Wednesday, 18 October 2017

part 7 : The Second

            Armaan returned home at midnight. Never in his life had he been so tired. At the moment he did not care if Ridhima would he in his room sleeping or not, he just wanted to get some sleep. He had only four hours till he had to wake up again for work.
            As he walked up the stairs he took his suite off along with his tie. He opened his bedroom door to see Ridhima already asleep. She was sleeping at the very edge of the bed and dressed. She must have dozed off without realizing it.

            Armaan walked to the closest and put up his tie and suite jacket. He was too lazy to get undressed and fell on the bed fully dressed. He just looked up at the wall thinking. He felt so old. He was twenty one and yet he worked nonstop. He felt like he was forty. How had Anvil done it? He had been able to keep the company running without going to work for weeks, and here Armaan couldn't stand away for a few days without everything going out of place. He wasn't fit to run a company, that to a weapons company. His one wrong decision could start a war between countries.
            He turned to his side to see Ridhima's back. Just looking at her brought guilt inside of her. Every time he looked at her it would feel like he betrayed him best friend. Armaan had no business to have done what he had done three years ago and every moment of his life he always felt like he owed something to Anvil.
            He not only ruined Anvil's trust in him by sleeping with his girlfriend. He ruined Ridhima's life along with his own. There was no way he was going to be happy with her. They could never speak a sentence without getting in a tussle. What if in the future Ridhima wanted kids and a family? It wasn't like he would have a problem getting Ridhima pregnant but it was more on the idea of what the children would grow up to see? Would his children have to watch their parents fighting all the time, hitting each other in hate? He did not what that in the future, and he was sure Ridhima did not want the same.
            How could they work out, how could everything be okay? He dozed off in his sleep tired. Whatever was to come of them, it was just going to have to be left in the hands of a stronger power.
            Ridhima woke up in the middle of the night, for some reason, something felt wrong. She turned to her side to see Armaan fast sleep. His face was facing her with his arm stretched out towards her but not quite reaching her. She saw that his coat and tie were gone but the idiot had fallen asleep with his shoes on. He must have been really tired to not even bother to take them off.
            She got out of bed and walked over to his side of the bed. Very slowly she took Armaan's shoes and socks off so not to wake him. Why was it that when he was asleep she was able to be nice to him. It was probably because his mouth was not running on and on.
            He looked different, she noticed. His face had grown older. Although back when he was in high school he had been quite the handsome guy, his face was a little boyish, but not it looked different. He had a tougher looking jaw. His face looked stronger then it did three years ago.
            He had lost some weight for sure. It was probably from constant work, little sleep, and little food. Even in his sleep he looked like he could use a break. He needed one.
            Ridhima looked over at the clock on the side table of where Armaan slept. She saw just a few minuets till his alarm went off. She quickly got back to her side of the bed and pretended to be sleeping.
            The alarm went off, Armaan felt like he had hit the pillow for two seconds and now being forced to wake up again. He looked over to his side to see Ridhima fast asleep. He then looked down at his feet, his shoes were gone? He looked over at the door to see if someone might have come in the room but it was locked.
            It had to be Ridhima. He gave a little smile and walked out of bed. After he came out of the bathroom with a well taken shower and fully dressed, he felt wide away. He noticed she was still asleep. How she could have slept through that noisy alarm clock, he did not know. Unless she was pretending to sleep…
            Regularly he would bother her if it was any day but she had been nice to him, maybe he could do the same back. He took out a piece of paper from the side of the drawer and wrote out thanks Armaan had never been all that great a being nice to Ridhima and having to say anything of complementing would just be too hard to say in person.
            As soon as Ridhima heard Armaan out the bedroom door she lifted her head up to see what Armaan and left on the pillow beside her. The paper was a regular white piece of paper with simple thanks written on it. It wasn't that great of a compliment but it made Ridhima smile. She brought the paper close to her heart, and fell back asleep holding on to it.
            Ridhima was bored, more than bored. There was nothing to do. She had been married to Armaan for three days and nothing great or right was going on. Falak was going to school in Germany, while Ridhima was stuck at home with nothing to do. Maybe she could apply to some collages in Germany, just she could have something to do. She did not expect Armaan to be back till late at night like yesterday but was surprised to see him back at twelve thirty in the afternoon.
            She had been in the living room watching TV for the past few hours, the only problem was that most of the channels were German and the only channels she could find that she could understand was Disney Channel.
            Armaan just walked into to the living room and sat down. He did not ask her to change the channel, he just sat there watching whatever the hell she was watching.
            He was tired of work and now he had to present his wife that at Mr. White's daughter's engagement party. Truth was, he really did not want to go. The party was not till eight in the evening but all Armaan wanted to do was sleep.
            "Ridhima, we have to go to an engagement party, so can you please be ready my seven thirty, I'm just going to get some sleep." Armaan said it so tiredly that she did not even bother saying anything back. In fact Ridhima was kind of excited to be getting out of the house.
            Like every day Armaan wore a suite to the engagement party also. Ridhima wore a lovely nice blue dress and Falak wore a glamorous skippy little black dress.
            Right when walking into the engagement party Armaan looked like he was right in place. He held Ridhima around the waist leading her with him. She did not like that he held her so possessively.
            Falak had gone off to talk to her own friends, while Ridhima was stuck beside Armaan's side. No one knew Armaan was married yet, no one could have known. The marriage had been so quite that Ridhima was pretty sure that even her first cousins did not know that she was married.
            Armaan and Ridhima first walked over to Mr. White and his daughter Jane. "Hello Mr. White, and congratulations on the engagement Miss. Jane. May I introduce you to Ridhima." Ridhima shook hands with Mr. White and his daughter.
            Jane looked so beautiful, her had blond hard that was pinned up wearing a nice long white gown. She had blue eyes like most Germens. Before Armaan could tell Mr. White that Ridhima was his wife, Mr.  White spoke up.
            "So Armaan, where's Lizzy?" Mr. White had a heavy Germeny accent in his voice. For some reason it made him sound more powerful.
            "Lizzy?" Ridhima inquired, no one had told her about Lizzy.
            "Elizabeth, you know Armaan's girlfriend" Jane said to Ridhima. As soon as Ridhima heard Jane's words her mouth dropped open.
            "Girlfriend" Ridhima said with both eye brows raised, she crossed her arms stepping away from Armaan's hold around her waist.  He gave a nervous grin. Mr. White and Jane got a feeling Armaan had just gotten caught two timing or something, but instead they got Ridhima speaking "You didn't break up with your so called girlfriend yet?" She asked. Armaan just became more nervosa. "I didn't get the chance…" As soon as he said that, Ridhima did not care if she was at a party with a hundred of Armaan's buddies. She punched him right at the nose, having him fall back on his back to the floor. She then kicked him with her high heels on to the side of his stomach. "Oh god!" he said as held on to his nose as it started to bleed.
            "If you even dare come home tonight I will kill you!" Ridhima yelled down at him and kicked him one more time before storming out of the engagement party in angry. Everyone else just stared in shock. Armaan was the most loyal guy they knew, and him two timing or cheating on a girl was just not like him. As every one whispered in gossip, Falak just thought to herself 'well at least it wasn't as bad as the wedding night.'


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