Sunday, 22 October 2017

part 29 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan didn't hear what the lady said after that as he felt his head spinning…….Riddhima saw Armaan's expression…..she gripped his hand tightly and getting up hastily she told the woman that they had some urgent work to attend to and needed to go but she promised Mrs.Luther that they'll come again to see her.

Mrs.Luther was delighted at the prospects of a second meeting……she was a widow and lived a really lonely life and she didn't know why but she felt some sort of connection to the handsome boy sitting in front of her. They both left the house with Riddhima still gripping his hand tightly. She made Armaan sit in the passenger seat of her car and herself she got into the driver's seat. She knew Armaan needed time alone so she didn't speak anything to him. They drove back home and they went inside the house.
Armaan sat down on the couch…Riddhima placed her hand on his thigh and lifting his bowed head she spoke softly "Armaan" she saw a tear fall down his eye and in no time he broke into violent sobs…gripping Riddhima's hands while Riddhima moved her hand on his back trying to console him……….she too was overwhelmed after knowing about the relation Armaan and Vivek shared but she was kinda prepared for it………..when she had seen those photographs she had decided that something shocking was about to come her way…..but the confirmation had shocked her also….her chain of thoughts were broken by Armaan's voice "Riddhima I can't believe that……….that monster is my brother…that I am the brother of the very man who did all that with you….why did god do this to me?……oh my god….do you know what it means…… means I am a B******……Vivek and I are brothers and I am a b******….."
Riddhima wiped his tears and then she spoke in a stern voice "NO ARMAAN…that's not true… remember what mrs.Luther told us that your father held Avantika aunty as her wife and not Ahna. Its YOUR mom that he loved and not Vivek's mom. He is the one who is an illegal child because his mom tricked your father into it and besides he loved your mom and respected her. Armaan its not your fault……destiny played a nasty game with you, Avantika aunty and Vijay uncle. He loved you both and please don't cry……Vivek is just the way his mom was…but you are a nice man and Vivek is nowhere near to you. Forget the past Armaan………
Riddhima was cut-off by Armaan who suddenly stood up and spoke in a distant voice "Riddhima please leave me alone for sometime." With that he left and Riddhima knew that he'll keep crying for a long time and would hate himself for having any relationship with Vivek.
She turned around and saw Cam and Atul coming in. Cam rushed towards her and hugged her tightly.
"Oh Ridzie…I am so happy and we are very close to getting Vivek behind the bars. We met some people today who are ready to help us and very soon we'll accomplish…." Cam stopped suddenly when he saw that Riddhima was not listening and then he remembered that they too had gone to interrogate people and know about the connection b/w Armaan's mom and Vivek…he looked around but when he didn't find Armaan anywhere near he got tensed and Atul too sensed that something was really wrong. They both looked at Riddhima questioningly and after a few moments she spoke with a dejected voice "Armaan and Vivek are brothers……actually half-brothers.." Riddhima heard them both yell in unison "WHAT???" She took a deep breath and narrated the whole truth to them.
"Now I know why Vivek always hated Armaan. Wait a minute…….now that means I and Armaan too are brothers…..hey that's cool but how is Armaan taking it?" Atul looked tensed when he saw Riddhima shake her head violently.
"I'll go talk to him." Cam made a move towards Armaan's room but Riddhima stopped him "No Cam…I'll talk to him. You guys have your dinner and go to sleep…..we'll talk tomorrow and I assure you that Armaan will be fine." She gave them a short smile and left them alone.

