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Chapter 3& 4 : Love or Earth

Chapter 3

Wedding day
Ridhima’s P.O.V.
Today is my marriage with my prince charming, Armaan. I am so much happy yet nervous. Don’t know where Nikita is. I mean today is my marriage and I have got ready within 2 hrs only. And this girl is not ready even after 3hrs.
“Hey Ridhima, missed me? ;)”
“Where were you idiot?”
“Come on. I have to look pretty. After all I am bridesmaid. May be I will also find my prince charming” Nikita said while floating in her dreams of a prince.
“You talk so much Ridhima. We have to go to the church. Armaan must be waiting.”
“Yeah.. I am sorry for taking so long in getting ready.” I said with sarcasm.
  I and Armaan wanted a simple marriage not much pomp and show. That's why only Nikita as bridesmaid and Atul (Armaan's friend) as groomsmen were invited.

Third person’s P.O.V.
Ridhima and Nikita reached the church where Armaan was waiting for them (always punctual ;) ).
“Bride and groom please come forward” Father said
“Do you Armaan Mallik take Ridhima as your wife?”
“I do” Armaan said while looking in the eyes of Ridhima and smiling.
“Do you Ridhima take Armaan Mallik as your husband?”
“I do” Ridhima said while blushing.
“I announce Armaan and Ridhima as husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”
Armaan lifted the veil of Ridhima and kissed her with all the love and care.
After coming out of the church, Nikita asked “So, where are you guys going for you honeymoon?”
“We have not decided yet” Ridhima said
“It’s a surprise” Armaan said at the same time.
Ridhima looked at Armaan surprisingly. Armaan answered her unasked question “I have already booked the tickets. You will get to know when we reach the airport”
At airport
“Armaan I can’t believe this. We are going to Paris.”
“Yes, my love. You always used to tell me how much you love Paris. How come I will forget your wish?”
“I love you Armaan. Thank you so much”
They spent one week in Paris and enjoyed this city of love and romance.

Chapter 4

Few days later
Third Person’s P.O.V.
Ridhima and Armaan’s life was going on smoothly. Ridhima was busy with hospital and her NGO. On the other hand, Armaan was busy with his company. Still they make sure to take out some time out of their busy schedule for each other. One such evening, they were chatting about their work, friends and worldly matters.
“Armaan, from few days I am thinking something”
“About what”
“About trees and nature. How much paper do we waste in our daily life. Ultimately leading to the cutting of trees”
“Come on Ridhima. Let us talk about something else. I don’t understand these philosophical and complicated things.”
“Please Armaan. I am not talking about any other planet. I am talking about earth where we live. Please” Ridhima said while pouting.
“Ok. But this is not fair. You always melt me with your pouts.” Armaan complained. Ridhima giggled “Tell me what you were saying”
“Yeah. I was saying that we waste so much paper in our day to day life. We should think about some methods to reduce their wastage.”
“Ridhima, we use the paper as per our necessity. We can’t do anything regarding that. If you notice then after the popularity of laptops and desktops, use of paper has been decreased. People use these digital gadgets as much as possible for any applications, projects or letters.”
“You are right Armaan. Ok. Let us take example of your company. You have pantries and cafeterias in your company. Right?”
“Yes. Right. There are six pantries and two cafes.”
“And in each pantry or cafeteria you use paper cups for coffee and other drinks”
“Yes. Absolutely right. But what is your point.” Armaan said getting confused
“Well, you see. Each day atleast 400 paper cups are used and disposed off in your company taking 50 cups in each outlet. And per month it will be approximately 12,000” Ridhima said getting excited “Armaan, think how many trees would have been cut down for making these paper cups which can’t be reused or recycled.”
“Hmmm.. Fine. I get it what is the problem but do you have any remedy for this?”
“Yeah. If each employee brings his/her own coffee mug instead of using paper cups.”
Armaan laughs “Ridhima. You are so much na├»ve. I can’t ask my employees that please from tomorrow bring your own mugs otherwise no coffee. Hahaha..”
Ridhima gets angry. “I was not saying that. Obviously you can’t ask them and also they will not follow. I was just saying that every year you give some gift to your employees. This festive season you can give them a coffee mug and tell them about the deep thinking behind this idea.” Ridhima said joking at the end.
“Sounds great. But Mrs. Deep Thinker, with this idea you will save your precious trees but waste water in washing.” Armaan said, now getting fully involved in the idea
“You are right. This idea cannot save water. We won’t be able to save but also we won’t waste it more. Water will be wasted as much it was wasted in paper cups as gallons of water is used in the making of paper cups. But at least we will be able to save some trees.”
“Said wisely. I promise tomorrow only I will order for the mugs to be given as gift. Now my dear wife, if our deep thinking class is over, can we get some sleep.” Armaan said while yawning. Ridhima laughed at Armaan’s little drama.
 Ridhima kissed Armaan and said “Goodnight Armaan”

Ananya Singla

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