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part 7 : Truly Madly Deeply

part 1 - 6

RECAP -----
            He left .He paged Atul and Heena that he was leaving.Usualy they went out together.But today he was not in a mood.So he went home.
            At home he was sitting on the couch and thought about Ridhima and how she always blame him for everything....he knew he did some stupid things in our relationship but in these had i never earned the trust from her ...maybe my love was weak that is always the reason when our partner doesn't trust...well he still loves her and he knew.....nothing in the world would make him stop loving her he went to sleep ....and on the other side Heena and Atul was planning things to get him out of this depression which is getting on him

In at Sid's house
Sid was trying to get close to ridhima but Ridhima wanted to know the reason of Armaan blast and Sid decided to not tell her so he just said
Sid – even i don't know what happened to him ...why was he so angry  ...".he lied "
And ridhima – i knew it Armaan kabhi nahi sudar sakta she thought

Next Day at sanjeevani
Nurse station
All interns reach there and Dr Kirti with DR Heena and Dr Atul standing their looking angry ....even Ridhima reaches their but Armaan has already started his duty because he didn't want anybody to think that he is taking is anger out on the this matter so he let Dr Kirti handle it
Now Before anyone could wish good morning.. Dr Kirti blasted on Sid right away when everyone reaches
Dr Kirtti – (in angry and dangerous voice) how irresponsible could you get the patient could've lost his life because of you Dr Sid
Before Dr Kirtti could say another word Ridhima butt it
Maam yeh app said Ridhima
But boy she rubbed on the wrong nerve of Kirtti........ Dr Kirtti turned around toward Ridhima and looked murderously at her
Dr Kirtti (more angry for getting interpret)- have i asked your opinion Dr Ridhima
Ridhima again try to say but Dr Kirtti was quick enough
Dr Kirtti – Don't interpret me Dr Ridhima (dangerously) all intern was shocked seeing Dr Kirtti's outburst and Ridhima and Heena was also looked scared but Atul had grilled in the morning from Armaan and also Ridhima part too and he was for the first time didn't take Ridhima side because he knew she was wrong and he was also felt little disgusted this time at what extent had she gone to humiliate Armaan
Now Dr Kirtti turned toward Sid
Dr Kirtti – well I had to report the incident to the medical board straight dr Sid and yes you are not to join duty for now until i inform you that what decision we have taken ...i even got the report from Sister Stella told me that you were lost ...and when i tell you to assist the doctor and you don't ever walk out without their permission ....and also Dr Armaan told me that that if he hadn't reached their the patient might have died ...i am very disappointed that my interns could do that.... never in history my interns tried to harm the patients ...they were childish ...even more than you but when it came to work they were dedicated ...and for now you can leave and you will get page from us ..
Sid was so humiliated but rather than thinking that what had he done he was angry that Armaan was the reason he was getting humiliated in front of his friends and Ridhima he left quickly and Interns were shocked first because of Kirtti but then they did felt disgusted some where ...and ridhima when she heard that Armaan told her she was disgusted to know Armaan were playing sick games with them............
Maam ..Maybe Armaan could've lied said ridhima..Well interns and Heena didn't react that much but Kirtti and Atul was so shocked
Riddhima ...said Kirtti looking horrified at Ridhima
Dr RIDDHIMA – yelled Atul ....mind your tongue
All looked at Atul ...but Atul ignored them..
I am disgusted Dr Riddhima that we were friends.....saying that Atul left leaving all in shock and Kirtti also left ad Heena who was confused also followed Atul and interns left to their duties and Riddhima kept looking at Atul's back ...
Had she done the right think.....but why my heart is saying.....or rather yelling that what had i done..she slowly moved toward her cabin ..
Here Armaan was restless he now know for sure that Ridhima does hate him .....well he thought it always happen .....to him ..that he never get the share of his love now ......he whipped the tear which escaped ..looking at where  he came now ....all the way ....and he hated it but couldn't do anything  his pager rang ...and he left to Dr kirtti's room ..but before he could enter he heard Dr Shashank's voice he moved closer to the door but didn't enter he was shocked to hear what Dr shashank was saying
Dr S- look Dr Kirtti maybe like Ridhima said Armaan could try to frame Sid so as we see after losing love anybody can do anything and i think Sid hasn't done anything....

Armaan was felt somebody slapped him .....how could they think about him like that ....he didn't knew when his eyes started getting blury and he ran to the fire escape and sat their crying his heart out he felt just with the fact he couldn't get his love to him ....all think of him as a loser ...but he knew he accepected the fact that ridhima choose to be with Sid ...but why ....

here in Kirtti's cabin

Sorry Dr Shashank i have proof against him and the patients said the same thing which Dr Armaan said and I don't think Dr Armaan could do that i know him and i choose to belive him before any intern saying that Dr Kirtti left and she was so shocked ...she didn't know that how could they think like that First ridhima and DR s ...she thought to find Atul and talk to him ....Kirtti paged Atul and they met at the terrace and when Kirtti told him ...he sank on his knees and started crying

Atul - yeh sab kya ho raha Dr kirtti woh yeh sab sooch bi kasie sakte hai ...but suddenlly Atul got up maam woh yeh baath Armaan ko toh pata nahi hai Dr shashank wali baath

Dr Kirtti shaked her head ......and Atul told her what had Ridhima said to him in the cabin yesterday when he was talking to Sid ..and Kirtti was shocked ...and decided to take stict Action against that ...and she knew what to do ...but unknown to the fact DR heena had listened to them and she still couldn't figure it out why all were blaming him ...and one think she got straight that Atul was right that Armaan had changed alot ...he is not like what he shows ......
and went toward the last year intern's record and wrote some numbers down and called which she thought could help ..
Heena - hello


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