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PART 8 : Truly Madly Deeply

Henna spoke with the person about for 10 mts and fixed a meeting 2mrw with the person at her home.. so that she could get to know about armaan's past..and tried to help him
As she was about to keep the call
PER;Dr heena please kya tum ek kaam karoigi
Heena: haan ..
P please armaan ki saath raho.. woh dikhne main tough lagta hai ...but he was senstive from all of us .....welll dekhne main woh lagta ...arrogant hai ...but he is not what he looks like
Heena - thanks .....i will try to keep armaan out of Ridhima's way and will make sure nobody hurts him akhir mera friend hai 

Armaan was still in fire escape. Thinking about what kriti n shanky spoke.....he never had thought that Dr shashank would ....bring personal ism their work ..he always respected Dr sashank ...this was the only reason he join Sanjeeevani to work under DR shashank ...but now he felt digusted with himself ..all people are selfish ...i will not let enter anyone one can take place .in my hear ever ...Armaan wiped his Tears ...

Mean time kriti and atul were searching for armaan and  heena on the other side..

Heena found armaan in fire escape wiping his tears ...she felt bad ....
Armaan tum yaha kya kar rahe ho .. she went n stood by armaan n made him stand.
Armaan tum ro rahe ho ...are ..armaan tum ro kyo rahe ho .....said heena looking at Armaan who was trying hard to put fake smile but couldn't hold it longer his heart was wrenched......

Armaan just hugged and started crying
 kyun heena mere saath humsha yeh kyun hota sab sirf mujhe kyun blame karthay hai said Armaan hugging her tightly
 Aisa nah hai dr armaan.. hum aap ko jantha hai. aur humay pata hi aap bahut ache hai.. kabhi bhi apni personal problems ko apni career ya apni interns par asar parne nahi deingay...said Dr kirtti who just came now with Atul ......and both came forward ..Atul told Heena to let go ...and then Atul and hugged Armaan

Aur mein apne bahi ko jantha hoon.. so khabi yeh ahi soochna main tumhare satth nahi hoon ...aur ..Atul leaned forward to Armaan ear ....and Whipsper ...aur Dekh ghabbar bhi hamre sath hai ..
saying that Atul giggle seeing Armaan laughs ...and Heena and Kirtti ...din't knew but Kirtti was able to guess knowing them from years 
Main abhi bi yaha hoon said Dr Kirtti ..they both separate and stood like a kid who was about to get punished
areey tum ..Dr Kirtti se kitna darte ho ...but see you guys looks cute said Heena and now laughing at them and Kirtti smiled watching them ...

Atul leans toward Armann and Whisper - isne yaha internship nahi kia na ...isliye keh rahi hai

Armaan nuged his elbow on to him - champ ....

Atul - was about to say something but stopped as Dr kirtti told them to rresume duties

Acha armaan aab jayinn.. I'll relive u from ur duties soon today and Atul you too and ' do din kay liya kahi baar jake ayeh.ttoh app dono thoda freash ho jaye ge ....and  about sid case don't worry I'll handle it with Dr heena said doctor kirtti'

 Tum ne meri aur shubankar kayliya buat kuch kiya aur ek aur bath tum meri chota bhai ki tara ho aur .. I don't like my brother living a workaholic life .. isi liya apna zindagi sawache mod ki tarag leke jayoo   Saying that kriti hugged armaan n left from said enjoy the time

Acha aab chalo.. lets go
all went toward their duties ...and Armaan went toward the general ward  and saw Ridhima their when she saw him ...she turned her face away ...and Armaan went to the patient and swallowed his tears ...and left from their .....

Later in the evening  Atul , Armaan and heena
They all three went out of sanjeevani to henna's house'..

Atul and armaan stayed their for a while and mean time atul got a phone he left saying it was some emergency so he had to leave..
 and he smiled looking at the phone ...and his smiled hidden at thing he heard
Armaan and  heena....Were left in heena's house as Atul left them

Armaan -   thanks heena'

Heena - armaan thanks kehane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai ' mein tumair dost hoon.. aur mein jan bhi nahi chathi ki yeh sab kya ho raha hai

Just want to say u that.. life does not stop if our beloved us left us' zindagi who hai joh hum jeethay hai.. woh nahi jo hum banathay hai.. toh just want to say to .. live ur life' smile armaan.. kabhi kabhi hasne se.. humare ghum tode kam hojathe hai'.. said Heena ...looking at Armaan 
hame khabi baar gham main bhi muskaran chayie se gham kum hojate hai said Heena

Thanks..said armaan and hugged her and  planted a kiss on her forehead.. thanks for being their for me means a lot exclaimed Armaan

Friendship mei no sorry no thanks no complaints no demands '' said heena ..hitting on his arm lightly

Ok baba bye.. chale.. gud ni8,,.. kal miltay hai hospital mein..said Armaan who was about to leave

Armaan kal hum theeno ki chuti hai.. kyun na hum kahi baar chale.. waisa I'm also new to this place aur I don't have friends to hung out to.. if u don't mind shall we go out some where please said heena pleading

Ok heena mein atul ko poochaky. tumhe bata do ga said Armaan and left .
 bye they said to each other

Yeh bhi na bilkul bacha hi' mean time her phone rang n it was the same person whom she spoke that morning.. that person had called to say her that their meeting is canceled can't come cause of urgent work'
Since heena requested of knowing bout armaan's past

The person told each n every thing about AR n their relation n how SR marriage happened over at all stuff about armaan's decision and all

A tear escaped form heena eyes after knowing about armaan's past with out saying anything she cut the call.
Felt sorry bad at the same time angry at riddhima for making armaan's life more than a hell..

Mein tumari dost hoon armaan aur tume asa nahi deksathi..
Jinte log ne bhi aaj tumey rula.. they will surely pay for it ..... or I'm damn sure riddhima will fell really like a  looser of loosing u once more in her life aur mein usaay yeh ehsas zaroo dilwaoingi'..  ki who kitni galath hai said heena wiping her tear which escaped '

And  I promise I'll get the old armaan back.. yeh ek dost ka wada hai. saying the she called a night

The next day atul could not come since he was busy and so heena n armaan planned to go out...

they enjoyed each other company went for a movie did all masti which could make armaan smile..

this what heena wanted .. she wanted him to smile....

mean time in hospital
Sid was been suspended for a week for his mistake since by the boards... he was so mad at Armaan for this.. but was happy at the same time that Riddhima was by his side.... supporting him so he thought of not letting her know the truth that it was his fault......
And all doctors and interns were informed the meeting held in the confrensess room in two day ...about Sid ....issue
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