Wednesday, 22 November 2017

part 11 : All For Your Love

arman decided to meet with her in a mall he told her to come 7 at evening and riddhima came in time but arman was doing late. Riddhima didn’t go anywhere alone she was scared a bit here but thought to wait for arman in food corner of the mall where arman booked a table for them. she took a soft drink and sat there. it was half past 7 but no sign of arman there. She had nor arman’s number or
neither ananya’s . once she thought to talk to dadi but left this idea thinking that she would be tensed for her. she was getting angry on arman but she had no option except waiting for him. She started thinking what mess became her life was. papa was still angry on her and didn’t want to talk to her. After papa coming home,one day dadi informed her about his decision to send riddhima abroad.dadi told her that her papa didn’t want her back in india but riddhima couldn’t leave india .she didn’t like to stay away from her dadi or she decided to get married to arman. But she was also wanted to talk to the guy who was entering in her life.
Riddhima was lost in her thought,suddenly someone tapped on her shoulder.she turned and got it was a guy ,who sat in front of him and uttered : “hi,aap kisika wait kar rahi hain?”
riddhima nodded slightly.
that guy uttered smilingly : “hi,I am vishal..vishal are waiting for arman na? actually he said sorry to you for making wait here and requested me to take you in hotel sangvi.”
riddhima looked at him surprisingly.
vishal uttered smilingly : “i am his friend.”
riddhima nodded and asked : “par wo yahan kyon nahi aaya?”
vishal : “actually wahan ek meeting attend karni thi arman ko aur abhi meeting chal rahi hai.he was so busy in meeting,forgot about you and suddenly he remembered and called me aapko wahan le jaun. actually meeting khtam hone me aur thodi der hai,aur aap yahan akeli baithi hai toh ,wah pareshan ho gaya hai.”
riddhima saw it was around she didn’t go house alone so she agreed and followed vishal. suddenly vishal stopped and uttered : “ek call aa raha hai,can you give me sometime,its urgent.”
riddhima nodded and stood there. vishal went a little away from riddhima and talked with someone in very low voice as riddhima couldn’t able to hear their talk. actually riddhima was also not interested in his phone conversation. she was thinking to call dadi about it. but just then vishal came and asked smilingly : “chaien?”
riddhima nodded and they came in parking place. riddhima saw around and not getting anyone,she got scared. she saw 2 guys sitting in the car. she understood her decision to trust this unknown guy,was totally wrong.she was hesitated to sit in the car but vishal invited opening the back door of the car : “come ma’m,arman is waiting for you.”
riddhima jerked her fear and stepped but suddenly her mobile started ringing and an unknown number flushed on the screen. she picked the call immediately and heard arman’s worried voice from other side : “riddhima,where are you? maine table book kiya tha ,wahan tum nahi ho.someone told me you went with a guy..i am worried for you.”
riddhima got shocked hearing it. she understood she was trapped by those guys,so she replied hurriedly : “arman,mai parking place me hun..please save me.”
hearing these vishal looked at her but riddhima started running to the lift. vishal clenched jaws and chased her. riddhima pressed the button and entered in the lift but vishal blocked the door of the lift and entered in it and started dragging riddhima outside of the lift. riddhima tried to free herself but vishal pushed her and she fell on the ground. in between one of vishal’s friend came there and they kept palm on riddhima’s mouth as she couldn’t able to shout and started dragging her but riddhima caught lift’s door tightly. vishal growled : “yeh aise nahi manegi..”and took out a knife from his pocket and uttered showing to riddhima: “chupchap humare sath chal burna tere face par itne marks banaunga ki koi pahchan nahi payega tujhe..”
but they heard someone’s angry voice from back : “ leave her..”
riddhima saw it was arman. she bit in that guy’s hand hardly who shut her mouth and ran to arman and hugged him. arman patted her back slowly as if saying...don’t worry,ab mai aa gaya hun.”
vishal mocked : “apna bhala chahta hai toh chala ja yahan se.”
arman said : “ok....”
and caught riddhima’s hand and stepped forward but vishal growled : “ladki ko chod ja yahan.”
arman looked at him with burning eyes ,then addressed riddhima : “riddhima,tum yahin raho,mai mere in doston se zara baat karke aata hun.”
saying he came to vishal and uttered calmly : “police aati hi hogi,par usse pahle tumlogon ki dhulayi hona jaruri hai.”
vishal laughed and uttered showing the knife to arman : “teri mout likhi hai mere hathon.”
