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Part 8: Mere Paas Raho

Riddhima was standing there shocked. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Siddhant, her cousing, her soon to be husband was standing right in front of her. She literally lost her voice. On the other hand, Siddhant was very happy to see Riddhima and he was glad that she was totally fine. As soon as Riddhima opened the door, he looked at her angelic face and got lost in her. Her voice brought him back on earth.

R: Siddhant…
S: Riddhima, Khuda ka shukar hai ke tum theek ho, mujhe to laga ke mene tumko paane se pehle hi kho diya.

Before Riddhima could utter anything, Siddhant came forward and took Riddhima in a rib crushing hug. Not to be rude, Riddhima hugged him back. Riddhima did not feel scared, but also not safe, like in Armaan’s arms. The thought of Armaan loosened her grip on Sid and she came out of his hug.

R: Sid me bilkul theek hu. Tumhe fikar karne ki zaroorat nahi hai.
S: Fikar kaise nahi hogi, aakhir meri hone wali biwi ho tum.

Riddhima looked up to him and felt extremely guilty. He is right, she will be his wife soon, but still she spent the night with Armaan in his room, in his bed. Before riddhima could say anything, she looked up and saw Armaan standing there. She could say that he was angry, very angry actually. But she couldn’t point out why he was suddenly angry.

Armaan saw Sid and Riddhima standing too close to each other, and he even saw how they both hugged, and worse, riddhima hugged him back. That was like someone has stabbed him in his heart, and that was non other Riddhima herself. He didn’t like the feeling, that she is being touched by someone else than him. He knows, that he is using her just for his plan, but still no one has the right to come closer to her, than himself. As he saw Riddhima looking in his direction he got more pissed off and went back into the room. After changing he came back and saw Sid and Riddhima sitting on the couch and chatting with each other. He got furious and decided to behave just as a bodyguard, and showing no emotions at all. he stood next to Riddhima and looked straight forward. Showing no emotions. Sid saw him coming, and looked toward Riddhima with questioning eyes.

A: Good morning mam, sir.
R: Armaan tum...
A: Jee madam.

Riddhima was shocked by his behaviour, she knows that he is her boyfriend, but she thought that they were on another level since yesterday. She does not see him as her bodyguard at all. He is much more to him. And even he knows that.

S: Riddhima yeh koun hai?
R: Sid yeh hai Armaan, mera do…
A: bodyguard, Sir me inka bodyguard hu.

Armaan knew that riddhima wanted to say that he is her boyfriend, but right know he was really pissed off, and he didn’t want Riddhima to call him her friend. They are definitely more than just friends. And if she is afraid to tell it to Sid, that he will be just her bodyguard.

S: Bodyguard?
A: Yes Sir, Riddhima ke, I mean riddhima mam ke bhai ne mujhe inki duty pe lagaya hai. Ab me har waqt in ke saath rahunga.
R: Armaan please.
A: me sirf apna kaam kar raha hu MAM.

Riddhima was looking at Armaan with hurt. Unknow to them, Sid could easily feel the tension between the two. But he tried to ignore it. As their engagement was coming up, Sid decided to go shopping with Riddhima. He wanted to divide her mind.

S: Riddhima kyunke hamari engagement ka din bohot kareeb aa raha hai, to kyu na hum shopping ke liye chale. Tum apni pasand ka dress bhi le sakti ho.
R: abhi?
S: haa kyu nahi?

Riddhima looked over to Armaan, but he just ignored her. Riddhima got furious too so she decided to ignore Armaan too. She smiled very sweetly to Sid.

R: Agar tum kehte ho, to kyu nahi. Tum bas kuch der ruko, me abhi aayi.
S: Sure.

Riddhima stood up, and she touched on purpose Armaan as she was passing him. Armaan got really pissed. He needed a plan, and that to very soon.

A: Sir, kyunke me Riddhima mam ka bodyguard hu, to mujhe bhi aaplogo ke saath chalna padega.
S: sure, so problem.

Armaan left from there. As soon as he was out of Sid’s sight, he moved to Riddhimas room. He went in and closed the door. He saw Riddhima standing by her closet. Hearing the door closed, Riddhima turned around and saw Armaan standing there. His eyes literally burning with fire and anger. Suddenly she got very nervous.

R: a..a.aarmaan. tt….ttum ya.aaha

Armaan didn’t say anything. he just moved to her, and pinned her to the closed. He put his hands on the cupboard, so that Riddhima had no way to escape.

A: Me sirf tumhare friend se bohot zyaada hu!
R: k..kya
A: tum kehna chah rahi thi na, ke me sirf tumahra dost hu. to let me tell you one thing miss Riddhima Gutpa. I am not your friend. why just tell, let me prove it.

without warning Armaan pushed her back to the closed. His hand held her neck, pulling her close to him, before crashing his lips against hers. His body pinned her against the closet. Riddhimas eyes widened with surprise. She felt her nervousness subside with each passing second. His need, his hunger, his rage, was all that she could feel as their lips battled. All this passion and desperation. The need for another’s touch, to feel their warmth, to be connected with each other and to be finally heard, seen and understood by the person, who shares the same pain. She felt his lips grazed her lower lip before she lost herself into the trance of being with him. It was always the case with Armaan. She always found herself mesmerised and in a daze whenever he kissed her or came close to her. Just as she thought that she was out of breath, Armaan stopped and for a second she thought that she couldn’t live apart from his lips. Her eyes fluttered open at the loss of his lips. Armaan looked deep into her eyes.

