Wednesday, 1 November 2017

part 13 : The Second

                        The paradise island is what it should be called. As soon as Ridhima stepped out of the plane she was captured by the beauty of the island. The water around it was crystal clear blue, the weather of the Mediterranean just perfect, and all around her was green, green, and greener. The house of the island was build on the East side never the ocean.

            It was a grand house from what Ridhima could tell; the house was maybe three stories large. She noticed a pool to the west of the house, and had a pretty good hunch that there was another pool inside the house also.
            Once inside there were maids even on the island. Apparently they stayed on the island regularly to keep it maintained. 
            Their baggies were taken to their room while Ridhima just looked around dazed at the amazement of the house. It was absolutely stunning; even better then the house in German. It was grand with a tall ceiling. The kitchen large enough to fit at least two large master bed rooms. She noticed indeed there was an indoor pool behind stain glassed doors. There was an upstairs but unlike the home in Germany, her and Armaan's room was going to be down stairs.
            The house in a weird way seemed more peaceful. There was no TV in the house was what Ridhima noticed next. She wondered how the maids on the island got past with time without T.V. to take away their boredom.
            After looking around the house a little she went to her room where Armaan was already at. He was looking out the window, never had she seen him look so still before. Even when he slept he did not look as still as he did at the moment. The day was still bright at high noon. The year was starting to get cooler but the weather was perfect for an island vacation.
            When he heard her come into the room he turned to look at her. It was the first time in a long time that Armaan looked at Ridhima, actually looked at her. The last time his eye viewed Ridhima in this way was in his car when he had taken away his best friends most prized position
            "Can I ask you something?" Ridhima asked when she saw Armaan look at her. He was walking towards her. She had already made up her mind of what she was going to do, Armaan gave her a choice to love him and she was going to take it, but before she could love him she had to know an answer to a question that had always been at the back of her mind for three, almost four years.
            "Ask away" he said just a foot away from her
            "Why didn't Anvil tell me that he was sick all those years ago?" Ridhima had always wanted to know this and this was her chance, she just wanted an honest answer and then she would set her heart, her whole heart to love a man she had always that she could only hate.
            "If I gave you an honest answer then I will look like a piece of scrap in front of my old friend" Armaan said moving in closer towards Ridhima. He rubbed her neck with the back of his figures leaning in to blow a breath to the side of her ear.
            "Your beautiful" He was changing the subject and Ridhima knew it.
            "Just want an honest answer" she said taking a step back away from Armaan.
            He stood up strait "Honesty, well he loved you, more than you know it, and he loved you like he had never loved any other. Never in his life had he regretted knowing that he was going to die, but then you came in his life and he had every excuse to hate life for telling him that he was going to die. He just could not tell you because he loved you. He was afraid you would leave him disappointed or even worst that you wouldn't leave him and live a life empty and lonely without love." Armaan's words brought tears to her eyes. She was not crying but her eyes were full and wet. She wanted to cry but could not.
            "I will never be lonely without love, because a big piece of him is in you, you are him, and I can, and will fall in love with you" Ridhima said walking towards Armaan. She went straight to him and kissed him hard on the mouth, a quick full kiss less than a second long but a kiss from her.
            "Will you love me as your man, only me" Armaan asked
            "you will never be the second in my life" She said as she felt his arms rap around her. He was holding her in a embrace full of love.
            After some time passed, Armaan was still hold Ridhima in a hug when he said "How does love feel?" He asked her
            "It's a feeling that you have never felt before" she said as she felt her heart beating with his.
            "Then it means I loved you from the day I had danced with you at that club years back, the night when you had gotten drunk. That was the night I had felt like I had never felt before" He whispered as he stepped out of that embrace from Ridhima. The sun beamed in to the room.
            "I…I don't…" Ridhima did not know what to say, she did not feel the same way like that right then. She said she would love him, but she did not know that Armaan loved her even when he had yelled and hit her.
            "I don't expect you to love me, but you just said you will love me right? So I'll just love you over and over until you do love me" Armaan said with a smile. Not a grin, just a smile.
            "You wanna go for a swim" Armaan asked as he turned to look out the widow towards the pool, close by to the ocean. Ridhima nodded with her head of a yes and smiled. "Sure, I'll meet you out there" Ridhima said as Armaan started to leave the room, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it across the room and yelled behind him saying "Don't think I will not try to seduce you in the pool just because you will give the word love a try"


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