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Part 28 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Zyada pain ho raha hai...?" she asked wd fear cupping his face who nodded in YES innocently making her to hug him tightly whose heart ran its fullest speed "Armaan agar aap kuch khaaynge peeynge nai... To sar aapka aise hi dukhega..." she said softly wd moist eyes while caressing his back of hairs still hugging him who slowly slowly hugged her back closing his eyes as if feeling her he pulled her more closer as if fearing to loose her he knew he is being selfish right now but he cant do anything coz he cant loose her who can feel his thudding heartbeat where as Armaan hide his face in her crook of neck taking her fragrance which is making him more attracted towards her who didn't felt his both hands on her back that it was pulling her more into him "Armaan... chaliyee neeche... Aaram kijiyee..." saying this slowly she parted from hug which made him disappointed and she stood to pick the plates where as his eyes were only watching her

"Tum kehti ho tum mujhse pyaar nai karti regret karti ho... Phir kyun mere paas aati ho mujhe takleef mein dekh k... Mere karib aajaati ho... Kahin mujhe tumhe apne karib karne k liye aise bahaane baar baar naa banane pade... Shilpa" he thought calmly staring at her who turned back at him

"Chaliye..." she said slowly to which he nodded in YES smilingly and stood up calmly When her eyes landed on his opened shirt keeping the plate back on table she stood infront of him who got confused seeing her like this who wdout saying anything closed his buttons of shirt slowly making him to stared her wd a contended smile where as closing his shirt except first two buttons she picked the plates again and moved ahead following by him when she stopped "Aap chal paaoge..." she asked in caring voice making him smile

"Haaa..." he nodded wd smile making her to move ahead while he was following her like an obedient Husband and reaching down she went inside Kitchen where as he walked towards their Room tiredly and reaching at their room he laid on bed tiredly and after some tym she brought pomegranate juice wd that Aloe jel

"Armaan... uthiye... Ye juice peekar tab sona... Armaan" she nudged him carefully who was sleeping tiredly

"Shilpa yaar plzz... mujhe sone do..." he whined hiding his face on pillow where as she sat beside him

"Armaan sirf ye juice khatam karke so jana..." she said in caring tone making him to open his eyes tiredly " Plzzz" she requested making him to shook his head

Zameen se aasmaan tak hum

Dhoondh aaye jahaan saara...

"Fine do..." he sat slowly extending his hand to which she gave him the juice which he drank in a go making her smile "Aur kuch..." he asked in sleepy mode giving the glass back to her who nodded in YES while showing the jel to him who made a face seeing that jel and he laid back on bed " Jo karna hai karo... Bas mujhe sone do..." saying this he closed his eyes making her smile "Aur haa kuch khaake hi sona ...bina khaaye mat sona varna mujhse bura koi nai hoga... Shillpa yaad rakhna" he warned still wd closed eyes which made her chuckled so keeping the glass on side table she picked that gel bowl and slowly carefully applied that gel on his chest which cool down his tiredness from inside

"Samajh mein nai aata kaise karun main aape trust Armaan... Jo maine dekha aur sunna us din Locker Room mein vo sach tha ki... Jo aap mere liye kar rahe ho vo sach tha... Ye care ye parwa ye support kaise karun yakeen... kal aapne kaha ki ye shaadi aapki marzi se hai main aapki choice hun... Aapne mujhe Kiya k baare mein is liye nai bataya ku ki aap hamare rishte ko samajh rahe thae mujhe samajh rahe thae... To us din kyun kaha ki aap hamari shaadi regret karte hai" she was thinking this while applying the jel carefully his shirt buttons were already opened by her "Dekha jaaye to Armaan ne sahi kaha... Agar inhe mujhe cheat karna hota to vo mere saath Bhopal mein kyun rehte... Usse b badi baat Armaan unme se nai hai jo jhut bolke kuch kare... agar unhe Kiya k paas jana hi hota to vo mujhe directly bolte... mere saath itne tym nai rehte..." she thought confusedly while caressing his hairs lovingly when he turned his position resulting his head on her lap which made her stopped for seconds 'TRUST ME' his words hit her brain "Kya sachmein mujhe inhe ek aur chance dena chahiyee... Par Kiya??" her heart questioned caressing his hairs softly "Sach kya hai?? Kaise pata chalega..." she mumbled confusedly staring at his face when "Aree pagal Shilpa... Phone... Armaan ka phone check kar... Duniya ki saari ladkiyaa aur patniyaa yehi karti hai... try kar k dekh" her mind said smartly making her to bit her nail "Try karke dekhti hun..." she mumbled softly and carefully she kept his head on pillow "Phone kahan hai inka..." she looked here & there for phone when it hit her head that it was inside his pant's pocket "Kaise nikalun..." she thought confusedly and somehow she took out his cell from his pocket carefully "I don't believe this ye main kar rahi hun... ek typical wife ki tarah apne Husband ka phone check kar rahi hun" she whispered in low voice staring his phone "Par Shilpa sach jaane k liye itna to jaruri hai... ki Armaan Kiya k contact mein hai yaa nai... Agar hai to samajh jaana... ki unka affair hai uske saath aur vo jhut bol rahe the..." her mind made her understand to which she looked down at his phone "Aur agar nai huaa to tu kya karegi Shilpa??" her heart questioned which made her stop "Vo baad mein dekhna pehle... phone check kar... aur Shilpa agar password huaa to... Ye 100% sure hai ye ladka baaki sab ki tarah hai..." her mind warned her to which she looked at him then at his phone "Tu kuch galat nai kar rahi Shilpa tu bas sach jaan rahi hai aur kuch nai..." she said softly and taking a sigh she clicked on his phone which opened immediately making her to took a sigh of relief coz there was no password in phone "Kaise hoga koi password... mahine mein phone jo tut ta hai..." she muttered angrily looking at him who is sleeping peacefully And again started searching Kiya's name but there was no Kritika & Kiya in his phone list there was only three names in letter K that is Kabir,KV & Kunal that's it nothing related to Kiya "Iska main kya matlab samjhun... to fir kya Armaan sach keh rahe hai thae" keeping the phone on side table she looked at him "Kaise pata chalega ki sach kya hai... Kiya ne kyun jhut bola mujhse..." she thought confusedly keeping her chin on her hands which was put on her knees "Hey Krishna... Ye itna mushkil kyun hai..." she thought frustratingly "In sab ka sirf ek hi solution hai Shilpa... Aur vo ye ki tu Armaan se baat kar... unse puch sach kya... Hai... Chahe vo jhut bole yaa sach... Tu kal yaad se unse puch lena" her mind said to her to which nodding in YES she laid on bed facing him "Kaash kal sab clear karden aap Armaan... varna main yunhi bich raah mein fasi rahungi..." she thought staring at him who changed his position sleeping against his stomach facing her which made her smile she ruffled his hairs lovingly whose whole night went staring him and when sleep took over her she didn't remember...

