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Part 9 : Mere Paas Raho


Everyone was waiting for Riddhima downstairs, including Armaan. He was curious, how Riddhima will handle this situation. Rahul sent Muskaan upstairs to get Riddhima, or help her in getting ready. Muskaan smiled and left from there to get Riddhima. As she got into her room, she saw Riddhima sitting on the bed. Riddhima looked up and saw Muskaan standing there.

M: Kya baat hai Ridz, tu abhi tak tayar nahi hui kya?
R: Nahi, me to tayar hu Muski, lekin…
M: Lekin kya Ridz, sab theek to hai?

Riddhima didn’t answered and just looked down. Muskaan got worried and moved to her and sat beside her.

M: Riddhima, me teri bes friend hu, so tu mujhe bata sakti hai ke kya problem hai. Mujhe fikar ho rahi hai Riddhima, kuch bol to sahi.

Still Riddhima didn’t answered. She just showed her hand to Muskaan. Muskaan took her had and worry was written all over her face. Riddhima had a bandage on her ring finger and her tiny finger.

M: Ridz, yeh kaise hua?
R: Muski, wo me bangles pehn rahi thi, aur pata nahi mera khayal kaha chala gaya tha, aur mujhe chot lag gayi. Ab me neeche kya kahungi?
M: Tujhe dard to nahi ho raha na, agar ho raha hai to bata, me abhi doctor ko bulati hu.
R: nahi nahi, mujhe dard nahi ho raha. Saach me, me to bas is baat se darr rahi thi, ke me neech Sid ke samne kaise jaungi?
M: Tu iski fikar mat kar, chal ab chale. Sab intezaar kar rahe hai neeche.

Muskaan took Riddhimas hand and moved with her towards the door, but before they could move out Muskaan suddenly stopped and turned towards Riddhima.

M: Ridz tu saach me yeh Rishte se razi hai?

Riddhima didn’t know how to answer this, so she just bent her head and looked down and mummed just a hmm. Muskaan had an all knowing look on her face, but she just left the topic, because she didn’t want to upset her friend anymore. She moved with Riddhima down, and everyone was stunned seen Riddhima in this attire. Muskaan made her sit next to Sid. Armaan was standing just behind Sid. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of Riddhima. Feeling Armaans intense gaze upon her, Riddhima couldn’t hold back the blush. Now Shashank came forward and made the engagement announcement. Everyone was very happy about the news. But just Armaan was fuming in anger. he looked hurt and looked away. Riddhima noticed this and became sad.

Sh: Sid, chalo Riddhima beti ko ring pehnao.
S: jee dad.

Sid took the ring, and put forward his hand. waitng for Riddhima, to put her hand forward too. But Riddhima didn’t, and just looked down. Rahul came forward and put his hand on Riddhimas shoulder.

Ra: kya hua Riddhima, don’t be nervous. Apna haath aage kar, sid intezaar kar raha hai.
Ri: Bhai, wo…
Ra: Sab theek hai na Riddhima?
Ri: Actually bhai, me…wo…

But before Riddhima could say anything, Muskaan came to her rescue.

M: Aree Rahul. Riddhima kabhi bangles nahi pehnti na, isliye aaj bangles pehnte waqt uski ring finger pe chot lag gayi. isliye wo sirf nervos ho rahi hai. Riddhima showed her hand to everyone. Armaan saw her hand and was worried like hell. He wanted to know is she was fine. He wanted to scold her for putting on bangles. He totally forgot about his warning to Riddhima. All he could think was her pain. Rahul smiled in relief and kissed Riddhimas forehead.

R: Riddhima tu bhi na, bilkul pagal hai. Chal koi nahi, Sid, tum Riddhima ke dusre haath me ring pehna do, aur jab chot theek ho jayegi, tab Riddhima ring apni is finger pe pehn legi. Theek hai. Aacha Ridz, tujhe dard to nahi ho raha na.

Riddhima smiled at her brothers concern.

Ri: Nahi bhai, dard nahi ho raha..

Everyone in the room smiled at their bonding. Everyone agreed to Rahuls suggestion. Sid put the Ring on Riddhimas other hand. And now it was Riddhimas turn, to put the ring on Sids finger. While putting the ring on his finger, riddhima looked all the while to Armaan. They both couldn’t keep the eyes off each other. Muskaan noticed the eye contact between the two and she somehow felt very sad for them.

