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Part 2: Dard Na Jaane Koi ( An AR FF)

Two people were in a crowd, every single person around them were laughing pointing to the person who was sitting on knee. The person was sitting, bending head as the laughter echo around. Suddenly the laughter stop as the person who stood in front of the person who was sitting on knee rise hand.
G: Tumne socha bhi kaise main haan karungi tumhe.
Girl said as she cross her hands on chest with her eyes fixed on the person who was sitting in front of her. Boy look towards the girl as pain and hurt clearly visible in his attractive orbs.
B: You are my girlfriend.

G: Aww baby. Tumhe kiya laga. Main sach mein tumhara girlfriend hoon. Khud koh kabhi mirror mein dekha.
B2: Dekha hota toh aaj sabke saamne tumhe propose nehi karte darling.
Another boy came and stood next to the girl as he put his hand around her waist. Boy who was sitting on his knee stood up but imbalance due to his weight. Once again the crowd roar with laughter.
G: Armaan, kissi ladki koh propose karne se pehle agli baar soch lena. Waise bhi, main tumhara girlfriend issiliye bani it was easy for me to get whatever I want from you.
A: Matlab... Tum mujhse mohabbat nehi karte.?
G: Mohabbat.? Common Armaan. Koi tumse dosti ya rishta kyun banaenge.?
A: Mujhe mein kiya kami hai.
G: Actually tum mein koi kami nehi hai darling but mujhe tumhari look se problem hai. Who would want to roam around a chubby boy like you unless we don't get what we desire.
A: Kyun kiya tumne aisa Shaina.
Sh: Simple, it was easy to live and get a life style I desire from childhood.
Shaina said shamelessly as the crowd again roar with laughter, Armaan feel so much rejected and insult knowing why this girl had been with that so called relation with him felt his hurt and pain turn in to anger as fire started to burn in his orbs.
B2: Dude, next time kissi ladki ke taraf dekhne se pehle yeh tumhara stomach tohda slim kardo. Aaj kal ke ladkiyon koh aise fit and muscles ladke pasand hai.
Sh: Raj, tum kisko apne advice de rahe ho, Is mote koh peene aur khane ke alawa kuch nehi sujhta.
Raj: Woh toh dikh raha hai.
Again everyone laugh, Armaan stood just watching Shaina and Raj laugh along with the crowd as they all kept chatting just only one name.
'Fatty... Fatty... Fatty...'

Armaan wake up with a jerk being sweated from head to toe as his dream broke. He put his hands on ears to shut the voice but it wasn't leaving him for a second. Armaan look around to see Riddhima sleeping on the floor, he kept looking at her for a minute and than cleaning his face he move his eyes to the clock which was kept on the side table.
Seeing the time, Armaan move out from the bed and left to the washroom. He came out and soon he started with his morning prayer. By the time he finished, he felt someone strong gaze. Armaan very well understood it was Riddhima but without looking at her, he continue with his dua.
Riddhima sleep broke with her mobile alarm, she look at the time and look around to get shocked to see Armaan already up for morning prayer. She couldn't believe her eyes first but when Armaan rise his hand to make dua, Riddhima move her eyes away from him as she stood up quickly to go and get ready for prayer.
By the time Riddhima came out getting ready for the day and prayer, Armaan was no where to be seen. Riddhima did her prayer and dua before leaving the room to see already Ananya sitting in the hall sipping her morning tea.
Seeing Riddhima coming down, Ananya smile which make Riddhima return it with a small smile.
An: Tum itni jaldi kyun uth gayi beta.
R: Namaz ke liye uthi thi.
An: Aajao, meri paas baitho.
Ananya ask knowing Riddhima would feel hesitate to be around them now, it's not that they didn't know her but she was meant to be Siddhant's wife but sadly it didn't turn out the way she wanted.
An: Maaf karde beta.
R: Aap kyun maafi maang rahe ho mama.
An: Shayad humhari parwarish mein hi koi kami reh gayi hogi, jiski wajahse Sid apne nikah se bhaag gaya. Yeh bhi nehi socha dono pariwar ki izzat ka kiya hoga uski yeh harkat se.
R: Nahi mama, shayad meri mohabbat mein hi koi kami reh gayi hogi jiski wajahse Sid ne akhri waqt pe mujhse nikah karne ne ka faisla badhal diya.
