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PART 9 : Truly Madly Deeply

And all doctors and interns were informed the meeting held in the conferences room in two day ...about Sid ....issue

Part 9

       Next as the trio were off to duty ...they all went to the fair ...and movies and did shopping well they were a little successful in making Armaan smile not fully and they understood that it was not easy to forget all of it at evening Atul excused them said he had to go somewhere and heena and Armaan went to the restaurant and ate their dinner...later Armaan dropped Heena and went to his house and called Atul to know about his where boats but it was unreachable.....After trying out he stopped as he was not getting any answer

Armaan – shayad soo gaya hoga....
Armaan looked around his house and saw Ridhima's photo everywhere he had not let anyone in his house yet not even Atul ...whenever they were together he was always at Atul's place ....but now he thought to remove all these pictures s it was not his right anymore and it will only hurt him more than before.................his eye escaped a large tear on mentioning that it was not his right he knew..that all was his dream to make Riddhima his now he longed to know that all this is just a dream and when he woke up this will all disappear and have his basket in his arms ....but he knew ....he had lost his life ..................his Riddhima ...he was so torn ........he slid down near her big pot rate and cried his heart out......but he didn't knew why even in this condition that something was going to happen but he didn't knew if it would be good or bad.....he just slept like that on the floor near her picture .....and his tears dried on his face .............

