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part 31 :The Painful Side Of Love

Armaan took Riddhima to a mall where they shopped for a while or to be precise where Riddhima shopped while Armaan was having a hard time keeping a check on his desires and anger…………desire that erupted in him every time he looked at Riddhima's gorgeous face and anger when he realized that he was not the only one checking her out in fact half the men in the mall were drooling over her………

Riddhima had already noticed the change in Armaan and she knew that he wasn't very comfortable with the way she was dressed……….initially he had appreciated it but now noticing the kind of looks she was attracting she was sure Armaan was going to burn the dress the moment she would take it off………..she liked this protective and possessive Armaan but suddenly Armaan excused himself and went into another direction leaving Riddhima sitting on a table in a secluded corner in a restaurant that was a part of the mall…….it was a five-star hotel and the ambience was beautiful and romantic and she was loving the place………..she waited for Armaan to come back and now she was getting anxious as he had been gone for nearly 20 minutes………….she was about to get up and look for Armaan when she suddenly heard a guitar being strummed and Riddhima smacked her head thinking god this man is seriously in a musical mood today……..he is now going to sing another song. What's with all these songs?
Riddhima knew it was Armaan and she was indeed right…….he was standing in the middle of the hotel and was strumming the guitar while some more musicians were playing their instruments along with him and then he started to sing………
She keeps the secrets in her eyes
She wraps the truth inside her lies
Just when I can't take what she's done to me
She comes to me and leads me back to paradise
She's so hard to hold but I can't let go
Armaan walked to where Riddhima was standing and sang standing right in front of her.

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
He placed the guitar down and took Riddhima's hand and spun her around……..

She'll dance away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
And brought her into his arms he looked deep into her eyes

But I'm helpless when she smiles
Oh, when she smiles, she smiles
Maybe I'd fight it if I could, maybe I'd fight it if I could
It hurts so bad but feels so good
He cupped Riddhima's face and joining their forehead he sung

She opens up just like a rose to me
When she's close to me, anything she asked me to, I would
It's out of control but I can't let go
He took a few steps backwards and thrusting his hands into his pockets he looked up and continued singing with a renewed passion pouring in his voice

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
He looked at Riddhima and smiled