Next Morning

"To kya karun puchun ki nai..." Shilpa thought confusedly while packing her bag when

"Shilpa... Meri watch dekhi kahin...??" Armaan's voice made her to look back at the Wardrobe where he is buttoning his shirt

"Amm... Vo side drawer mein hai..." She replied slowly to which he opened that drawer and took out his watch

"Shilpa sari packing abhi karlo.. Kyun ki aane k baad direct nikalna hai hume... So plzzz tym waste mat karna..." he was saying this normally while wearing his shoes "Aur haa yaad se mere Bhopal k tickets aur Passport bag mein daal dena..." he said as he got ready completely "Blazer kahan hai mera...??" he said confusedly looking here & there for his blazer when Shilpa forwarded his black blazer quietly making him stared her "Thanks..." he mumbled smilingly taking the blazer from her "Aur mera..." but his sentence left incomplete as Shilpa forwarded his goggles which he was about to ask "Thank u..." he smiled staring at her who turned to go when he gripped her wrist stopping her "Shilpa..." he whispered softly staring at her who is looking at him confusedly "Thank u... For everything..." he said honestly staring at her who just nodded in YES quietly "Thank u Shilpa meri life meun aane k liye..." but he can't say this to her coz she will take as sympathy again "Packings karlo... main aata hun Hospital se... thodi daer mein haa" his voice was so soft & caring that made her to stare him

"Kya abhi puchun...??" she thought confusedly staring at him who smiled and shaking his head he turned to go when "Armaan..." her voice stopped him

"Haa..." he turned back at her who approached towards him slowly scardly

"Vo main... I mean..." she didnt knew how to start " Shilpa puchle... Apni saari confusions ko dur kar... Tu b jaanti hai ki Armaan kabhi jhut nai bolenge..." her heart forced her to ask

"I mean... Kyaa??" he raised his bows confusedly making her to gulped

"Vo... Mujhe aapse kuch puchna hai...??" she somehow said this to which he smiled nodding in YES which means she can ask anything "Vo... Aa... Aap aur... K" he can she nervousness in her face who was playing wd her duppatta while staring down

"Tum kuch b puch sakti ho... Shilpa..." he said calmly while crossing his arms making her to look up at him who can guess this must be something big that's why she is so nervous where as taking a long sigh she thought to ask this now or else she will never ever get this chance

"Armaan mujhe aapse Kiya k baare mein puchna hai" gathering all her courage she asked making him stunned "Aapka aur uska rishta kya hai...?? Kya aap dono ka affair hai?? Aur agar hai to aapne mujhse shaadi kyun ki ?? Aur agar aap usse pyaar karte hai to mujhe ab tak Divorce kyun nai diya...?? Aur agar aisa kuch nai hai to fir vo us din Locker Room mein kya tha...?? Sach kya hai Armaan??" She asked all her questions in one go making him quiet for seconds At last she asked which he was waiting for since long that means she still trust him which is enough for him to hold their marriage's strings

"Bahoot jaldi nai puch liyaa tumne..." stepping ahead he asked calmly which made her to look away from him "Koi baat nai... at least pucha to sahi..." he smiled staring deep at her face who didn't look at him "Tumhe nai pata Shilpa... main kabse wait kar raha tha... Ki tum kab puchogi... Ye sab" his voice became in hurt tone which she observed but didn't looked up at him

"Mujhe sirf sach jaana hai Armaan... Aur kuch nai" she somehow said still not looking at him who nodded in YES

