Monday, 16 October 2017

part 27 : The Painful Side Of Love

She glared at Armaan and Cam and walked towards them and just like a school headmistress held their ear making them yell in pain and then she spoke in a haughty voice "What the hell were you two thinking? You both didn't even bother to speak to me about this. Do you even realize how dangerous it could have proved?" Riddhima looked at them as if she would kill them any moment but suddenly let go of their ears and turning her back towards them spoke in a low voice "I have suffered enough in this city and now I don't want anyone of you getting into any kind of trouble because of me."

Armaan gripped her shoulder and turned her around and spoke in a loving voice caressing her head "Riddhima we are not going to get into any trouble………….we are just going to punish those scumbags for what they did to you and please don't stop us from doing that or else I'll seriously regret telling you all this" Riddhima's head jerked up and she pushed Armaan away from her and spoke in a really angry voice pointing her finger at him "How dare you Armaan? How could you lie to me like that huh? Telling me that you are going to Delhi and then coming here………I was so worried Armaan………….if you ever lie again to me Armaan I swear I am going to kill you." Armaan saw the concern mixed in her anger and walked up to her and gathered her into a bear hug and kissing her head slowly mumbled near her ear "I am really sorry sweetheart and I promise I am never going to lie to you again……….please forgive me." He felt her tears wetting his t-shirt. He broke the hug and wiped her tears and asked her "So am I forgiven?" She nodded……….suddenly Armaan was pulled back and in front of her stood Cam with a puppy dog look on his face……..She frowned and he spoke quickly "See Ridzie I also wanted to punish those brutes and I am going to do just that whether you like it or not but please do forgive me and I also will tell you everything from now onwards……I promise……..please." she frowned at him and then she spoke in a hurt voice "Cam you are the only person who I am sure would never hurt me…………..more then Armaan I trust you because a lover might cheat or lie to his beloved but a friend wouldn't. Cam you were there for me when my own father had refused to believe me and had broken all ties with me………Cam I won't be able to tolerate if you ever lie to me or cheat me or worse turn your back on me…………I never said these things to you Cam but you are really important to me so never do anything that would wound our relationship." Cam was touched. He hugged her tightly and spoke in a calm voice "Riddhima the world might desert you someday but you'll always find me standing by you with our friendship absolutely intact……….I promise." Riddhima smiled through her tears. Armaan saw them standing behind Cam and he felt a pang in his heart realizing for the first time that Cam was way more close to Riddhima then he was but he also knew that Riddhima didn't have any feelings for Cam beyond friendship and he was her only love….he smiled and then he suddenly felt relief wash over him as he realized that even if he wouldn't be there for Riddhima someday Cam would take proper care of her and she will always be happy and safe………..maybe not happy without him but safe and protected.
Armaan smiled and then followed the others to the car.
All four sat down in the living room of Cam's mansion and discussed how they were supposed to expose Vivek. Riddhima was still a little worried…………she had the nagging thought that something terribly wrong was going to happen.
"I think we need to check Vivek's documents and other personal stuff and maybe there we'll find some evidence. We need to spy on him and get some information about where he goes, who he socializes with. We might get some information about the girls that he gets from different nations and sells them here."
"NO" Atul suddenly spoke up………..Cam, Armaan and Riddhima's heads turned towards him and then they heard him speak "I don't think he is involved in any prostitute business…..I mean maybe he helps some people in this job but I don't think he is directly involved………I don't know why but the thought of him being involved in something as bad as this just doesn't seem right……….I don't think he is capable of doing something like this." Cam and Armaan were shocked at what Atul told them and suddenly Armaan thundered "Are you trying to defend your bother……..trying to save him from law? You don't think that he is incapable of doing something as bad as this then what about all the things that he did to Riddhima………..were they not cruel and bad…………He is a f****** monster because no sane man can do the kind of things that he did to Riddhima………." Armaan stopped when he felt Riddhima's hand on his arm……..he turned to look at her and calmed himself when he saw her pleading eyes. Then Atul spoke "Armaan I am sorry and trust me I am the last