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AR os : Love knows No limites!!

             There are many love story to talk about some are real some are just imagination but the one that I am going to tell you I my self cant say if it was a true or anyone's imagination. There was a boy named Armaan Malik. He was were handsome boy and at the same time he was very well mannered and cultured boy. He is about 23 year old and he loves his mom and dad don't have any other family but do have 2 very very best friends which are Rahul Garewal and Atul Joshi. He just finish his graduat study and is planning to go to London to get his MBA. His father is very well known businessman but he is down to earth. The story bigens when armaan and his 2 friends goes to London there he was doing absolutely fine until one day his eye fell on this beautiful cretur made personally by god to whome he called "ANGLE" his ANGEL he never said a word to her but all he did was to star at her he himself did not know why but staring at her was way more amusing then reading his bookes. Then one day he got caught red handed by the girl herself on to staring at her. She strait waent to him asked him
"what's your problem? why are you staring at me?didn't you ever saw a girl?" [girl was standing with her handes on her hipes.]

all armaan could say was
"not butifyl as you are!!"
girl had a confused look n said "what do u mean?"
armaan said "I have seen lots of girls but none are beautiful as you are!!"
she just looked away because she was blussing at his straight forward coment but did not want him to see it
"How dere you flirt with me?"said the girls by putting the fack anger look
armaan "I am realy sorry I was not flirting with you I was tell you that you are very beautifyl that's all" he paused " by the way I am Armaan Malik" he put his hand forward for handshake
girl felt guilty " I am realy sorry but I don't like when people say things that they did not ment" she pause and took his hand for a shake " Hi I am Ridhima Gupta" she try t oget her hand back but armaan had not left it
This was teir first mitting and then they became very good friends armaan had started to devlop new fellings for her and ridhima also had soft corner for him. After about year of friendship armaan desided to tell ridhima about his felling for her and he told her
"ridhima I love you very much when I first saw you I could not think anything else but you? your beautiful face keep on coming to me even in my sleep and now I have only one desire to haeve you by my side? my heart only desir you and only you"
ridhima could not say anything she just fell on her knees and started crying.
Armaan got worried about her bend down to conselt her she was crying realy bedly
Armaan could not take it any more so "ridhima if you don't love me then you don't have to say anything nor you have to fell guilty I will not do or say anything that your heart will not desire? please ridhima say something I cant see you crying ridhima"
Ridhima was still crying but manage to say " armaan my heart cant desire anything because my heart has huge hole in it and I have only 2-3 months to leave this condition has now gone out docter's heands and??????she broke down hugging him and cryind her heart out to him
Yes it was true that she was dying with the hole in her heart it was increasing but there was nothing can be done she had only 2-3 months or may be less to leave her life
After all this emothonal break down armaan had desided to take her to the best cardiologist in the world to get her operation done he had told his and her parents about him loving her still wanting to marry her but ridhima was keep on deniing him and telling him to leave her because she cant see him like this he desirve someone who can be with him for rest of his life but all the talk went to vine because armaan never paid attention to her talk his parents were very proved of having son like him his father helped him find the doctore and also used lots of mony to get his feauture daughter in law to be well agine. Ridhima's parents were very happy to see that there is someone out there that loves their daughter more then they do?????
Armaan took ridhima to all the topmost cardiologist and all of them said that she needs heart transplant???? but ridhima being the O+ blood type making the cetuation even more complicated then it already is?
But araman left nothing meaning nothing at all he posted adds on the internets, radios, TV's everywhere and he even declared that whoever give her the heart transplant his or her family will ricive 1million doller but no one came because there were none match people were started to feel soooooooooo sorry for armaan and ridhima most of the world come to know about their love story and had praid to god give this poor soul to live her life the time was going fater then it supos too but you cant stope the time
Just like that the days passed and it was almost 2 months now everyone were getting very restless on not finding any donner that could match ridhima's boold group and all the other areas that were required for a heart transplant
Armaan had not stoped beliving that it is not imposible for ridhima to make it even if the heart transplant takes place armaan took ridhima to all the biggest tample, churche's, gurudwara, dargha, masjit, he had also keapt lots of fasting for her and even walked to sooooooo many tamples barefoot but all that seem to go to vaine because there was no donner and ridhima's time was coming to an end he even mad her drink the holy waters from churches and ganga water from the river itself just to buy her some time
Now it was 3&1/2 months but no donner everyone had accepted that ridhima is going to die ridhima herself also had accepted this but no one could convince armaan in to this he had fights with everone including ridhima that she is going to leave her life and that's final
The nes came from Brlinghame CA USA
