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"Love is a decision; it is a judgment; it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay forever, when my act does not involve judgment and decision."

"Over react nai... Ye uska darr hai Rehaan ko khone ka hai... Vo usse pyaar karti hai... Aur kabhi nai chahegi.. Ki Rehaan usse missunderstood kare.." Shilpa said lostly still staring at Surbhi who is arguing wd Ayaan

"Par papers to Nakli haina.. To Rehaan galat kyun samjhega" Payal spoke confusedly

"Nai Payal... Ayaan ne bataya usne jaise hi papers dekhe kuch nai bola... Aur seedhe apna faisla sunna diya... Bina papers ko gaur se dekhe.." she explained calmly

"Ye ladko ka... Charachter hi aisa hota hai.." Priyanka cursed while picking the coffee mug

"Sab aise nai hote Priyanka..." Payal spoke positively making Shilpa to stare her


"Armaan calm down... Jaisa tu soch raha hai vaisa kuch nai hoga... may be vo uska acha dost ho... Tu itna geera huaa nai ho sakta jo ye sab soche..." he tried to make himself cool down trying to ignore that image "Damm...!! Kyun shaant nai ho raha yaar" throwing the things from the table he held his head frustratingly "I need a break or else... Kuch b kar sakta hun main..." trying to calm down he closed his eyes coz he knew if Shilpa would be there he would have slapped her for that scene then he called Rehaan to handle that surgery coz he was upset but Rehaan was already busy so reluctantly he did the surgery still that image was infront of his eyes which resulted the surgery getting unsuccessful and angry at himself he went from there only to calm himself down and in home also he tried not to see her face or else he can slap or blast her in any moment but today when Rehaan informed that Shilpa was involved too in this matter his all anger and frustration came out first for spoiling his brothers life secondly, how can she hugged someone when she knew she is married to him then why she hugged someone else infront of Sanjeevani didn't she knew he works there people will talk about them most important what if they point a finger at her he will never ever tolerate this He trusts her but not on other peoples third coz of that unsuccessful surgery

"Shilpa...!!" he shouted as he came inside his room only to find his wife putting his files properly on shelf but hearing him she stopped her work when Armaan approached towards her "TUMHE PATA B HAI TUMNE KYA KIYA HAI..." banging her wd the wall he asked angrily making her stunned by his sudden move "TUMHARI HIMMAT KAISE HUI... AISA KOI STEP LENE KI... DID U KNOW REHAAN KI HAALAT KYA HAI..." She got scared by his burning anger but she didnt gotted what he was saying "I KNOW TUMNE SURBHI KO MANUPULATE KIYA HAI... AISA STEP LENE K LIYE VARNA VO KABI GALTI SE B NAI SOCHTI AISA KARNE KI..."He blamed while digging his nails on her shoulder who is in pain but from inside by his accusition

"Ye dramatic answer dena band kar... Tujhe main uswaqt batane wala tha Kiya k case k baare mein... But vo uswaqt tapak padi... Aur mujhe naa chahte hue b vo bakwaas karni padi..." he spoke annoyingly making Dev rolled his eyes

"Pata hai mujhe... Rehaan ne bataya tha..." he spoke not interestingly "Par tune nai bataya..." he scolded while hitting his head

"Aaaww... Dev... Time nai tha yaar" rubbing his head he spoke normally "But Rehaan ki to main band bajaunga... Sab vo tujhe bata deta hai" he spoke angrily only to get a smack on his head "Aaww... Dev" he glared

"Acha hai usne bataya varna main to teri shakal nai dekhta" Dev scolded

"Sorryy..." he apologized and immediately hugged him tightly making him chuckled

"Its ok... Jaa tujhe maaf kiya..." he spoke smilingly hugging him back

"Thank u..." he spoke wd a smile while parting from hug

"To bata.. Kiya ka chapter close huaa ki nai??" Dev asked normally looking at him while he moved his leg tro & fro in water "Armaan bata.." he nudged him by elbow who smiled

"Yes..." he stretched his arms happily making Dev happy

"Really...?? Kab?? Kaise??" he asked excitedly

"Armaan.. Aisa mat kaho.. Vo marr jaayga.. Mera dost hai vo.. Vo galat kar raha hai.. Aise jaan dekar koi kisi ka pyaar nai maang sakta..." and she said what he wanted to hear

"Par ye tumpe hai.. Tum chaho to marne do usse... Yaa fir accept karlo.. Tum selfish to nai ho sakti right" he asked calmly crossing his arms

"Armaan.. Main usse marne nai de sakti.. Mana pyaar nai karti par dost hai vo mera..." she spoke tearfully

"To usse bachalo... Ye tumhara faisla hai... Main kuch nai kar sakta" he spoke annoyingly

"Aise kaise main itna bada faisla le sakti hun Armaan... Main usse bachana b chahti hun.. Par main usse pyaar b nai karti... Vo mera best friend hai.. Main usse aise khona nai chahti..." she spoke frustratingly

"Vo tumse pyaar karta hai..." he spoke slowly

"YE PYAAR NAI PAGALPAN HAI... HUM KISI KO MAJBOOR NAI KAR SAKTE KI.. AISE ACCEPT KARO... YE PYAAR HO HI NAI SAKTA YE TOH..." she shouted frustratingly but stopped as she realized what she just said

