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"Bhaisahab mithai khaiye" an elated Ananya was offering sweets to each and every soul who was coming her way.
"Ananya hua kya" finally Padma came out seeing her friend making happy noises.
"Arre Armaan finally cracked the RBI exam " Ananya said stuffing a sweet in Padma's mouth.

Ananya and Billy Malik used to live one street away from the Guptas. They were simple middle class families and  both the families have known each other for years. The children of these houses have literally grown up together attending the same school and college.

In Gupta house

"Shashank I wanted to say that" Padma was hesitating.
"What happened say na" Shashank rowned at his wife.
"Wo I was thinking about Shilpa's marriage. ...she is 26 now...I have a boy in mind"
"We are surely soulmates...I was thinking the same...and the boy is Armaan hmmm" Shashank raised his brows and smiled.
Padma smiled widely and nodded her head " Now he is settled. ...moreover where will our Shilpa get so much love from her in laws...Billy bhaisahab and Ananya love her dearly. "
"But what if Shilpa " Shashank was cut in between
"Armaan is her best friend ...why will she have an objection" Padma was not at all ready to hear any excuses.

After 10 days a puja was kept by the Maliks for Armaan's prosperity.
After the puja finished ...the elders were talking in the lawn when Ananya held Padma's hand " I want a gift from you..."
Padma was confused " what"
"Shilpa...I mean Shilpa for my Armaan" Ananya smilingly kept her proposal.
Padma and Shashank looked at each other in a don't know what manner but soon their faces were carrying big smiles.
"Your son is a gem Ananya..and Shilpa will never get a better boy" Padma already sealed the proposal.
"My Shilpa is also one in a million" Ananya showed her fondness for Shilpa.
"What about Armaan" Shashank quizzed.
"First we asked him only...only after he showed us the green flag we proceeded" Billy  expressed his happiness.
Padma was giving "see I told you " look to her husband who just smiled in return.

"Shilpa " Padma entered Shilpa's room with her favourite chocolate cake.
"Mamma cake..I love you" Shilpa squealed in joy seeing her favourite dish but then she switched to her detective mode "What's the catch?"
"Badmash...tu toh aise bol rahi hai jaise mai roz tujhe karele khilati hun" Padma twisted her ear.
"Ahh mamma sorry"
After sometime
"Beta...don't you think it's the perfect age to get married" Padma caressed her daughter's hair.
"Mamma phir se " Shilpa pouted.
"You will be turning 27 next month...don't behave like a kid" Padma reprimanded.
"I can't marry an unknown person...it's so..." Shilpa made a face imagining herself getting  tied with a stranger.
"Who is telling you to marry a stranger...your papa and I have chosen a boy whom you have known all your life." Padma  smiled
"Ye kaun sa ladka paida ho gaya...my God mamma don't tell me ...you are talking about that good for nothing Amit " Shilpajumped in horror.
"Chup kar he is not that bad...but for your kind information it's not him"
"It's Armaan"
"What" Shilpa shouted "How could you even think of it mamma...he is my chuddy buddy " her eyes widened.
"Toh...achi baat hai na...koi problem nahi hogi since you guys know each other so well." Padma had an answer for all her tantrums.
"Moreover Armaan has already said Yes ...so no nakhras from your side...and you don't have any one in your life I know that" Padma warned .
"Beta...I only want your happiness. " Padma kissed her forehead and went out of the room.
"ARMAAN. ...tu toh gaya" Shilpa gritted her teeth. She ran out of the house.

Upon reaching Armaan's house.. she greeted Ananya"Namastey Auntie...where is Armaan?"
Ananya smiled teasingly "Bahut yaad aa rahi hai Armaan ki...apne room me hai...tum ja kar mil lo...mai paas wale market se aati hun"
Shilpa smiled and marched towards Armaan's room and found him sleeping.
"THAK" she kicked him.
"Aaah..." Armaan at once opened his eyes only to find Shilpa glaring at him .
"What happened" he said in a groggy voice.
"You said YES " she started walking to and fro hurling abuses at him.
Armaan finally sat resting his back on the bed post...
"Dekh...is saal teri shaadi ho hi jani thi us Amit se...maine tujhe bachaya...aur waise bhi mere me burai kya hai" Armaan said in a melodramatic voice.
"Oh..Thank you so much" Shilpa said sarcastically.
"You are welcome" Armaan showed his teeth.
"You!!!!" Shilpa came towards him like a raging bull...but before she could attack she was caught by him.
"I can't marry you" she said after calming her nerves.
"And may I know the reason"
"How can I marry a boy whom I have seen wetting his pants..."  the most atpata reason came from Shilpa making Armaan scowl " I was in KG that time for God sake...and you do not even remember that...your memory can't be that sharp..given the fact yousscored only 50 in History in the Board exams.
"I still have a vivid imagination" Shilpa defended herself.
"See you don't have any reason to say NO...you are just in a shock ..." Armaan again covered himself with the blanket ...
"Armaan I have a boyfriend" Shilpa played her last card.
"Chal na" Armaan said and covered his face with the pillow...whom she was fooling around with.

