Monday, 6 November 2017

part 15 : The Second

            They laid in bed. It was late at night and all Armaan could do was hold Ridhima in his arms as speak sweet words to her. He loved her. And tonight he had made love to her. As the night got deeper they asked each other more and more personal questions. All night they talked to each other from what their favorite color was to their most embarrassing moment.

            "Armaan?" Ridhima said as she heard Armaan open his eyes. He was becoming dazzed as she was too, but neither wanted the night to end. "yeah…" He responded to let her know he was not asleep. He could feel her warm body against his and all of a sudden he was in the mood to make love to her all over again.
            "can I ask you another question?" Ridhima asked. All night she was asking questions, and all night he was replying. As the same when for Armaan, he had been asking Ridhima questions on and off, up and down, but now he just wanted to hold her and just answer any questions she might have for him.
            "Ask" Armaan said as he closed his eyes to listen to Ridhima's words. "I know that I wasn't the first girl you have been with, and don't get me the wrong way, I won't hate you or anything, I'm just curious how many women have you been with?"
            Armaan laughed a little at the question as he held Ridhima in his arms, the bedroom sheets felt cozy over them… "About five before you, I hadn't been with anyone after that night in the car so many years ago" when he said this she frowned a little but she did not hate him. Many other guys had been with many girls before what did it matter.
            "why hadn't you…you know been with anyone else after me?" She asked as she slid her hand that was resting on his chest down to his bare stomach.
            "You wouldn't understand" He said trying to avoid not talking about it.
            "Please…" She asked really wanting to know.
            "Well, of course I didn't think I had been in love with you that night when we had done it, but you don't know how I felt that night, that night it was like something I had never felt before. When I had been with you every inch of my body craved for you, just you. And the next morning I knew no one could fill me up the way you did, I guess I knew it would be a waste of time trying to sleep around with every woman that pasted me to take your place when I knew that no one could be good enough." His words made Ridhima melt all over for him. He was more awake then he had been about a minute ago, all over her body wanted to take Armaan in again, to be there again with him.
            "Just one more question promise" Ridhima said as she started moving her hand from his stomach lower and to his lower back.
            "How could I say no when your hands are so teasing" Armaan said trying to calm his desire. "Who was the first girl that you had been with" of course Ridhima would not know the girl. After all she no longer lived in New York to go down in the streets to beat her up. She just wanted to know as a curious wonderer.
            Armaan's whole body tensed up at Ridhima's question, unfortunately she felt his body tense up. She looked up to his face to see his jaw tighten and relax over and over. He did not look angry like he was angry, but he looked more like he was fearful of the question.
            "Armaan…?" She waited for him to say something, but he didn't say anything. After a few seconds he finally said "It's not important"
            "Who is it?" she asked again, she had a gut feeling of who it might be. But boy did she wish it was not who she was thinking of.
            Armaan meet Ridhima's gaze. He could tell, just tell that she already knew there was no point in not telling her, all she needed was confirmation from him and…
            "If you know, please don't ask me to say her name" He said really, really hoping that she would just let it go, just not push the buttons, but who was he kidding it was Ridhima. It was her job to push the buttons of everything that could ever go wrong in his life.
            "How long ago?" Ridhima said starting to move away from Armaan a little as she started to raise her voice.
            "Ridhima, honey." Armaan said trying to move towards her but it got her to move more and more away from him.
            "How… long… ago" She said saying every individual word out one by one. "I was seventeen" He said knowing it would just make things worse. But in reality no matter what age he said Ridhima would have been pissed off a him either way.
            "How many times!" Ridhima yelled at him. Not screaming but getting close to it.
            "Ridhima, don't…" Armaan tried calming the situation down but there was no point Ridhima already was out of bed grabbing her clothes from the floor and started to get dressed.
            "How many times!" This time she screamed, really screamed at him.
            He knew he could have just lied to her, but he knew that if she found out the truth later she would be angrier then she was at the moment. "To many to count" He finally said trying to not make it sound too bad but he knew no matter how he said it she was going to kill him. If only it had been any girl, any other girl it wouldn't have matter, he could have slept with millions of girls and Ridhima would not have cared but it wasn't his fault that his first girl was who it was, but then again Ridhima's reaction was understandable too.
            As Ridhima got dressed Armaan picked up his shorts from the floor also, slipping them on. "Ridhima, I know I should have told you before, but…" He didn't get to finish as Ridhima with fire of fury eyes stood just inches away from his face with a risen voice said " you are a F-in *** ****, you are sick. You slept with a fourteen year old girl, and not once but repeatedly!" after saying that she turned around storming out of the room, but Armaan was not going to let the conversation end without it being fully out in the open. If he let this argument end hanging the more and more bitter feelings were just going to grow.
            He ran behind her grabbing her arm outside of the bed room door, pulling her back in the room and closing the door behind him. He stood in from of the door to prevent her from storming out again. His large fame made it very difficult for Ridhima to do anything but to look at him in anger and fury.
            "Look, I know it was wrong of me not to tell you but you cannot blame me for being some sick guy, you were fifteen when I had slept with you. Just a year's difference. You don't know the world in which I, Anvil, and Falak had grown up in. We did not even know that Anvil was to inherit so much money until he had at eighteen. I was crazy and stupid at that time. And yes I did do something stupid at that time and yes I was sleeping with more than just one girl at the same time, but I grew up in a sick world too, I taught myself as did Anvil and Falak did to be civilized, to act, talk, walk, and be well educated. And come on you knew when going out with Anvil that you were not his first girlfriend, and you knew that he had slept with many girls before too." Armaan said in his defense. He saw that Ridhima's face was starting to become lighter, less angry, and calmer.
            "I'm sorry, I guess I over reacted" Ridhima said walking up to Armaan and into his arms. She then slapped him across the face and then went back in to his arms. Surprisingly he was not surprised to be slapped by Ridhima. In a weird kind of way he was almost expecting it from her "you slap me again and I'll force you to bed with me for the rest of your life" Armaan said as a joke, holding her in his arms starting to walk her back towards the bed so to be able to make love to her all over again that night.
            As Armaan slid her down on the bed he heard her say "If I ever catch you even looking at Falak that way you look at me I will murder you." She said with a grin as she felt Armaan's lips coming over her. With his lips still on hers he spoke up "we had broken up because I cheated on her with two other girls, and because we realized that we saw each other more as friends, even more like brothers and sister then lovers." He said as he started to undress his wife. The thought sounded nice, his wife.
            "Do you love me?" he asked her as he pressed a figure between her legs causing her to flood with ecstasy.
            "Yes" she cried out, she could feel his lips move down to her stomach kissing her with care.
            "Say the three words I am dying to here," He said as he went up and whispered in her ear. He removed his figure from inside her leaving her empty, and desiring for only him.
            "I love you" She said in a whisper back, looking deep into his eyes and she felt him. She could feel him. It felt as if he was holding her bare heart in his hands, protecting it from being hurt.
            "I love you too" he whispered back as she saw her eyes closed and her face full of pleasure.


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