"Armaan!!!" Riddhima called out to Armaan when she didn't find him in the room and then she saw his shirt on the floor near the bed and heard the water running inside the washroom…..the door was left ajar…she peeped inside and saw Armaan in jeans standing under the shower with his head resting against the wall. She knew that this time it was her turn to take control of the situation…..the situation was very delicate and Armaan was broken…..Riddhima decided that Armaan needed her love and today she was ready to bring him back to normal and out of the shock that he had suffered through her love…..just the way he had done it for her…..she'll take him to a world of love where only the two of them will exist and the whole world will be forgotten….
She moved inside the washroom and hugged Armaan from behind…….she felt the cold water seeping through her shirt to her skin. Her clothes were clinging to her skin but she forgot all that……she placed a tender and gentle kiss on Armaan's shoulder who shivered in reaction…….she massaged his back and then moved her hands to his chest……she felt his thick muscles and as she moved her hands on his chest she felt him move…….she kissed his back repeatedly…….making him forget all misery…..she rubbed her front against his back which made him stiffen and suddenly he turned around and pulled her towards himself…he pulled her hair back making her wince in pain but before he could notice the pain he slammed his lips hard against her and started kissing her…Riddhima knew this was coming and was glad that she could get his head off the bad news……She opened her lips and their tounges rubbed against each other making Armaan moan with passion….the kiss lost the anger with which it had begun and turned into a loving but passionate one. He rubbed his hand all over her wet shirt and finally let go off her mouth…..out of breath he placed his head on her shoulder while she ruffled his hair…he straightened up and looked at Riddhima's heated face…..his glance shifted to her wet shirt which was now completely transparent and her black skirt too was sticking to her thighs…..her curves were inviting him to make love to her…..Riddhima noticed his hungry eyes and before she knew her cheeks got red and she blushed……..Armaan was one man whose hungry eyes didn't make her uncomfortable but blush because of the intensity of the look which though hungry still held a lot of love for her. Armaan pulled her close and then bending down a little rubbed his lips against her cheeks….kissing her eyes, nose and then once again moving down to her lips. He captured her lips in his and sucked at them slowly, passionately and then he intensified the kiss…..he moved his hands in her hair while she looped her hands around his neck pulling him closer. He broke their lip lock and hugged her tightly, fiercely placing his head on her shoulder…..Riddhima knew he was once again crying. She closed the shower and pulled away and wiping his eyes she spoke in a sweet voice "Armaaaaannnn……I don't see why you are crying? Till now you always thought that your father met with some accident or divorced your mom and left you but see the truth is that he loved you and your mom both….loved you two enough to leave his everything and come to you guys but your mom loved him more and SHE didn't let him give up anything which is why he wasn't there with you. What are you crying for Armaan? You should be happy………you just came to know that your parents loved each other so much." Armaan shook his head sadly and spoke in a low voice "I am not upset about that but about the fact that I am his brother who……..who raped you Riddhima…….I carry the same blood as he does……….we are the same………
Before Armaan could say anything further Riddhima placed her hand on his mouth and spoke in a reproaching tone "How could you even say that Armaan? You and him are not same…….do you get it." She grabbed his collar tightly…..clearly angry now.
"He is the son of that Ahna who was low enough to trick her own husband for something that cheap and that too after knowing that he loved someone else……..Vivek carries Ahna's blood Armaan while you are the son of a women who sacrificed everything she had for the man she loved…… should be proud of being her son Armaan and here you are crying for someone who is not even worth it……you should be proud of the relationship your parents shared instead of holding it responsible for linking you to Vivek……I am disappointed in you Armaan." she pushed him away and was about to leave when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards himself…….he joined his forehead with hers and spoke in an apologetic tone "I am sorry sweetheart……please forgive me. I know I am really lucky to have mom as my mother and Vijay Khanna as my dad and you as my life partner. I love you." Riddhima smiled at him and ruffling his hair she told him sternly "Now that you feel fine go change and we'll have dinner." Armaan had a thoughtful expression on his face and then he ran to caught up with her and when he finally did he held her shoulder and asked her "Wait a second….did you do all that under the shower to cheer me up?" Riddhima lowered her gaze and blushed…. "Oh so that is why……."
Riddhima saw Armaan pout like a little kid whose candy was snatched away and then he spoke with a mischievous tone and a hurt look "Well I am still a little upset and thinking of going back under the shower………….you can cheer me up once again…." Riddhima saw the glint in his eyes and tried punching him on his chest but he caught her hand mid-air and spoke in a romantic drawl "Do you even realize how sexy you look in those wet clothes and how hard it is for any man to control himself……" He bend down and bit the side of her neck leaving a love bite and then he sucked at it to make the slight pain go away…..Riddhima moaned in pleasure. He left a trail of wet kisses on her neck and shoulder while she moved her hand on his wet chest feeling his hard muscles sending him in a frenzy…….he unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off her body and felt her wet skin against his……He looked down at her swelling breast jutting out of her bra……before he realized he was pushed back slightly and Riddhima was kissing his chest making him want to posses her…….he moved his hand down her waist to her hips and caressed them in a sensuous way making Riddhima moan……..she was still kissing him when he suddenly picked her up and carried her to the bed in the middle of the room…
He laid her down on the bed and got onto her kissing her chest and neck with a wild passion waiting to be unleashed……he unhooked her bra and kissed her hard taut buds arousing Riddhima to the very edge. She clenched his hair as he kissed and bit her soft skin making her shudder with pleasure…..he kissed her soft swells….her hands dug into his shoulder…..she called out his name but he made no move to stop….she felt his hardness pressing against her softness….her legs spread apart……she gasped when he pulled down her skirt and underwear along with his jeans….he caressed her thighs and softness taking her into another world and then before she knew he entered her……..they moved against each other urgently and with happiness filling them that they were one at last……she arched under him and cried out his name……..the next moment they felt paradise and were immersed in the world of love…….
"Hmmmmm" Armaan heard Riddhima speak….her voice muffled due to drowsiness but then she raised her head to his and placed a soft, loving kiss on his lips and giving him a cute smile she snuggled closer into his chest……..Armaan smiled to himself and closing his eyes he felt complete and happy as the thought of belonging to Riddhima forever came in his mind……they finally belonged to each other…….finally their love was complete. He hugged Riddhima possessively mumbling in her ear "You are mine Riddhima forever and ever now and I am gonna finish that jerk Vivek." Riddhima pushed Armaan away and got up from the bed wrapping the sheets around herself and went inside the washroom while Armaan just looked at her with shock and confusion and when he realized that mentioning Vivek wasn't the best of idea he smacked his head and got up on the bed waiting for Riddhima to come out….he felt so foolish for spoiling the best moment of their life. He waited for a long time and finally the door opened…..and he saw Riddhima in a short towel with her hair wet……Armaan swore under his breath and walked towards her and making an apologetic face blocked her way and spoke "Riddhima sweetheart I am really sorry babe……please don't be mad at me. I just didn't realize that….
But he was cut off by Riddhima who spoke in a cold voice "Whats your problem Armaan?………I don't know why but I have this feeling that you love Vivek more then you love me" When she saw Armaan chuckling she spoke in an infuriated voice "Its not funny..……why are you always talking about him? Don't you get it I hate that man…….I hate this city……I want to forget my past but you are always reminding me about my past…….WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SUCH A LOSER ARMAAN?"


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