"Sabse important chiz main Kiya se pyaar nai karta... Tha aur na hi karta hun yaa karunga..." he started wd first most thing which made her heart relief "Kiya meri intern thi Shakti ki Wife k case mein... I don't know usse kab mujhse pyaar hogaya... Mujhe idea b nai tha is baat ka... Kyun ki agar aisa kuch hota to main is problem ka koi solution zaroor dhund leta.." he said calmly while sitting on bed where as she is only watching him "Second most important thing... Meri tumse shaadi koi force nai hai... Maine khud apni marzi se khushi se tumse shaadi ki hai...haa main shaadi todne wala tha... Vo b sirf is liye kyun ki mujhe laga tha ki kahin meri wajah se tumpe koi problem naa aa jaaye..." he said softly looking down at his goggles where as it made her happy from inside "Hamari shaadi k do din baad jab main NY pahucha... us case k liye... mujhe nai pata tha ki ek problem k saath dusri problem vaha wait kar rahi hai mera... Kiya ko jab pata chala ki maine shaadi karli hai usne suicide attempt kiya... aur jab maine pucha kyun tab usne bataya ki vo mujhse pyaar karti hai... Maine usse samjhaya ki I don't love her... lekin fir b us stupid ko yehi lagta tha ki I love her aur maine ye shaadi apni family ki marzi se ki thi... Maine is baat ko us waqt lightly liya socha ki maan jaaygi par nai .. Pata nai kya ho gaya usko ki apni top floor k Terrace k railing pe chad gayi aur blackmail karne lagi... ki vo kud jaaygi agar maine usse accept nai kiya aur tumhe choda nai to... I mean seriously dimaag thikaane pe nai tha uska... uswaqt mere paas koi option nai tha... Siwaye usko bachane ka... Kyun ki mere sar pe Mehta Uncle k death ka already bojh tha aur main ek aur nai bardaast kar paata..." she is watching his every emotions calmly where as he didn't dared to look up at her "So maine usko bol diya thik hai... main usse accept karunga aur tumhe chod dunga... us tym main bahoot confused tha Shilpa main ye baat tumhe bata b nai sakta tha kyun ki hum uswaqt ek dusre ko jaante b nai thae to trust to rahi bahoot door ki baat... but main soch liya tha ki India aake sabse pehle tumhe bataunga aur tum jo saza dogi vo accept karunga... aur dusri side maine Kiya ko khud se ye keh k dur rakkha tha ki mujhe kaam hai... Is pure scene k baare mein sirf Rehaan aur Kabir ko pata hai tum chahe to unse puch lena agar tumhe lage ki main jhut bol raha hun to..." he looked up at her who looked away fom him which made him to look down

"Fir...??" at last she said something which encourage him

"Fir kya mera accident ho gaya aur main sab bhul gaya... Mujhe nai pata us bich kya huaa... Par jab yaadaast aayi Rehaan ne bataya ki Kiya apne life mein Kabir k saath aage badh chuki hai... Tumhe nai pata Shilpa usse sunke mujhe kitna acha laga tha ki mere sar se ek bahoot bada bojh halka hogaya tha... Fir maine soch liya ki main tumhe ye baat nai bataunga kyun ki ye baseless hota... Kiya apne life mein aage badh chuki thi aur kya chahiyyee tha mujhe... Fir jab hum Bhopal mein thae mujhe laga tumhe jaane ka haq hai mere life k har hisse k baare mein... But uswaqt main hamari shaadi ko samajh raha tha sab kuch bahoot naya tha kyun ki mujhe mere life k teen saal teen mahine yaad nai thae... jisse samajhna bahoot muskil tha... Lekin jab hum Mumbai wapas aaye na jaane Kiya ko kaha se pata chal gaya ki mujhe sab kuch yaad aa gaya hai... Aur Madam apni engagement chod k yahan chali aayi... Sanjeevani mein... Aur mujhe sabse bada shock diya ki she still thinks the same that I love her and she loves me... Us din main itne gusse mein tha ki pehli baar Rehaan ko thappad maarne waala tha... Kyun ki usne mujhse jhut kaha tha ki Kiya life mein aage badh chuki hai... But I know usne ye sab mere liye kiya tha... Tumhe shayad yaad hoga jis din main ghar aaya tha Sanjeevani se mera head pain kar raha tha... Aur tumne mere head massage diya tha usi din Kiya aayi thi..." he said unoffensively making her to stare him Yes! it hitted her brain that he was upset that day!

Banaa paaya nahi ab tak

Khuda tumse koi pyaara

Khuda tumse koi pyaara...

"Fir..." she asked further which made him relaxed coz she is listening this patiently wdout any argue

"Fir kya... Next morning mujhe plan mil chuka tha... Kiya ko khudse dur karne ka... Kyun ki do chize main samajh chuka tha... Ek ki Kiya mujhse pyaar nai karti.. Uska ye infatuation hai... Aur kuch nai..." he said normally making her to walk infront of him

"Aur dusri??" she questioned slowly making him stiff coz he can't tell her that he realized that day how she is important to him also He can't live wdout her but come on Armaan this is the time to tell her that she is everything to him he thought

"Dusri... Waqt aane pe bataunga..." he stood calmly facing her who stepped back

"Fir..??" turning her back at him she asked slowly making him smile

"Fir kya... Maine plan banaya Kabir k saath ki... Main Kiya ko yakeen dilaunga that I love her... Aur fir usi k language mein usse samjhaunga... Main ye baat tumhe aur Dev dono ko batane wala tha... But Avni k roke k din jab main Dev ko batane wala tha na jaane kahan se Kiya aa gayi... Aur mujhe kuch b bolna pada Dev ko... Fir tum aa gayi jo bilkul plan mein nai tha... Aur mujhe tumhe na chahte hue b bolna pada... Aur us din Locker Room mein Kiya ko confession chahiyee tha... To mujhe jhut bolna pada YES... Aur tumne sunn liya..." as he said this Shilpa's heart filled wd happiness, also a guilt formed in her that she doubted on him coz she knew he is not laying she can hear honesty in his voice "Par shayad tumhe ye nai pata... Ki Kiya ka chapter to kabka close ho chuka hai mere life mein... According to my plan Kiya ko realize ho chuka hai ki main usse pyaar nai karta... Aur vo apne life mein khush hai ...that's it yehi tha sara sach Kiya ka... Aur raha sawal us din Party mein jo ladki thi main usse janta b nai tha... Vo drunked thi aur shayad apna boyfriend samajh kar mere paas aayi thi... Aur kuch nai..." he finished making her look at him that means she was wrong infact he also cleared her doubts about that girl which was also bothering her since long, he cleared all her misunderstandings but the question is will she now again love him?? Where as he is waiting for her that she would say something but she is quiet which made him more worry

"Kya Armaan sahi keh rahe hai... Agar keh rahe hai to... Ab main kya karun... Kyun ki vo pyaar to mere andar nai hai ab... Aur usse badi baat kya main dobaara sab kuch bhulakar apni life mein aage badh paaungi... No ways... Coz he still don't love me... Main dobaara wahi dard nai bardaast kar sakti..." she thought staring down on floor while he was only staring at her whose facial expression could easily be read, he was about to move ahead for making her understand that its not some big issue she can take her time to understand this matter but a knock on their door made him stopped!

