Tuesday, 28 November 2017

part 13 : All for your love

next day when arman woke up,saw riddhima was not in bed. He remembered her Last night’s behavior but jerked this thought from his mind and went to washroom to freshen. After freshened up ,he dressed himself with a white safari suit and came in front of mirror to comb hairs,but he got surprised to see the ‘mangal-sutr’ which he had put in riddhima’s neck, kept there. his mind said that riddhima did it knowingly but heart assured him that she forgot about it. He took it and came down and saw mumma was in the kitchen but riddhima was not there. he came in the kitchen and asked slowly : “mumma,riddhima kahan hai?”

annaya looked at him with a smile and replied : “tere papa aur sapna ke sath garden me.”
Arman uttered : “aapse kuch baat karni thi.”
Ananya uttered : “haan chal,abhi aayi mai.tere dost sab abhi aayenge yahan so kya kya banana hai inhen (maid) batakar aati hun.aur haan,panditji bhi aate honge,thodi puja karni hai.”
Arman nodded and came in drawing room and sat there silently. After sometime ananya came with coffee for arman and asked sitting beside him : “kya baat hai beta? Koi tension hai?”
Arman thought a while then replied : “no mumma..wo riddhima ke bare me puchna tha..means uska behavior mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha.”
Ananya didn’t reply only gave a question look to him. Arman uttered slowly : “kabhi lagti hai bahut sidhi hai,kabhi arrogant,ziddi kabhi bahut strange behavior hai uska…kal raat mujhse aisa behave kar rahi thi mano maine usey forcefully shadi ki…and she was crying silently at mid night.”
Ananya got worried hearing arman’s words. She noticed arman was not happy like other grooms. she also pissed off with riddhima’s behavior but now she had to manage the situation so she uttered : “shayad uske life me jo achanak se changes aaye usse ghabra gayi ho. Shyad raat ko apna ghar,apna room,apni dadi yaad aa rahi ho…aisa hota hai beta.”
Arman asked looking at annaya : “aapko bhi aisa azeeb feel hua tha?”
Annaya uttered with a light smile : “mai tere papa ko janti thi,unke ghar bahut baar ja chuki thi.all things were familiar to me,phir bhi laga toh tha ki achanak bahut bada change aa gaya…but about riddhima,hum sab uske liye bilkul anjaan hain .may be so she was behaving weird.”
Arman uttered heaving a sigh of relief : “aapne meri tension dur kar di mumma.”
Annaya uttered caressing his hairs : “sab thik ho jayega beta,don’t worry.aur haan,sham ko shshank ke ghar jana hai,’pag fere’ rasm ke liye.”
Arman nodded and hear the noise of talking of his friends. He uttered smilingly : “lo aafat aa gaye …”
Annaya smiled on his words. She was relieved seeing arman was now in a relaxed mood. She saw billy was coming there while talking with panditji. She addressed to arman : “ja beta,riddhima ko bulakar la,puja shuru karna hai.”
Billy uttered smilingly : “aa rahi hai riddhima.”
Ananya asked smilingly : “kya baat kar rahe the itne der tak apni bahu se.”
Billy looked here and there and uttered in a low voice : “actually baat to mai aur sappu kar rahe the,wo chup si khadi thi,bas haan hun me reply de rahi thi. Lagta hai usey ghar ki yaad aa rahi hai.”
Ananya uttered letting a sigh : “koi baat nahi,afternoon ja hi rahi hai apne ghar.
Arman saw riddhima was coming so he went to puja place and sat. ananya took riddhima there and made her sit beside arman. Panditji started chanting mantra. Arman addressed riddhima in a low voice : “tumhara mangal sutr..room men reh gaya tha.”
But before she could see at arman or reply,panditji uttered surprisingly : “beta,aapne maang men sindur nahi dala?”
Riddhima was not able what to say .panditji uttered smilingly : “koi baat nahi,aapke mangalsutr men yeh thoda sindur laga lijiye. Sindur aur mangalsutr suhagino ka asli gahna hota hai beta.”
Muskan uttered surprisingly : “arey! Mangalsutr toh arman ke hath me hai!
