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Chapter 6 : Love or Earth

At first, people were excited about this new technology and wanted to buy it as another asset in their collection. Even governments of all the countries had installed these devices to compensate for the trees. The land, which was earlier the home of trees, was now covered by high buildings and houses.
But all this happiness was short lived. Nothing comes without a price. Without trees, there was scarcity of rains. Due to the shortage of rains, scientists are working on artificial rain. Pollution was at its peak. The vehicles which were fuel operated three years back are now battery operated. So, there was no pollution due to vehicles but due to the industries (old and new which were installed to make the parts of “O2”). There was a whole misbalance in the environment.
People developed heart and breathing problems. Without food, people were relying on capsules which can’t give them sufficient nutrients because of which their health was further deteriorating. Their efficiency at work was decreasing.
 On one hand, all this chaos was going on and on other hand, the businessmen were looking at this situation as a money making time. Market was at its highest peak.
Armaan had become the richest business after introducing “O2” in the market. He had decided to open his own research lab to make more of such inventions.

Ridhima was also facing some breathing problems now. She could not take long walks or do heavy exercises on daily basis.
One morning, Ridhima said “Armaan, why do you want to open a research lab.”
“Ridhima, I don’t have time for listening to your another argument.”
 “Armaan, I just want to say that this is enough. Can’t you see what this product has done? There are no rains. Most of regions are facing water problems. People can’t get even drinking water. Pollution and diseases has made a home everywhere.”
“You just see one side of the situation, Ridhima. Can’t YOU see that I have become richest businessmen? At least be happy for me. And about water problems. Did you get any problem with water?” Armaan said getting angry.
“No.” Ridhima replied meekly.
“Then why are you worried about others. If those people cannot afford water, then it is not my fault. You can’t BLAME ME FOR EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM ON THIS EARTH.” Armaan yelled at her and went to his office without looking back.
Ridhima started crying and thought about her older times. 3 yrs back everything was fine. Armaan and Ridhima were happy with each other. They used to care about one another. Now, everything has changed. Armaan can’t see anything other than money. He does not even pay heed to the Ridhima’s illness. Ridhima has loosened all hopes of her married life or the environment going back to the state which was 3yrs back. She keeps herself occupied with her hospital which is overflowing with more and more patients. The NGO she used to work with has been closed. Without trees, what will they work for.
People were thinking that this is the worst condition of earth but nature (sorry technology) had other plans.

Chapter 7
Armaan has opened his own research lab and hired best scientists from all over the world to work on his project. Robot is not a new concept for anyone. Armaan wanted to build the best robots. He knew that with the decreasing efficiency of human beings, companies will buy the robots efficient in their particular task, hospitals will hire mechanical doctors, and even people will hire the robots for household works. It just needs one thing that is making robots which are cheaper so that everyone can accommodate it.
It took scientists five years to finally come up with the less cost robots. People had earlier seen robots in movies or news channels but never in the shops of their neighbourhood. Now this has become reality. Robots were available at shops just like any other toy. Whenever a person buys a robot, he has to activate it. After that robot works just like any other human being, i.e., they can talk, walk, run, play, cry, smile and most importantly think. Yes, these robots have the thinking process similar to humans due to which they can imagine and create also.
People were happy. After so many years, they had something which can make their work easier. Companies, hospitals, and industries everyone was buying robots. You can say that there were as many robots in the world as many humans were there.
Ridhima had tried to stop Armaan for introducing this invention in the market. She was afraid that same thing might happen due to this invention as had been at the time of “O2”. But as usual, Armaan did not pay any attention to Ridhima’s request. Armaan was already the richest businessmen but now there was no competitor left for his company. His company was the only one owning the whole technology world. He had thought that after this invention, he will be finally satisfied and happy. But he was neither satisfied nor happy. Maybe because Ridhima was not a part of his celebration.
People enjoyed the idea of relaxation and laziness after giving the whole work to robots. But then they became bored, not knowing what to do to keep them occupied. And as the proverb says empty mind is the devil’s workshop, being sick and bored, people were getting frustrated, snappy and aggressive. The fights and murders were becoming common. People started to fight on even small matters. Water was the another issue to pick up fights.
On one hand, humans were occupied with their fights and quarrels. On other hand, some robots were using their imagination and thinking power to its full capacity. After living one year with humans, they had understood everything about human’s weaknesses and strengths. They knew that humans are now sick and also weaker than the robots in terms of strength. Yet, humans were treating them as slaves.
One thing that Armaan and scientists could not figure out was that, all the robots can communicate with each other even when there are hundreds of miles away. Using this communication to their advantage, robots communicated with each other and shared their ideas and experiences.
They had come up with a plan that if they kill all the humans then the whole planet will belong to robots only. Because humans had already cut down the trees and without natural vegetation, all the animals and birds had already died. Now only humans are left, those can be wiped out easily. But they also knew that if humans get to know their intentions, then humans can think of some way to protect themselves.
Thus, robots started to kill people in full secrecy, so that other humans don’t get to know about these killings.

