Thursday, 19 October 2017

part 28 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan was shocked out of his wits and so was Riddhima while Cam and Atul stood there totally confused………….they knew that something was wrong from the expression Armaan and Riddhima had but what the matter was they had no idea…….
Finally Atul asked them "What is it Armaan?"

Armaan looked up at Atul and shook his head with disbelief written all over his face……not able to utter a single word he heard Riddhima say "This photograph………..its………….its Armaan's mom's photograph. But what is it doing here?" Both Atul and Cam were stunned to hear that……….they couldn't think of any plausible reason for Armaan's mom's photograph to be with Vivek. Armaan emptied the whole brown package on the table and found some pieces of photographs……….torn badly……..he could make out a man's face and a women's which was his mother he knew…..He still didn't know what to make of it. He looked up at Atul and raising the photograph in front of him he asked him "Do you have any idea about this?" Atul shook his head and then he was horrified as Cam placed another photograph on the table which was left in the brown cover……..All three saw the horrified expression on Atul's face who after some time had lapsed managed to say "This is my dad." Now Armaan, Riddhima and Cam were even more shocked. The photograph had Armaan's mom and Atul's dad in it.
"What does this mean?" Cam asked all of them hoping that at least one of them would have an answer………he waited for them to respond but none of them did. He spoke firmly "I know this doesn't make sense but we have to find the answer to this because I have a feeling that this is important and not something to be ignored. I think we should search the entire place again and the locker as well." They nodded and searched the whole place but they did not find anything related to the photograph…….but Cam suddenly yelled in joy. All three turned towards his direction and then he spoke "Look what I found………..this seems to be Vivek's personal diary and this is his contacts diary…………we can definitely find a lot of stuff in this." They all nodded their heads but then Cam spoke with a thoughtful expression "We can't take this with us………he'll need it and if he won't find it he is going to doubt that something is wrong and we can't put him on an alert……It would be better if he is off-guard till we are done with all the evidence and I am going to ask my lawyer to open the case then. I'll scan and save the pages in my cell but this diary is locked…………" He ran his hand through his hair and sighed and then picked up the contacts diary and saved everything in his cell.
They searched the room for some more time but failed to find anything more. They searched the rest of the house and then went to Vivek's bedroom where they suddenly heard Armaan yell "F****** B******….." Riddhima ran towards him and then she went as white as ghost when she saw him holding the same photographs with which he had accused her of adultery……Atul and Cam knew what the photographs must be so in order to avoid embarrassing Riddhima they did not see them again but then Cam spoke through clenched teeth "Take all those photographs Armaan and also the negatives and the copies if there are any." but then they heard Atul speak "No Cam we can't take those with us because it will also put him on his guard because he will obviously find it missing since its in his closet……..leave it there Armaan and I'll make sure that he doesn't use it this time to cause any trouble so lets leave it there and leave this place. Its anyways time for him to come back."
The group left Vivek's house.
Riddhima knew Armaan was stressed, tensed and highly worried……….she was also tensed as to what his mom's photographs were doing there. They were sitting on the dining table where she saw Armaan sitting across her with a lost expression.
"Cam we have to know what Armaan's mom's photograph was doing with Vivek. We have to find out. I have an idea………why don't we approach those contacts that you have got and ask them if they know Armaan's mom or if they have ever seen Vivek with her but we will have to make sure that these people don't suspect anything or else they'll tell Vivek and we won't be able to know about the truth." They all agreed and then Cam opened his laptop and spoke in a firm voice. "We'll start our search tomorrow morning and I'll also try to know if any of these people are into any wrong business or activity and then we'll be able to get some evidence against Vivek. I have a plan ………….I'll make two lists. Riddhima and Armaan will take one of it and investigate and interrogate the people on the lists about Vivek and Armaan's mom's connection with him and I and Atul will take the other one." They all agreed and went into their respective rooms………
"Common Riddhima…………HURRY UP" Armaan yelled on the top of his voice and saw Riddhima running towards the car. She quietly sat down in the driver's seat since she had the license and the knowledge about the roads and traffic rules. She saw that Armaan was really agitated and desperate to uncover all the truths and find answers to the gazillion questions that he had. She sighed and drove towards the house of one of Vivek's client.
"MR.MONROE…………sir……… here……..I mean…….oh please come in…." Martin was amazed to have THE CAMERONE MONROE at his small office. Martin was have some business dealings with Vivek.
"Mr.Martin I have heard that you make THE best computers and laptops. I wanted some 25-30 laptops for my new office." Cam told an awestruck Martin who looked back in pure disbelief…………Camerone Monroe always had the best softwares in his company so supplying his laptops would bring him into the league as well.