Finally the engagement ceremony was over. Everyone retired to their room. In the middle of Night, armaan sneaked into Riddhimas room. But he didn’t know that there was someone else who wanted to meet Riddhima at this hour too. It was non other than Sid himself. Sid wanted to spent some time with Riddhima. But before he could get to her room, he was Armaan getting into her room and closing the door. He became very curious. He went closer to the door, and looked from the key gab, to know what is going on inside. he knew it was wrong, but he wanted to know what is actually happening. He observed what is happening inside.

Armaan got into the room and closed the room. He saw riddhima standing near the window, looking at the moon. Without turning around she smiled.

R: tum aa gaye Armaan.
A: tumhe kaise pata ke me hu? Sid bhi to ho sakta hai na?
R: Tumhare ilawa koi itna shameless nahi hai, ke wo adhi raat ko ek larki ke room me aa jaye.
A: kaho to me chala jau?

Armaan turned around to leave. He will not leave, he was just pretending. Riddhima turned around and went to him to stop him.

R: ab aaye ho, to bina kuch kahe chale bhi jaoge?

Armaan took Riddhimas hand, the one with the bandage and kissed with all the while looking into her eyes. Unknowingly his eyes filled with water. He could actually feel the pain.

A: Me tumhe dard me nahi dekh sakta riddhima.

Riddhima wiped his eyes and made him sit on the bed. Then she took his hands in his and looked into his eyes.

R: me nahi jaanti, ke mene aaj jo kiya wo sahi tha ya galat. Ya phir ab jo me karne jaa rahi hu, wo mujhe karna chahiye ya nahi. Me bas itna jaanti hu, ke is se zyaada right mujhe kabhi kuch nahi laga.
A: matlab?

Riddhima took out her hand out of his and undid the bandage on her finger. Armaan was shocked to see no scratch on her finger. He again took her finger and examined it clearly. But he still couldn’t find it.

A: Riddhima, tumhari chot?

riddhima didn’t answer him, she stood up and went to her closed. She took out a little box and sat back near him.

R: Tumhe hi to kaha tha Armaan, ke mujhe ring pehnane ka haq sirf tumko hai. To phir me yeh haq kisi aur ko kaise de sakti?

Then Riddhima opened the box, and inside were two rings. Riddhima again looked to armaan.

R: me jaanti hu armaan, ke meri abhi engagement hui hai. lekin pata nahi kyu, mere dil is engagement ko man ne ko tayar nahi hai. Me sirf tumhari hona chahti hu. Aur kisi ka haq nahi hai mujh pe. Tum mujhe jaha leke chalo ge me tumhare saath chalungi, bina kisi sawal jawab ke. I know ke tumhari shaadi ho gayi thi, aur tumahri baache bhi the. Lekin phir bhi mera dil kehta hai, ke sirf tum hi mere liye bane ho. Me tumhare ilawa kisi aur ki nahi ho sakti. Mujhe…mujhe nahi pata ke yeh kaise hua aur kab hua, lekin mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya Armaan. I love you. Bohto mohabbat karti hu me tumse. Shayad 2 saal se. Jab tumhe mujhe bachaya tha. Tab hi se tum meri ruh me sama gaye the.

Riddhim told him all her feelings. without feeling shy. Armaan looked at her in awe. Finally his plan worked. riddhima had fallen for him. She confessed her love for him. That means she will do everything for him. she will finally help him ruining Shashank. Armaan didn’t replied at her confession. First, because he was happy that his plan is working. Second, because he felt guilty using Riddhima for his intention. He kenw he would hurt her in the end. He knew that she would hate him, when she will know the truth. Third, because he was a coward, admitting his true feelings to her. He just wiped her tears and made her look into her eyes. Then he kissed her forehead.

Armaan took out the ring and put it on Riddhimas finger, and Riddhima put the finger on Armaans finger. Then she took him by hand and led him to the window. they both looked outside the window, to the moon.

R: Yeh Chand gawah hai hamari mohabbat ka Armaan. kal jo hoga dekha jayega. Lekin meri Mohabbat tumahre liye kabhi khatam nahi hoegi.