"Shilpa beta... Anant dekho ro raha hai.. Usse dekh lo kya huaa hai..." Radha's voice made her pull out from her thoughts so nodding in YES she went out from there wdout looking at him leaving a calm Armaan whose biggest problem was lifted down from his shoulder so what she showed a zero reaction on anything but at least she heard what was true which is a signal for him that he still have chance to save his marriage This day made him so delight he can guess now when in morning he'll wake up, the first thing he could see would be her face after so many days it happened that he saw her first in the morning coz since they came here she was the one who woke first and before he would leave the bed, she would be out from the Room He was staring her face smilingly her face was soo innocent that it made him to kiss on her cheek but as he did this immediatly that Saari out scene came infront of him which made him jerk back from her and immediately he was out from the bed not trusting his wild thoughts, then he went for walk not before taking his phone but it made him confused that last night he haven't took it out from his pocket then how come did it reached on the side table but thinking Shilpa might have kept there for him he went out for walk and when he came back found his wife was already ready & now packing their bags for Chandigarh after that he went inside for shower and when he came back she asked this question which he was waiting since long

5 hours later...

"For the last time I am telling u Surbhi... Ki peeche jao... Varna main car nai drive karunga" he spoke annoyingly looking at Surbhi who is sitting on passanger seat while Radha, Shilpa & Anant were seated on back seat where Radha have held her head watching Armaan Surbhi's long never ending arguments while Anant was sitted in middle playing wd his Doremon toy where as Shilpa is hell annoyed by these two!

"Mr Khan agar aap.. Mujhse argument chod k gaadi chalaynge... To hum jaldi pahochenge Chandigarh..." Surbhi said in extra sweet tone making him to roll his eyes

"Main b keh chuka hun... Ki jab tak tum yahan se uthogi nai... Main car start hi nai karunga..." he spoke arrogantly making Radha to shook her head

"Acha suno... Surbhi tum peeche aa jaao... Main aage aati hun..." Radha said normally making Armaan shocked while Surbhi controlled her laugh looking at his expressions

"Nnnai Bua... Aap kahan aaogi aage... Aap peeche aaram se baitho... Jana to isse chahiyee peeche hum... Maliks kyun har maane..." Armaan said polietly making Radha smiled while Surbhi hide her giggle coz she knew why he said this just to make her sit back where as Shilpa became confused that how did he talked polietly to Radha which he never does? "Surbhi peeche jao..." he looked at her angrily to which she crossed her arms

"No ways..." she spoke proudly

"Main galat thi... Beta Surbhi k baare mein..." Radha whispered in low voice looking at Shilpa who frowned "Par tu b sahi nai thi... Ye dono kisi b angle se dost nai lagte... Infact ye dono to ek dusre k jaani dushaman lagte hai..." as she said this Shilpa smiled looking at front seat where they both were arguing

"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u Mr Khan... Aap hume late karaoge... Rudra ki car kabki aage nikal gayi hai..." Surbhi said annoyingly

"Toh fir peeche jao... Car apne aap start ho jaaygi..." he spoke calmly while putting his hand on steering still looking ahead

"Jab Buaa aage aa rahi thi to kya problem thi..." she asked confusedly when

"Haa Armaan beta... Main hi aage aati hun ruk..." Radha spoke lovingly making his eyes wide which Surbhi observed and giggled "Surbhi beta peeche aao main aage aati hun..." she spoke to Surbhi who looked at Armaan who almost nodded his head in NO as if pleading her which made Surbhi giggled also she understood that he want Shilpa to come in front seat beside him

"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u Shilpa... Tum itna nai samajh paa rahi ki Mr Khan tumhe aage bithana chahte hai..." Surbhi thought smilingly then look at Armaan who was thinking something "Aree Buaa... Aap wahin baitho kyun ki aage... Mr Khan k saath aap bore ho jaaogi..." she said loudly

"Excuse me!! Pehle khud dekh lo... Kitni boring ho" Armaan snapped which maked Shilpa to held her head

"Haa to main hun boring... Aur nai jaaungi yahan se..." Surbhi argued

"Fine fir main b drive nai karunga..." he said nonchantly looking at front where as seeing their banter Shilpa thought to end this she looked out of the window infront of Malik Mansion its been ten minutes since their car is standing here then coz of their argument she looked at both who were sitting quietly Surbhi wd a grumpy look & Armaan wd arrogance so she thought to end this or else they will be late

Baaton mein teri hain badmashiyan

Sab bewajah ki hain taarifiyaan...

