Thursday, 12 October 2017

part 5 : The second

            "No way!" Ridhima yelled at Armaan outside his bedroom door. They had been screaming at each other for five minutes on their wedding day.
            "There's no way I'm going to be living in the same room with you!" Ridhima screamed at Armaan, she was being stubborn about it. She just could not live in the same room with Armaan without being fearful that he would either kill her or she would kill him.

            It was a good thing Falak had her new Itouch with her to plug off Armaan and Ridhima screaming at each other. All the maids and butlers were doing their regular house work but were shocked to hear two couples just married a few hours ago arguing like children. Actually worse than children.
            "We are married! And this is what married people do! They sleep in the same room on the same bed!" Armaan said fuming in anger, why couldn't she just quit being so stubborn and get in his room and sleep in his bed.
            "Well married people actually love each other too!" Ridhima said about to strike a punch at Armaan but held it back.
            "People get arranged marriages also, and you never see them sleeping in separate rooms" Armaan said with an equal argument. "Now get in the room!" Armaan screamed at Ridhima
            "NO!" She screamed back making a run for it. She did not even get half way down the stairs before Armaan grabbed Ridhima around the waist and over his shoulders.
            "Put me down!" Ridhima screamed like a maniac. She screamed loud enough to where even Falak came rushing out of her room to see what was going on. "Armaan, what are you doing?" Falak questioned as she saw Armaan holding Ridhima's legs and her whole body thrown over his shoulder.
            "Nothing dear, just a little role playing" He said with a grin. "Ew" Was all Falak said and headed back for her room as Ridhima screamed "Falak! Help! I'm gonna kill you both!" She said in fuming anger. Ridhima felt like she was in a young rich world. She wasn't scared, she was just angry. It was like a playful world. Armaan just laughed his way to his room in victory and Ridhima tried her best to kick her way off of the man.
            Armaan got Ridhima in his room locking the door behind him. He threw Ridhima on the bed, but just as fast she tried getting off the bed. "Stop being a pest!" Armaan said coming on top of her on his bed, holding her down with his whole body. Both his hands held on to Ridhima's wrist to the bed, while her legs kicked around everywhere. She was wear that little red dress of hers that she had bought with her mother in New York.
            "Let me go!" Ridhima said screaming and kicking. She wanted to get out of the room badly. "I'm not telling you to have sex with me, just sleep in the bloody same bed!" Armaan said in his rising booming voice.
            "No!" Ridhima screamed. She managed to get out of Armaan's grip. She crawled out of bed to the floor but Armaan was faster. He grabbed her leg which was on the floor while leaning on the side of the bed. He pulled her leg up towards the bed dragging all of Ridhima back towards the edge of the bed on the floor.
            When Armaan had dragged Ridhima towards him her dress rid up to the top of her thigh. He looked at her legs and said "You still got those sexy legs." At hearing that comment. Ridhima took one of her free feet and hit Armaan by the side of his face getting him to let go of her other leg. She quickly tried to get out off the floor and up to the door to run but again Armaan was faster and ran in front of her at the door.
            "You are not leaving" Armaan said with his arms spread across the door. He was nearly out of breath from the tussle with Ridhima but he was not going to call it quits this early. "Come and stop me baby" Ridhima said swinging her fist across towards his face, but Armaan was too fast and ducked before she could hit him. He jammed his head to Ridhima's stomach and pushed her all the way back on to the bed.
            "Stay in bed or I'll freakin tie you to the bed!" Armaan said yelling as Ridhima continued to kick and scream to get him to let go of her.
            Armaan was sure all this butlers and maids along with Falak could hear them screaming at each other all the way down stairs. He was sure all this workers in his home were probably surprised also at the way he was probably treating Ridhima. He always treated girls with dignity but when it came to his own wife he just did not know what to do. Talk about contradictory.
            "Fine Go Ahead And Try!" Ridhima screamed. If she was going to be sleeping in the bloody same bed as Armaan Malik then she would have to be tied down with chains to get her to sleep on his bed.
            Armaan held Ridhima down holding both her hands with his one hand as he untied his tie and tied one of her hands to the edge of the bed and then took off his shirt to tie up her other had with it. Ridhima quite screaming when he had his shirt off and all he could do was grin. He's shirtless body rubbed against her as he tied her other hand with his shirt. He was still on top of her to top Ridhima from kicking him but her feet were no longer moving to kick him.
            Armaan brought his face down to Ridhima's face with the devilish grin. "I forgot, we do have something in common…" Armaan said as he took one of his hand and rid up her dress a little and grabbed Ridhima's upper most thigh. She came out if his trans real quickly and kicked him hard in the sins with her free legs.
            "Oh god" Armaan said as he fell off the edge of the bed to the floor. He held his knees trying to get himself back in control. He then took of his pants and tied both of Ridhima's legs up to the front edge of the bed.
            Armaan then walked over in his boxers to his closet and found another tie. He picked one that he didn't really like all that much and walked over to Ridhima, tying up Ridhima's mouth to stop her screaming.
            After Ridhima was all tied up he walked over to the left side of the bed and laid down besides her, bear and only in his boxers, looking up at the ceiling as Ridhima was. "I think we got along quite well tonight, this marriage is going to work out just fine" Armaan said peacefully in a victorious tone while Ridhima fumed in anger letting out muffled screams trying to get out of Armaan's clothes that had her tied up.
            Ridhima did not get a wink of sleep last night. She listened to Armaan sleep beside her peacefully while she just fumed in anger. As soon as he untied her, she was going t beat him up! No she was going to kill him!
            Armaan's alarm when off at four in the morning. He groaned as he got of bed. He had completely for gotten that he was even married and just got out of bed with out looking beside him and headed straight for the bathroom door. When Armaan ignored her and went in the bathroom, Ridhima got even more angry.
            In the bathroom liked every day Armaan had a flat screen TV in there and he turned on CNN. It was werid how he did not have a TV in his room but he did in his bathroom. It was probably because he found TV as too much of a distraction in life. He listened to the news as he brushed he's teeth.
            People always think that the mega wealth have the easy life. Could do whatever they want and nothing bad would come upon them. In a way it was true but even the mega wealth had to work. Each day seven days a week, even sunday Armaan would work from four in the morning to ten thirty at night. Vacation would be out of the question. It was just work, work, and more work. Hundreds of life's depended on Armaan to give them a paycheck to take care of their family. If Armaan even skipped a day of work then not only would it delay others who work for him, but also leave him in a big mess to pick up later.
            Armaan remembered when he had visited Ridhima for just two days, by the time he had come back to Germany; everything was in a hell hole. Armaan then stopped brushing his teeth. Ridhima!
            He quickly rinsed his mouth off and ran back to his room to see Ridhima fuming in anger. Maybe he should just leave her there. He thought, but then he did the right thing and untied her. He first untied her mouth, but as soon as her screams come out, he just tied her mouth up again. Than went down to her legs and untied her from there. He then untied Ridhima's mouth as she yelled at him "Armaan Mailk, you are such a…" Blah, blah, blah. On and on she went. He untied bother her hands and as soon as he did, bam he got slapped across the face hard. Ridhima then pushed him off the bed and walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.
            Armaan just rolled his eyes at the woman and grabbed his clothes from the closest to get read, and take a shower in a different room.


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