"For god sake Dad.. Har baar khud ko blame karna thik nai hai... Aaj main aapko clearly bata raha hun ki... Trust me aapke thappad ki wajah se nai change hua main... Infact aapne to mujhe aur responsible banaya hai..." he spoke annoyingly looking at him "Dad Mehta Uncle ki death.. Ne mujhe realize karvaya ki main ek Doctor hun... Jisse thoda responsible aur mature hona chahiyee... Bas that's it... Apne aapko us guilt se nikaaliye... Aur khudko itni importance mat dijiye" he turned calm to which Billy smiled "Aur raha sawaal gusse ka.. Vo paidayshi hai mujh mein... Usse aap log change nai kar sakte" he looked back at Ananya who caressed his hairs lovingly

"I am sorry... Bahoot zyada gussa kar diya na?" she asked tearfully as he kept his head on her lap

"Maa kiski ho..." he joked making everyone giggle even Ananya also smiled

"Ansh ye Armaan hai Arjun bhai k friend... Aur mere superstar.." he looked at Ansh who smiled to him

"Haa jinka tu.. Jabra fan hai... Yaad aaya" Ansh spoke thoughtfully "Hi.. Main Ansh Khurana.. Prashaant ka besty..." he forwarded his hand towards him who smiled and they shook their hands

"Armaan Malik.." he introduced "Why don't u guys join us... Have a seat" he spoke politely sitting back on his original place

"Sure.. Neki aur puch puch" Prashaant joked which made them smile and they both took seats b/w them

"Abbe kuch khaoge dono...??" Arjun asked in his strict way

"Hum kha k nikle thae chaabi lene" Ansh replied normally

"Jo b ho..." Arjun rolled his eyes when his eyes landed on Armaan who was reading messages on his phone which was from Dev.. So Arjun thought to take his interest "Vaise Shilpa maani abhi tak..?" he knowingly asked this question which grabbed three of them's attention

"Nai bhai... Vohi last time jab Aditi Bhabhi ko lene aayi thi tabi dekha.. Tha.."Prashaant's complaining tone made Armaan to put his phone aside

"Aur ab vo maanegi b nai.. Ache se jaanta hun main usse... Bahoot ziddi hai..." as Ansh said this an unknown jealousy hit Armaan's heart "Par na vo sweet b bahoot hai.. Ladte ladte khud hi has deti hai... To don't worry vo maan jaaygi" he spoke wd a smile making Arjun smile to

"I hate u... Nafrat hai mujhe aapse..." she spoke angrily while crying bitterly "Kahan jaaun main..." she cried hard looking helplessly around the parking lot when

"Ye rahi vo... Iski himmat ko to todna padega..." that same man whom she pushed came infront of her while other two stand behind her who didn't cared what is happening the only thing which is going inside her mind is Armaan being wd other girl

"Aahhh..." she whined in pain as the third man again twisted her hand

"Kabse mauka dekh rahe the ki kab Club se niklegi ye... Ab tujhe dikhaunga asli thappad ka mazza" First man smirked and moved to touch her hairs when his hand being fisted by someone

"Fir jhut..." she pushed him again who opened her mouth to make her understand when she said something which jammed his feet "Har baar jhut... MAIN HI PAGAL THI JO AAPSE PYAAR KAR BAITHI.." as she uttered this words in broken tone while her head was bowed down where as hearing this his heartbeat skipped as if this world stopped for seconds "ITNA SAB JAANE K BAAD B NAFRAT NAI KAR PAA RAHI... I HATE MYSELF... FOR LOVING U..." she cried stepping back where as he was rooted at his spot Did she actually said she loves him?? He thought "JITNI TAKLEEF MUJHE UN GUNDO NE YAA FIR KISI AUR NE NAI DI... USSE KAI ZYADA TAKLEEF MUJHE AAPSE PYAAR KARNE PE MILI HAI... NAFRAT HAI MUJHE APNE AAPSE KI MAIN AAP JAISE INSAAN SE PYAAR KARTI HUN..." her voice became cracked and she cried hiding her face in her palms Where as he is bewildered by her words she really loves him he can see on her face but do he love her?? he didn't knew how to react on this but seeing her helpless and crying he stepped ahead to console her

"Sss... Shi... Shilpa... Stop crying yaar" he fumbled while moving his hands to cup her face who removed her palms from her face while stepping back

"PLZZ... MUJHSE DUR RAHIYEE..." raising her hand she said hurtfully while he didnt knew what to do "Aur aapko itna afsos jatane ki jarurat nai hai ki.. Bechari mujhse pyaar karti hai aur main nai... Par main bata dun.. Ab main aapse pyaar nai karti..." saying this in strong voice she turned to go while he was still standing on his place Shocked Bewildered Stunned Surprised He didn't knew how he should handle this situation?? Coz he never ever thought in his dreams also that she loves him which is so deeply but she also said she regret this feeling which didn't matched wd her eyes Yes how can he forgot her trails to gain his attentions in Bhopal the way she took care of him and his needs was clear now Why she always understands what he wanted?? How she guessed what he wanted to say?? Why she bears his anger & frustration? Now everything got cleared like a water Coz SHE LOVES HIM that was the reason behind her support and care but the major question is Do he have something like LOVE in his heart for her?? When his eyes looked for her in parking lot only to find it empty

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