko dekh k tod leti... Mera kyun wait kar rahi thi...?" removing his shoes he stood and asked calmly crossing his arms

"Vo... Aaa... Haa.. Radha Buaa ki wajah se... Varna main to kab ka tod leti apna fast..." she fumbled making him smile

Ye jaan lekar ke jaa meri

Tumhe jeene main aaya hoon...

"Acha sachmein...??" he asked wd a smile to which nodding in YES she moved past him to go when he gripped her waist making her stop in her tracks to which her heart skipped feeling his hand on her bare waist

"Mana kiya tha na maine tumhe..." making her to face him he said slowly "Kyun rakkha tumne mere liye fast Shilpa... Jab maine mana kiya tha... Tum acche se janti ho ki main in sab chizo mein believe nai rakhta hun fir kyun tumne aisa kiya..." he stared deeply at her who gulped and opened her mouth to argue when he put his index finger on her lips who felt that tickling sensation again "Ssshhh..." he whispered softly moving closer to her who have started feeling shiver by his smooth touch on her bare waist which he pulled closer to him almost touching their fronts and moving his face closer to her he stared deeply at her while removing his finger from her lips who closed her eyes feeling his face near her lips "Tumhari har adaa mujhe tumhhaari taraf kheech rahi hai... yaa fir main already pahuch chuka hun tumhare paas..." he thought smilingly staring at her closed eyes and moving his lips near her ear he gripped her waist tightly making her weak "Mujhe bahoot tez bhuk lagi hai... Aur tumhe b lagi hogi to plzzz... Mujhe khana serve karo..." as he started slowly her eyes flew opened and she stepped back making him chuckled when Kaka came there wd food tray

"Beta khana..." Kaka's poliet voice made them turned back

"Rakh dijiye Kaka..." Armaan said smilingly to which Kaka kept the food on table "Thank u..." he smiled to which kaka smiled back and went from there leaving the two alone where Shilpa also moved to go when "Aree tum kahan chaldi... chalo khana khao..." his strict voice made her stopped at the entrance of Terrace door

"Mmm mujhe bhuk nai hai..." she said hastly wdout looking back at him who frowned

"Bhuk nai hai... Dimaag thikaane pe to haina tumhara... Chalo aao khana khao..." he spoke sternly where as her heart was beating at its fullest speed coz of their closeness which went few minutes ago she cant trust herself wd him

"Maine kaha na... Mujhe bhuk nai hai..." making herself strong she replied normally which made him angry so wdout saying anything he directly gripped her wrist which made her startled "Armaan... Aap ye?? She asked confusedly

"See Shilpa.. Mera sar already bahoot dukh raha hai... Aur bhuk b bahoot tez hai...So mujhe gussa mat dilao aur chalo mere saath" he warned tiredly rubbing his back of neck which made her worried about his health so keeping all her anger.. hatred.. anything on side she walked wd him till the sofa "Baitho yahan chup chap..." making her sat on sofa he picked the plate "Ye lo khao... Vo b jaldi..." keeping the plate on her lap he sat infront of her on the table and picked his food plate "Goddd... Bhuk kya hoti hai aaj pata chala..." he said while eating blissfully making her to stare him lovingly "I don't know tum ladkiyaa ye fast rakh kaise leti ho... I mean main to ek hi din mein taras gaya paani k liye..." he said unbelievably while eating his food

"Bas mann kar raha hai aapko dekhun... Armaan... Nai chahte hue b main aapki taraf kamzor ho rahi hun... Ye sab us stupid pyaar ki wajah se" she cursed inside her brain admiring him who is eating his food like a kid He is changing which she also noticing this but the thing is stopping her is Kiya his GF!

Main tumse ishq karne ki

Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon...

"Tum kyun nai kha rahi ho... Kyun mujhe gussa dila rahi ho..." his stern voice made her came out from her thoughts "See Shilpa khana khao varna mujhe majbooran tumhe forcefully khilaana padega" he warned strictly to which she started eating quietly while looking down making him smile "Good... ab meri baat dhyaan se sunna... Next year se koi jarurat nai tumhe ye fast vast rakhne ki... Aur na hi main kuch aisa vaisa karunga... aur agar tumne aisa kuch kiya to mujhe forcefully tumhe kuch khila k bich mein hi tumhara fast todna hoga..." he warned still eating where as she shook her head hearing his words but something made her stop his word Next year does he expect next year b/w them?? Why?? She thought "Tum sunnn rahi ho na meri baat... ki as always main sirf keh raha hun aur tum ignore kar rahi ho... Shilpa in stupid se superstitions mein kuch nai hota... hota to vohi hai jo hona hai... In sab chizo..." he was making her understand softly when suddenly he stopped making her frown then she observed his blank look which made her worried

"Armaan... Kya huaa??" Keeping her plate on side she stood up worriedly staring at him who now have held his head "Kya hua Armaan... sar dukh raha hai...??" she asked worriedly cupping his face whose forehead was filled wd sweats

"Shilpa... Vo... Sab kuch... Blackout jaisa lag raha hai..." he mumbled weakly while his eyes were dropping down slowly slowy which made her hell worried so immediately she kept his food plate on table from his lap and started opening his tie making him relax

"Pani chahiyee...??" she asked lovingly opening his shirt's buttons who nodded in YES weakly So she filled the glass wd water and made him drink that water who gulped in one go "Ab thik lag raha hai...??" she asked worriedly sitting beside him who nodded in YES closing his eyes and Shilpa opened his all buttons only to find his chest red which made her to put her palms on her mouth worriedly "Kuch to karna hoga... Maa ne kaha tha ki aisa tab hoga... jab Armaan ka thik se khyaal nai rakkha jaayga... Dekha jaaye to kal se Armaan kaam kar rahe hai... Aur ek baar b araam nai kiya... Aur aaj pure din bina khaaye piye thae... to ye allergy badhegi hi... iska sirf ek hi solution hai... Armaan ka thik se khayaal rakhna hoga... varna unki weakness badti jaaygi" she thought worriedly staring at his face who have put his head on sofa post closing his eyes weakly "Dekh Shilpa jo kuch b matter tha... usse bhul jaa aur plzzz... abhi k liye Armaan ka khayaal rakh... At least Maa k liye..." her heart convinced her who didn't need that but for her satisfaction "Armaan... khana kha lijiye..." she cupped his face lovingly while he opened his eyes slowly

"Nai Shilpa mujhe nind aa rahi hai..." he replied weakly staring at her who is looking hell worried right now

"Armaan plzz thoda sa..." she requested lovingly which he observed

"Nai Shilpa main thik hun..." he said weakly while sitting properly to which she nodded in YES thinking to bring juice for him and was about to rise up when he realized that she is taking care of him forgetting everything Is she the one who said she hates herself for loving him then why she is taking care of him ? That thing called love she still have for him that's why she cant see him in pain But the biggest thing is if he let her live then she will never ever come close to him so he thought to try a plan "Aaahhh..." he pretended in pain while holding his head wd his one hand and other gripped her wrist stopping her from going

"Kya huaa Armaan...??" she asked worriedly sitting beside him again

"Vo mera sar... Shilpa" he said painfully making her hell worried for him

"Zyada pain ho raha hai...?" she asked wd fear cupping his face who nodded in YES innocently making her to hug him tightly whose heart ran to its fullest speed
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