Thursday, 9 November 2017

OS : Love Blossoms

Its been four years of armaan and ridhima's marriage but there love was still growing. This month has been the busiest month of their lives but yet they never forgot their love dose every night. Every morning they wake up together in each other's arms and make love for few hours then they have shower together where they make out and then they get dressed rather Ridhima gets dressed and does armaan's hair makes him wear his clothes after a lot of struggle then she ties a tie around his neck
which armaan hates it cuz he feels old but according to Ridhima he looks smart so she makes him wear it. Later on they have breakfast with a kiss here and there and then they go for their duties and since Ridhima is appointed as an intern's head she has to do double duty so sometimes its hard to find her and poor armaan misses his basket cuz he can't make out with her in lunch. Seriously he cant get enough of her or rather they can't. After their duties they come home and make dinner together and then they watch a movie and eat. Then they go to bed yearly so they can have sex

Just like another day they were exhausted Ridhima just wanted to hit the bed and sleep for hours. But she has to cook as they were walking upstairs to their room or rather armaan was but Ridhima wasn't she was taking tinny baby steps.."jaan" ridhima called armaan "yes baby" he realised that he was ahead of Ridhima..he was in the middle of the stairs and she is still on the first step..he went down and saw her indicating him to pick her up he smiled at her cuteness. He picked her up in his arms..he saw that she is already dozing off. Soon he reached their bedroom and slowly he placed her on the bed and tucked her. He gave her a goodnight kiss and went bathroom to get a shower. He came back in his boxers. He saw her struggling in her sleep he could make out various reasons first because of her hair second she hasn't changed third she hadn't had a dinner and fourth the main one she is wearing her bra. In four years he knew that she didn't like wearing bra when going to sleep..she never told him and neither did he asked her but he knew cuz every time they use to make love he never opened her bra well only once on their wedding night. A smile formed on his lips as he remembered their wedding and their first wedding night. He saw her getting up and pouting. He went and sat next to her. "what happened to my baby" he said while hugging her from one side and his other hand cupping her cheek and caressing it. She felt relax. it's better than struggling to sleep peacefully she thought.
"armaan I'm hungry"
"I know I ordered a's going to be here anytime"
"aww thanks" she said and kissed his cheek. She hugged him and hid her head in his chest and left wet kisses.