"Surbhi... Tum peeche aao... Main aage aati hun..." her calm voice made Surbhi Armaan both to look at each other wd a grin "Aao..." she said calmly opening her side's door where as Surbhi giggled looking at Armaan's smile to which she gave a thumbs up and moved out from the car while Shilpa came on passanger seat and locked her seatbelt quietly where as Surbhi sat on back seat

"Vo to tumne kaha is liye peeche gayi..." Surbhi said wd pouted look making Shilpa smile where as wdout saying anything Armaan started his car wd a winning smile

"Agar aisa hi karna tha... To Shilpa tujhe pehle hi aage baith jaana chahiyee tha... Kam se kam ye pagal drive to start karta... Ab tak to hum raaste mein hote..." Radha spoke wd a smile which made Surbhi giggled while Shilpa flushed looking outside from the window where as Armaan ignored while wearing his goggles and concentrated on road

"Zindagi b kitni ajeeb chiz hai... Jab expectations hoti hai to kuch nai milta... Aur jab saare expectations tut jaate hai to bin maange bahoot uch milta hai... Par zaruri thodi ki jo ab mile... Hume vo chahiyee..." Shilpa thought looking at the roads while crossing her arms Since the time she got to know about Armaan & Kiya's truth she became more confused coz it cleared the misunderstandings but increased her insecurities that if she goes back again wd her old feelings anything will happen again wd them which can again part them coz of her so called destiny which always plays games wd her so she side line herself from him after their talk everyone started their packing except Radha who wanted to shop some dresses for Avni so she told Shilpa to come along for shopping who agreed and Radha, Divya, Neha, Shilpa & Anant they all went for shopping while others were packing their stuffs in home after some time Armaan came back from Sanjeevani only got to knew by Avni that Shilpa went for shopping wd Radha so he directly called Divya asking where are they to which Divya informed they are in Mall making Armaan to say that he is coming there just wait for him and he directly reached to the Mall for taking something related to his phone which was just a reason to satisfy himself the truth was he wanted to see Shilpa when Ayaan's call made him stopped

"Haa Ayaan bolo kya huaa..." Armaan asked as he received the call

"Bhaijaan... Humne sunna hai aap... Chandigarh Bhabhijaan ko chorne k baad Bhopal jaaynge..." Ayaan spoke in his cool way

"Haa Kyun??" he replied normally while looking here & there for Shilpa

"To Bhaijaan... Vahan jaane k baad... Aap plzz... Dilshaad Ammi se... Hamare kuch kapde maang lena... Kyun ki aap to jaante ho jaldi jaldi mein humne itni packing ki hi nai..." Ayaan spoke smilingly

"Haa jarur mujhe to bas yehi kaam reh gaya hai..." he replied calmly while stepping ahead when his step automatically moved some steps back stopping at a jewellery shop

"Bhaijaan plzzz... Aap to hamare sheru Bhaijaan ho..." Ayaan spoke cheerfully making Armaan smile while his eyes traced the simple silver platinum chain wd a small diamond pendant in it

"Thik hai... Main seedhe jaake le aaunga... Tum mujhe batao aur kya kya lena ha..." he said normally while entering in the shop

"Bhaijaan kuch khaas nai... Bas hamare vo cool jackets aur shoes thae... Saath mein hamare goggles... Aur haa Dilshaad Ammi se bolna ki... Mere vo watches b de..." here Ayaan was informing about his list while Armaan pointed at the chain to which the shopkeeper smiled and nodding in YES he took that chain for packing

"Bas itna hi ki aur kuch b hai.." he asked wd a smile which made Ayaan chuckled when

"Sir isme koi message dena hai... I mean hum gift box k andar... Kuch message dete hai...?" shopkeeper asked politely which he heard but showed his hand to wait for five minutes to which the Shopkeeper waited for him calmly

"Bhaijaan... Aap to mere liye itna to kar hi sakte ho..." Ayaan said smilingly which made him smile too

"Offcourse... U r very special for me..." he said in sarcastic way which made Ayaan laugh while the shopkeeper thought he told this to write on gift so he went from there and Armaan turned to answer that Shopkeeper's question which is a Sorry word but didn't found him near so shaking his head he started again talking wd Ayaan after sometime that salesman handled him his gift box in a small bag which Armaan paid the bill still talking wd Ayaan and moved out of the shop when his eyes landed on downstairs where Divya & Neha were standing while four mans were teasing them which made him angry "Haa Ayaan... Sunno... Nai tumse baad mein baat karta hun" He said calmly while standing on escalator and carefully kept that small gift box inside his blazer's pocket

"Thik hai Bhaijaan... Par yaad se Sheru Bhaijaan... Hamari Sherni Bhabhijaan ko hamare taraf se hello bolna... Vo kya haina vo phone hi nai pick karti aaj kal" he said in teasing voice making him smile

"Sure keh dunga... But barkhurdar.. Agar saamne hote na tum uske... To shayad aaj jarur peet jaate... Uske haath se.. Bhabhijaan bulaane pe" Armaan also said in same tone which made Ayaan laughed "Acha chalo bye..." saying this he hung up the phone and moved towards Neha & Divya not before threshing that gift bag inside a dustbin

"Aree jara... Hamare liye b gaana gaa dijiye..." one of a man teased looking at both of them where Neha scardly held Divya's hand

"Haa vo kya haina... Hume gaana sunna bahoot pasand hai..." the second man teased wd crook grin

"Aur dusro k muh se to aur b acha lagta hai..." first man again teased

"Aur agar aap gaayngi to... Shayad bahoot zyaada accha lage..." third one teased which made both of them afraid while they four laughed when

"Fir to aapko main b bahoot acha lagunga..." a calm plus strict voice made them looked at side where a stern Armaan is standing almost glaring at them

"Bhai..." Divya smiled looking at Armaan who moved ahead while they both relaxed "Ab dekhna Neha di... Kaise Bhai unko maarenge..." Divya looked at Neha who also smiled but was still scared

"Aur main pyaar se gaaun... Ki haath todke... Tum sabka..." he asked calmly stepping beside girls while they four got scared "Aap jaaoge ki main bhejun..." he spoke sternly which made the boys to ran from there scardly while Divya giggled making him to glare "Ab tum dono jaao car mein baitho main aata hun... Sabko lekar" he spoke strictly making them to nod in YES