She'll dance away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles
Oh, when she smiles
She smiles, when she smiles, when she smiles
Oh, when she smiles, when she smiles
He stopped and there was pin-drop silence for sometime………suddenly Armaan spoke "Riddhima there are times when I look towards the sky and ask god 'what have I done to deserve somebody as amazing as you' I feel so complete when you are with me…….you are a drug in my blood Riddhima and I can't even imagine what my life will be without you……..whenever you smile it looks like the sun had come out bright and sunny and whenever you cry your every tear breaks my heart into a million pieces and kills me every moment. I want your beautiful eyes to never have any tear in them and I want those lips to always have a beautiful smile and I want to be the cause of every such smile………want to be with you every moment." He paused and got on his knees… "Riddhima You are the very essence of my existence and now I don't want a single moment without you and so I ask you Will you please marry me?" Armaan held out a solitaire in his hand looking at Riddhima…….
Riddhima's throat went dry and her hand suddenly felt cold……….her whole body froze but a moment later Armaan's words registered in her mind and …….heart and she looked at Armaan……her eyes got moist she croaked with emotions "I will" Armaan took Riddhima's hand and placed the ring into her ring finger. The hall broke out in applause. Armaan stood up and to his surprise Riddhima took his face in her hands and joined their lips and gave him a hard passionate kiss………when they broke their lip lock Armaan spoke slowly "Riddhima I love you." to which Riddhima replied "I know…….." Armaan raised his eyebrow making Riddhima chuckle and then she spoke "I love you too." Then they heard the crowd break out in fresh applause……the sound thundered the whole hall. People walked up to them and congratulated them……the men patted Armaan's back while the women congratulated Riddhima on having such a loving guy in her life and to Armaan's immense pleasure Riddhima actually blushed.
When they were left alone, they walked up to their table and Riddhima sat down but Armaan suddenly froze………his face went white and the next moment he collapsed on the floor. Riddhima immediately got up and she saw Armaan lying in a pool of blood and then she heard some commotion in the other corner of the room where she saw a security guard running after a man. People had gathered around Armaan………Riddhima couldn't digest what had happened but when she saw the blood she quickly bent down and shouted "Somebody call an ambulance please…." Her voice choked when she realized that he was hit by a bullet.
A women spoke "I think the bullet has hit his heart………I don't think he is going to survive." When Riddhima heard that she shouted "Shut up…………just shut up. Nothing's going to happen to Armaan…….I won't let anything happen to him." Suddenly her doctor's instincts kicked in and she took out a scarf from her hand bag and she opened Armaan's jacket and wrapped the scarf around the place he was hit……….she tried stopping the blood and then she felt relief when she saw some ward boys rushing in with a stretcher. They took Armaan while Riddhima followed them.
They reached the hospital and the whole day's events flashed like a movie in front of her eyes and finally she broke out into incessant sobs……this day was supposed to be the best day of their life but some monster turned it into a disaster………..then realization struck her that the monster was no one else but Vivek……..her painful tears turned into angry ones…..
Armaan was taken into the hospital and to operation theatre but the doctor came out after a moment and spoke to Riddhima "Ma'am I have stopped the blood and have also put him on care but we can't operate on him. it's a police case." Riddhima was furious beyond limit……..her eyes were spitting fire when she heard that but she did not waste her time she took out her cell and called Camerone "Cam Armaan has been hit by a bullet. Call the damn Ronald Regan hospital right now and tell them to start his operation because they have refused to do it since it's a police case. I don't know how you are going to manage that but if anything happens to him I swear to god I am going to burn the f****** hospital with me inside it." She switched off her cell and saw a terrified doctor standing behind her. She just walked inside the operation theatre and held Armaan's hand and spoke "I am warning you Armaan you better fight it and come out fine otherwise I am never ever going to talk to you no matter how many songs you sing this time." She had hardly finished when the same doctor rushed in and told her "Ma'am we are going to start the operation….please leave." Riddhima left the operation theatre and she sat down on a bench outside……there were no tears in her eyes…….there was just a tired smile on her lips which showed confidence that her love will come out of the danger unscathed……….she was sure that her love is strong enough to beat death itself. She leaned back and closed her eyes.
After some time she felt a hand on her shoulder…….opening her eyes she saw Cam standing there with Atul by his side and a tall man behind them. Before she could say anything to them she saw cops running towards her……Cam stopped them and spoke firmly "I am sorry officer but I don't think she is in a condition to be of any help to you." Riddhima stood up and spoke angrily "What makes you think that I am not in a condition to help them? Officer I want you to arrest the culprit as soon as possible because if you don't then I will but I don't think it would be a good idea because if I lay my eyes on him he won't be alive to be presented in front of the law………and I would hate to take the law in my hands." the officer was shocked but then he nodded his head and walked a little further and spoke "We have already arrested the man who had fired that bullet but he was paid to do this……we have to find the master mind behind this. Do you doubt anyone?"
"Vivek Khanna." spoke two voices…… of them belonged to Riddhima while the other one was of the tall man who had been standing behind Cam……
The officer's attention shifted to that man and he suddenly looked a little taller and he spoke in a voice full of awe and admiration "Sir……you here. I mean are you working on this case?" FBI officer Ben Roy moved forward and shook the inspector's hand. He handed over some documents to him and told him "Officer these are the evidences against Vivek Khanna and now this shooting is another one of them. Arrest him right now. Don't let him escape." The officer shook his head dutifully and left the hospital in a great hurry along with his team.
Riddhima looked at that man questioningly. He extended his hand towards her "Hi I am FBI officer Ben Roy. I am working on your case and the good news is we have got all the required evidences against Vivek. He is going to be imprisoned for life." Riddhima smiled at the man and shook his hand.
Then turning towards Cam she hugged him tightly and allowed the tears to come out of her eyes on to Cam's chest. Cam soothed her gently……..she came out of the hug and spoke "Cam what evidences have you guys got?"
"Riddhima we have arrested all the men involved in the drug racket and they have given us enough evidences to nail Vivek in this regard. A number of fake passports have been found from Vivek's safe which he had in his office and those passports were used to get innocent women from India. Vivek always did the paperwork for these people involved in it. We, a day back, followed him from his office and saw him meeting two men in a corridor and recorded everything they talked about. It was about a murder that had been done by those men in order to hide their prostitute and drug business. The man who shoot Armaan is actually the same and this is evidence enough to claim that Vivek had paid the man to kill Armaan and as for motive…….it's the will made by his father. None of us had any idea about it but there are some properties that Mr.Vijay khanna had left in Armaan's name to make up for the time he lost with him. Vivek's lawyer was constantly telling him to call Armaan here or else he will have to do that but Vivek made sure that nothing of the sort happened because he knew that the lawyer had no idea where Armaan was………the papers that held Armaan's whereabouts was burnt by Vivek a long time back but now that Armaan was in USA, Vivek was afraid that all his plotting will fail so he tried to get him killed but the tables have turned completely and now its Vivek who is going to loose on his life. And thank god that we didn't have to re-open your case otherwise there would have been a lot mud slinging on your character though I and Armaan both wanted to prove your innocence regarding the charges of adultery raised against you but I guess it would backfire" Cam sighed looking at Riddhima who was reeling from shock. She couldn't believe that so much had happened and she had no idea about a single thing out of all that. But then she remembered Armaan's condition and she was ecstatic that Vivek was going to be punished though according to her no punishment could ever match the pain that man had inflicted on her and Armaan. She turned towards the operation theatre and fear gripped her heart………she tried her best to keep up her confidence in her love but she couldn't avoid the sinking feeling in her heart. Cam placed his arm around her shoulder and spoke "Riddhima don't worry. Armaan will be fine…….I mean seriously that guy survived MY punches……..the bullet is nothing in front of it." he added to lighten the situation but it fell on deaf ears. Riddhima couldn't help but feel nervous. She wanted to open the OT and run inside and take Armaan in her arms and cry her heart out with him but she knew she'll have to wait for a long time for that and every passing moment was taking a toll on her.
They all sat down on the benches in the corridor. The FBI officer had not left yet and he kept glancing at Riddhima time after time but Riddhima was oblivious to everyone around her and all that she could see was Armaan's smiling face………him strumming the guitar and singing for her. She wanted the same Armaan back……
"Armaan please come back to me sweetheart. You can't leave me like this. Please be fine and safe. We have to get married remember and spend the whole life with each other……..don't you want that Armaan?"
And as if an answer to Riddhima's question……suddenly the door to the operation theatre opened and the doctor stepped out.


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