Monday, 27 November 2017

Chapter 1 & 2 : Love or Earth

Chapter 1

Ridhima’s P.O.V.
“Ridhima, wake up. You have to go for your date. Remember.”
“Nikita, Let me sleep. My Date is in four hours.”
 “Yes, just four hours are remaining. You have to get ready. Get up right now.”
Hello readers, I am Ridhima. 24 years old living in Mumbai and working in Sanjeevani Hospital as a resident doctor. Besides the hospital, I also help a NGO namely “Nature” which works for saving our environment and creating much more beautiful place to live in.
Let me introduce you all with my boyfriend Armaan Mallik, CEO of an IT company. We are having our relationship since school time (yes, we were classmates in school). Earlier, Armaan was a heartthrob and funny guy.  Since he has started his business, he has become extremely busy with his work. He does not have time for even a cup of coffee with me. But still I love him
I think I have talked a lot about myself. I should get ready before Nikita kills me.
4 hrs Later

Ridhima gets ready wearing green gown and curling up her hairs. Door bell rings.
“Armaan must be here. I will check.” Nikita said and opened the door. Just as expected Armaan was standing at the door waiting for his date.
Armaan’s P.O.V.
Hi, I am Armaan Mallik. Nothing much to say about me. I am the CEO of K.S company. I know I am quite busy with my work, thus, can’t give enough time to Ridhima. But Ridhima understands me. That’s why I love her a lot.
“hi Nikita, Where is my Ridhima?” I said as I entered in the house and saw Ridhima coming downstairs looking gorgeous as ever.
“Hey Ridhima, you are looking stunning.”
“Thanks, you are also looking handsome as always” Ridhima said
“Shall we go for our date?” I asked Ridhima
“Yup, Bye Nikita” Ridhima said
“Bye, enjoy a lot. And Mr. Armaan Mallik bring my best friend to the home before midnight.” Nikita said jokingly.
“Ok Ma’am. As you order ” Armaan said saluting to Nikita. Ridhima laughed.

Chapter 2

Ridhima’s P.O.V.
“Armaan where are we going”
“Relax my dear. It’s a surprise.” Armaan said and quickly added “And surprises are not to be revealed” When Ridhima was trying to object.
Ridhima did not ask again knowing that Armaan will not tell her. She was dreaming about her future home with Armaan where there will be a big garden having flowers everywhere and trees at the border. She will ask Armaan to install a swing in the middle of the garden.
“Ridhima.. Ridhima..” Armaan called Ridhima
“Oh.. yeah” Ridhima said
 “Where were you lost?”
“Ah.. nothing.. just thinking...”
“Ok. We have reached our destination. Come.” Armaan said
We were in the middle of the forest. There was a beautiful path decorated with rose petals. I walked along the path led by the petals. There in the middle of all the trees was a small round dining table with two chairs. I turned around and saw Armaan was standing there looking nervous just like you are before any exam result.
I smiled at him and said “Armaan, this is sooo.. beautiful. I love it. You definitely know how much I wanted an outing in the forest. Being so close to nature. I love you.”
“Really, you really liked it. I was so much nervous about this. Let me tell you I have prepared tonight’s dinner.”
“Wow.. I hope it is edible” I teased him
“Yeah.. Yeah.. It will be the most delicious food you would have ever tasted” Armaan played along
“We will see”
On the table, all of my favourite food was there. I started devouring the food. What? I had not eaten since morning and a person needs food to survive, right? Not to mention food was delicious.
“So, did you like the food?” Armaan asked trying not to laugh
“Of course, after all my boyfriend had prepared it. It had to be delicious.” I said emphasising on word my
“Oh. So for this also you are taking all the credit. Not fair”
“Everything is fair in love and war Mr. Mallik”
Then Armaan sat on his knees in front of me and took out the ring.
“Ridhima, I know I am a jerk. Always busy with my work. But I love you a lot. I won’t promise that there will never be tears in your eyes. But I promise that I will never intentionally hurt you. Ridhima, if at any moment of life you feel neglected or hurt by me. Please scold me, beat me but never cry alone. I promise to be by your side always. Will you marry me?”
By then I could not control my tears. This is the Armaan whom I loved.
“I love you too Armaan. I promise to be always by your side and take care of you. Yes, I will marry you idiot. I had been waiting from so many years for you to ask me.” I giggled in between her tears.

Ananya Singla

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