Her kisses were turning him on and he can't make love to her tonight cuz she is tired and he knows that she might fall ill the next day due to lack of sleep and on top of that she is very tired. "Ridhima stop it" he said it with his closed eyes as he can feel her kisses going up to his neck then cheeks and every part of his face but not his lips he so wanted to feel her lips on his. Every time he kisses her he feels it differently and more yummy. "aren't you tired jaan" he said and hugged her to stop her but she wouldn't. This was it he can't stop her anymore he grabbed her lips and kissed her. Their kiss was passionate straight away as their kiss grew more passionate their hands started caressing each other's body sensually Ridhima hands were ruffling his hair arousing him more and trying to decrease the gap between each other which was hardly there when they are together. His hands were under her shirt caressing her waist soon his hands were in her hips pulling her closer and closer..Ridhima pulled out of the kiss as she was out of breath but Armaan started kissing her neck and opening her buttons of her shirt..he bit her neck he heard her gasp he quickly kissed that spot..she pulled his hair as she felt him sucking the spot where he bit her he sucked and kissed making it go red..slowly he left trails of kisses from neck to shoulder..he kissed every part of shoulder..he pulled her strap down and kissed her upper chest slowly going down but her shirt was disturbing him he quickly removed her shirt and hugged her kissing her neck and at the same time opening her bra from back..she felt his cold fingers brushing her skin she gasped..he kissed her neck to calm her down as he opened the hook he took of her bra and chucked it on the floor..she felt shy sitting in front of him naked even though its not the first time but every time they make love they get new feeling and every time she blushes as if its first time and he loves seeing her blush..they both were looking each others eyes and this time her cheek went red as she felt his lips on hers without giving another thought he kissed her gently which soon turned into a passionate kiss he parted his lips and so did she their tongue mingled dancing in tune of love, passion and desire. She unbuttoned his shirt but didn't took it off as she was busy kissing him on his tanned matter how long it had been them kissing echo her they just can not get over with eachother..before parting for air they tasted each other's saliva one last time..she moaned as he laid her down and she interlocked her fingers with his..she felt him kissing her chest..she moaned as he grabbedher breasts rubbed them and kissed her cleavage..she ruffled his hair arousing him and asking him for he bit her nipple he felt his hair being pulled he sucked and kissed her nipple..he left trails of wet kisses from her cheat to her stomach..he heard a noise but ignored it and Ridhima was completely unaware what was happening all she knew was armaan and his love..she was completely drowned in passion..she was arousing him more as she turned him making him lay under her she kissed his eyes his cheek his neck his chestbut not lips she left wet kisses on his chest and he grabbed her and made her face him he had enough he quickly captured her lips into a passionate kiss..they heard a noise again but choose to ignore it all they knew was explore each other again and again..ridhima heard the noise again and realise that its their door bell that is ringing for the past 5 minutes..she broke out from the kiss but saw armaan approaching again she hugged him to stop him but was to late as he kept on kissing her neck shoulder ear..he bit her ear she moaned..she heard the door bell again.."armaan".."hmmm"he made his way through her chest again but Ridhima cupped his face and kissed him lightly on his lips.."baby someone is at the door"..he was so into her that he just wanted to stay like this..he kissed her cheek and lips gently but Ridhima broke out before it turns out passionate "armaan go see who is at the door first" she cupped his face and gave him a sweat smile and she exactly knew that armaan would do anything when she gives him this smile and he hated it that she knew about this..he buttoned up his shirt and said while walking out "im coming back to get you" he turned to see her blushed face and winked at her with his dimpled smile

He went downstairs while buttoning up his shirt..he opened the door with an irritated face.."Arghh" he groaned and opened the door to see who disturbed his romantic moment with his wife. He opened the door to see pizza man standing there. "didn't you find some other time to come".."huh..we have to get the pizza delivered in thirty minutes and pheww 4 minutes are still must be sad that you couldn't get the pizza free" he smirked in armaan's defeat "huh...what..ohh I don't care about the pizza I was spending such a.." he stopped as he realised that he is talking about his private stuff to a delivery guy.."I know I can see that you were ehm ehm" armaan looked at him with his eyes popped out when he saw him pointing his lips which had ridhima's red lipstic on.."how shameless!!" he whispered.. "whatever give me my pizza and here is your money..he snatched the pizza and put the money on his guy turned to go but faces him back "ohh by the way when you open the door next time make sure you check in the mirror first "he naughtily grinned and Armaan got dare he!! Eventhough that he was angry at him but was embraced as well "whatever" he smacked the door and went towards kitchen where he saw his sweet wife in her bath rob..he stared at her.

"Armaan can you stop staring at hungry" she said it with a cute pout on her face which armaan loves to she saw the pizza on his hand she went to him and snatched the pizza..she quickly opened it and started eating it while armaan watched her and rolled his eyes..he went and took the plates out..he took the pizza from her and saw her pouting he quickly peeked he lips and then he put two slices on her plate and 3 on his plate and he passed her plate but she took her's and his plate and put the pizza back on the box..she held the pizza box in one hand and grabbed his hand with her other hand..she pulled him out of the kitchen and took him to the living room..she made him sit on the couch and handed him the pizza and then she grabbed the remote from the coffee table and made herself comfortable on his laps with the pizza on her hand and started eating it while Armaan looked at her weirdly. "she is behaving weirdly today for some reason" he thought but left that thought behind as he felt her kiss his cheeks and then neck. He loved it but her behaviour was making him worried. he felt her lips on his but he quickly pulled out while ridhima was trying to grab his lips. He took hold of her shoulder and made her face him.