An: Itni pyari bacchi se Nikaah karne se koi badnaseeb hi mana karenge.
B: Aur woh badnaseeb Siddhant hai, Tum nehi Riddhima.
Ananya and Riddhima look around to see Billy coming holding a newspaper, Riddhima smile as Billy came and put his hand on her head before sitting on the single couch next to them.
R: Asalam Aleikum Baba
B: Waleikum Salam beta, jeeti raho
A: Main aapke liye chai bana ti hoon.
R: Ma.
Ananya look around when Riddhima call her, she also stood up with Ananya as she kept her half empty cup without finishing it.
R: Baba ke liye main chai bana deti hoon.
An: Nehi beta, main tumhare liye bhi kuch bana ke laati hoon.
R: Nehi ma, main apne liye bana lungi aur papa ke liye bhi.
B: Ananya, usko bana ne doh. Akhir beti hai wo hamari
Billy said very well knowing what Riddhima was trying to do. Riddhima would take sometime to adjust in the family. it was an awkward atmosphere due to sudden change of incident the previous night in her marriage. But she wanted to accept her fate. And Billy will support her.
An: Tik hai beta, tum bana doh.
When Riddhima left to the kitchen, Ananya looked at Billy who gave a smile to her and blinked his eyes as if telling in no time Riddhima would accept the truth. They know how much Riddhima loves Siddhant and how excited she had been about the marriage.
An: Siddhant ki koi khabar.?
B: Matlo uska naam. Humhare liye ab woh koi nehi hai. Humhare ek beta hai aur woh hai Armaan.
An: Aisa mat kaho aap, koi majboori hoga.
B: Koi majboori nehi hai, humhare izzat toh Armaan ne bacha liya. Main hargiz yeh bardaast nehi karunga koi kissi ladki koh aise dokha de, apna hi beta kyun na ho.
An: Lekin...
B: Lekin kuch nehi, aajke baad koi uska naam nehi lenge. Humhara aur uska koi rishta nehi hai.
Ananya lower her head knowing Billy was right in his place, how can a father ignore due to his child another child get insult in front of the society. They know how Riddhima parent's weren't agreeing to get Riddhima married to Siddhant.
When they finally did for Riddhima's happiness, Siddhant at the last minute backed out giving a stupid reason... All these days, he didn't said anything of not marrying her but suddenly he just run away without giving a valuable reason for his dismissed.
Neither Billy or Ananya said anything as Billy kept himself busy in the newspaper while Ananya kept staring at her half empty tea. Their trance was broken with Riddhima, who called Billy forwarding his tea.
B: Shukriya beta. Armaan kaha hai.
Billy asked as he took the cup from Riddhima, Riddhima who was about to take her cup got rooted hearing Armaan name from her father in law. Ananya also look at Riddhima as she hasn't seen Armaan till now.
An: Maine bhi subahse nehi dekha, kaha hai Armaan.
Leaving the cup, Riddhima look towards Ananya and Billy who was waiting for her to answer them. Riddhima thought Armaan might have come down but hearing their questions, Riddhima understood neither Ananya had saw him yet today.
Riddhima who didn't bother to check the room thinking he might be in the hall with his parents, had a fear that what if he left without informing them. For some unknown reason, Riddhima felt her heart beating faster thinking what will happen if her husband left her behind in her laws in first day of their marriage. She knew that Armaan was not living with his parents.
While Ananya and Billy were waiting for Riddhima to answer who has no clue where he might be, Armaan was in his room putting his cloths in a bag. After completing his prayer, Armaan move out to the balcony which was attach to his room.
Armaan was standing, looking at the sky as it slowly turn bright with the sun coming out to start a new day. A day which wasn't too pleasant for him as one incident has change his life. Also which didn't start due to the dream he had before his sleep was broke.
A: Main tumhe kabhi maaf nehi karunga Siddhant. Tum mere bhai kyun na ho, aaj tumhare wajahse mujhe Riddhima se nikah karna pada. Tum kabhi nehi samajh paoge main ladkiyon se nafrat kyun karta hoon, koi nehi samajhte. Jitna main apne mama baba se mohabbat karta hoon, usse kahin zyada ladkiyon se nafrat karta hoon.
