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Part 1 :Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

G: yes, yes, yes. Finally meri Shadi ho rahi hai, aur wo bhi meri pasand se. Ab to inetaar bhi nahi ho raha. Bas kuch hi der me wo Baraat leke aayega, aur mujhe apni Biwi banake like jayega. Ab uski ho jaungi, hamesha hamesha ke liye. Thank you so much Allah. Aisa lagta hai ke saari duae qubool ho gayi hai.

The girl was dressed as a bride, jumping around in her own room. Waiting for her family come and take her. Soon they her baraat will come to her door, and then she will finally get married to the person she loves more than her own life. At this moment the door opened and another girl entered the room.

G2: Riddhima, tu pagal hai, itna uchal kud kar rahi hai. Koi mane ga, ke aaj teri Shaadi hai. Kuch to dulhano jaisa behave kar.

Riddhima run over to the girl and grabbed her hand. She spun in circles with her.

R: Anji, mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha ke meri Shaadi ho rahi hai, aur wo bhi meri marzi se. Mama Papa man gaye. I still cant believe. Bohot jald me uski Biwi ban jaungi. Bohot jald me Mrs. Riddhima Siddhant Mallik ban jaungi. Me finally uski ho jaungi.
A: hahahah sab jante hai Riddhima. Ab tu relax kar. Aur dulhano ki tarha behave kar. Thora Sharma.
R: ha, me aur sharmau? hahaha nice joke. Mera bas chale, to me abhi bhag ke neeche uske pas chali jau.

Then they both head to the balcony and saw that the Baraat had already arrived. Riddhima looked with confusion at Anjali.

R: Anji, normally to Baraat bohot shor sharabe se aati hai na, ke saara Mohalla dekhta reh jata hai. To phir meri Baraat itni silent kyu. Mujhe khud tak pata nahi chala ke meri Baraat aa gayi hai.
A: Riddhima, ek to tu soochti bohot hai. Kya pata tu apne khayalo me khoi hui ho, aur tune suna na ho.
R: haa ho sakta hai. Aacha ab tu neeche ja, aur jaake dekh de Sid kaisa lag raha hai? Mera bas chale to me khud neeche jaake us se mil lu, lekin Mama Baba jane nahi denge. Dekh ke aa na, ke mera Husband Siddhant Mallik kaisa dikh raha hai Sherwani me. Kaisa lag raha hai wo mera Dulha banke?
A: Tu puri ki puri pagal hai Riddhima, chal ruk me abhi Sid ko dekh ke aati hu.

Anjali was about to leave the room, when suddenly Riddhimas mother and father came inside. They looked very distracted. Riddhima could literally see the pain and distress on their face.

R: Mama Baba kya hua? Barat aa gayi. Aap dono mujhe lene aaye hai? Sid aa gaya neeche. Chale chalte hai.
Sh: Riddhima...

Riddhima was about to leave, but her mother stopped him. Riddhima saw tears in her mothers eyes.

R: Maa kya hua, aap roo kyu rahi ho? Abhi Rukhsati ka waqt nahi hai. Jab Rukhsati hoegi, tab aap jee bhar ke ro lena.
P: Riddhima, meri baat dhyaan se sun.

Padma made Riddhima on her bed. She took Riddhimas face in her hands. Riddhima put her hands on her mothers hands.

R: kya hua mama, aap mujhe dara rahi ho.
P: beta meri baat dhyaan se sun na.

Padma looked back at Shashank, who had put down his head.

P: Beta, Sid nahi aaya.
R: Wo nahi aaya matlab? Meine khud dekha, neeche barat aayi hui hai.
P: Barat aayi hai lekin Sid nahi aya.
R: Aise kaise nahi aa sakta mama, Sid mujhse pyaar karta hai. Wozaroor aaya hoga.
P: Sid bhag gaya hai Riddhima. Sid ka bara bhai yaha pe humse maafi mangna aaya hai. Armaan aaya hai, Sid nahi.

Riddhima was just looking at her mother, how could her love ditch her in the last moment. How can her love be so cruel. How can her love leave on their wedding day. Her Mother wiped her tears. Finally Shashank came forward and sat beside Riddhima. He put his hands in front of her, putting his hands together.

S: ab humari Izzat teri haath me hai Riddhima. Saare Khandaan wale neeche hai. Pure mohalle wale hai. Sid to bhag gaya, lekin uski jagah, uska bada bhai Armaan Mallik tujhse shaadi karne ko tayar hai. Tu haa karde beta, hum sab ko ruswa hone se bacha le.
R: Baba...

Riddhima could not believe her ears. How can she marry Armaan, when she was about to get marry to his brother. She knows nothing about Armaan. Sid only told, that he is a very cold hearten man, only his business mattered to him. Everyone feared him. He lived alone far away. He only came her for his brothers wedding.

S: me tere aage haath jorta hu Riddhima, Humari laaj rakh le, hamara sar sharam se mat jhukne de. Tu Armaan se shaadi kar le. Is ghar se yeh baraat khali nahi jani chahiye. Nahi to me jeete ji mar jaunga.
R: baba me...
S: me janta hu ke yeh bohot bara faisla hai tere liye. Lekin apni pasand ko bhi dekh liya na tune, wo aaj ke din bhag gaya, ab ek bar hamari pasand pe bhi bharosa kar ke dekh le.

Shashank wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.

S: tera jo bhi faisla hoga, hum tere saath hai. lekin ab hamari Izzat saach me tere haatho me hai.