Next week...

Pandit ji was called so that he could suggest a shubh muhurt for the marriage.
The marriage was fixed three weeks later and everyone was wearing a smile...for a change Shilpa was also seen smiling.
In this one week...Armaan made her understand in a calm way that anyhow their parents will get them married this year ...so why choose some stranger over your best friend. 
Shilpa thought and and then understood that she was just over reacting...such good in laws ...and a best friend cum husband. ...what more a girl could ask for.

"Ready to be Mrs Malik" asked Armaan seeing Shilpa sitting idle on the sofa.
"I guess so " she winked and both the friends made their hands meet in a high five.

After 3 weeks...

"Vivaah sampann hua..." the priest declared Armaan-Shilpa as man and wife. The newly weds then took the blessings of the elders.
Soon the bidai happened and Shilpa didn't cry a tear...she was telling everyone "Ek gali peeche hi toh hun."
"Aur Malik handsome lag rahe ho" Shilpa said opening the box full of chocolates which she had told Armaan to hide in the car.
Armaan smiled and rested his head at the back.

Malik House

"Armaan bhai carry your bride to the room" the cousins started teasing.
"Haan chal" Shilpa seemed happy.
"Kya chal the saree you are wearing weighs around 25 kgs...and ek tera motapa..." Armaan teased Shilpa who showed him her fist.
Finally left with no option...Armaan had to carry Shilpa. He reached and threw her on the bed lightly.
"Aah meri kamar"
"Doodh peeke shaktimaan ban ja. ..." Shilpa giggled pointing towards the glass of milk kept on the table.
"Aur uske baad" Armaan naughtily asked.
" Kumbhkaran ki tarah ulat jaiyo...hamesha ki tarah" Shilpa splashed water on all his plans of teasing.

After sometime Armaan was seen lying on his stomach. ..and Shilpa sitting over his thighs massaging his back.
They had already changed into their night clothes.

Getting no response Shilpa bent her head to see her husband in deep sleep.
"Ulat gaya gadha...Mai bhi thak gayi yaar" she lied down beside him and covered himself with the comforter.
"It feels a little awkward. ..but it's ok...aadat ho jayegi" she mumbled.

Morning rays made their presence felt in the room ...as a result Armaan opened his eyes and found something heavy on his legs. He lifted his head up to see Shilpa's legs doing the task. He shook his head "nahi sudhar sakti yeh"

"Hmm" Shilpa woke up and heard the shower running and again lied down lazily. After 5 minutes Armaan came out wearing a towel on his hips...Shilpa whistled ..."Buri nazar wali tera muh kala" Armaan said and took out his clothes.
Shilpa stuck her tongue out and entered the washroom.

"Shilpa nikal yaar..." Armaan shouted and finally Mrs Malik made an entry in a maroon saree which was complementing her fair skin. Mr. Malik was already in a daze...
"Armaan..Armaan" Shilpa shook him.
"Haan..." he at once came out of his thoughts.
"Auntie..I mean mamma is calling us."
They made their way to the dining hall.
Shilpa was told to perform the rasam of making a sweet dish. She made kheer which was the only sweet dish she knew how to make.
"Armaan since your leave can't be extended...I am leaving you this time..but make sure you take Shilpa on a trip later ." Ananya warned Armaan.
"You mean to say honeymoon"

"Besharam ma se mazak karega"  she twisted his ear.

" Shilpa beta when are you joining the new company" Billy asked
"From next Monday papa"  Shilpa chirped.

Armaan and Shilpa  went to Gupta House for Pag Phere...
And Armaan was given a grand welcome since this was the first time he was coming as the son in law of the house.
"Beta puri lo na" Padma was offering everything in abundance.
Looking at Armaan's face Shilpa laughed " Tu mere plate me pass karta ja."

But the conversation was heard by Padma
"Shilpa what is this TU TU...he is your husband. "
"Now it's time for some fun" Armaan thought.
"Mamma I am not calling him Aap" Shilpamade a face.
"Leave it ma...she doesn't respect me" Armaan made a bechara face and kept eating.
"Acha baba ...Armaan aap kya lenge...puri..halwa or rasgullah" Shilpa acted battling her eyelashes. 
Armaan smiled and winked at her.


"Armaan why are you reacting like this" Shilpa said and tried to touch his shoulders.

"Along with being your best friend. ...I am your husband too...in case you have forgotten" Armaan taunted .

"I love you...and I guess I have always loved you"

Natalya Bedi

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