Saturday, 21 October 2017

part 9 : The Second

            "Oh my god you're sleeping with her!" Armaan opened his eyes to see the unthinkable sight. His girlfriend Lizzy in his room! He saw Ridhims starting to wake up also.
            "Wait, it's not what you think!" Armaan said trying to explain. It was a good think Lizzy did not find him naked with Ridhima in bed.
            "So the rumors are true, you are a two timing jerk!" Lizzy slapped Armaan across the face "We've been going out for a year and a half and never once did you invite be to bed and here the maids say she's living her with you!" Lizzy was about to slap Armaan again but he ducked his head before she could.

            Ridhima just couldn't help but laugh. It was true the night before she had Armaan had a moment. But Ridhima just could not help but laugh if someone else wanted to beat him up.
            Lizzy was surprised to hear Ridhima laugh at Armaan being slapped. While Armaan wasn't all that surprised, he was expecting Ridhima to laugh at him, shoot he would have been surprised if she didn't laugh at such a scene.
            "What kind of girlfriend are you that you would laugh at your boyfriend getting beat up!" Lizzy said getting Ridhima to laugh even harder. She just couldn't help herself.
            Once Ridhima got her in control of her laughter she started getting out of bed as she said "Please by all means, if you want to beat him up be my guest" By saying that she started to walk towards the bedroom bathroom as Armaan in a rising voice called her name "Ridhima…Ridhima, ugh, I'm gonna beat the hell out of you when you get out of that bathroom!" Armaan said angrily, he didn't really mean his words but he truly was angry that Ridhima just left him in bed to be beat up by his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend or whatever Lizzy was to him.
            As soon as Ridhima was in the bathroom Lizzy just stared in amazement. She couldn't believe it! Armaan cheated on her for a girl that didn't even care if Armaan got beat up! She just could not believe it. "You left me for a girl that would let you get beat up!" Lizzy yelled furiously. She took one of the pillows on the bed and hit Armaan as hard as she could on the head. And honestly to be told it indeed really did hurt.
            "Lizzy, will you let me explain?" Armaan tried saying as Lizzy hit him hard as she could again
            "No"!" Lizzy yelled walking out of Armaan's room angry as ever.
            How the hell did she get in the house? Armaan thought. Then again how would in hot be hard for her to get in the house. He had been dating her for a year and a half and by now his butlers probably just assumed it would be okay for her to come in. but what dumb butlers to let his ex-girlfriend in the house when he is now married.
            Armaan moved his thoughts away from Lizzy, at least she didn't hit as hard as Ridhima did. He got out of bed to give Ridhima a piece of his mind. Armaan got out of bed towards the bathroom. He heard the shower go off as he stood at the door.
            "Ridhima! Open the door." He had from outside the room. He wasn't going to punch her or anything. He did not know why he even wanted her out the bathroom door. Truth was, he wasn't even angry at Ridhima. But there he was at the door telling Ridhima in a rude tone to open the door.
            "do you really think I'm going to open the door if I'm in the shower?" She said from the other side of the door. For some reason Ridhima felt kind of bad for just leaving Armaan to his doom but what was she to do. If she had argued back, in the end it would have just led to a nasty cat fight that Armaan would enjoy too much to not stop.
            "Fine if you do not open the door, I'm not going to talk to you till you beg me to!" Armaan yelled expecting Ridhima to say something back in return but all she did was laugh at him. Actually laugh at him!
            This time it got Armaan furious. He couldn't believe it; she was actually finding him amusing. He's not supposed to be amusing to her. He's supposed to be that hard to unmask kind of guy.
            Armaan walked away from the bathroom door to find himself another bathroom in another room. If he wasn't able to get Ridhima begging of him to talk by the end of the week, then his name is not Armaan Malik.
            Okay his name was not longer Armaan Malik. He tried everything he could think of and nothing out of Ridhima. He tried pretending he was hurt so she would ask him if he was okay and yell at him to talk to tell her where he got hurt, but instead she threw a glass china dish at his face to make sure if he was really faking or not. Too bad he had grabbed the plate before it hit him and broke. What he should have done was duck and let the stupid plate break.
            A week had past and Armaan had not spoken to Ridhima. As much as she liked him not speaking to her, she just missed not hearing his voice. She already felt alone in the home. Falak went to school while she was at home. It was so unfair. Armaan let Falak go to school but he wouldn't let her. Although Ridhima enjoyed just hanging out with Falak when she would come back from school, it still wasn't the same. Falak would chat with her for some time but then have to get her homework done, Ridhima would sit and help but the only problem was that she did not know German, and all of Falak's papers would be written in German.