Chapter 8
After few months
There was tremendous drop in the human population; people could not know what the reason is. Whether it is due to water shortage or their internal fights. Nothing was clear.
Here, Ridhima was so much sick yet did not want to take any help from the household robots.
“Armaan, humans are vanishing in the thin air. There must be some big problem out there.”
“Come on, Ridhima. People are fighting each other to death. What other problem can be there?”
“No Armaan, I am having a feeling that something is wrong”
“Ridhima, it is just your sickness that is taking a toll of your mind. Nothing else”
“Just take rest, Ridhima.”
Ridhima did not speak anything and went to her room. She was still not satisfied. She was having a doubt that all these incidents are somehow related to the new robots created by Armaan’s company because similar chaos was happening at the time of “O2”.
Now, only some thousands of humans were left on the whole planet and billions of robots were there. Robots were now assured that even if humans get to know about their conspiracy, they cannot do anything. Thus, robots openly rebelled. Earlier they were taking the shelter of human fights, water problems and poisoning of capsules which humans take. But now they had started killing humans themselves.
Humans were now terrified of robots. They started migrating in order to find a place where there are no robots but there was no place left on earth without robots.
All the suspicions of Ridhima were now crystal clear.
“Armaan, I had told you not to invent these robots. They will create problems. But you did not listen to me. Now see what massacre is happening out there.”
“I know Ridhima. I can’t change the past. ” Armaan said and added “But you know what, I had asked the scientists to build a control switch to shut down the processing of all the robots at once. I will go to the lab right now and switch on that control.”
“Yes, Armaan please go fast and also take care of yourself.”
Armaan went to his lab and opened the control room with the master key. There were many screens showing the graphs about the battery level, processing, working etc. of the robots. He pressed the control switch to shut down the robots. But there was no change in the graphs. The data line of robot’s working graph should have dropped but no, there was no change. Instantly, Armaan knew his mistake of giving the robots the power of thinking. Even before killing the humans, robots had taken care of the control switch and any other method which could have been used to shut them off.
Armaan rushed to his home to tell Ridhima about this and try to find some solution to save humans. But when he reached his home, he saw Ridhima’s body lying on the floor of the hall. Armaan got shocked and walked towards Ridhima cautiously. With trembling hands, he checked Ridhima’s pulse. Ridhima had gone from this world. The robot playing the role of their house helper had killed Ridhima just after Armaan had left the home.

“Ridhima…Ridhima… Please don’t leave me…(sob) I am sorry for…for not paying attention to your…(sob) health earlier. I am really sorry…. I am sorry for not…lis…listening to you before. You…(sob)..You were always right. I was just… thinking about money… and power. I…I did not even thought..(sob) for a second that…what…whatever I have invented will…(sob).. destroy everything. If we will not be..(sob).. alive then what use will be… there of all this wealth. I am so…(sob)… sorry, Ridhima…. I love you a lot...(sob)… If at any other time I got to get birth…. on this earth, then I promise, I will do just what you… had asked me. I will take care.. of our nature, environment, earth. I will plant… trees all over the earth. I promise, Ridhima, (sob) I promise…” Armaan said while crying.
No living thing was left on earth. Trees, animals, humans, insects, birds all were dead. Only robots, land, sea and oceans were there. And the irony was that humans had themselves created their own killers, Robots.

Hi all, I hope you liked this story. Thank you for your support. I wanted share some of my thoughts regarding the story plot.
With this story, I was not protesting against the technology. I am myself an engineer. I just wanted to raise the issue that people are having blind faith on technology. They try to find the solution of every problem in technology. Technology is not always the answer. If we want to create new things, then we should also preserve the ones which are given to us by nature. Don’t take the natural things for granted. Trees and water might be available to us in abundance right now but we continue to use them carelessly then they can also extinct.
Another issue which I wanted to raise was that we just think of our own success, being rich. We never think what effect it might bring on others. Just like Armaan in the story. He wanted to become rich and in process of completing his dream, he invented two such devices due to which humans got vanished. Money is not everything. I believe that if there would have been a policy that the raise in your income will depend on the number of trees you have planted, then the whole earth will be covered by trees. There would have been no shortage of trees. No NGOs will be needed to inspire or lecture people about importance of trees. No person will cut the trees afraid of losing the money. But think for a moment if for money, we can plant the trees then why can’t we do so imagining its worth to be equivalent of money.

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