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Armaan will get the tickets for the water ride. Riddhima is still tensed and will hold armaan's hand tightly. Armaan ensures her that he is there and he will never let anything to happen to her.

Both of them go to the top of the slide and sit in the life boat like thing which will go down the slide. A life boat can accommodate only two people. So armaan and riddhima are in the same boat. Riddhima is completely tensed after sitting in it and it swetting. Armaan slowly removes the sweat on her forehead, moves her closer and makes her sit on his lap. He envelops her in his arms so that she will not get tensed. So the countdown starts...


The boat is now moving downwards the slide and now riddhima gets tensed to kook down and hides her face in armaan's chest and is clutching on to him tightly. He now holds her more tighter and finally, they finished the ride. Riddhima is still in the same position where as armaan is smiling at her as she is clutching on to him like that.

Armaan: Riddhima.... Riddddd...hhhe...maaa!!! Come on jaanu.... the ride is finished.... shall we go!!!

Riddhima soon realises that the ride is over and gets out of the boat as soon as possible. As she is getting out of the boat, armaan senced that she is feeling a bit tensed and giddy and he gets out immediately and catches hold of her.

Armaan and riddhima walk out and they sit on a bench. Armaan makes riddhima drink some water.

Armaan: (Now a bit worrying): Jaanu tum theek to ho na ?

Riddhima: Hmm... Theek hoon. Bus, bohot dar gayi thi...

Armaan: Jaanta hoon...

She rests her head on armaan's shoulder for a while whereas armaan caresses her hair.

After some time, riddhima gets up.

Armaan: Hey riddhima, lets sit here for some more time..

Riddhima: Nai armaan... Main theek hoon. To chale...

Armaan: Haan chalo...

Armaan and riddhima go to a counter near to that place.

Armaan: Hello, I would like to buy the tickets for the swimming pool.

Water park Manager: Sir, the pool is available but would you like to have a private pool or a common one?

Armaan looks at riddhima and thinking that she will be uncomfortable in the regular pool. He thinks that and immediately asks for a private pool.

They will be taken to the private pool. It is not too big as a common pool. It is in the closed area (In a room like place) where there are three changing rooms and it is a private place.

So, armaan and riddhima go to change in to their swim suits. Armaan changes into the swim suit just like the one on the day of picnic during the internship. He comes out and drops into the pool and is waiting for riddhima to come.

Riddhima comes out wearing the same swim suit which she wears during the internship. She comes to the pool but does not get inside. She just drops her legs into the pool and is watching armaan. Armaan is now not moving his eyes from her. He swims to the other end where she is sitting and asks her to get into the pool.

As he gives the support of his hand, she slowly gets into the pool.

He is holding her by the waist and she is catching him round his neck. He kisses her on her forehead and then her cheeks while she tightens the grip around him. he slowly lifts her chin with his thumb finger and kisses her on her lips. She also passionately responds to him.

They spend some time like this. Soon riddhima comes out of the embrace and sprinkles water on armaan's face who is deeply lost in her eyes.

She is now smiling at him who is suddenly shocked. Now armaan has a mischievous smile on his face and started sprinkling water on her and both of them start to play in the water like kids.

Finally now armaan cought riddhima and started tickling her.

She is now laughing and twirling. As she is laughing, she lost her grip and starts to drown when suddenly Armaan lifts her up in the water holding her very close to him. Riddhima comes back to normal state as he stopped tickling her.

Armaan is looking into her eyes and she slowly moves her hands towards him. One of her hands is caressing his cheek and the other his hair. Armaan always loved to be caressed by her like this. He now starts kissing her shoulder and her neck while she has her hands round his neck. He now comes to her lips and is about to kiss her and she closed her eyes tightly. He then moves to her ears.

Armaan: shall we have a race?

Riddhima: kya!!! (In a confused voice)

Armaan: Hmm.... lets swim from that end to this end and then back. Who comes first... they will have to....

Riddhima: Haan... they will have to..... kya?

Armaan: Hmm I will tell you after the race...

Riddhima: theeke....

Armaan and riddhima swim till the end. Armaan counts 1... 2... 3... go...

Both armaan and riddhima are swimming together. Riddhima intentionally starts to swim closer to armaan and armaan is lost in her completely and she swims faster and wins the race.

Riddhima: Yippie..... Hey hey hey.... Armaan is the looser......

Armaan: Riddhima, yeh tume.... (Now getting close to her and catching her tightly and close to him by her waist) Dr. Riddhima Armaan Mallik, how can you cheat like this?

Rihhima: armaan, what cheating did i do?

Armaan: Ohhh !!! Dont tell me that you don't know. I know that you intentionally came close to me!!!

Riddhima: armaan, i was just swimming... if i am close to you, what will happen to you? Aur tumne mujhko cheater keh rehe ho....... Come on Armaan maine kuch nahi kia...

Armaan is now showing fake anger and is moving far from her. She slowly goes back of him and hugs him tightly from the backside and laying her head on his shoulders.

Riddhima: Armaan... Oye sheru..... Hubby.... My hubby....

Armaan is now smiling his million dollar smile and turns to her and she immediately hugs him lying her head on his chest. He kisses her hair and she returns a kiss on his chest. Armaan tightens his grip and she also tightens her grip around him...

They spend some time like this in the pool. They come out and will decide to have a walk round the park and start roaming there and enjoying themselves.


Armaan and riddhima are now coming out of the water park. They are very tired now as they were walking since morning till now. Riddhima is leaning onto armaan laying her head on his shoulders and armaan is acting like a support for her by catching her by her waist. Both of them take a taxi and are now going to hotel.

