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part 3 : The Second

            "Fine tell them" Armaan said the next day. From the moment Armaan had woken up in Ridhima's room on the floor he had been following Ridhima everywhere.
            He just couldn't figure out how her parents were so nice and kind was she was so vicious.
            As Ridhima was walking to school Armaan followed behind her "Tell who what?" Ridhima
asked bitterly and confused. She was hoping to avoid Armaan at least a school, but the bloody ugh, got himself invited to her school by the school principle to look around the place. And if she knew Armaan well his was probably going to be hanging around all the classes Ridhima had class in.
            "Tell your parents that you lost her virginity to me, see if I care" When Armaan said this, Ridhima became subspecies.
            "Why?" She asked. She noticed that Armaan's black eye had really susbsided to where it was barely noticeable. The man really did have tuff skin that he was able to heal for fast from Ridhima's kicks and punches. Armaan did not know where she got her fighting skills from, she didn't even have brothers to pick up the skills from and he knew for a fact that she had never taken boxing or karate classes.
            "Your parents are pretty old fashions about stuff like that, and I'm pretty sure if they found out you had slept with me then they would have more of the reason to force you to marry me." He had the upper hand in every way. Ridhima was pretty big on pleasing her parents and this little thing would just set her back.
            "I was drunk, my father would never let me marry a man who slept with me when I was drunk and YOU weren't" when Ridhima said this she stopped in her tracks point a figure towards Armaan. She still had that diamond ring on her hand, she just couldn't get the thing off her ring figure.
            "it's not my fault that you were so sensuous in bed, besides think how angry and upset your father will be when he finds out that not only were you drunk but because of it you fell victim to a guy like me, that too when you were going out with my best friend while he was lying in the hospital sick." He said leaning a little towards Ridhima. She walked away continuing on her path to school and all the while Armaan just continued to not only walk with her but also talk on and on. What Ridhima hate the most about Armaan's talk was that everything he said was true.
            "And how could you sleep with your best friend's girlfriend, when she was drunk while you weren't, AND your best friend was dying in the hospital!" Ridhima asked. That moment as been the most embarrassing moments of her life. Waking up in the back of Armaan's car at dawn to see herself waking up in the most awkward position of her life spread over Armaan's cloth less body. She had been a freshman in high school that year, while Armaan had been a senior. She hadn't cried in front of Armaan but as soon as he had taken her home she had cried for more than three hours. And almost every night after that until the death of Anvil. After that tears no longer came, she had become too depressed for tears.
            Armaan had remembered that night well. He wasn't drunk like Ridhima had been, he had remembered that night more than well. The night wasn't as bad as the morning had been. He woke up in his car and he saw that Ridhima had been so close to crying but she hadn't. Till this day Ridhima did not know his secret that he was still holding inside of him. He had felt so guilty for betraying his best friend by sleeping with his girlfriend that Armaan had gone to the hospital to Anvil and told him everything. Armaan remembered how angry Anvil had been, he was so weak in bed but still Anvil had been able to get strength enough in him to get out of bed and try to beat Armaan up. Anvil had always been a better fighter then Armaan had ever been it was probably a good thing that Anvil had been sick at that time. Armaan had thought that Anvil had probably hated him till his death but then Anvil's Will was read and he had know that Anvil did not hate him, but it was obvious that Anvil thought that he and Ridhima could be happy together, but Anvil just did not understand that, that night was just a fling. It had meant nothing to either Ridhima or Armaan. They hated each other then, and they hated each other now.
"Ridhima this is stupid you are just wasting my time, you know as much as I do that you will marry me. You don't have the heart to watch Anvil's most prized possession sold away to people that could start a World War III" oh why did he have to be right about everything. She did not want to admit to Armaan that he was right. In fact she just wanted to punch him, but controlled the urge.
"We will talk about this later" Ridhima said with gritted teeth.
She arrived in at school and she just wanted to get away from Armaan at the moment. once in class there still wasn't much work going on during the second day of school. Ridhima sat down at her desk and took out a piece of paper and pen.