Armaan closed his eyes as a flashback of the dream played in front of his eyes, he hold the railing in his fist as he just his eyes tight trying to let the dream out from his mind and heart.
A: Bohot takleef diya hai mohabbat ne mujhe. Ek ladki ke wajahse, mujhe har ek ladki se nafrat hogaya hai. Issiliye main ab kissi koh apne kareeb aane nhi dena chahta. Na mere dil ke kareeb, na khud ke. Nafrat hai mujhe ladkiyon se, Riddhima se aur tumse bhi Siddhant Mallik.
Armaan opened his eyes as fire burned in his orbs, his jawline got tight as he punched his fist on the railing. Armaan look at the view in front of him and move away from the railing as he moved inside the room.
A: Main ab ek pal bhi yaha nehi rahunga. Main sirf Siddhant ki Shaadi ke liye aaya ta. Kisne socha mere saath aisa hoga. Ma Baba ke liye toh maine Riddhima se Shaadi karli lekin... Main kabhi usko woh hak nehi depaunga jo mujhe apne biwi ke liye dena chahiyeh. Chah kar bhi abhi talaq nehi de paunga main Riddhima koh, lekin dur toh reh sakta hoon. Haan yehi tik hoga, main sabse dur chala jaunga. Me wapis chala jaata hu. Mujhe pata tha, ke yaha pe aane bohot galat hoga.
Armaan took out a bag and started to pack his clothes, he was so angry at the moment on Siddhant and also on his parents he didn't want to stay for a minute. Armaan made some calls and took the bag looking around the room.
A: Aaj mujhe apna ghar aise chodke jaana pada sirf aur sirf tumhare wajahse Siddhant Mallik. Socha isbaar aakhar tohda waqt apne Ma Baba aur bhai ke saath rahunga lekin. Tumhare wajahse itni jaldi mujhe yeh gharse jaana pada. Kyunki main Riddhima ke saath, ek kamre mein nehi reh sakte. Woh mujhse nehi, tumse mohabbat karta hai, sirf tumse.
Armaan left from the room and move down the stairs to see Ananya, Billy and Riddhima already present in the hall. Hearing footsteps, they look towards him. Ananya and Billy stood up seeing Armaan carrying the bag while Riddhima just stared as her fear got true. Armaan was actually leaving her here. But she did not have the power to protest.
It was Billy who moved forwards, blocking Armaan before he could leave the house. Ananya stood not knowing what to say as already their one son has left without telling the reason.
B: Armaan, yeh bag. Kaha jaa rahe ho tum.
A: Main wapis jaa raha hoon.
B: Kal toh tumhara nikah huva hai Riddhima se, aaj wapis jaa rahi ho, koi kaam hai kya?
A: Main kaam ke liye nehi jaa raha hoon Baba.
B: To phir.?
A: Main bas wapis jana chahta hu. Bas kuch waqt ke liye hi aaya tha.
B: Achanak kyun.? Itne waqt ke bad to tum aaye ho.
A: Kyunki main nehi reh sakte yaha.
B: Kyun nehi reh sakte yaha. Tumhara nikah hua hai Riddhima se. Pehle din usse yaha chodke jauge tum.
A: Haan, kyunki yeh nikaah meri marzi se nehi hua. Aap dono ke aur uske izzat bachane ke liye maine kiya. Me nahi razi tha. Issiliye main faisla karliya, kuch din baad main Riddhima toh talaaq de dunga.
When Armaan said the word 'Talaaq', everything got silent around the house. Riddhima who just kept staring Armaan, was having tears in her eyes as it fall on her cheeks without any control. She never thought Armaan would say that at first day of their marriage but what she expect from him when his only intention was to attend his brothers wedding.
No one spoke for a minute or so, they kept staring at Armaan as if he was a ghost or a culprit. Ananya was shocked while Riddhima was once again broken deeply. Billy kept staring not understanding what to do, what might have he done wrong that his two son's were playing with girl's and their heart.
Finally the silence was broken. Ananya move closed to Billy but already Billy had hit Armaan who was holding his cheek. Riddhima stood with her hand on mouth trying to not let her cry out. Armaan was looking at the side as Billy stare at him with anger burning in his eyes.

Here you got the next part of our story.
Hahaha don't stop guessing who wrote this.
In the next part we will reveal who wrote the 1st two parts
till then, keep guessing.
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