Friday, 20 October 2017

Part 8 : The Second

            Armaan was scared; more than scared he was terrified. He was just going to spend the night in his car but stupid Falak said it would be a great time to patch things up. What did she know about relationships any way? Armaan walked through the dark house as quietly as he could.
            Falak was to be spending the night with a friend and all the butlers' and maids usually left the house by ten. It was nearly eleven. If Ridhima tired killing him, who would come to save him?
            As he tipped toed through the dark of the living room towards one of the empty rooms, the lights came on. Armaan closed his eyes took a deep breath and opened his eyes again.
            "Ridhima, look it's not what you think" Armaan tried to explain but she was glaring at him. She was glaring at him to kill him.

            "Ridhima, look, let's try talking this out for once" She moved towards him with that glare in her eyes. She was pissed off and every muscle in her body was just ready to strangle Armaan till death. Then it hit Armaan "Oh my god your jealous!" Armaan said and right away Ridhima anger turned defensive. "What! No way, I'm not jealous!" Ridhima said. She didn't hit him. It was a moment for both of them. They hadn't hit each other yet.
            Armaan started laughing. He took a seat on the living room couch, laughing. Ridhima got angry and just picked up a hard cover book and hit him hard on the back of his head. "What the hell was that for!" Armaan said no longer laughing, but angry.
            "I'm not JEALOUS!" Ridhima yelled at him. She wasn't jealous. She barely knew Armaan, why would she be jealous of any girl he was with. She just didn't like the idea of his with some girl when he was married to her!
            "Really? You ain't jealous?" Armaan said. He had always know his effect on Ridhima, he had slept with her. He knew what would turn her on and what would make her angry. He came close to her. She took a step back. It continued on until Ridhima hit the back of the living room wall. No words could be side. They both knew, as much as they could fight, they had reasons to be different they what they were.
            Armaan took one of his hand and locked her to the wall, while the other Hand pulled up her knee high dress up so he could put that hand on the top of her thigh. "Come on Ridhima, would you dare sleep with the enemy?" Armaan asked her. Oh why did he always have to ask her? Ridhima was afraid of this moment so many times in her life. Her stomach knotted up at his closeness. It had been that same feeling three year ago. He was so close, less than an inch away.
            Armaan's body was pressed against Ridhima's, he was seducing her, but why? Did he just want someone to warm his bed or did he have a point to such a proposal. "Why should I?" Ridhima asked. She was breathing heavily from his closeness. He did not even need to ask her to sleep with him, if he had just started kissing her she would be willing to go anywhere at the moment with him.
            He smirked at the question. "It's a win win situation. I get a warm bed and you get satisfaction, and I don't have to deal with you bloody punching and kicking." Ridhima was sick of Armaan's gross mind. He would just have meaningless sex just to avoid getting punched in the face again.
            "Your sick" She said pushing Armaan away. She started walking away with her back towards Armaan. He just grinned, he grabbed her arm, turned her around and kissed her hard on the mouth.
            "Come on say stop, and I'll stop" he said against her lips. She was speechless. Her keens felt weak below her. Everything inside her felt upside down. She just couldn't push away. She could not say stop, she wanted him to keep kissing her.
            She wasn't kissing him back but getting close to doing so, instead of kissing him back she pulled away from the kiss, she ran up the stairs to their room. Armaan just ran behind her. She never said stop. He pulled off his tie and coat and he ran up the stairs behind her.
            She had the chance to close the door on Armaan but she didn't. He came in. he looked so handsome in his black shirt, no tie, no coat. She was out of breath from running up the stairs but so was he. She couldn't say stop. The words would not come out, but she would run for as long as she could.
            As Armaan walked up to her with one tie in his hand and the coat thrown on the chair. Before he could get to close, she ran back out the door. She did not want this, but she could not stop it either.
            She ran back down to the kitchen. She had to think of something. Words would just not come out. He reached the kitchen close after. He came again close to her, but before she could run he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up to the kitchen counter. "What's wrong baby? Can't say no?" he said in a superior tone. His hand was at her ankle, moving up her leg so slowly. He was seducing her. It wasn't hard for him to do so. He knew if he just started kissing her again she would not stop him. But he wanted to teas her. To make her say yes to him. To say she wanted him.