At near 4:30 Am ...he felt some noise but he brushed off as he was in sleep ....................but on the other hand two person enter in his house and slowly when they saw him in this position .........both person felt their cheeks ......wet ...........they couldn't believe what they saw...never in their life they thought they would see this day ....with their own eyes...then their eyes moved toward the pictures all around the person fumed looking at all the pictures ...but other kept a assuring hand on that person shoulder ...
Its okay ...said the person with assuring hand
Humhe yeh Pictures hataa deni chaiyea Atul..... said the second person
Well one person is Atul ...but who is the other one
Shayad tum teekh kehti ho said atul...
And then they moved all these pictures to the store room and came back and saw it was 6:00 am ....
I think abb humhe ise outhana chayiea said the person
Hmmm humbed atul
Abhi – said the person
Okay – said Atul
The person moved toward Armaan and tried to wake him up but he didn't then they both thought to do ...some fun now and Atul ran and got the cold water in the jug and hand to the person ...and the person without hesitation poured on him and Armaan who was sleeping peacefully woke up with sudden jerk
Armaan screamed – AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Atul – mere bhai main hoon
Armaan calmed down and saw two shadows in front of him ...but he couldn't clearly see them so he rubbed his eyes and saw atul but was shocked to see the another person
Armaan (spelled it out) – Ni...kk..i
Nikki – ha main kab se tum ko uttha rahe hai .....aur tu hai ki so raha hai
Armaan – nikkin tum yaha (Armaan couldn't expressed his desire that how happy he was to see his buddy here so he pulled her in tight hug) i am so happy kit um yaha ayyi
Atul – oye mere bina ..yeh achi baath nahi hai
Armaan and Nikki both looked at Atul who was pouting and they laughed looking at him and pulled him in a hug
Atul – muhjee bhol gaye aur khud hi hug kar rahe ho kamino ...mere bina
Nikki – natak na kar Atul abb le liya hai na hug main
Atul – fine
They came out of the hug
For the first time Armaan looked at nikki carefully and he was shocked looking at her
Armaan – tune sha..aa..ddii kar li
Nikki (who was wearing a white sari looking beautiful  ...but the sindoor caught Armaan's attention) maine Sha...ddii... nahi Shaddi ki hai
Armaan – hai (was lost in sindoor and he remembered the day when he saw the sindoor in Riddhima's maang ..a tear escaped from his eye and Atul and Nikki figured out by now that Shaddi was the word which made his life miserable they both looked at each other helplessly they don't know how to control him but both have thought to not give up with Armaan which they were determine to never let the hold of him when he needed them the most of it.
nikki – aur tujhe pata hai maine kis se shaddi ki hai
Armaan – (who was lost now came back from trance and looked at nikki )Dr modi
Nikki – hai tujhe kaise pata
Armaan – Armaan Malik knows everything
Niki – chal utth aur dekh 6:00 baj gaye hai
Armaan looked around and saw his wall empty ..there were no pictures of Riddhima as he looked around he saw Nikki and Atul looking toward each other now he knew they have removed it ...and he thought maybe it was better idea he will feel less pain so he decided to not question them and Armaan clearly changed the topic
Armaan – so Mrs Mo...(Armaan stopped as he remember the same last name ) well nikki abbhimanu ka baa raha hai
Nikki and Atul both notice and Atul really felt sorry for his bhai ..where his destiny bought him
Nikki – arey maine hospital wapas join kar liya hai and Abbhi woh bhi atta hi hoga
Atul – ohhhhhhhhhh Abhi dekh Armaan kaise pyaar se Abbhi bulati hai
Armaan – (for the first time he laughed openly and his friends were happy to see the little spark in his deep blue eyes they knew as now they were back they can totally do and bring the old Armaan back)i agree champ
Atul – mujhe book lagi hai
Niki – muhje bbi
Armaan-(Armaan figured out that they were here to make him happy so he decided to be happy for them if not for himself) toh main kya karo
Atul – arey mere bhai yeh tera ghar hai tu hi humhe khana khile ga
Armaan – nikki hai na aur issi bahane humme bhi pata chal yahe ga ki ise khana bana atta bhi hai ki apne paati ko bookha hi rakhti hai
Armaan and Atul laughed at her while Nikki fumed and took the couch cushion and throw them and it hit on Atul's face ...and Nikki and Armaan laughed at him while Atul looked around to grab the thing to throw back at her and he throw the same cushion back and it hit Niki's on the face and Armaan laughed looking at both of them and Atul and Nikki looking at him first smile then started throwing things at him after 10 minutes which seems like an hour they stopped for breath and looked at each other and a tear escaped from Armaan's eyes and he started crying looking at them ...Nikki and Atul moved forward to grab  him in a hug and and Armaan started like a 5 year old baby in their hug
Armaan – sab khatam ho gaya ( he said in between crying and Nikki and Atul also had tears looking at ARMAAN in tears ...they always seen him as a warrior and fighter but for the first time they were scared looking at him but still they consoled him slowly Armaan's sob's slowed down
Armaan came out of the hug and looked at both ogf them
Armaan – thanks i really needed that
Nikki – iss liye aayi hoon mujhe pata tha ki yeh(hitting on Atul's head ) sambal nahi paye ga
Armaan – anyway we have to leave for the hospital
Atul – hai chaloo
they all three got up and freshened up in Armaan's house as they didn't had time to go their own house and Nikki got ready in black sari and Atul in plain Shirt and zeans and Armaan in black shirt and blue demine zean
They went to the hospital
On the other hand Riddhima was not happy in her life but as she always find blame in Armaan's and she was waiting for this meeting and to see Armaan's plan failing to create problem in Sid's and her life but she didn't what was store in for her today
And Sid was worried and he was planning that how to put the blame on Armaan which will make Riddhima come to me more willing ...but let's see what destiny has store for himself
they all three reached Sanjeevani and before Armaan could go to the his cabin Niki and Atul dragged him to the Abhi's cabin and all interns(JP ,Jiggy ,naina and Yuvi)  were amazed to see Nikki back and was surprised to see them unwilling Armaan
Nikki – Armaan siddhe chalo hamrae sath
Armaan – lekin kaha
Atul – arey sala hospital main hi
Armaan – par
Nikki – (back in Hitler mood) Dr Armaan Malik chup chap
Armaan – ok par draa kyon rahi hai
Atul – arey tujhe nahi pata par yeh Nikki ka favourite time paas hai
Armaan – kab se
Atul – jab se interns aye hai
Armaan – (with giggles)isse danta bhi atta hai
Atul – hai porri second Ghabbar hai
Armaan – laughed and Niki fumed) OK sorry chal
They reached Abhi's office and saw him going through files
Nikki – Abhi
Abhi turned and saw Armaan and he was shocked looking at Armaan he looks so thin and his face was like a ghost completely turned paled ...He has changed so much but Abhi weren't surprised as he knew it was Armaan and this was bound to happen
Abhi – (came forward) how are u Armaan
Armaan – (smiled) i am fine Now
And they all understood what he meant
Armaan – aur sunna
But before they can continue they heard the Announcement
"Please all senior staff and Interns report to the conference room"
Armaan – well i guess we should leave
They all made their way to the conference room
And here Sid and Riddhima sat quietly into the car and were coming toward the hospital as they stepped into the hospital they heard the announcement and Sid panicked because now he won't be able to have time put his plan in action and he can't even go now as Riddhima was with him So they both made their way to conference straight


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