his other 2 friends are laughed and vishal pointed the knife to arman but in a while arman punched hard on vishal’s face and the knife threw away where vishal fell on the ground and his nose started bleeding. riddhima gulped hard seeing that one of vishal’s friend took out a gun but arman kicked him and snatched his gun. other one tried to run from there but in a while police van reached there and they arrested 3 of them. inspector came to arman and uttered : “thank you humare aane tak inhe rokkar rakhne ke liye.”
arman nodded and uttered : “inko kadi se kadi punishment milna chahiye inspector.”
inspector nodded and uttered : “don’t worry,inka ek group yeh sab kar raha tha.kuch girls ki life barbaad kar di hai inhone,we got proof. inhen koi nahi bacha sakta.but a request,aapko kal ekbaar police station aana hoga.”
arman nodded and uttered : “off course inspecter but mai akela aunga,and promise me,jo yahan hua wo baahar nahi jana chahiye.”
inspector nodded and asked looking at riddhima ;”your fiance?”
arman was confused what to say for a minute then uttered hurriedly : “no my friend.meri dost hai..”
inspector addressed to riddhima : “ma’m,don’t trust anyone.jamana bahut khrab hai.’
riddhima nodded and bent head. inspector smiled and shook hand with arman and went from there. now arman looked at riddhima and uttered with a bit angry tone : “i had thought you are very smart..itni badi bewkoofi kaise ki tumne? is tarah kisi unknown aadmi ke sath...agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh mai sir ko kya jawab deta? “
arman’s words made her angry.she uttered angrily : “usne tumhara naam bataya tha,so i trust him.”
arman uttered in a shocking tone : “usey mera naam kaise pata chala? tumne kisise phone par mera naam lekar koi batein ki thi?”
riddhima glared him angrily and replied : “mujhe koi kaam nahi kya jo tumhara naam lekar tumhare baarey me discuss karun?”
arman smiled on her atitude and uttered : “phir kaise pata chala?”
suddenly he remembered something and uttered : “OMG! wo table maine book kiya tha,mere naam se..usne wahan se pata lagaya.thank god tum thik ho.”
riddhima didn’t reply but her tears started flowing from her eyes,remembering what could have happened if arman didn’t come there. arman felt sorry seeing her tears and uttered in a low voice : “tumhari aankhon me aansoo achche nahi lagte.”
riddhima looked at him. arman uttered hurriedly : “I mean,mujhe kisike aansoo achche nahi lagte,please chup ho jao.”
he took out a white hanky and forwarded to her. riddhima took it without saying anything and wiped her tears and uttered slowly :” mujhe ghar chod do.”
hearing it arman looked at her and felt guilty. he mouthed sorry then uttered : “aise ghar jaogi toh sabko samajh aayega ki kuch hua hai. pahle apna mood thik kar lo phir mai drop kar dunga.”
but riddhima became adamant like a kid and uttered : “nahi,mujhe ghar jana hai.”
arman looked at her and forgot himself seeing her pouted face. just then his mobile started ringing,he saw it was dadi. he picked the call and uttered : “haan dadiji,riddhima mere sath hai.actually humne dinner ka programme bana liya hai.nahi,nahi,usey mai khud drop kar dunga,aap tension mat le.”
he uttered looking at riddhima : “tumhara mobile switch off hai kya? dadi ne tumhe bahut baar phone kiya phir pareshan hokar mujhe ki.”
riddhima took out the mobile and saw it got switched off. she uttered : “mai jab bhagne ki koshish ki thi tab gir gaya tha,shayad tabhi...anyways,yeh humne dinner ka programme kab banaya?”
arman uttered smilingly : “humne nahi,maine banaya kyonki mere pet me hath –ghode kud rahe hain and i know yahan chinese food bahut tasty hote hain.”
hearing it ,water came in riddhima’s mouth as she was also hungry and she liked chinese food so much. she heard arman was saying : “jo bhi hua usme galti meri thi,agar tum aise hi chali jaogi toh mai samjhunga tumne mujhe maaf nahi kiya.”
riddhima glared him and uttered : “tumhe kisne bataya mujhe chinese pasand hai?”
arman smiled and uttered : “ agar hum kisiko like karte hain toh uske barey me jankari rakhne se humey khushi milti hai.”
riddhima didn’t reply and they came in chinese resturant.riddhima got surprised seeing that arman ordered her favourite dishes. the food came in some minutes and they started eating silently. riddhima finished the food and uttered : “mujhe ghar drop kar do.’
arman looked at her and uttered slowly : ‘kya hum kuch baat nahi kar sakte? I mean hum sirf chinese food ke liye yahan toh nahi aaye the na riddhima?’
riddhima uttered : “ tumne mujhe meet karne ko kaha tha arman ,not me.isliye you can ask me what you want to know.”
arman thought in heart....’gussa toh naak par rahta hai.par iska gussa bhi kitna pyara hai..”

