Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Part 1: Remember this (Arsh ff)

Her pulse sounded in her ears like a jungle drum as her breath came out into short shallow pants. Her legs were cramping but she pushed herself forward willing her legs to run faster. She collapsed against the side of the building her eyes searching wildly for a place to hide. She could hear the footsteps coming nearer to where she was, she pushed herself away from the wall and made her way around the other side of the building and hid in the shadows of a shed. Her heart was beating so
loudly she was sure it could be heard by every one. Her breath which was coming out in harsh gasps was much too loud in the silent night as she heard the footsteps, she placed a hand on her mouth to keep the sound from reaching them.
Her nerves wanted to scream as the silence stretched as one of them stood outside where she was hiding. How long she hid there she had no idea, but what seemed like hours she heard the footsteps move away. She sagged in relief but waited for another 15 minutes before moving out.
She stepped out of the shadows gingerly the hard gravel of the ground cutting into her already abused feet as she had lost her shoes a long way back. Sweat trickled down her forehead and into her eyes making her blink her eyes against its sting. She turned the corner of the building and stood there listening to the night sounds waiting with her breath held, immediately she sensed a movement on her right from the corner of her eye. She immediately turned towards it to see a cat scavenging through the rubbish lying there. She stood there braced for flight and then sagged in relief as her mind registered the cat. The cat kept looking at her as if asking her what she was doing here.
She shook her head as if to dispel her fanciful thoughts she turned around to leave but flew back to land against the hard wall. She blinked her eyes to clear her vision knowing without looking that she her luck had just run out. She tried to run but grabbed from behind and backhanded across her face making her see stars . She could taste blood in her mouth as her lip had got cut when in contact with the hard hands of her assailant. Without being able to see she again tried to make a run for it she tripped and landed on her side on the hard ground and felt jarred to her very bones.
She was trying to get her breath back when she got kicked in her ribs viciously, the blow so unexpected made her curl up with pain, she panted as her assailants found it funny.
Assailant 1: you thought you'll get away from us.(he nudged her with his shoe)
The girl lay there on the ground and knew she had to escape somehow otherwise she'd be dead. She reached out with her hand to search for something but was unable to find anything her hands touched only gravel and loose soil. One of the assailant grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into a standing position , she cried out in pain as her ribs protested, the guys laughed at her obvious pain.
She stood there with tears in her eyes and thought of making another effort to escape, she realized she held some of the gravel and soil in her hand. She knew it wasn't enough of a distraction but she had to try. She lifted her clenched fist which had been hanging loosely by her side and threw the debris in her hand in the man's face.
The man got blinded by the debris and that was the opportunity she was waiting for. She ran, without thinking she put her head down and ran and hoped to find someone who could help her. As she ran down the empty roads in the middle of the night there was no one there something rammed into her from behind. She landed on her knees and elbows while her head cracked against the sidewalk. She lay there unable to move as the main in her head threatened to make her vomit.
She was turned around roughly and looked into the eyes of pure evil and death. One of her attackers straddled her and closed his hands around her throat: so you want to get away! Get away from this!(he squeezed her throat making her gag and choke as he cut of her oxygen supply. He let go making her cough and gulp in air, the men continue to laugh)
Other guy: lets have some fun with her first. She's going to die anyway for trouble she has caused us.
The guy straddling her laughed and pressed his body down into her making her struggle and cry out for help. He laughed: scream if you want to no one is going to help you.(then slapped her across her face)
She lay there helpless but again she screamed praying to god to send someone to help her. The man leaned down and got into her face, his foul breath fanning across her face, she cringed and tried to turn her head. The man grabbed her face and smacked his mouth on hers, she writhed and tried to get him to move off but he was too strong and heavy. He continued to push her and tried to force his way into her mouth, she pressed her lips together denying him. As his mouth turned more and more cruel she bit hard on his lip making him scream and shout curses at her.
Man: so you want to play it like this. Obviously you like pain.
He pulled back his fist and rammed it into her face, she felt her lip bust and her nose break. The pain was unbearable, there wasn't a part of her that wasn't in pain. Her eyes watered and she could taste blood in her mouth that was making her choke and when she coughed blood spattered out.
Her attacker again closed his hands around her throat and squeezed: you are nothing but trouble(he yelled at her)
She raised her hands to claw at his face and arms. He felt her nails dig into soft flesh and a yell but she didn't let go. The hands around her throat tightened making it hard for her to focus. She felt another blow against her head making her loosen her hold on her assailant as another round of pain started in her head. She tried to raise her arms but they failed to respond to her minds commands. Her brain started to go fuzzy and her eyes no longer could make out her assailants face.
Just before she lost consciousness a quote she read somewhere flashed across her mind:
" Life's a bitch and then you die" as her mind registered the words her world went black.
The sound of the running water penetrated his sub conscious mind and he realized he was sleeping while standing over a bathroom sink. He opened his sleep deprived blood shot eyes and looked at himself in the mirror. He knew he was looking his worst that he himself grimaced but what he could do he had no time to sleep for more than 15 minutes in the past 48 hours. He splashed water on his face and rubbed some behind his neck to wake him up. He slapped himself on the face to keep his eyes open but after the initial shock they returned to their half mast position.
He shook his head to shake the sleep off himself and dragged himself out of the bathroom as he slowly walked down the corridor he heard the commotion behind him but he was too tired to turn around. He continued to walk down the corridor when he heard someone calling his name.
Armaan! Dr. Armaan! Plz report immediately! Its an emergency!,: a nurse while running towards a stretcherthat was being brought down the corridor called at him.
Just that quickly Dr.Armaan was galvanized into action, his steps quickly ate up the distance between him and the stretcher where he asked: what happened?
Nurse: it's a police case! The police found a female around 28 yrs of age assaulted with multiple injuries and possible head trauma.
Dr. Armaan leaned forward to look at the patient, the face was badly bruised, with possible fracture of the cheek and broken nose. Her hair was matted with blood and sticking to her face and neck. There was angry gash on her head near the hairline which was still oozing blood.
Armaan: lets take her to emergency and get her head wound stitched up the rest of the injuries we would have to catalogue with further examination.
The orderlies started to move the trolley to the emergency as armaan asked: has she regained consciousness at any time(the nurse was unable to answer the question)
They moved the patient into the emergency ward and hooked her up to the monitors. Armaan started to do a visual exam of her injuries when the nurse exclaimed: Dr. Armaan I think she's awake.
Armaan immediately leaned close to her: hi! I'm dr. armaan and you're in a hospital.
She mumbled something but armaan couldn't make out the words, armaan leaned in close: what?
Girl her voice hardly above a whisper: help me!(armaan lifted his head and looked at her and at the same moment all hell broke loose)
The monitors started to scream as her heart went into a cardiac arrest.


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