Arman uttered hurriedly : “wo actually riddhima washroom me bhul aayi thi..
Muskan teased : “oyye,washroom me ya aur kahin?
Arman glared her angrily and was about to give it to riddhima but panditji uttered : “aap khud pahna do beta.”
Arman hesitated seeing riddhima’s irritating face but he had no way to escape so placed it in riddhima’s neck. A shiever ran down through his spine getting her soft skin’s touch. He removed his hands hurriedly and started looking other side while trying to control his heartbeat which was beating heavily.
After some time when puja was finished .ananya served breakfast to all.arman’s friends started teasing arman and making masti. Arman noticed riddhima got up silently and went from there. friends were busy in talking so they didn’t notice and it was good for arman otherwise they would ask about her.
It was lunch time ,so annaya came to call them for lunch but seeing riddhima was not there,she asked surprisingly : “riddhima kahan hai arman?”
Arman replied : “shayad apne kamre me rest kar rahi hai.”
Muski uttered : “hein! Yeh kab chali gayi! Azeeb ladki hai,at least batakar jana chahiye tha.”
Arman didn’t reply but rahul uttered : “lagta hai tujhe badi parvah hai uski,ab tab se chapar chapar karke sabka dimag khaye ja rahi hai. Kisi aur ke baarey me tujhe khyal bhi hai?”
Muski uttered angrily : “dekh rahul,jyada smart mat ban. Maine starting me try ki usse baat karne ki par wo toh jaise bolna janti hi nahi…ab mai kab tak diwar par sir phodun?”
Atul saw arman’s irritating face and uttered : “muskan,uske liye tu bhi nayi,hum bhi aur yeh ghar bhi. Sab tere jaise smart nahi hote jo har jagah easily manage kar le.”
Annaya : “haan beta,riddhima ke liye sabkuch naya hai. Anyways ,sapna ja usey bula la.”
Sapna uttered making face : “bhai ko bolo na riddhima ko bula laye,mujhe kyon bhejti ho baar baar?”
Ananya uttered angrily : “tujhe kaha hai,tu ja. Aur wo teri bhabhi hai,khabrdar usey naam se bulaya to.”
Sapna opposed : “per mumma..
Ananya uttered in a soft voice : “pahle usey hum apnayenge tab wo humare sath ghul mil payegi,ja bula la.”
Sapna nodded and came to arman’s room. She looked at the bed but riddhima was not there.sapna noticed the balcony door was opened so she came there and saw riddhima was staring at the empty road.she was so lost in her thought,didn’t hear sapna’s footsteps. Sapna stood there sometime then uttered slowly : “mumma bula rahi hai.”
But riddhima didn’t answer,only stood in the same position. Sapna cleared her throat and uttered in a bit loud voice : “bhabhi…
Riddhima looked at her with a jerk. Sapna uttered : “mumma bula rahi hai,its lunch time.”
And turned to go from there but riddhima uttered slowly : “I am not feeling well. Mujhe bhukh nahi hai.”
Sapna got angry hearing it. She uttered in an annoyed voice : “toh yeh baat tum khud jakar mumma se kaho.”
Riddhima didn’t reply only stood like that.sapna stepped to go from there but stopped hearing riddhima’s voice : “and don’t call me bhabhi…my name is riddhima…you can call me by my name.”
Sapna became more angry but uttered shrugging shoulders : “ok..i also don’t want to call you bhabhi. Wo toh mumma ne kaha tha so…”saying she left the room immediately.
When ananya heard all these from sapna,she also got upset but she had to manage ,so came to arman’s friends and informed them ,riddhima was not feeling well and sleeping so she will not come for lunch.
Anjali asked worriedly : “shayad rest nahi kar payi isliye sick ho gayi. Arman ,you should take care of your wife. Tumhe dhyan rakhna chahiye tha.”
Muski uttered in a teasing tone : “isne hi beemar kiya hoga,sone nahi diya hoga raat bhar.”
Rahul glared muski and uttered : “ab jaldi se thuns le lunch aur ghar chal.”
Anjali : “haan ,humey chalna chahiye warna is ghar ke kisi member ko rest karne ka mouka nahi milega.”