"Thank u Bhai..." Neha said slowly

"Luv u Bhai..." Divya spoke cheerfully making him smile

"Go now..." he spoke smilingly to which they went towards the car while he called Radha for asking where are they to which she informed in ladies section where they were purchasing something so shaking his head he moved inside the saari section where he found only ladies except few men which made him awkward when he found Anant who was playing wd a ball which made him frown

"Ye Shilpa na... Zara b dhyaan nai de sakti... abhi agar Anant kahin kho jaaye to..." muttering angrily he approached towards Anant who smiled widely seeing him

"Chaachuu...!!" Anant jumped on him who picked him in his arms smilingly

"Aur Champ... Akele... Yahan..." he asked ruffling his hairs which made him giggle

"Akele nai... Sir... Main b hun.." Driver came from behind making him looked at him

"Tum yahan...??" he frowned

"Haa Sir... Shilpa Mam ne kaha ki main tab tak inka dhyaan dun... Jab tak Radha Mam aur vo dress le rahi hai.." Driver informed smilingly making him to nod

"Shilpa kahan hai...?" he asked calmly

"Maassiii... Vahan..." instead of Driver Anant said which made him smile

"Aur Maassi hai kahan...??" he asked in kiddish tone to which Anant pointed at side where Radha was seeing many dresses to Shilpa who has held her head wearing a peach colour wd silver border saari she is looking damm preety while the salesman was showing the saari's tiredly which made Armaan chuckled looking at her cute bored look now he gotten why Shilpa told the Driver to take care of Anant coz anyone can get bored wd Radha in shopping "Driver tum neeche Divya aur Neha k paas jao... Aur dhyaan dena unka... Main inhe lekar aata hun" he looked at the Driver who nodded in YES and went from there "I think Anant... Jab tak tumhari Massi vahan bore ho rahi hai hum dono khelte hai... Yahan..." he spoke cutely to which Anant smile and kissed on his cheek making him smile so they both sat at corner side on a sofa when

"Bhai..." Divya's cheerful voice made him look up at her when Neha also Came there

"Tum dono yahan kya kar rahi ho...??" he asked confusedly to which Neha sat beside him

"Aree Bhai hum dono neeche bore ho rahe thae to socha... Kyun na aapko bore hone se bacha len..." Divya said wd a smile which made him chuckled

"Acha aur kya karengi aap dono..." he asked calmly looking at Anant who is playing wd his car keys

"Hum aapko entertain karenge... Jahapnaahh..." Divya bowed her head down making him smile

"To fir shuru kiya jaaye..." he spoke like a King making Neha giggle

"Thik hai..." saying this she went from there which made them frown while Anant moved down from that sofa still playing wd his keys

"Ye kahan gayi..." Armaan looked at Neha who shrugged wd giggle when

"Bhai... Main kaisi lag rahi hun...??" Divya said happily coming infront of them whose mouth opened seeing her in purple colour saari making them amused she wore that saari on her clothes only "Bolo..." she asked happily

"Wow...!!!" Armaan spoke full dazedly making her smile widely

"Thank u..." she spoke happily

"I mean seriously... Koi itna kaise khubsoorat lag sakta hai..." he commented while standing which made Divya happy where as Neha is giggling knowing very well that he is upto something "I mean kya lag rahi hai vo maniqueen... As if koi queen ho... Beautifull" at last he teased her which made her to look back where a maniqueen is standing wearing a beautiful dress but it made Neha laughed where as her mouth dropped

"Bhai..." she smacked his arm

"Aaww... Battery jo sach tha vo kaha... Jaao change karo...bahoot hi kharab lag rahi ho..." he smacked her head lightly to which she showed her tongue to him who rolled his eyes where as Neha was still laughing remembering his expressions "Ye Anant kahan gaya..." he frowned not finding Anant when his eyes landed on changing room side where he was upto something so shaking his head he moved towards Anant "Yahan kya kar rahe ho aap...??" he asked while picking him up

"Vo... Keys andar chale gaye..." he pointed inside the changing room to which Armaan smiled

"Koi baat nai main laata hun... Aap, Divya, Buaa k paas jaao..." making him drop on floor he pointed at Neha & Divya who were arguing on something and Anant ran towards them making him smile "Pheww... Ab keys le lun... I hope andar koi na ho" he mumbled thoughtfully and peeped his head inside the Changing Room slowly which he found empty "Thank god khaali hai..." taking a sigh he went inside to look for the keys "Kahan hoga... I am sure neeche kahin hoga..." whispering this he knelled on floor looking for the keys

"Jaa Shilpa change karke aa aur mujhe bata... Kaisi lag rahi hai ye saari tumpe..." Radha gave her a saari to which she made a face

"Nai Buaa... Main kya karungi iska... Aap rehne do... Aur plzz ghar chalen" she requested tiredly coz she was irritated from inside plus since morning after she heard the truth she is upset and if Radha will force her again she can actually misbehave

"Nai tu chalna... Mere saath " grabbing her wrist she took her towards the changing rooms while taking that brown colour wd mix yellow green combination saari "Jaa change karke aa... Mujhe dekhna hai..." she almost ordered her making her stand infront of a changing room

"Par bahoot time jaayga change karne mein... Kyun ki ye saari nikal k fir ye pehno... Time legega..." she tried to make an excuse

"Koi baat nai main yehin wait karti hun... Tu jaa" Radha spoke normally making her to went inside the changing room reluctantly

"Gosh... Kya musibat hai..." she cursed while locking the door when she heard something which made her startled

"Finally mil gaya... I mean itne andar kaise gaya yeh... Ye Anant na... Yehi jagah mili thi khelne ko" Armaan spoke smilingly as he found his car keys where as seeing him Shilpa's expressions changed in horror while the saari fell from her hand