Both Shashank and Padma stood up to leave the room. Leaving Riddhima and Anjali behind. Riddhima looked at Anjali, even she had tears in her eyes. As her parents reached the door Riddhima whispered:

R: me Armaan se shaadi karne ko tayar hu.

Both her parents turned around. Riddhima wipped her tears and stood up. Then she put on the veil and hid her face under it. Her mother and father came forward and kissed her forehead.

S: shukriya beta.

Then they took Riddhima down where everyone was waiting for the bride to arrive. Riddhima did not felt anything, it was as she was just a lifeless body. She did not have the guts to look at Armaan. Her parents made her sit next to Armaan. She could feel him stiffen next to her. But she kept looking down.

Armaan saw how Riddhima's parents took her down, her face hidden behind the veil. They made her sit next to him. He could not believe what life has planned for them. He just came here to participate in his brothers wedding. But now he is going to marry the girl, who was actually made for his brother. He hated his brother to the core right now. And above all, his own parents forced him to take his brothers place and marry Riddhima. He never wanted to get married. He does not have time for marriage. He was famous for his rude behavior, everyone in the world feared him. His business was on its peak. His name is known worldwide, but still he is here sitting with this girl next to her. He would never love her, he would never give her the rights of a wife. She means nothing to him. Absolutely nothing. Soon the Moulvi asked them about their will.

M: Aapko yeh Nikaah qubool hai?
A: Qubool hai, Qubool hai, Qubool hai

Then Armaan signed the papers. Then the Moulvi asked Riddhima

M: Aapko yeh Nikaah Qubool hai?
R: Qubool hai, Qubool hai, Qubool hai

Riddhima only whispered, because she wasn't able to speak. All the time tears were falling out of her eyes. She did not make a noise. Then Riddhima also signed the papers, she could see the signature of Armaan on it. And right on that moment her future was sealed. She was bonded to a person, whose brother was the love of he life. the main word WAS. She hated Sid at this moment. She would kill him, if he will ever show his face to her ever again.

Armaan's mother came forward and put up Riddhima's veil. She kissed her forehead with a lot of love. She whispered in her ear.

An: I am sorry beta, tum shuru se hi hamari family ko belong karti thi. Armaan bohot aacha ladka hai.

Ananya wiped her tears and again kissed her forehead. Riddhima was only looking at the floor. She had not enough power to look into their eyes. Then Armaan's father came forward and put his hand on Riddhima's head.

B: Aaj se tum harami beti hui

Then Riddhima's parents put a mirror on the table, so that Armaan and Riddhima could see each other through the mirror, but none of them made the attempt to look at each other. Riddhima was looking at the floor and Armaan just starred his own reflection. He was married, he can not believe it. He is actually married, but the worst part is, he was not even interested in this marriage.

Finally it was the time of bidayi. Riddhima took farewell from everyone. She cried a lot as she hugged her parents, but even more as she hugged Anjali. Anjali knew how much she loved Sid. How much broken she must have been. Riddhima was a girl, who would do anything for her parents. She could even die for them, if they would ask. She really hoped that Riddhima would find a soulmate in Armaan.

Both Armaan and Riddhima were sitting in the car, at the backseat. None of them was looking at each other. None of them was talking with each other. As soon as they reached Armaans parents house, Armaan rushed out of the car, leaving Riddhima behind. Riddhima felt hurt, not only for herself but also for Armaan. She knew that he was also forced to this marriage.

Soon Ananya came out and took Riddhima inside.

An: Maaf karna beta, Armaan thora garam masaj ka hai. Lekin wo Dil ka bohot aacha hai. Aaj tak uskko koi samajh nahi paya. Wo bhot akela rehta hai, kisi ko bhi apne kareeb nahi ane deta. Tum uski baato ko dil se mat lagana.

Ananya brought Riddhima to Armaan's room, then she left from there. Riddhima stood up from the bed. Her heart was aching, and only one thing could help her to relax. He bags with her clothes were already in the room. She took out her suit and went to take a shower. After taking a shower she came out and made herself ready for pray.

On the prayer mat, after completing her prayer, she put her hands together for DUA. She made dua for herself. She asked Allah to sooth her pain. She asked Allah to show her the right path. she asked Allah to keep her strong. But she also prayed for Armaan. She also prayed for Sid. She asked Allah to guide them all. To put an ease on her pain.

After completing the prayer she stood up and was shocked to see Armaan sitting on the bed and starring at her. That was the first time she had seen him. She could feel his eyes on him and that made he feel uncomfortable.

As Armaan entered his room, he expected to see Riddhima on his bed, either way sitting or already sleeping. But he got really touched as he saw Riddhima on the prayer mat. Her hands put together for Dua, and tears running out of her eyes. He went and sat on the bed, waiting for her to finish her prayer. As she finally finished she looked up and their eyes looked. He could see that Riddhima felt intimidated by him. Still looking at her eyes, he throws a blanket and a pillow on the floor. Then he laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. Riddhima got the unspoken msg. She whipped her tears and sat on the floor. She then took the blanket and the pillow and laid down. All the time tears were running out of her eyes. She whipped her tears and put her hand on her mouth. She did not want Armaan to get disturbed.

She thought about day, how happy she was in the morning, and now she is lying on the floor and crying. What has life planned for her?

R: Ya Allah, mere saath rehna. Mujhe akela mat chorna.

With that Riddhima closed her eyes and soon sleep took over. Just for sometime she was freed from the torture and the pain.

Here you got the first part of the story...
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