To be honest, Armaan was literally shocked of the confession of Riddhima. He just didn’t know how to react. So he pulled her to him and hugged her tight. Riddhima hugged him back and closed her eyes too. After some time, she came out of the hug and turned to the window. Armaan put his hands on her waist and put his head on her shoulder.

R: me Sid se shaadi nahi karna chahti Armaan. Me ab uski nahi ban sakti. Mera Dil sirf tumhare liye dhadakta hai.
A: shhhh, me sab theek kar dunga Riddhima.

Armaan did not know what he will do tomorrow. But right now, he just want to hold her in his arms and forget everything. Unknowing to them, sid heard and watched everything. He was shocked beyond limits. And hurt, terribly hurt. He couldn’t watch it anymore, and left from there.

Next day

Sid asked Riddhima, if she would take a walk with him. riddhima looked at armaan, but before he could say anything…

S: don’t worry riddhima, hume Armaan ki zaroorat nahi parhegi. Afterall me tumhara mangetar hu. Mere saath tum safe ho.

Hearing this of Sids mouth, riddhima felt uneasy and at the same time very guilty. Armaan couldn’t say anything, because afterall he was just the bodyguard.

Sid left with Riddhima to the park and they chatted for a while. then they sat on a bench and sid started the actual talk.

S: dekho riddhima, me jaanta hu ke tum is rishte se khush nahi ho.
R: sid me…
S: nahi riddhima, let me talk. Me jaanta hu ke tum Armaan se Mohabbat karti ho. Ab yeh na puchna ke kaise pata chala, kyunke wo me nahi bata paunga. lekin me tumhe itna batana chata hu, ke me bhi tumhse bohot pyaar karta hu, itna pyaar, ke me shayad khud bhi lafze me bayan na kar pau. Aur shayad isi pyaar ki wajah se mene faisla kiya hai. tumhe armaan ke saath shaadi kar lene chahiye Riddhima.

Riddhima was shocked to hear this from sid.

S: itni shock naho riddhima. me jaana hu, ke tum hi tarap rahi hogi, uska hone ke liye. Aur shayad kyunke me tumhe beinteha pyaar karta hu, me bhi tumhara dard samajh sakta hu. Me kabhi nahi chahunga, ke meri mohabbat udas ho. Ya phir usko wo na mile jo wo chahti hai. Aur me jaanta hu ke tum Armaan se aur Armaan tumse pyaar karta hai. Zindagi bar bar nahi aati Riddhima. Aur wo log bohot kismet wale hote hai, jinko apni chahat milti hai. Aur tum un lucky persons me se ho. Is moke ko jaane mat dena.
R: lekin sid, tum..
S: mera kya riddhima, shayad mere liye bhi koi na koi, kahi na kahi intezaar kar rahi ho?
R: sid, mujhe samajh nahi aa rah ke me kya kahu…
S: tum kuch na kaho Riddhima, bas Armaan se shaadi kar lo. Mere papa is baat se kabhi raazi nahi hoenge, tab me suggest karta hu ke tum aaj hi Armaan se bhag ke shaadi kar lo.
R: lekin sid, bhai...
S: are tum unki fikar mat karo, jo hoega wo dekha jayega. Lekin apni mohabbat ko apne aap se dur mat hone do. Jab chahat adhuri reh jaati hai na, to bohot takleef hoti hai Riddhima.

Then Sid took riddhimas hand and put out the ring he put on her hand. He kind of freed her from all the boundaries.

R: Thank you sid, tum bohot aache ho.
S: ab jao bhi riddhima…

Riddhima hugged him and run from there back home. Leaving sid behind. Sid wiped his eyes and smiled.

S: Khuda tumhe tumhare hisse ki saari khushiya de Riddhima.

riddhima reached back home and searched for Armaan, she found him in the garden. She went to him and stood infront of him. Armaan was shocked to see her in tears and out of breath.

A: kya hua riddhima, us sid ne kuch kaha. Ruko tum, me abhi usko seedha karta hu.

Before armaan could leave, Riddhima held his arm and finally said those words, which she was holding back for so long.

R: mujhse shaadi karoge Armaan?

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