"Armaan...???" as she said this shockingly Armaan's eyes widened so he stood hearing her voice and turned back only to find his Wify standing against the door wd shocked expressions

Main likh doon aasmaan par ye

Ke padh lega jahaan saara...
"Tum...??" he frowned while approaching towards her who turned to opened the door when he grabbed her palm making her stop "No u can't do this... Bahar sab log hai pata nai kya sochenge no" he directly ordered her who turned at him angrily

"Acha to aap yahan kya kar rahe hai???" she asked angrily while crossing her arms making him to look away from her "Aapko sharam nai aati..." she almost shouted to which he put his palm on her lips stopping her infact moving more closer to her

"Main jaan bujhkar nai aaya... Apni keys dhundne aaya tha... Jo Anant ne gira di thi yahan... Aur for god sake chillana band karo varna sabko pata chal jaayga... Samjhi..." he whispered calmly making her quiet but she pushed him lightly making him stunned

"To fir main yahan se niklungi kaise..." she asked angrily not looking at him who was still not recovered from her push thinking how can anyone push Armaan Malik "Main bahar jaa rahi hun..." she turned to move when he jerked her towards him almost banging her wd him which made her shocked

"Kahin nai jaaogi tum... Jab tak main kuch sochta nai..." he spoke calmly making her confused "Aur tumhe yehin Room mila tha change karne k liye..." he scolded

"Aur aapko yehi jagah mili thi aane k liye..." she retorted pushing him again which made his ego hurt that how can she pushed him that to again "Armaan..." she gasped as he jerked her towards him

"How can u push me...??" he directly asked staring her who looked at him confusedly coz of his sudden rage "Tum kaise mujhe dhakka de sakti ho...??" he again asked but this time wd calm voice making her stared him unbelievably here they both are stuck in a Changing Room and he is asking how can she push him??

"Vo is liye kyun ki mujhe bahar jaana hai..." she knew its waste to say something to him so she tried to make him understand in a polite way which made him to leave her

"Yaah vo to mujhe b nikalna hai..." he also said calmly looking at the mirror when

"Aree Shilpa beta kabse try hi kar rahi ho... Aao jaldi mujhe dekhna hai vo saari kaisi lag rahi hai..." Radha spoke from outside making her scared while Armaan looked at her who picked that saari from floor which has fell from her hand when she saw him

"Ye saari di hai change karne k liye..." he asked making a face while pointing at her saari who nodded in YES quietly "Nai tum nai pehnogi ye..." he directly rejected the saari which made her to roll her eyes at his stubbornness

"Mujhe ye pehen k dikhaani hogi Buaa ko..." she told while looking at the door

"No ways ye tumpe bilkul achi nai lagegi..." he directly said taking the saari from her hand who looked at him confusedly that why it is bothering him??

"Par Buaa ne kaha... Ki try karo..." she spoke slowly staring at him who looked at the saari while putting his fingers on his chin

"See... I know..." he was about to say something when Radha knocked again on door

"Shilpa beta kisse baat kar kar rahi ho... Aur ab tak ek saari nai pehen paayiee" Radha spoke from outside making Shilpa gulped where as Arnaan calmly leaned his back against the mirror

"Nai Buaa ji... Vo mere baal atak gaye hai... Meri bangles mein..." she made a story looking at the door but immediately she regretted what she just said infront of him who smiled amusingly

"To ruko vahi... Main aake help karti hun..." Radha spoke normally which made her eyes big where as Armaan chuckled

"Naiii..." she immediately spoke scardly

"Say... Ho raha hai..." Armaan's sudden whisper on her ear made her startled and she looked back at him who was so close to her "Say..." he mouthed to which she looked ahead

"Nai Buaa... Bas hone waala hai..." she lied slowly

"Thik hai fir... Jaldi se change karke aao... Late ho raha hai" Radha spoke smilingly to which she took a sigh where as he smiled

"Ab tumhare paas do hi options hai..." he spoke calmly going back to his original position

"Kyaa???" she asked slowly looking back at him

"Option A... Yaa to yahan se bahar jaao... Aise hi... Fir sab log dekhenge hume... Yaa fir..." he spoke slowly but carefully where as she looked at him confusedly

"Yaa fir...??" she narrowed her eyes

"Yaa fir yehin saari change karo... Aur bahar jao... Taki main b bahar jaaun..." his nonchalant answer made her stunned she is about to scold him when he put his palm on her mouth while pilling her closer by her waist "Chillaane ki sochna b mat... " he warned calmly staring at her wide eyes "Main sirf ye idea is liye de raha tha... Kyun ki koi aur option nai hai... Hamare paas..." he said smilingly removing his palm from her lips whose expressions changed turning in softened way feeling this close to him "So... Tum change karlo..." he said softly while tucking some strands of hairs behind her ear which made her to close her eyes dazedly making him smile coz he is loving his effect on her "Change karogi... Ki karna padega..." he whispered in her ears teasingly making her eyes snapped open he also didn't realized that he actually teased her who stepped back immediately

"Aamm... aap... Aapke... I mean... Vo" she spoke nervously while looking at everywhere except him who smiled at her nervous face which is looking adorable now

"Main turn ho jaata hun... Aur apni aankhen band rakhunga... Don't worry" he turn his back at her who gulped staring at his back

"See... Shilpa Armaan kitne ache hai..." her heart praised him which made her to nod in YES and wd a hesitate move she thought to take her saari out when "Tu b kitni badi gadhi hai Shilpa aise kaise iski baato mein aa sakti hai... Isne kaha peeche mud jaata hun main... But dumbo yahan pe aaina hi aaina hai... Kya guarantee hai ki... Ye aankhen nai kholega... Tu to vaise b isko aaine mein dikh hi jaaygi... Ladka hai bahoot chalak Shilpa..." her mind scolded her as she moved her hand to put the pin out from her shoulder which is holding her saari and thinking this her mouth opened in O shape "Mere paas ek aur idea hai..." her grumpy voice made him to open his eyes and looked back at her