just then the boy kept ‘Death By Chocolate’ ice cream on the table. riddhima looked at the ice-cream and then gave arman a surprise look.arman uttered smilingly : “tumhari favourite hai. ab is thande thande ice cream se toh apna gussa shant kar lo.”

riddhima stared him once then started eating. arman looked at her for sometime then asked slowly : “kya yeh shadi tumhari marzi se ho rahi hai riddhima?”
riddhima looked at him once hearing the question then uttered in a calm voice : “haan.”
arman : “toh tumne pahle na kyon kiya tha?”
riddhima replied : “iska answer,i think tumhe pata hoga.”
arman asked slowly : “haan,par kya wah sach hai?”
riddhima kept silence for sometime then uttered : “dekho arman,mai jaan gayi hun ki tum utne burey insaan nahi ho. papa tumhe bahut pasand karte hain,tumhari mumma ko dadi and papa achchi tarah jante hain. aur rahi meri baat....papa ya toh meri shadi denge ya mujhe abroad bhejenge. aur jab shadi karni hi hai toh papa ke pasand se hi kyon na karun. so I agreed.”
arman uttered : “par yeh toh forcebely marriage hua,aur isme problems aa sakte hain.”
riddhima uttered in a mocking voice : “problem toh mai ban gayi hun sabke liye.”
arman got hurt hearing it. he uttered slowly : “aisa mat kaho riddhima..i like you par tumhari marzi ke bagair mai tumse shadi nahi kar sakta. agar tum khush nahi ho toh is rishte ki jarurat nahi mujhe.”
riddhima uttered : “ isliye mai tumse shadi karne ko agree hui arman. i understood tum meri marzi ke bagair kabhi aage nahi badhoge and I need time. agar mai kisi aur se shadi karun toh pata nahi wo kaisa ho....”saying she let a sigh.
arman uttered hurriedly : “promise riddhima,mai kabhi tumhe kisi cheez ke liye force nahi karunga.”
riddhima looked at him once and asked sighly : “toh kya hum pahle dost ban sakte hain? only friends....
arman’s heart said : “dosti pyar ka pahla kadam hota hai arman.ban ja dost..aur jab wo pyara rista bandh jayega,riddhima tujhe samajhne lagegi toh tujhse dur nahi reh payegi..bas tujhe usdin ka intzaar karna hai.”

arman nodded and uttered : “dost...we are only friends from now riddhima and promised shadi ke baad bhi mai is rishte ko nibhaunga...jabtak tum chaho.”

riddhima nodded and uttered : “papa se mil lena,unki tension kam ho jayegi.”
arman nodded happily and uttered : “thank you riddhima,chalo tumhe ghar drop kar dun.”
love you all

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