Thursday, 2 November 2017


Riddhima sits on the sofa beside and starts reading a magazine waiting for Armaan to come. Armaan comes out of the bathroom and riddhima doesn't notice this. He is wearing his shorts with wet hair and is without his shirt. He observes riddhima who is engrossed in reading the magazine. He slowly comes to the back of her and hugs her tightly from the back.

Riddhima: Aaaaah............ aahhhhhhhhh.......

Riddhima starts shouting due to fear. He closes her mouth !!!

Armaan: Riddhima!!! Chillao mat!! Its me darling!!

He now removes his hand from her mouth!!! She turns to him!!

Riddhima: Really Armaan!! U are ridiculous!! Mein bohot darr gayi thi!! Here is your coffee!!

But armaan is not interested to drink that coffee!! He takes the cup of coffee and puts it aside on the table.

He now comes very close to her. She blushes and starts moving aside but he doesn't allow her to leave. He holds her firmly and shakes his head and drops of water fall on riddhima's face from his hair. She is about to wipe those drops but armaan puts his hand in between and wipes out the water drops on her face where as she is blushing badly!!

He slowly lifts her up and settles up on the couch and she settles on his lap with her head on his chest. He is kissing her on her head and shoulder and she is holding him tightly by his waist and occasionally kissing him on his chest.

Riddhima slowly comes out of the hug.

Riddhima: Coffee ?

Armaan: Sharing !!!

Riddhima smiles at him and gets his coffee cup and hands it to him. He catches her hand makes her sit on him again.

Riddhima: Armaan!! Coffee will spill!!

Armaan: Mch... Riddhima!!!

Armaan takes the coffee cup and makes her sit on his lap (like always)

Armaan now takes the cup into his hands.

Armaan: First you!!

Riddhima tries to say something but he cuts her in between by putting the cup near her mouth. She holds the cup and which is still holded by him and takes a sip. He then takes the cup and he also takes a sip. They spend some half an hour sitting on the couch and chit chatting.

Armaan: Shall we go out for some time? What say?

Riddhima: No armaan!! Shaadi, after that packing for honeymoon, i am really tired. We will go out tomorrow. Ok!!

Armaan: You are tired and u didn't even tell me. Are u fine now. (Checking whether she has fever)

Riddhima: Armaan please!! I am fine. I will take my shower and will be back.

Armaan: Agar koi madad ki zaroorat hai to mujhe bulao. Theeke ;)

Riddhima: Shut up armaan!!
Riddhima goes into the washroom and armaan lies down on the bed doing some work on his laptop. (searching for the places they can visit in Australia).

After 20 minutes, riddhima comes out of the shower with a towel in her hands wiping her wet hair. She is wearing a red (sauce waala lal) sleeveless nighty. Armaan just turns due to the sound made by the door !!!

Armaan now cannot move his eyes from her. She goes to the dressing table and starts drying her hair. He comes to her and hugs her from the back side and starts nuzzling her shoulders. She places her hand on his cheek and lightly caressing it (smiling at him)!! She is now drying back her hair again. Armaan is now holding her by her waist and is kissing her neck. Riddhima is now breathing heavily.

She slowly leaves the towel and turns back and hugs him. He hugs her. The scene looks like as if armaan is acting like a protective coat for riddhima.

He slowly lifts her up and takes her to the bed and settles her down carefully ... He settles himself on her. Riddhima is now blushing very badly and is breathing very heavily!!!

He slowly starts kissing her forehead, eyes and cheeks. He then starts kissing her neck. She is running her fingers into his hair.

Riddhima slowly switches of the night lamp.



Tring Tring........Tring Tring......

Armaan wakes up due to the disturbance created by the phone. He sees riddhima sleeping peacefully and tries to lift the phone as fast as possible so that she will not wake up due to the disturbance created by the phone.

Armaan: (In a sleepy voice): Hello!!!

Rahul: Hi! Armaan. Mein rahul bol raha hoon. How's life going on?

Armaan: Abbey yaar Rahool!! I am sleeping. Aur waise bhi yeh mera honeymoon hai!! Please don't disturb me now. Acha theeke batao na kya baat hai?

Rahul: Just like that. It has been a long time na. So, just gave a call.

Armaan: Ok. So, how is muskaan and ur baby ?

Rahul: Haan yahan sab log theek hai!!

Armaan: Ok then!! I will talk to you later!! Bye!!

Rahul: Bye...

Armaan: (Cutting in between): Yaar don't call me again. Talk to you in india. Ok then Bye!!!

Rahul: Bye (smiling to himself)

Armaan places the phone back and looks at riddhima. She is sleeping peacefully. She had an innocent face and is sleeping like baby. He goes near to her, kisses her forehead and starts caressing her hair.

PRECAP: Armaan and Riddhima moments......


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