person who is ever going to defend him. I am never going to forgive him for what he did to Riddhima but its just that I find it hard to believe because of the way he has behaved after his divorce with Riddhima…………..I had kept a close tab on him just to make sure that he doesn't get another woman but he never got married again and he never mistreated any other woman……….I saw him with numerous girls but they weren't anything short of a prostitute themselves and he never forced any of them…….they all came to him willingly………Vivek is not a good man but still he was never into prostitute business………..I am sure he has helped a lot of his friends in smuggling women but…………" He trailed off as his thoughts weren't making any sense to himself.
"Atul I think you are right but we still have to punish him and one thing is for sure that Vivek is involved in a lot of wrong things. He is involved into drug peddling, he does help his friends in getting a lot of innocent women from other countries by giving them fake passports and the needed documents…….we just need to get some evidence about it and for that we need to check his office and home." Cam explained to Atul in a calm way hoping that he would finally understand and get the point. Cam trusted Atul and knew that he would never try to save Vivek. He heard Atul say "Fine we can check his home today itself……I have got duplicate keys and we'll go there tonight as he won't be home then because he has to attend some late night party so we'll have plenty of time to search his entire place. We'll leave tonight at 10."
So it was decided that Atul, Armaan, Riddhima and Cam would go to Vivek's place at 10 that night………………….
"CAM!!!!" Cam quickly turned around and saw a shocked Riddhima standing right behind him. "What are you doing with a revolver?" Riddhima asked Cam with pure disbelief.
"Oh Ridzie you scared the hell out of me……..anyways I keep this for security reasons and it's a licensed revolver so relax okay and we might need this tonight." Riddhima was even more shocked. She grabbed his collar and pulled him towards herself and spoke in a warning tone "You are not going to shoot anyone with this and especially not Vivek………….I don't care if he gets punished or not but I am not ready to loose you…….I am not going to hear any more arguments…….keep that weapon back." She took the weapon from his hand and placing it back into its case and then back into the closet she locked the closet and left his room with the keys. Cam sighed defeated and followed her.
"Common guys time to leave." Atul told all of them as they sat down in the car. Riddhima and Armaan sat in the backseat………Riddhima still had the premonition that something terrible was going to happen……….She gripped Armaan's hand tightly and moved closer to him trying to get some comfort from his warmth. Armaan placed his arm around Riddhima's shoulder and squeezed it assuring her of the fact that he was there with her and would keep her safe. Riddhima smiled at him and placed a light kiss on his cheek.
"Okay so guys we are here. I am going to park the care here so that no one notices it. Lets go. We have to hurry up." All three men got out from the car but Riddhima didn't move………scared of stepping into the same house again where she had lived the worst days of her life……..had faced the devil and seen hell………..she shuddered as the old memories flashed in front of her eyes. She closed her eyes and suddenly opened them when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Armaan standing near her. He offered her his hand which she gladly took and got out of the car. Armaan spoke softly "Forget the past Riddhima. Just remember one thing that I am here for you………… you may have suffered in this house but now you are here to make that man pay who made your life a living hell. You are here for revenge." Riddhima was not interested in the whole revenge thing but she wouldn't let her friends and Armaan face all the risk all alone so she decided to be strong for their sake. She sighed and gathering all her strength walked towards Vivek's house.
They opened the door and slowly crept in. They saw the study right in front of them and decided to check that first. They went inside…………Cam went through a number of files but couldn't find anything. They searched every nook and corner but failed to find anything…….finally when they felt defeated Armaan turned towards a tiled wall on the right side where he felt something weird. He thought the wall was a little uneven……he moved his hand all over the wall to feel it when his hand suddenly stopped at a place where he felt something and to his utter surprise the tile moved inside and then slid to a side revealing a locker. All four gathered around it and opened the locker and saw some documents inside it. Armaan took out a brown cover and took out its contents and was shocked at what he saw.


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