Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Chapter 5 : Love or Earth

As the days passed by, Armaan and Ridhima’s life was taking turns. Now Armaan used to spend almost whole day in his office. They could not get time for their daily chit chats. Armaan was becoming over ambitious, always wanting to grab any opportunity for making more money. He was becoming money and power hungry. In this hunger, many times he had neglected Ridhima. It was not that his love for Ridhima had decreased. It is just that his priorities had changed.
It has been three years since Armaan and Ridhima’s marriage. Armaan has got one new project about which he has been very excited. Armaan called Ridhima from his office and asked her to get ready as he is taking her out for dinner.
At dinner, “Happy marriage anniversary, wify” Armaan said and gave her a diamond pendant as gift to Ridhima.
“Happy marriage anniversary, Armaan.” Ridhima wished him and added “But I have not brought any gift for you. I am sorry”
Armaan smiled and said “Ridhima, It’s okay. Well, on this occasion I have a great news. Our company has got a new project from a research lab based in China. And I know you will also be interested in it.”

“Really, what is this project about?”
“Well, the scientists of this research lab have invented a device named ‘O2’ which can generate oxygen in the atmosphere just like trees do.”
“Armaan, It seems like a good invention but I don’t understand it completely. How will it be used?”
“It has been analysed that 10 such devices can generate equal amount of oxygen as released by 15 trees. Also these devices occupy less space as compared to trees. These are battery operated, so no tension about watering them or keeping them alive.”
Ridhima nodded after understanding the whole invention and then asked “Ok. I got it. But Armaan this oxygen will not be natural. It might have some harmful effects.”
 “Yeah Ridhima. Scientists have found that some airborne disease can be there.” Armaan hesitated at first and then said “But do you see. If this device is released in current market, then how much value will be there for this product. Our company will be the world’s biggest and richest company.”
Ridhima felt disappointed after listening to Armaan’s thought “Armaan, what is wrong with you? Just to make you company richest, you want to play with the lives of people.”
“Ridhima, did you not get the point? How am I playing with the lives of people? I am making a device which can generate oxygen which will help people to breath.”
Ridhima interjected “Yes, but along with the oxygen it will also give diseases. And Armaan, trees are not just for oxygen. Trees provide food, prevent soil erosion, prevent water logging, provide shelter, prevent air pollution and many other uncountable benefits.”
“Oh. Come on Ridhima. You are talking about food. You know that ABC company last year only released these capsules and injections whose one intake per day can give you enough energy for the whole day. And their product is becoming viral in the market.”
“Armaan, those capsules and injections can give you energy for one day but not the nutrients which your body actually is in need of. Those nutrients can only be taken from food.”
“Ridhima, If you don’t want to support me then at least don’t stop me. I love you a lot. I am doing all this for our future only. All the money that I will earn from this project will be used for us, you and me.”
Ridhima sighed “Ok, Armaan. If you want to do this project then I will not stop you. But can you promise that you will just make the “O2” devices not cut down the trees. Trees will remain at their place serving their own purpose. Please.”
“Uh.. Ridhima, actually… The research lab has already given the contract of cutting down the trees to another company. They do not want any competitor for their product.”
Ridhima did not know what to say. She always used to inspire people about the importance of trees. She even asked Armaan to limit the use of paper cups in his company which method was adopted in many other companies also. Now, just because one device is claimed to produce artificial oxygen, all the trees are cut down.
Few months later
Just as Armaan had said, all the trees were cut down. “O2” devices had taken their place. Whole earth now seemed to be a barren land. Earlier where rustling of leaves and colourful flowers were used to be, now some small metallic devices were placed looking as lifeless as the earth was becoming. The research lab had made sure that no tree or plant is remaining so that people are forced to buy their product.

Ananya Singla

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