            He pulled Ridhima's leg strait and kissed her knee. "Why did you take by shoes off when I was sleeping?" He asked her in a seductive tone. Ridhima had her eyes closed. She could not say stop but she could not move away any more.
            "just to be nice" She said in a whisper. Opening her eyes to see Armaan looking at her now. He had pulled her dress up to the top of her thigh. One of his hand was touching the inner part of her thigh.
            "Why?" He asked. He did not understand why anyone, especially Ridhima would be nice to him just to be nice.
            "I…I don't know" She said in a whisper. His face was just inches from hers but he did not kiss her. He just looked at her. He then pulled her down the kitchen counter. She had her back to the counter hard. He was less than an inch away, but he couldn't do it. He knew if he kissed her, that kiss would land them both in bed. And he just could not do it. She couldn't say stop because it was her. They way he held her, no woman could say no to him. Shoot if Ridhima even tried to seduce him, he would not be able to stop it.
            He knew if he kissed her, he would regret it in the morning. He knew she would regret it in the morning. He did not want that, it would just lead to more fights and more bitter hate. So instead he kissed her on the cheek. A sweet gentle kiss and walked away. He walked away!
            Ridhima did not understand. It wasn't like she was upset about it, she was glad that he did not kiss her. She knew if he had then things would have gone out of control, but why did he move away. Why did he do the right thing? She smiled as he walked away. It was probably the sweetest thing he had ever done for her.
            Before Armaan walked out of the kitchen he said with his back still towards Ridhima "If you ever punch me in public like that again, I swear I will throw you in bed and not stop no matter how much you beg for me to do so" He then walked out and headed up the stairs to his room.
            Normal Ridhima would have gone up and slapped him, but she realized that he was all talk. He never would do something like that. And what did it matter if he did anyway. He knew, he knew she wouldn't mind him near her. He knew she would bed with him if he just kissed her with a seductive passion.
            But he walked away, he did the right thing and walked away. Ridhima soon enough walked behind Armaan with a smile up to their room.
By the time Ridhima reached the room Armaan was already shirtless. She remembered three years ago when her hand had touched him there. It felt like the touch of him was still at her figure tips. She did not say a word to him and neither did he to her. She walked past him to the bathroom as he started to take of his pants off sleep in his boxers.
            When Ridhima came out of the bathroom she was in her shorts, and t-shirt. It was what she usually slept in when she was back home. She lied down at the right side of bed as usually and Armaan was lying on the left side of bed.
            He was just looking up at the ceiling as Ridhima did the same. "Do you think we will ever fall in love" He asked in a whisper. Ridhima turned her head to look at Armaan. He really looked concerned of the idea.  "I don't know" She said after a pause. His face looked so handsome. He turned to look at her.
            Her green eyes seemed to glow in the dark. "When I was a little girl, I used to dream of my wedding…" Armaan saw that Ridhima turned her head back to the ceiling but he continued to look at her. Armaan knew that girls always always dreamed of their wedding days. No matter how tuff or rough the girl may be, they dreamed of that day, that night the most in their life. All of a sudden Armaan felt bad for Ridhima. She never got that wedding, and now she never would. "…I used to dream of the dress I would wear, how everything would be filled with flowers, my parent there, every time in that dream I would turn to look at my future husband and I never could." Ridhima let out a piece of her heart towards Armaan.
            It was the first time anyone had talked to Armaan that way. "I was an orphan, and so was Anvil. That how we were such good friend's. me, Falak, and Anvil we grew up together from one home to another. Anvil's parents had left behind loads of money for him; they both had died before they could put anything in writing for his sister. He inherited billions when he turned eighteen, and all three of us came to New York. I never took money from him; maybe that's what made us such good friends as we were. That's why I used to drive that rusty old car. And now I took everything of his, his money, his home, his cars, his sister, and most of all you." Ridhima had never known this about him. She hadn't known that Anvil, Falak, and Armaan had all been orphan's. She had never thought about it either. She always thought that they had just grown up in the world of the wealth, and never understood why Armaan was even friends with them to begin with.
            Neither said a word after that. They just lied there looking up at the ceiling, "you're gonna break up with her right?"
            "I certainly don't wanna die."Armaan said indicating that he would indeed break up with Lizzy.
            "Thanks" Ridhima said with a little laugh, and soon enough they dozed off to sleep.


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