It was a girl in her mid20's was driving down the road and saw a small child commig from nowhere so she to save the child she made a sharp right turn and she hit the tree and got a small mior injury to her head she was taken to the hospital but as soon as they reach the hospital they come to know that the girls was dead and no one had imagents in their wildest dream that a young girl would die just because of that small head injury.
The girls parent were very devosted but they also know about ridhima needing the heart transplant so they asked the doctore to run the tests on her so if she can save that poor girl they would be very happy to know that atlees they were ablet to save someone else's daughter
To our utter surprise she was perfect match to ridhima???.
The perents were very happy to know about it they imadeatly called to the given number on the adds which was Malik industries charman meaning armaan's father's office number
The doctore talked to the secretry of Mr Malik and told her that they have found the perfect matvch to ridhima with this great news Mr Malik went to armaan and ridhima and tgold them about it
Now the only problem was to get the body of that girl and ridhima safly to london's hospital where the tope docters could operat on them both
US government and UK government gave the aprovel to fly the girl from burlingham to londne on privat jet with the facility of carrying the coffein of the girl
The operation took place and it was about 8 houres
They had prepared everything for the operation but ther were still some threates the doctores were not sure if ridhima would servive the opration or not but as usual armaan was getting ready and telling everyone to start preparing for their marriage as soon as ridhima would get discharges from hospital they would get married and the marriage would be at grand level and he had even stated dreaming for their marriage and honnymoon???.
The docters were not taking out the heart from the girl and they are placing it in ridhima and they were doing all their procedur
Outside everone was there armaan, rahul, atul, anjali[atul's GF], mushkan[rahul's fiancy and ridhima's BFF] shashnk ridhima's father, padma ridhima's mother, naina armaan's mom, abhimanu armaan's father and the enire staf of the hospital where the operation was taking place
The light of operation theater went out everyone rush to the doctore to know what happen but armaan he did not move from his position the doctore without telling anuthing to anyone walk upto armaan and put his hand on his soulder and said "god never do bed things to the people who do the god deeds" and pause then he cont looking at the confused face of armaan "she is out of danger but under observation and next few housrs are bit critical after that we will know when she wakes up" then he looked at all the other family members and smiled and left the place.
Armaan had tears in his eyes and he fell on his knees crying his heart out everyone got realy confused the doctore just smilled at them and armaan is cring on the flore rahul and atul rushed to him " armaan what happen what did the docter said??? Hows riodhima?? Armaan man say somwthign" said worried rahul holding armaan by his shoulder and to answert that question onle armaan could say was " god gave her to me" then atul and rahul both huges armaan and had tears in their seeing that their best friend's love has servived?????????
Then rahul went upto everyone and told them that ridhima was not out of danger and everyone had tears of happiness
After One Year
Now armaan was finaly married to ridhima sorry his ANGEl about six months ago and they still were on their honeymoon of world toor
Armaan and ridhima felt were sorry for the pearentsd of that young girl who's heart bittes in ridhima they first apologies to them because of taking their beloved daughter's heart then they had try to given the mony that armaan had announced but they said no to the money??? but armaan and ridhima forced them to take it for their other2 children who were in high school armaan and his family had given them 2 million instead of 1 because to them mony means nothing more then ridhima
Ridhima was loved by every single person including the servents of the house to the workes of the company but armaan loved her more then anyone else in the enitr world with teir marriage rahul  muskan and atul anjaly also got married but they did not go on six month of honeymoon??
Finaly today armaan and ridhima were coming back from their six month honeymoon actuly it was ridhima's punishiment for not beliving in armaan's faith to save her and she had happly accepted the punishment??

Now you tell me is this a fantacy or a story????
Young boy said " of course dadi its fantacy how can someone loves someone else sooooooooooo much that would go to this extent to save her life I mean I loves u dadi but this is not going in my head"
Young girls said " I belive you dadi I think when it comes to true loves there is not limetes in it"she pause "I hope that I will have someone just like this guys in the story and I also wish that I could meet them if they are still alive"
Old man said "of course sweetart you can meet them but you have to promish one thing that I will get my kiss from you and your dadi after that"
Dadi hit the old man said "riya beta I think that ur dad had lost it fanaly at this old age" then all of them started laughing but the old man
Old man said pulling the puppy face " addi tell your dadi that I am not old yeat because she is still that 23 year old girl that I meat in londone"
Then all of them started to laught
Riya " ok dada you will get what ever you want but first let us meet them!!"
Then dadi pull out one old book from her cupborde and from the book she pull out the picture of two yound couple seemed resently married
Then she hand the photo to riya and adi see
They both looked at the picture and then to each other and then to the old couple and said together
"You meen it was your love story????"
then the both the man and the woman smilled at each other and said "YES, it was our love story"
indeed it was ridhima ans armaan telling their love story to their grand childrean then ridhima kissed armaan's chick and armaan did the same



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