"Yes sir……our laptops and desktops are really good sir…… can see them if you want." Cam smiled inwardly….he knew what effect his presence had on people and he was going to take full advantage of that fact. He continued looking all business like "Mr.Martin what other companies do you deal with?" Martin rattled off a number of names…none of them held the stature that Cam's company did. Cam stopped him when he heard Vivek's company's name……….all excited but trying to sound totally casual "Hmmmmm…… you supply to Mr.Vivek khanna as well. I would like to work with him someday myself……….tell me what kind of person is he? I rely your information totally and would really appreciate if you give me apt information about him because I in no way want to risk my company's reputation and I have heard that he is not that great a human being………" Cam stopped when he saw that Martin had something to tell him. Martin began in a very serious voice moving close to Cam who was sitting across him……….Martin spoke in a hushed tone as if sharing a secret "Sir…….you have heard right………Vivek is into drugs and also some bad stuff connected to women." Cam nodded his head showing gratitude and interest but then he frowned and spoke "Mr.Martin do you have any evidence against him…………he seems to be just the man I need so I really don't want to loose the chance of hiring him just by believing certain rumors. Martin nodded his head violently showing his full understanding "I know what you mean sir………I will try to get some evidence to support my statement." Cam gave him a smile expressing his gratitude and then he spoke "Mr.Martin I would like to order 15 laptops for now and these are the specifications. Here is the cheque to get you started." Cam handed over a paper on which he had written some specifications for his laptops and a cheque to him and then looking at his watch he stood up and spoke in a hurried tone "Thank you so much Mr.Martin but I have a very important meeting to attend so I'll have to leave but please get me information and evidence I need regarding Mr.Vivek because he is the man I have zeroed on for this very company to which you are going to be supplying the laptops so please get the info as soon as possible and deliver the laptops as well with a bill." They both shook hands and Cam left after Martin assured him that he'll get all the evidences he could very soon.
After Cam had left Martin stood dazed for a long time thinking about his success once the news is out that he Is working with Camerone Monroe but then he remembered Cam's parting words and he quickly jumped towards the phone to get the evidences and to get the laptops prepared.
Cam too was delighted. He knew that Martin had certain contacts that would help him get the necessary information which is why he had selected him. He narrated the entire meet to Atul who was glad that things were working in their favour. He was sure they'll find all the evidences they needed to nail Vivek as they were about to meet the man who would solve the problem in no time but unfortunately he was out of town but just then Cam's cell rang and after attending the call Cam spoke in an ecstatic voice "He's here Atul. Let's go but before that we have to meet another person."
Cam and Atul met Vivek's once good friend Muskaan who hated him now. She and Vivek were engaged but then Vivek had broken the engagement and had gotten married to Riddhima………..Muskaan had cried and grieved for a long time but one day she came to know about Vivek's Drug business and how he was into other bad stuff and she had developed a strong hatered for him which grew further when she came to know about how Vivek treated Riddhima. She was ready to help Cam in getting Vivek punished.
"Armaan this is our last hope and I don't want to kill this last hope too but the person we are going to meet is a very old lady and I don't think she would know anything about your mom's conncetion to Vivek's father."
Riddhima and Armaan had met all the people on the list but none of them had any clue about Armaan's mom or Vivek's dark deeds………….Riddhima's prime focus was on knowing the relation between Vivek and Armaan's mom.
They both knocked on the house and were warmly welcomed inside by the old lady. They showed her Armaan's mom's photograph and saw a smile on her face when she spoke "Oh this is Avantikhaa" the old lady told them in her English accent.
Suddenly Armaan found his lost energy returning when he realized that this old lady might actually be able to help them………he spoke in an excited voice "Yes Mrs.Luther you are absolutely right. This is Avantika but how do you know her?" Mrs. Luther smiled at Armaan, not even once doubting his intentions…………she was just too happy to have some company in her lonely life. "Oh Son Avantikhaa had once come to meet me along with Vijay her husband and my college friend. She had stayed with me only." Armaan and Riddhima were stunned…………….Vijay was Atul and Vivek's father. Armaan finally spoke "You mean Vijay khanna?" The lady shook her head positively and then she spoke in a low sad voice "Vijay's father had forced him to marry some rich girl but Vijay was always in love with Avantikhaa……….he got married to that rich girl….Anha……that was her name. She was a very shrewd and vindictive girl while Vijay was such a gentleman. His father's business was in shambles so in order to save it he had no other option but to marry her……but after a couple of a months he decided that his marriage was not going to work………..he wanted to divorce Anha but before that he wanted to talk to Avantikhaa so he went back to her apartment but didn't find her there and then he came to know that she had tried to call herself after getting the news of Vijay's wedding. She was in Connecticut at that time in some hospital there. He immediately left to see her and I accompanied him……….. he told her the entire truth. They both were overjoyed to get each other back in their life. We stayed with Avantikhaa for some time and in this time Avantikhaa and Vikay took their relationship to a new level. They weren't married but they stood under the moon one night and read all the vows that a man and women take in a church to turn into husband and wife. I was the only witness to their holy union. They loved each other so much but when we came back Vijay came to know that his father was in hopital due to a major stroke and his company was fighting some case against them for fraud. He had to sort out the mess which took him nearly 3months and in this time he stayed with Anha and away from Avantikhaa. Anha came to know about Avantikhaa and Vijay's trip to Connecticut………she was an insecure woman and she very cleverly secured her relation with Vijay by getting him drunk and sleeping with him and making it look like she was forced by Vijay. Vijay had no option but to stay with her and also she was getting Vijay's father operated so Vijay was under a lot of debt. Avantikhaa got pregnant and started staying with me but she never told anything to Vijay but after her child was born she left this place and went back to India. Vijay got a call from her one day and she told him about their baby but forbade him from coming to see her. He had no option but to agree because Anha too was pregnant at that time………oh how I hate that woman. Avantikhaa was an angel and her child was such a cute one………..I clearly remember it was a boy…………and oh what was his name……….ah yes ARMAAN…….meaning desire……he was a handome boy……..Avantikhaa kept sending me pictures………..


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