Thursday, 5 October 2017

PART 30: Ehsaas

As the days went by, Armaan got busier and busier with his work. Armaan's reputation at the center had gotten a big boost thanks to Anjali's surgery. All the senior doctors wanted Armaan to assist them in their major cases. Armaan was of course thrilled, as that meant more experience for him. However tired he might be, learning or assisting in a new procedure gave him an adrenaline rush and re energized him for his next case.

He felt indebted to Anjali for his recent recognition.

"Main Anjali ko galat samajhta tha….wo sach much meri achhi dost hai….uski wajah se mujhey kitna naam aur kaamyaabi mil rahi hai, warna training mein itna kuch karne ko kahan milta hai?" Armaan said to himself one day when he was reviewing some charts.

He had started accepting invitations from Anjali and her friends to drop by for coffee or a quick drink. He would often go to her house after work and spend an hour or so with them. They all would go ga-ga over his bedside manner, surgical skills and his looks. They massaged his ego more and more every day. Armaan really enjoyed hearing his praises and started believing in their exaggerated praises. He would often reach home late, although he made it a point to have dinner with Riddhima most days. Riddhima, of course, was an understanding wife-she knew how busy a doctor's life could be- she knew becoming a good plastic surgeon was Armaan's dream, and she wanted to support him as much as she could. She kept herself busy with housework, reading and listening to music.

Muskaan and Riddhima would often go out for lunch or little shopping trips whenever Muskaan was free from her busy schedule. Riddhima never complained about Armaan's long hours or not getting enough time from him. Muskaan had no reason to believe that Armaan was gradually drifting away from Riddhima.

Abhimanyu tried to coax Riddhima into joining their music group, especially since he had a movie contract now. Riddhima politely refused each time. Abhimanyu knew he had to come up with another solution; otherwise his future contracts could be in jeopardy.

A day before their first wedding anniversary, Armaan came up to Riddhima and hugged her from behind, "kal hamari pehli anniversary hai….yaad hai na?"

Riddhima, who was arranging some flowers on the table, said, "Kaise bhool sakti hoon wo din? Jis din tumney ek bholi bhaali ladki ko pataaya tha," she chuckled.

"Achha bholi-bhali? Suhaag raat par seduce kisne kiya tha?" Armaan teased her.

"Kya karti? Agar seduce nahin karti, tho tum raat bhar bacchon ki tarah mooh suja ke baithe rehte," she teased him back.

"Theek hai, kal bhi main wo hi karoonga….aur phir tum mujhey phir se seduce karna…OK?" he said mischievously, "main chahta hoon kal tum bilkul dulhan ki tarah sajo, aur wo laal waali sari phir se pehen na."

"kaun si laa waali?" Riddhima pretended ignorance

"arre wo hi waali, jo tum hamesha bahut kum time ke liye pehen paati ho," Armaan winked at her. Riddhima blushed at his comment.

"Theek hai, lekin tum kal der se ghar nahin aaogey," Riddhima ordered.

Armaan touched his ears and said, "promise! I will be home at 5 and then we will go out for a special dinner….just the two of us….kitne din ho gaye hain tumhare saath baith ke baatein bhi nahin ki hain," he held her by her waist and pulled her closer.

"Jab do log ek doosre ko achhi tarah samajh te ho, tho zaroori nahin hai ki baatein kee jaayein," Riddhima circled her arms around his neck.

"Tum kitni samajhdaar ho Riddhima….I am so lucky to have you." he kissed her and hugged her tightly.

That evening, Anjali suggested, "Armaan kal meri movie ka premier hai….you have to come with me!"

Armaan sipped his drink and looked up, "Kal? Nahin kal nahin aa sakta main."

"Kyon? Apni dost ke liye itna bhi nahin kar sakte?" Anjali complained.

"Sorry Anjali! Kal meri aur Riddhima ki pehli anniversary hai…..I can't go anywhere else."

That statement hit Anjali like a boulder. She quickly changed her expression from anger to a fake smile.

"Itna darrte ho apni biwi se?" Anjali chuckled.

"No way Anjali! Main kyon Riddhima se daroonga? Kitney baje hai premier?"

"Saat baje"

"OK…tho main Riddhima ke saath aa jaaoonga."

Anjali was not pleased, but pretended to be an understanding friend as her mind concocted an evil plan "don't worry Armaan! Spend time with your wife…..biwi ko khush rakhna bahut zaroori hai."

He just laughed and picked his bag to leave, "You are right about that! Bye Anjali! Good luck with the premier."

After he left, Anjali picked up the phone, "Dr Modi?"


"Happy anniversary!" Riddhima woke Armaan with a kiss early in the morning. She knew he had to leave early today, so she had made sure she was ready before him. She had cooked his favorite things for breakfast and was dressed in the white and red sari he loved.

Armaan opened his eyes and pulled Riddhima over him, "aise nahin…..aaj special kiss dena padhega."

Riddhima giggled and lay on top of his chest, "kitna special?"

Armaan pinned her down to the bed and showered her with some prolonged and passionate kisses on her lips, neck and chest, "now those are special kisses for my special wifey on our special day!"

Riddhima had goose bumps as he kissed her. She was gasping and moaning in pleasure, but suddenly Armaan rolled out of bed. Riddhima was feeling a little aroused by his kisses, "kahan jaa rahe ho? Aise sataa ke kahan chal diye?"

Armaan picked his towel and winked at her, "enjoy the appetizer jaan….shaam ko main course milega!" and went to get ready.

Riddhima felt a little cheated- if it was the other way around, Armaan would never let her leave without getting his desire satisfied, "shayad yahi aadmi aur aurat mein farak hai," she sighed, wiped her brow, and straightened her clothes to get breakfast ready.

Armaan took a quick bite and picked his bag, "OK…shaam ko meri dulhan ban kar rehna…I will see you at 5 or so…BYE!" he gave her a quick peck on her cheek and left.

Riddhima was a little disappointed, as he had not even notice that she had prepared his favorite dishes for breakfast. She just shook her head, "hamesha kaam ka bhoot sawaar rehta hai."

She cleared up the kitchen and got down to her routine. She received phone calls from padma, Tamanna, Dr Misra, Keerti and Muskaan for their anniversary. Riddhima was in a very jovial mood all day.

She had a lady come home to apply mehndi on her palms and feet.

She dressed herself with her beautiful wedding jewelry, payal, bangles and bracelets.

As she got ready like a new bride, she hummed this beautiful song from "water"- "piya ho"

By 5 pm, she was all dressed up and looked like a princess, ready for her prince to arrive any moment. As she waited patiently, she took out her memory box with the dried rose petals and foil ring Armaan had proposed to her with. She remembered all the events of the they had met, fallen in love, wedding, their first night...their honeymoon.......

…to be continued…

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