Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Part-30 : The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan was shocked at Riddhima's outburst but then he realized that maybe she was right and it was he who was being a jerk by mentioning Vivek again and again. He moved towards her but she brushed past him walking to the cupboard and taking out a robe she wore it over her towel and left the room.

Armaan had no idea what he was going to do to pacify his angry tigress but he knew that it was his mistake so he had to do something quick. He quickly took a shower and got dressed.
He came downstairs and saw Cam, Atul and Riddhima sitting on the breakfast table waiting for him and when they noticed his presence Riddhima turned her face away while Atul debated whether to speak anything or not and Cam shifted uncomfortably in his chair but finally he broke the silence when Armaan was seated next to Riddhima "Armaan dude we came to know about the truth….I mean you and Vivek…….no I mean you and Atul are brothers….I mean are you okay?" Armaan sensed his discomfort. He gave Cam a smile and spoke in a level voice "Cam its okay and I know what you mean that I and Vivek are brothers which doesn't change anything and also I and Atul are brothers which is a really good thing. I am glad to know that I have another sibling…"
Atul spoke up quickly "Another sibling? Do we have another brother here?" Armaan nodded and then he told him "Ya we have another sibling but not a brother it's a sister but she is not my real sister. Mom adopted her legally………she was mom's friends daughter but her friend died in a car crash so mom adopted her."
Atul was thoughtful for some time and then he spoke in a distant voice "Your mom was a great woman Armaan. You must be so proud to be her son….I wish I was her biological son. You know why its not hard for me to believe whatever the lady told you guys because I have seen my parents relationship………there was no love in it……….there were just demands……demands that my mom used to make and my dad used to accept without any protest and that was not because he loved her it was because he didn't want to disturb mine and Vivek's life….Vivek was closer to mom while I was closer to dad maybe that's why Vivek turned out like that. Mom and dad used to share a very cold but cordial relationship more like employees than husband and wife…..and of course if you take them as employees then my mom was the boss and dad was a junior." Atul laughed lightly…..the bitterness clearly evident in his voice. Riddhima covered Atul's hand with hers and squeezed it showing her support.
Cam cleared his throat to get everyone's attention and then he spoke in a serious tone "Guys I have hired an FBI officer for investigating and finding evidence against Vivek but he'll be keeping it low profile but the good news is that we have already got a number of evidences against him especially in his drug business but still there is nothing concrete. I and Atul are going out to meet the FBI officer and ya Muskaan…….she was Vivek's fiance but he broke their engagement……..she is ready to testify against Vivek and has got some evidence as well. Its getting easier day by day anyways I and Atul are going. You guys can go out and have some fun and forget about the case we'll take care of it." Cam had just finished when they all heard Riddhima speak in a very sarcastic way "FORGET…..oh no how can Armaan forget the case after all that's the only way he can talk about VIVEK who he is so much in love with….right Armaan." she didn't wait for his response and just left the dining room while Cam and Atul looked at Armaan questioningly who just shook his head and gave them a smile assuring them that it's a mere lover's quarrel.
"Riddhima wait!!" Armaan was chasing Riddhima all around the house but she was just not ready to hear anything.
"What do you want Armaan? I hate to say this but we don't have common feelings for Vivek and as much as you love the guy…..I hate the very mention of his name so I don't think I'll be much of a company to you. Why don't you go and meet Vivek himself and you guys can go on a romantic date since he is the only person who you remember in the most romantic moments of your life." She spoke very sweetly but the sarcasm and the anger was clearly visible in her voice. Armaan blocked her way and to her disgust he hugged her tightly ignoring all the protests that she was making to get out of his grip and then he spoke in her hair "I am really really really sorry sweetheart. I had no intentions of spoiling our special moment but at that moment I realized that there could have been so many more such moments had that Vivek not stolen you from me and I was cursing him but I guess I cursed him way too loudly and you heard it. I am really sorry babe. Please forgive me. Let's go out somewhere…..please." He broke the hug and saw a smile struggling to come up on Riddhima's lips but she quickly spoke " No I am not going out with you no matter what. So just get lost." She pinched Armaan's waist and Armaan yelled in pain "Ow Riddhimaaaaaaa. I know you are upset but that doesn't mean you'll get all wild like this……..I mean ya I like it when you are wild but the way you were last night in my arms but definitely not like this." Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him but tossing her hair in his face she moved out of the room. Armaan sighed but then his face brightened as an idea flashed into his mind.
