Saturday, 11 November 2017


Armaan: Ok then! I will order some coffee and breakfast for us and we will go outside.
Riddhima: Where are we going today?
Armaan: Hmm... Water Park...
Riddhima: Ok then. I will be back within 10 minutes.
She gives a smile and leaves.
Armaan meanwhile orders some breakfast for them.

Riddhima comes out wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. She is looking beautiful in those jeans and t-shirt.
Armaan: Wow... Riddhima, aaj tum bohot bohot bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho. But yeh sudden change kya hai ? Why did u wear this dress.
Riddhima: (This time, she does not want to hide her feelings any more) Cause you like these kind of clothes na, modern. Thats why. Just for you.

Armaan feels really happy and there is no limit for his happiness. The happiness is not because Riddhima has wore jeans but because, she wore something for him expecting that he will like it. He goes close to her, kisses on her forehead and hugs her. She also hugs him back.
Armaan: I love you biwi!!!
Riddhima: I love you too hubby!!!
Armaan felt much more happier when Riddhima addressed him like this.
Riddhima: And by the way, I can't wear a saree or salwar suit. Cause, we are going to water park and this dress will be comfortable.
Armaan: Hmm... (Kissing her on her forehead again). I will take my shower and will be back ok.
Riddhima: Ok. (Gives him a smile)
Soon Armaan comes out. His dress is the same he wore on the
Riddhima's birthday before two years when he danced for Dil Haara song.
He goes and Riddhima starts serving food for both of them. As she gives his plate for him,
Armaan makes a baby face and will ask her to feed him.
Riddhima feeds armaan his breakfast and Armaan also feeds her inbetween. Both of them enjoy that moment.
They are now ready.
Armaan is packing a backpack as they are going out.
Meanwhile riddhima is helping him.
Armaan: Riddhima, what about camera?
Riddhima: Haan Armaan!! I will get it.
Armaan: Aur tumhare lie ek extra pair kapde bhi. Kyunki hum water park jaa rahe hain. Aur mere lie bhi ek pair extra.
Riddhima: Ok. I will get them.
Armaan meanwhile drops some food into the backpack, their passports and some money. After packing all those things, he lies on the bed beside the backpack and mean while
Riddhima: Armaan!! Armaan!!
Armaan: Kya hua Riddhima? Tum itna chilla kuan rahi ho?
Riddhima: Wo armaan... What shall i keep for you as extra clothing?
Armaan: Whatever you like sweetheart.
Riddhima: Ok!! Again you should not say that why did u keep this for me.
Armaan: Ok baba ok.
So, finally riddhima packs the remaining things and closes it.
Armaan is still lying on the bed instead of getting up.
Riddhima: Armaan, we will be late. Get up.
Armaan is in no hurry and acting as if he is also in a hurry, he puts up his hand as if asking for her support.
Riddhima thought that he really was asking and gives her hand to him and trieg to support him. Meanwhile, Armaan pulls her and
she falls on the top of him (Just like the scene during Sapna's wedding).
Riddhima tries to get up but
Armaan is not allowing her. He is catching her hand very tightly so that she can't get up. Riddhima soon becomes quiet and armaan rotates her and now he is on the top of her. He slowly removes a strand of hair from her face and starts kissing her cheek. She also responds to him by kissing him on his forehead. After a few minutes, riddhima get's up.
Riddhima: Armaan... I think hume nikal na chahiye. Otherwise, the water park will get closed.
Armaan: Hmm... (His voice is as if he is not interested in going there).
Both of them leave to the water park.


It is a beautiful place with water falls in its entrance.
Riddhima: Armaan, this water fall is really so beautiful na?
Armaan: Yups sweetu... Lets have a photo.
Armaan places the camera on the rock infront of them and sets it into auto mode and stands beside riddhima holding her by her waist.
As the time comes that the sensor blinks, Armaan gives riddhima a kiss on her cheek. And the camera will capture their photo. Riddhima gives him an angry face (Fake anger) and gives him an "after going home, i will tell you" look.

He immediately makes a baby face.
Armaan: cholly...... Liddhima please.... please mujhe punishment do.... don't punish me after going to the room..... pleacch... (Still keeping that baby face)
Riddhima melts with his words and starts laughing at his childish behaviour.
She holds his cheeks and says
Armaan, you are really so sweet.... Especially when you act like a baby. I love u sooo much...
She hugs him sideways.
Armaan: Love u too sweetheart !!!
Armaan and riddhima still go forward and they find a gaint water ride. (Name it water slide).
Armaan points it out and says in an excited voice.
Armaan: Riddhima, Udhar dheko !!! WATER SWING !!!
Riddhima: Armaan!!! Armaan.... no mujhe bohot darr hai...
Please tum jaao aur ain yahan tumhara intzaar karti hoon... please.
Armaan: Riddhima, I am there with you. You will always be safe with me. Agar tumhe dar hai to catch me tightly. Mere lie to bohot maza bhi aayega....
Riddhima: Armaan... No comedy please.
Armaan: Riddhima... Please chalo na...
Riddhima: (Hesitatingly): Ok....

PRECAP: Armaan and riddhima moments in the water park :)

Hope you all liked it todays episode!! Do comment!!
Pradeepthi & Dipika :)

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