"Kya...??" he frowned while crossing her arms

"Yehi ki... Aap Radha Buaa ko call karenge... Aur kahenge... Ki aapko Ladies Section mil nai raha... To aap unhe bahar bulaaynge... Aur jab Buaa jaaygi... Tab hum bahar nikal jaaynge..." she said smartly but there was proudness on her face which made him to hide his smile but immediately his smile went in gutter as he registered her words

"U mean main Buaa... Se bolun ki mujhe kuch nai mil raha hai...??" he asked unbelievably pointing at himself which made her to understand that it hurted his proud

"Haa kyun nai... Kya problem hai??" she also said in same tone when

"Shilpa..." Radha again knocked which made him to control his temper coz he can burst "Shilpa... So to nai gayi andar..." as she said this it made him angry and he opened his mouth to say when Shilpa put her palm on his mouth stopping him who narrowed his eyes to which she nodded her head in NO

"Nai Buaa vo... Vo... Amm..." she didn' knew what to say where as he is enjoying her expressions "Haa... Vo earrings nai mil rahe hai... Mere shayad gir gayye..." removing her hand from his mouth she looked at the door where as he chuckled at her excuse

"Heyy Bhagwaan... Kitni careless ho tum Shilpa... Ek b chiz nai sambhal sakti... Ab aao bahar..." Radha scolded her which maked her sad but it made Armaan again serious coz of her words to his one an only wife

"Jjiii..." Shilpa said slowly and looked back at him "Phone kijiyee..." turning at him she directly ordered which made him to obey her orders coz he knows she is feeling embarressed coz of this so like a cute obedient Husband he dailed Radha's number while keeping his one hand on mirror which made her jamed b/w him and the mirror wall

Huaa na hoga ab koi

Yahan hum do sa dobara...

"Haa Buaa... Kahan ho aap log... Actually mujhe vo Floor nai mil raha jahan pe aap log hai..." he said wd not-so-interested look as Radha responded from
other side

"Aree beta hum vo... Saari k Shop mein hai Second Floor wala Third Shop ..." Radha spoke smilingly coz first time he asked something like this

"Aap ek kaam karoge... shop k bahar aa jaao... Main vohi aata hun..." he spoke staring at his Wife who is trying hard to look somewhere else coz his face was soo near that her heart is beating so fast that it can actually came out from her body

"Haa jarur tum aao... Main aati hun" Radha spoke politely to which he hung up the phone and wd his both hands jammed her b/w him again "Shilpa main bahar jaa rahi hun... Armaan aaya hai... Tum jaldi se earring dhundhkar aao..." saying this she went from there

"Jii..." she said slowly where as his gaze was fixed on her who was controlling hard to avoid him she waited for minutes and as time passed she lightly pushed him "Bahar chale..." saying this strictly she turn to open the door when he gripped her hand "Ab kya hai...??" she asked angrily glaring him

"Let me see first..." he spoke calmly and opened the door when Shilpa peeped her head out first making him smile "Koi dikh raha hai..." he asked normally keeping his hand on her shoulder while looking out to which she looked at him whose face was near to her face

"Nai..." hiding her nervousness she rudely said while pushing his hands who knows she is angry coz of this situation where as Shilpa moved out from the Changing Room following by him when they found everyone is staring at them wd many looks like teasing, disgusting, blushing, etc., but it made Shilpa hell embarrassed that she ran from there where as giving a fake smile to the sales girl who is just standing beside the Changing Room he went from there wd embarrassed look and they reached outside only to found Radha there but seeing him coming from inside she asked to which he said he gone inside by the other door which goes from right side and Radha nodded wd a smile so they moved towards their car where Neha, Divya and Anant wd the Driver waiting for them so reaching there Armaan told the Driver to drop Radha Neha wd this car while he will drop Divya Shilpa and Anant wd him in whole way Shilpa was quiet coz of that embarrassing situation but Armaan was thinking something else so,by the tym as they reached home he pulled Shilpa to one of corner side and warned her saying "agli baar kisi b Changing Room mein jaane se pehle dekh lena... kyun ki is baar to main tha... But koi aur b ho sakta tha... so mind u Shilpa agli baar dhyaan se..." warning her he turned to go while she was stunned to see his this side but then she also warned him angrily "Aur haa agli baar kisi Changing Room mein kuch dekhne se pehle dhyaan se dekh lena... Ki vo ladki ka hai ki ladke ka... Aur saath mein andar se lock kar lena taaki koi b andar naa aa paaye..." saying this arrogantly she went from there leaving him amused here he thought after knowing the truth of Kiya she will behave like her before self but no... Instead she has become more serious why?? But ignoring that he started packing but it was already done by her which left him smiling when his cell phone rang which was from Dev who informed that coz of some issues in Chandigarh Airport the flights were cancelled so now, they were to come two days later and hearing this Armaan became shocked So Dev made him understand to think of something coz two days later there will be Engagement in the Gurudwara so they have to come any how so Armaan answered he will think something coz after Avni's Engagement Armaan have to leave from Chandigarh to Bhopal so he thought for a plan which he discussed wd the members in his family who agreed happily specially Avni, Rudra, Neha, Divya & Nikki the idea was to go Chandigarh by road and now Rudra & Gang were in one car where a Driver is driving their car and here Armaan is wd his Wife, Radha, Surbhi & little Anant were in other car so here start a journey from Mumbai to Chandigarh

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