Arman uttered : “ atul ,I am also coming ,mujhe thoda kaam hai.”
Annaya uttered surprisingly : “kya kaam hai beta?”
Arman uttered : “mumma,mujhe yaad aaya aaj mujhe dr.kumar se milna tha.”
Rahul : “arey yaar,baad me mil lena.kal hi to teri shadi hui aur sham ko sasural bhi jana hai.”
Arman : “no rahul,its important and I will back soon.”
Annaya understood arman wanted to escape from this situation so uttered only : “beta,jaldi aana.”
After arman and his friends going,ananya addressed to billy : “mai riddhima ka khana uske room me de aati hun,shayad usey yahan achcha nahi lag raha hai.
Billy didn’t reply ,nodded only.
At evening arman and riddhima came in shshank’s house. dadi and shshank were very happy to see them. There were a few rituals whom they finished then arman went to shshank’s room to talk to him. Shshank asked him about his future planning and they talked on general topic but shshank didn’t ask anything about riddhima. At night dadi called them for dinner and arman got surprised seeing that his favourite dishes are ready on table. Before he would ask about it,dadi uttered smilingly : “ananya se puchkar aapke favourite dishes banabaye hain beta,hope aapko pasand aayega. Arman smiled on her words. He had liked and respected dr. shshank from first but now he started liking this sweet old lady who had a sweet smile on her lips always but what about her grand daughter? Why she is so rude and strange ?
arman’s trance broke hearing dadi’s voice : “kya hua beta? “
Arman nodded in no and uttered : “mai soch raha tha aap,mumma..aaplogon ko bhagwan ne fursat me banaya hoga. Aaplog kitni caring ,kitni sweet ho aur aajkal ki ladkiyan…..”
Saying he kept quiet as saw shshank was coming . dadi smiled and whispered : “don’t worry beta,shona bhi bahut sweet hai,bas thodi ghabra gayi hai.”
Arman let a sigh and sat . dadi called riddhima .she came slowly and sat but didn’t look at anyone. Arman was enjoying the food as it was very tasty..after sometime he looked at riddhima’s plate hearing dadi’s voice : “yeh kya beta,tune toh kuch khaya hi nahi?”
Riddhima got up and replied : “I have finished dadi.mai tired hun sone ja rahi hun.”
Arman noticed shshank glared her once but again made busy himself in having food. Arman thought ..she don’t know manners also ! Tu kahan fans gaya arman!”
After dinner he came in riddhima’s room to sleep. As he pushed the door.got riddhima was busy in looking photos in an album. Seeing arman she closed the album immediately and asked in a bit angry voice : “ you should have knocked the door.”
Arman replied in a confused voice : “kyon?”
Riddhima : “kyonki yeh mera karma hai.”
Arman looked at her for sometime then replied : “tum shayad bhul rahi ho ab yeh mera bhi karma hai,kyonki mai tumhara husband hun.”
Riddhima eyes burnt with anger and she uttered in a rude voice : “husband ho means meri sari cheezon par tumhara haq hao gaya,don’t dare to think it.”
Arman was numb hearing it! He thought to go from there in that moment but thinking of dadi and shshank,he stopped and uttered in an angry voice : “mai itna gira insaan nahi hun riddhima,par tum jarur bahut ghatiya mentality rakhti ho,warna jis tarah tum behave kar rahi ho,koi aur husband hota to bata deta kya kar sakta hai.”
Riddhima uttered in a mocking voice : “ tum apna promise kaise bhul sakte ho? Shayad tum jaise log aisa hi karte hain…
Arman’s anger reached in high. he yelled angrily : “enough! Agar sir ka khyal nahi hota to mai abhi yahan se chala jata. enjoy your room riddhima gupta.”
Saying he came out and started roaming restlessly in the corridor, he couldn’t go out as door was locked . he saw the stairs which were going in terrace. He got a place to spend his night so came in terrace and sat on the swing silently. After some time ,he lied on it and sank in a deep slumber.

Love u all

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