Riddhima is still resting on armaan's shoulder and now armaan is caressing her hair and slowly kissing her forehead. She slowly whispers in his ears 'I love you'

Armaan: Love u too!!! (Whispering)

Armaan and riddhima soon reach their hotel room. As soon as they go there, riddhima immediately falls on the couch which is in the enterance and armaan notices that she is tired but he is also tired now. He removes his shoes, leaves the backpack and sits on the floor beside the couch.

He slowly caresses her hair and now is kissing on her forehead and cheeks. Riddhima suddenly wakes up.

Armaan: sorry!!! U woke up coz of me!!!

Riddhima: koi baat nahin armaan.

Armaan: Riddhima, jaake fresh ho jao na..... Main humare lie khaana bhi order karoonga. Hum khaane ke baad sojayenge.

Riddhima: armaan please 10 minute aur. Tum theek dus min ke baad mujhe utho. Then i will go freshup, eat and sleep. Ok?

Armaan does not want her to force coz he loves her so much that he does not wants her to be uncomfortable.

Armaan: ok. Why 10 min's? I will wake u up after 20 min's.

Riddhima: Cho chweet. Thank you.

She goes back to sleep.

He smiles at her and notices that she did not remove her shoes. He slowly removes her shoes and goes to the bed room. He orders some food for them.
He also gets a pillow from there.

He carefully lifts riddhima's face so that she wont wakeup and places the pillow. She feels comfy and then makes a cosy sound. He always loves it when she makes sounds like that.

He keeps on looking at his riddhima who is sleeping peacefully. As he is also tired, he sleeps on riddhima'a waist and his both hands are rounding her waist.

Riddhima wakes up after one hour due to the noise made by the door bell. She notices that armaan is sleeping on her and tries to get up slowly but armaan wakes up as he is not in deep sleep.

Riddhima smiles at him and runs her fingers through his hairs.

Riddhima: Bell is ringing. I will be back. Ok!!

Armaan: Hmm......

Riddhima opens the door and the room service person gets their food into their room in a trolley. Armaan has ordered lots of food.

Riddhima: armaan, i will fresh up and come. We will start eating after that. Ok!!

Armaan: Ok!!

Armaan lies on the couch as he is tired and is not in a position to move now.

After 10 minutes, Riddhima comes out of the bathroom wearing a white nighty. It has a while lace as an overcoat for it.

Riddhima comes out into the small hall like area (Their room has two sections. One living area and the other bed room. It is separated with a curtain)

She finds armaan lying on the couch and doing something on his phone. He suddenly turns due to the sound of her payals which are gifted to her by him on valentines day.

Armaan: (To himself) She is beautiful.....

Riddhima goes to him and sits on his lap resting her head on his chest. Armaan wraps his arms around her and starts caressing her hair and simultaneously kissing her forehead.

Armaan: shall we eat the food? I will get it for you.

Riddhima: Armaan!!! I am very weak. I am not having the strength to eat. Please.... you go and have na!!!

As soon as he hears that she is weak, he immediately goes to the table on which food is kept and starts serving the food on a plate.

Meanwhile, riddhima thinks that armaan is having his food and she goes to the room and lies down on the bed.

Armaan goes inside and finds riddhima sleeping on the leftmost corner of the bed. He climbs on the bed from the right side and now riddhima's back is facing armaan.

Armaan: Riddhima...... Riddhima.....

Riddhima wakes up and sees armaan there.

Riddhima: You are not having your food?

Armaan: Hum dono ek saath khayenge. Chalo...

Riddhima first refuses but finally gives up.

Armaan helps her in sitting and she is about to take the plate.

Armaan: No... no.... (Patiently) Nhai riddhima... you are very tired. Let me feed you.

Riddhima: thank you armaan.....

Armaan: Riddhima, I am not an outsider. Baar baar thank you, sorry kehne kelie zaroorat nihin hai. Aur waise bhi, i enjoy working for you. Let it be... any work. Hospital ya personal kaam. I really enjoy helping you and working for you.
Now open your mouth!!! (In the voice of a mother asking her child to open his/her mouth)

Riddhima at once feels the luckiest and has all the love in her eyes for him.

Armaan askes her what she wants to eat first coz there are many varieties. Armaan feeds her with the dish she selected. Meanwhile riddhima takes a piece of food to his mouth and starts feeding him. He does not reject coz he loves to eat food from her hand. They both finish the food in the plate by feeding each other.

Riddhima: armaan!!! Give the plate to me!!! I am fine now.

Armaan: Riddhima!!! No way!!! I bought this plate of food for you and you fed me half in it. How will you get the nutrition?
(He is behaving with her as if she is a pregnant. He is taking care of her like that)

Riddhima doesn's speak a word and is really happy to get so much of love from him.

Armaan fills up the plate again and both of them share the food like before.

Finally, they finish their food and armaan puts the plate on the food trolley and places the trolley out of the room.

He goes to the bathroom and comes out after 10 min's.

He does not find riddhima on the bed.

Armaan: Riddhima!! Riddhima!!

Riddhima: Haan Armaan !! (She is in the small balcony which is attached to their room. They are on the 45th floor)

Armaan: Riddhima (Yelling now in an angry tone) Are you mad? Why did you come to this balcony?
It is not safe.... (Now in a caring voice...) Riddhima, it is a very small balcony and don't forget that you are on the 35th floor. Its not at all safe....

She feels bad coz she made him tensed.

Armaan knows very well that riddhima is tensed of heights. Armaan will grab her from that place, lifts her and and goes to their bed room. He places her on the bed and gives her a good night kiss. He goes out to get his phone.



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