Riddhima was standing into the mansions gallery looking at all the beautiful photographs of hers with Atul and Cam. The gallery was the most beautiful part of the huge mansion. It was designed beautifully and was large in size and in one darkened corner there were some instruments lying. She was smiling at one of the photographs where Cam and she were covered in mud at a beach like little kids….she was remembering that day when she heard a tune being played on a guitar………it was coming from that very darkened corner but there were no lights on there so she couldn't see who it was. The person was still playing the guitar and then he started singing and Riddhima knew instantly that it was Armaan……then she saw him emerge out of the darkness wearing a sexy black sleeveless shirt which was a perfect fit and was open till the middle showing his perfect muscles….and the blue jeans just made the look perfect with his hair gelled and spiked giving him a bad boy look……….Riddhima was impressed and Armaan knew that….he walked up to her singing……
Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, has haske sahenge hum - 2
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, has haske sahenge hum
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
Armaan had reached the spot where Riddhima was standing. He placed the guitar down and sang without any music but still sounded perfect. He stood in front of Riddhima who was trying her best to not smile and resist the urge of kissing his perfect face. She wanted to give him a hard time so she walked into the opposite direction but couldn't help smiling when she heard the lyrics….
(Jitna tadpaayegi mujhko, utna hi tadpegi tu bhi
Jo aaj hai aarzoo meri voh kal teri aarzoo hogi) - 2
Yeh jhooth nahin sach hai sanam, sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
Armaan walked up to Riddhima and then smiled at her suggestively but Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him and gave him a haughty look to which Armaan shrugged and continued singing looking straight into her eyes and making sure she didn't escape this time
Nafrat se dekhna pehle andaaz pyaar ka hai yeh
Kuch hai aankhon ka rishta, gussa ikraar ka hai yeh
Bada pyaara hai tera zulam, sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
He cupped Riddhima's face and then joining their foreheads he sang in a very deep, sensuous but honest voice
Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam, has haske sahenge hum - 2
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam
He placed a kiss on Riddhima's forehead and hugged her and to his delight she returned the hug and then smiling she warned him "Now you dare mention anyone else's name between us and I am going to strangle you." Armaan chuckled and picked her up in his arms and walked downstairs to the car parked outside. He was about to drive out but Riddhima protested "Armaan where are we going? I am not dressed properly. Let me go and change please." Armaan nodded his head and shaking a finger at her he warned her "Be quick or else I'll take Samantha with me." Riddhima was about to step out of the car but she stopped and asked Armaan "Whose Samantha?" Armaan spoke looking at the road ahead "You don't know her?….. she lives here only. I have heard Cam calling her. I think she is his assistant or something and since she is Cam's assistant she will definitely be hot as Cam has told me a number of times………" but before Armaan could continue Riddhima burst out laughing and then in between her hysterical laughter she told him "Samantha……oh god…… want to go out with her…….oh my god Armaan……you want to go out with the maid……..I didn't know you had a soft corner for the maids………..and that too a 56year old maid……..oh god…..I'll just call her. You can take her on this date and discuss cleaning and wiping with her…….hahahaha" Riddhima doubled with laughter while Armaan had a sheepish grin on his face and then he pushed Riddhima "Okay fine now stop laughing and go and change otherwise I'll take Samantha's daughter with me." Riddhima laughed harder but she managed to get out of the car but she suddenly stopped in her tracks and turning around she pointed to Armaan and laughing she spoke "Gosh I can't believe how silly you are Armaan." Armaan narrowed his eyes at her but before he could retort she walked inside and Armaan too burst out laughing at his own silliness. He smacked the back of his head and waited for Riddhima to come back.
After 15minutes Riddhima walked out of the mansion her heel making clip-clop sound which told Armaan that she was here and so he turned his head towards the door and was stumped, totally blown away by her beauty. She was wearing a pink short draped-sleeve mini dress. It was a high waist dress with one sleeve draped leaving the other shoulder bare. The dress clinged to her body like second skin and her perfect curves were well emphasized. Armaan gulped looking at her and he instantly knew that he will have a hard time keeping his mind anywhere else other then her. She came and sat next to her and then she spoke "Armaan you don't have the license and are you sure you can manage the roads…..they are different." Armaan nodded and then he turned back to the road ahead and started the car knowing fully well that the evening will be eventful.


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