"Ridhima…what is wrong with you today"
"'s wrong with me??"
"that's what im asking baby" he peeked her lips making her confused more
"armaan I don't understand what are your trying to say" she hugged him tightly scared of loosing him
"exactly ridhima this is what I don understand..all of a sudden you started hugging me kissing me and heck you are seducing me today..where is my ridhima who used to be shy whenever I used to touch her kiss her make love to her..i love this ridhima too but where is my old ridhima who wasn't bold enough to kiss me well kissing is out of the question you were too shy to hold my hand in public and today im seeing ridhima that I don't even know"
Ridhima giggled at his observation "oh come on armaan im your wife and I have a right to do what I want to with my husband" as she said this she kissed his lips quickly and winked!
"offcource you do jaan but all of a sudden..i don't get it"
"armaan there is nothing to think about its pretty simple look we are married since 4 years and god knows how many time we made love so im pretty used to your touch now and that's why I don't feel shy anymore"
"yeah I get that but how come all of a sudden we lithely make love every night and yesterday you were too blushing seeing me shirtless and you don't like it when the lights are turned on when we are making out and today we were making out with the lights on and you started seducing me…" before he could say something else ridhima smacked her lips onto his. She deepened the kiss by encircling her arms around his neck and ruffling his hair..she liked the way she shut him up..she smiled while kissing..armaan felt her smiling he backed off with a confused face
"Basket whats going on..i don't understand this behaviour of yours..are you on your periods? But I swear you were on two weeks back"
"Armaan why are you so worried about my behaviour and about my your wife is seducing you and all you care about is my periods..humph" she got up from his lap and went towards the stairs but armaan was faster than her he held her shoulder from the back and turned her around. He took the pizza from her hand and placed it on the table nearby. He then scooped her in his arms, confusing ridhima. He saw her confused face and gave her a light kiss on her cheek..while she just snuggled closer to him..kissing him on his he entered their bedroom. He placed her on the bed and turned the lights off.
He jumped on the bed next to her but saw her nervous face
"basket why do you look nervous..its not our first time you know" he said huskily in her ear and pulling her for a hug..while hugging he made her lay down and him on top of her..he kissed her neck then slowly making his way to her clevage as he kissed her there he felt ridhima cupping his face.
"hmmm" he wasn't listening to her..he was so busy kissing her neck
"Armaan I want to talk to you" she was so scared to tell him..she wants to but words were not coming.
"yes" he hated it when she interrupts him and now when he was willing to listen to her she stopped in the middle. "ridhima im listening please say it quickly I cant wait..he smirked naughtily but stopped when he saw her fiddling with his shirt buttons.
"ridhima..are you alright" he was worried because she only does this when she is sad or worried..he wondered the cause of her behaviour..he admits that she is behaving weirdly today but what is the cause of it..shes not on her periods so that is out of the question and tiredness well when she isnt..then what is it?
"basket whats wrong baby" he cupped her face
"armaan I am"
"yes your what" he kissed her cheek as he said that and he sat on the bed resting his back on the rest board and made her sit on his lap. She hugged him..rested her head on armaan's chest.
"armaan I am pregnant" she said it in one go not able to hold it inside
"so..i mean WHAT"
"I know your not ready for it but I am sorry I forgot to take the pills two weeks back and.." she was stopped in the middle when she saw him getting up. She had tears in her eyes and all rushed down. She sniffed which caught his attention.
"arm..annn" hiccup "I am.." she broke down completely
"Ridhima.. basket why are you crying" he hugged her
"arma..aaannn *sniff* I am sorry"
"basket why are you saying sorry..and what did you mean by im not ready"
"cuzzz you..*hiccup*"
"shhh stop crying first" he cleared the tears away from her cheeks
