Saturday, 4 November 2017

part 14 : The Second

                Ridhima walked out to the pool in her swim suit. She saw Armaan already in the pool doing laps back and forward, but stopped when he saw her at the edge of the pool. "You gonna come in darling" He said as he swam towards the side at which Ridhima stood. He let out a hand for her to take. She grabbed it allowing Armaan to pull her into the water.

                Ridhima felt the cold water around her as she felt Armaan hold her to his chest. Her eyes met his. He gave a smirk to her and she just smiled back. He did not leave any space between him and her. His lips were close to hers, but he just continued to smirk. "Can I kiss you" He asked her. He already knew her answer before she could let the word out.
                He leaned in forward and kissed her. To him the kiss seemed like every kiss. He had kissed her so many times. The magic was there and not there all at the same time. He did not deepen the kiss. Just one full kiss on the mouth and that was it. "Why are you giving me a chance in love" Armaan asked, holding Ridhima close in the water. The water was not deep but it did see that way when in the grasp of another in arm.
                "I don't know" Ridhima said as she felt Armaan move his hands slowly down her back. "this is kind of nice... I'm probably the first guy in the world that has to beg his wife to sleep with him" Armaan said with a smirk giving another sweet slow kiss to Ridhima's lips.
                "It's not going to happen any time soon" Ridhima said letting Armaan kiss her and only kiss her nothing more.
                "I'm your husband, it's my job to seduce you, besides, and if you land in my bed I won't feel too guilty about it" Armaan said pushing towards Ridhima so she was moving back in the water as he moved forward.
                "well I don't sleep with guys that are weaker than me" Ridhima said teasingly she knew that Armaan could beat her in a fight any day, the only reason she was still alive after fighting Armaan was because he was too much of a gentle man to leave a mark on her pretty face.
                "Are you challenging me, my love" Armaan said keeping his darling wife close to him. At the moment he felt as if he was older than twenty one at the moment. He felt as if he was thirty and already married for many years, but in reality he had only been married to Ridhima for just a few months. He was only twenty one and she only eighteen. He had changed his feelings for a woman he thought he hated more than anything to pure love and desire for her.
                "Maybe I am" Ridhima said teasingly
                "Well in that case maybe we should wrestle, if I win I expect you in bed with me tonight" Armaan said knowing in full confidence that he would win.
                "And what if I win" Ridhima said lifting up a brow.
                "Well name the bet" Armaan said allowing her a to choose whatever she wanted.
                "If I win then you have too…" she tried to think of something good. "…you have to do anything that I desire from you" she said although it wasn't anything special of a demand or anything spectacular, it was the only thing Ridhima could think of at the moment.
                "Okay it's a bet" Armaan said as he slowly let Ridhima out of his arms.
                "How 's the match gonna take place?" Ridhima asked.
                "Well my love, after our little swim we will wrestle, from us whomever can pin the other to the floor for ten full seconds wins." Armaan said as he started swimming away from Ridhima, and all she did was swim behind him.
                Inside the house a few of the maids working in the homes looked at Armaan and Ridhima a little bit confused. The two of them had called for all of the furniture to be moved away to the corners of the house. He stood across the living room about five feet away from her.
                One of the maid that worked in the kitchen way to be the official counter for the fight. As soon as the maid said "Go" Armaan lunged for Ridhima, as she did the same.
                Armaan was shirtless in shorts, while Ridhima to was bare except for her sports bra and short shorts.
                It didn't take long for Armaan to grab Ridhima around the waist and pin her down to the floor, but what took a long time was keeping her there for ten seconds. Every time he would get close to keeping her pined she would surprise him and knock him down to the floor.
                Armaan moved his hands around Ridhima's stomach and slamed her down on her back and pushed her hands back and feet away from him so she could on get a hold of him. The counting begun again 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10.
                Armaan let out a breath ling down on the floor besides Ridhima, for a girl she really did let out a hard fight.
                Ridhima knew from the started she would have lost the match with Armaan any day, but there was no way she would have given up easily to him. She laid there beside Armaan trying to get her breathing back to normal after so many kicks and fits
                "I'll see you in the room love" Armaan said as he got up from the floor towards their room, he winced a little in pain as he walked, god for a girl she could really, really, really kill, Armaan really knew how to get himself a good fight when it came to wrestling.
                Ridhima continued to lie on the floor looking up. A big part of her wanted to go behind Armaan to the room and another part of her was a bit scared. She had been drunk the last time Armaan had slept with her, and now she would know everything, see ever thing, understand everything, and that was the scary part of it all. She knew she would not regret it but she would fear it. Just the thought of him touching her in all those place again made her somewhat shiver in cold and excited with rush.
                Ridhima knew that if she was going to be married to Armaan, them having to do something like this was going to happen, but still it was just not easy. Just knowing that Armaan would see her again, look at her again in the way he did so many years ago, with passion in his eyes and murder in his body, it felt…
                She got up off the floor towards the room. The day was finally starting to get dark enough where Armaan had turned the lights on in the room. in the room there was no T.V. nothing. He was just on the bed sitting cross legged reading a file for work. It was odd how, when he was not entertaining Ridhima he was entertaining himself with work and more work.
                "What are you reading?" she asked a little hesitant as she closed the bedroom door behind her.
                "Just profit margins, you know, how much money made and lost."  He said as he started to close the file and look up at Ridhima. He was still wearing his shorts and she was still wearing her sports bar and shorts.
                "How's the profit looking for this year?" She asked as she looked back as Armaan, she did not blush at him looking at her, she never blushed.
                "Very favorable" at the moment he wasn't just talking about the company. He put the file to the side table of the bed and got up. He walked towards Ridhima pulling her in his arms. "my darling beautiful Ridhima, I want to make one thing clear…" His voice wasn't full of love but more of strict authority "…if you do not want this then I'm not going to force you just say so, but if you do…" his voice changed to a soft tone "…then I won't put you through the misery to say to." Armaan waited for her to say something. He knew that Ridhima would never be able to she wanted to be with him, therefore he gave her the opportunity to say nothing.
                She said nothing…


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