A: Engagement ki shopping ke liye jaa rahi ho na tum. Jao, theek hai. lekin me bhi saath chalunga. Aur tum wohi dress logi, jo me tumhare liye choose karunga.

Riddhima just smiled at him with awe. Armaan got lost in her eyes, then he kissed her forehead and turned to leave. But before he left, he made himself totally clear to Riddhima.

A: Aur ek baat, agar wo Sid tumhare zara se bhi kareeb aaya na, to aaj uska akhri din hoga is duniya me. kyunke tum sirf meri ho, aur sirf mera haq hai tumahre kareeb aane ka.

With that armaan left the room, and riddhima stood there still shocked. Then a smile appeard on her lips and she muttered to herself.

R: pagal

Then riddhima changed. After some time, the three of them left to the shopping mall. riddhima was looking in different stores. Sid liked a lot of clothes, but riddhima rejected every single one. Seen this a smile appeared on Armaan’s lips. Then suddenly Armaan saw a very beautiful dress, and he could easily imagine Riddhima in that dress. He got there and stood in front of it. Riddhima noticed it and went to the same place. As she was near Armaan, she heard him say.

A: Me tumhe is dress me dekhna chahta hu. Agar tum yeh dress pehnogi, to isme char chand lag jayenge.

Then armaan left from there and riddhima admired the dress. She liked it very much, afterall it was Armaan’s choice. Then Sid came to riddhima, and riddhima informed him, that she wanted this dress. Sid looked at her and then at the dress. After some time he agreed. Riddhima was very happy, so that she does not noticed Sid’s knowing look. Sid was thinking:

S: riddhima ne Armaan ki pasand ka dress liya. Kahi in dono ke beech me kuch. Nahi, I don’t think so. Agar kuch hota, to riddhima mujhe zaroor bata deti.

Then they all left from there. At night in Armaan’s room. Armaan was sitting on his bed and thinking about the day. His plan is working very good. Everything is going perfect. Atul informed him, that Megha is out of danger, and she need a bit rest. They both left the city and moved somewhere else. But still somewhere near Armaan.

As Armaan was thinking about his plan and his closeness with riddhima, suddenly he realised that whatever he felt with her, was not just acted. His true feelings were always coming out when he shared a passionate moment with her. It was no show, it was pure. His feeling for her were pure. But he wasn’t allowed to let them in. So he pushed the thought aside. And believed that it was all a show. To make riddhima fall for him. Unknown to him, he was falling for her too, and that also very hard.

After couple of days, the whole family came together for the engagement. It would be held in Riddhimas house. That was the time, when Armaan saw Shashank again. His anger had no boundaries. But he tired to control himself, for the sake of his Family. Rahul introduced him to his uncle.

R: Shashank Phupa, yeh hai Armaan, Riddhima ka bodyguard.
S: Armaan? Armaan koun?
A: Armaan Khan, SIR.
S: oh aacha, me samjha ke…
A: aap kya samjhe sir?
S: kuch nahi,…

Armaan knew, that Shashank thought just for a mere second, that he was the Armaan mallik, But not so soon MR. Gupta. He has to suffer, just as he made them suffer.

Engagement day

Everyone was gathered downstairs. All were waiting for Riddhima. But no one noticed that Armaan was also missing. Armaan wanted to see Riddhima at first. He wanted to see her in that dress. Like always, he thought, that it would be just for his plan, but no no, there were actual feelings involved.

Armaan sneaked in her room and was shocked to see riddhima. she was looking so beautiful and outstanding. All his thoughts flew out of the window. She looked so breathtaking. riddhima turned around and saw Armaan standing there. she didn’t know what to say. She was feeling nervous. She was waiting for his approval. She wanted to know how she looked. She wanted to look beautiful, just for him. Armaan came out of his trance and moved forward to her. He wanted to ravish her then and there. Riddhima saw him coming closer and closed her eyes. As she closed her eyes, suddenly Sid’s face came to her mind. She opened her eyes in shock. As Armaan was about to touch her, she moved back.

A: riddhima…
R: nahi Armaan. Tumhe yaha pe nahi aana chahiye tha.
A: kyu nahi riddhima.

she didnt know what to say, so she just turned around and tried to ignore him. That invoked Armaans anger and he came forward to her. He spun her around and made her look into his eyes.

A: stop ignoring me Riddhima
R: mere kareeb ana band karo armaan.
A: kabhi nahi.
R: stop it Armaan.
A: WHY Riddhima
R: kyunke aaj meri engagement hai. SID ke saath. TUMHARE saath nahi. so please mere kareeb ana band karo.

That was it for Armaan, he was mad like anything. She is his, only his. He pulled her closer by force.

A: tum sirf meri ho, aur rahi baat engagement ki, to tumahri engagement sirf mere saath hogi. Sirf me pehnaunga tumhe wo anghuti. Agar Sid ne tumhari ring finger pe ring pehnayi na Riddhima, to tum sooch bhi nahi sakti ke me kya karunga. Tum sirf meri ho sirf meri.

With that arman  pushed her back and left the room in anger, leaving a shocked riddhima behind.


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