"armaan you never said anything about having a baby and I know your not ready yet because we both are busy and.." before she could say anything he hugged her..suprising her. She was confused.. he behaves so weirdly and "oh my god is he crying" she said it to herself.
"armaan are you crying" she pulled out and saw him looking down and tears in his eyes.
"armaan…why are you crying" she was confused
"ridhima…I cant imagine it..i am going to be a dad I cant believe this ridhima you gave me the world's best news ever" "what..i mean your happy right?"
"off course I am basket…I am going to be a dad..oh my god I cant believe this" he quickly hugged her
"your really happy right..or your just doing it for me"
"basket I am very happy..i cant be happier more than this..this is the best news you've given me ridhima" he pulled out and took her both hands in his and kissed her hand as a tear drop fell on her hand. "thank you so much" he wispererd.
"armaan." she made him look at her and wiped his tears.."he is such a girl sometimes" she thought to herself.
"thank you armaan for giving me this wonderful gift" she stood on her tip toes and kissed him lightly on his lips. She hugged him while he rested his chin on her shoulder. He pulled out of the hug after few minutes and bent down while ridhima looked at him confusingly.
"hello my baby princess I am your dad and please come out soon I cant wait to see you" he kissed her stomach indicating that he kissed his daughter. Ridhima giggled at his behaviour.
"and one more thing please don't trouble my basket she will kill me for making her pregnant"
"armaan" she made him stand up on his feet. "armaan your such a baby.. a cute one" she pulled his cheek "and how do you know it's a girl not a boy..i am carrying a baby so I am supposed to know right"
"basket how can I not know..its my baby too and I know it's a princess" he said with a dreamy smile on his face as he imagined his perfect family.
"whatever we will see after 8 months and 2 weeks"
"ridhima your just two weeks pregnant"
"what do you mean just two weeks..offcourse I am 2 weeks pregnant?"
"I mean 8 months and 2 weeks is a very long time.. I cant wait to see my princess".
"armaan your so impatient"
"what I just want to hold my princess" he pouted and caressed her stomach..and she giggled
"ok enough talking lets go to sleep we have to go hospital tomorrow" she held his hand to move but he didn't budge
"Does that mean we cant have sex till the baby is delivered"
"We can pregnancy its safe to have sex as long as its safe..remember you are a doctor too"
"oh yeah" he replied foolishly "but basket we are not going to have sex till the baby is delivered I don't want to risk yours and baby's both are very precious too me" as he said that he kissed her hands.
"aww armaan your so sweet..i knew you would not have sex when you come to know about my pregnancy" she hugged him instantly while he smiled
"basket you knew I wouldn't push you then what was all that seducing for" he pulled out and winked at her while she just blushed
"urmm I was know urmm"
"yeah yeah I know you were desperate" he winked at her
"armaan" she blushed and hid her head in his chest. "I wasn't desperate I was just worried that what will be your reaction and then I don't know what happened to me"
"but I must say that was very nice" he grinned naughtily at her.
"whatever..ok lets go to sleep"
"hold on..ridhima is that why you were behaving weirdly..but isn't it early for mood swings..i mean your just two weeks pregnant"
"Armaan those weren't mood swings that was just I don't know I guess I was just scared of your answer" she shrugged her shoulders
"Ridhima you thought I would say no"
"urrmm yes cuz we never spoke about having a child so I though you must be not ready yet"
"basket your such a basket why would I say no..i am so happy I can't even tell you" he hugged her and kissed her neck while she kissed his chest
"ok enough of seducing me lets go to sleep I don't want you to feel tired tomorrow" he made her lay down on the bed while he went to other side. They both lay down next to each other, hugging each other.
"Goodnight my princess" he kissed ridhima's stomach and then kissed her lips "goodnight my jaan"
"goodnight hubby and my PRINCE" she placed her hand on her stomach.."armaan why don't you just get it that it's a boy, my prince not your princess..well not yet"
"ridhima we will see in 8 months and 2 weeks"
"yes we will Mr. Armaan Malik"
"Certainly Mrs. Ridhima (basket) Armaan Malik"
Soon they both went to sleep with a smile on their faces dreaming about their child.

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