Wednesday, 8 November 2017

part 16 (last part) : The Second

            Armaan walked back and forward outside his bedroom door. Of all the stupid crazy things Ridhima had talked him into the seven years they had been married, this by far had to be the stupidest.
            "Armaan, will you quite pacing back and forward and just chill, every things gonna be fine" Falak said as she sat on the floor against the wall across Armaan and Ridhim's bedroom door.
            "how could I have been so stupid to agree. I mean come on, this is her first time and…" and blah blah blah, on and on he went.

            "Armaan, relax, she isn't at war, she's giving child birth." Falak said as she grabbed Armaan's hand and forced him to sit down on the floor and wait.
            Ridhima had convinced Armaan that she wanted to have their first child at home. When Armaan had agreed it seemed rather cute, with the picture she drew out in his head for him. But when he had went back and read all the dangers of child birth he changed his mind only to be to late in his request.
            Armaan wanted to be with his wife at the moment, but again she was so stubborn. Over and over she kept telling him how she did not want him to see the sight of her when in labor. He had hired one of the best of the best doctors more like three of the best doctors to make sure his wife and child come out alive.
            What made things scarier was the fact that he could hear her screaming from outside the door. Never had he heard her scream like such even when he took her to bed. Finally he heard a faint cry of a child from the door and the screaming of his wife to an end.
            As soon as the doctor come out of the room saying "you can come in" Armaan rushed past the doctor into the room. He saw Ridhima's forehead a little damp from sweat. He then saw a little baby boy, he had secretly wanted a boy; he just ever let on to it. He walked over and kissed Ridhima's forehead and then another sweet kiss on the lips.
            He took the child that Ridhima was holding in to his own hands and held him. Ridhima and him and already come up with a name for the little fella, they were gonna name him Anvil. As he looked down at the little boy and then at Ridhima who had already dozed off to sleep, Armaan knew, no matter what happened in the end he was always going to be the second guy in her life and no matter what he did, he could never change it. The little baby boy Anvil would always be the first in her life and he would also be the second guy. And the truth was he really did not mind being just that this time, the second.


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