            Ridhima felt so out of place in the rich world. In New York most people in her school just spoke English and were not expected to know any other language, but in the land of the rich everyone around her spoke at least four different languages. Ridhima knew English and Hindi well from her father, but Falak knew English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Germen, and Japanese! Ridhima felt so dumb compared to her. What made Ridhima feel worse was that Falak hadn't learned all those languages in childhood, but learned them on her own when she started high school in New York, that was around the same time when Ridhima had first met Falak.
            Armaan was able to make Ridhima feel even worse about her lack of language. For the week that he had or still wasn't talking to her. She had gotten the chance to listen to Armaan conduct business over the phone. She could have sworn she heard him speak at least seven different languages or more in just one hour.
            Since Ridhima had a lot of free time on her hands, see as she had nothing to do. She picked up a lot of things in German. Such as 'Ich liebe Sie' which just happened to mean I love you.
            Ridhima was able to talk in German but she was still weak at the language and would at times need help to understand the native German's if they spoke to fast.
            Armaan came home early today, he came home at lunch time. It was always surprising to see Armaan home early then the regular time he was supposed to come. He noticed that Ridhima looked bored. He was going to suggest going to the mall but then didn't say anything as he remembered his threat.
            Ridhima was getting tired of Armaan not talking. It was just getting annoying and it was so obvious that he really wanted to talk. "Will you just talk already, you know you want to so mind as well!" Ridhima yelled at him angrily. Armaan was so glad she finally told him to speak. "do you want to go to the mall?" He asked.
            Ridhima was so excited hearing Armaan say that. She was so bored that she was willing to do anything for fun. She was getting so desperate about having so enjoyment in life that she even thought of seducing Armaan to bed a couple of times, but she really wasn't serious in that thought.
            "yeah sure, I'll love to, I'll go get ready." Ridhima said as the ran up the stairs to change.
            Just three weeks ago Ridhima would have never wore a three thousand dollar dress to the mall, but just in the few weeks she was in Germany she no longer owned anything less than six hundred dollars.
            Armaan had really changed her clothing style, even her under garments cost around the price of eight hundred.
            She wore a simple nice green dress with black heals and was ready to go. She walked down the stairs to Armaan with a smile. And he stared at her in surprise. Never in his life did he ever think that he would one day look at Ridhima for what she really was. He had always known that she was a nice girl that always meant well but for years he had just not gotten along with her. For the week they had not hit, slapped, or punched each other. Truth was it felt kind of nice and different. He liked that he could be relaxed around her. Maybe the marriage wouldn't be so bad, and just maybe when Ridhima got older they could think if having kids also.
            If the rich ever said they were just like regular people, then they lied! Ridhima had never seen the sight of what she saw in front of her. She had no idea that there was an underground garage under the house! She had thought she had already explored the whole house but there it was the underground garage. The Garage held at least fifty different cars, and each car alone probably cost the yearly rent of her parents apartment in New York.
            "Choose any car you want to go to the mall in" Armaan said letting Ridhima explore the large garage. She was truly amazed. She saw some old cars before that Anvil used to drive, and a lot of newer cars. In the very back behind all the sports and classic cars she saw Armaan's old rusty car. She smiled looking at that car. She could not believe he kept the car after so many years.
            "Does that car still work?" She asked him pointing to his rusty old car. "Nah not any more, it stopped running about two years ago" He said as he walked up beside Ridhima in front of the car. He touched the car with his fingers dragging it along with to the handle of the car door.
            "A lot of memories are attached to his rusty thing aint it?" He asked her only remember one memory of it that he had spent with Ridhima. Her cheeks blushed bright red thinking of that night. "Yeah, a lot of memories" She said, she knew he could see her cheeks blushing but she did not turn away from his gaze but just turned to look at the car. "You know Ridhima, the day we fall in love with each other, if we fall in love with each other, I'm gonna make love to you in this car again." he said seriously and cheekily. He was joking and not joking all at the same time.


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