Three things I want from this marriage
Ridhima titled the paper. She obviously could not just tell Armaan as she always got in to fights with him. It was a good thing Armaan wasn't in her classroom yet. He probably had to listen to the principle's lecture about how great it was to have an old student who is now super duper rich, come visit such a boring old school again and so on and such.
Ridhima carfully listed out the demands.
1.      Can Not have physical violence every day.
Ridhima had not written out 'any physical violence at all', mostly because she knew she could not live every day of her life without at least punching Armaan once in a while on his face.
2.      No flirting with other women when married to me!
This one happened to be a stupid request. She didn't even like the man, but if she was going to marry him, she was not going to have rumors spread thinking that Armaan was cheating on his wife.
3.      No having sex with women when married to me!"
Ridhima thought to put that in the context also. Truth was Armaan didn't even need to flirt with women when looking the way he did. He could just pull and woman out of a party and do it, and she probably wouldn't even mind.
That was pretty much what Ridhima had written out, her rules were simple and easy to follow and she was confident that Armaan would follow those rule. Although she disliked the man, he had a way of always keeping his word and that was probably the only thing she liked about him.
            Ridhima neatly folded the paper and put it in her pocket. As she brought her hand back to her desk one of her friend Ellen, well she wasn't exactly her friend. Just a girl she knew, grabbed her hand. "Oh my god is that a diamond ring?" Ellen said it loud enough to where a few students turned around to look at Ridhima's hand. Around that same time Armaan had walked in the classroom with the principle when Ellen said "Are you engaged?" She almost screamed the words out. This time catching the attention of everyone, including the principle and the teachers.
            Armaan was amused, more than amused actually. He was far right grinning. "your seventeen, are you insane?" one of the guys closer to the front of the classroom said, Ridhima knew him also pretty well. It was Ryan from the soccer team. Everyone had been so preoccupied with Ridhima that no one even noticed Armaan Malik walk in the classroom.
            "Who's the lucky guy Ridhima?" Ellen asked curious, she was such a nosy head about everything. Ridhima was just about to say 'none of your business' when Armaan spoke up from the door way leaving every one stun.
            "She's engaged to me" Armaan said confidently, technically Ridhima had not said yes yet but he knew she was going to marry him so what did it matter.
            All the students in the classroom just stared at Armaan, everyone knew who he was. He was the guy that had gone to their school three years ago and reached the top of the social ladder.
            Every one around the class started to whisper to each other is shock. Even the principle and teacher were shocked. All around Ridhima every one asked questions of how they met, how they fell in love. But Ridhima nor Armaan would say anything. Armaan from across the room grinned, while Ridhima fumed in anger.
            "Look if we want this marriage to work we have to have some ground rules" Ridhima said as she walked home with Armaan from school back home.
            "I agree" Armaan said. He did not think he could handle being kicked and punched every day by Ridhima.
            Ridhima took out the piece of paper with her demands written on from her pocket and gave it to Armaan. "I will only marry you if you agree to follow these rules." Armaan took the paper from Ridhima's hand and read the three demands.
1.            Can Not have physical violence every day.
Armaan did not really have a problem with the first rule at all, he actually liked the first rule.
2.      No flirting with other women when married to me!
He did not have a problem with the second rule either. He did flirt around with women but he did not do it excessively and he probably wouldn't have much of a problem to stop his way.
3.      No having sex with women when married to me!"
The last rule he wasn't so happy about, it wasn't something he was going to cry over, but it kind of just sucked that he couldn't sleep around. It wasn't like Ridhima would be upset if she found out he was sleeping with another woman. But he respected that wish too.
"Is this all that you demand? Nothing more to be added?" Armaan asked making sure that there would be no tricks behind the clause.
            "Yes this is all I demand, nothing else is to be added" Ridhima said making her wants from the marriage clear cut from the start.
            Armaan just grind an evil grin and said "Good, cause there's nothing in here that says I can't have sex with you" When Armaan said this. Ridhima stop walking and just stood there with her mouth open in shock, while Armaan just laughed to the core as he continued to walk on.


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